Even better texts with AI – neuroflash implements LanguageTool

LanguageTool is a free spelling and grammar checker software. LanguageTool was designed in 2002 as a master’s thesis at Saarland University and has been continuously developed since then. The service currently supports over 30 languages, including German, English, Spanish, French, Russian

10 creatieve YouTube video-ideeën 2023

Wil je video's maken, maar weet je niet precies wat? Leer dan in deze blog over 10 creatieve YouTube video ideeën.

Copy.ai a confronto con le alternative tedesche

copy.ai a confronto con le alternative tedesche | Qual è il programma migliore per te? | Informati e decidi ora.

What are AI-generated images?

What are AI-generated images, anyway? | Advantages and disadvantages of AI | How to have images created? | Read now & read more!

AI Image Generator: Artificial intelligence can do it all

What is an AI image generator and what is it capable of? | Functions and the Future of AI | Creating Images with Examples

For business: 10 cover images for Facebook | Examples 2023

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AI images: People, Places and More | Examples

AI Images: Generating People and Places | The Future of AI | Advantages and Disadvantages | AI Image Generators

Marketing Events 2023 Germany | An Overview

Marketing events 2023 in Germany | Overview of the most important dates, locations and topics | Inform and plan now.

Best Synthesia IO Alternatives 2023

What are the alternatives to Synthesia IO? | Artificial Intelligence | Functions, advantages and disadvantages | The future of AI

neuroflash – An intelligent alternative

Alternative neuroflash - The intelligent choice for your business | More efficiency, productivity and success through AI-assisted software solutions.

Longest German word 2023

Longest German word in 2023 | World records in countries | Facts about the German language | Rechtschreibduden & Guinness Book of Records

How to write a book with AI

Want to know how to write a book with AI? In this article you will learn everything you need to know about the subject.

Instagram stats: Facts & Figures

If you're looking for the latest facts and figures about Instagram, you've come to the right place.

Convert text into bullet points: Summarize the most important points

How to convert text to bullet points? With our tips, you'll quickly understand what you need to do.

Finding book titles – Why they are so important

How to find book titles | Simple and effective tips to find the right title for your book | Get started now.

AI generated images: What you should know about it

What are AI generated images and what should you know about them? | Advantages and disadvantages | The future of AI | Useful tips

World Cup Advertising 2022: An Overview

2022 World Cup advertising overview | Past and present advertising clips of international brands | Soccer World Cup

What is the German alternative to rytr?

What is the german alternative to AI text generator rytr? | German provider in comparison | Advantages and disadvantages.

The most popular social media tools in comparison

Social Media Tools in Comparison | Hootsuite | Sprout Social | Buffer | Improve Your Social Media | Read Now & Learn More!

Social media editorial plan | How to create it

Social Media Editorial Plan | How to plan and organize your social media content.

How to learn copywriting on your own

Want to become a successful copywriter and wondering how to learn copywriting on your own? Then you've come to the right place.

The future of digital marketing

How will digital marketing develop in the future? What are the challenges and opportunities? Here you will learn everything you need to know.

How do you become an SEO manager?

How do you become an SEO manager? Here you can find out everything you need to know about the job description and the requirements.

From idea to book | A step-by-step guide

How to write your own book - step by step guide for beginners | Get started now and learn how to write.

Scrollytelling | Definition, Guide & Examples

Scrollytelling lets you present stories in a new way. But what exactly does it actually mean?

Writing a children’s book: How you develop a story

Discover the joy of writing children's books | Tips and tricks for a successful book | How to become a children's book author.

The best free writing programs

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Writing video scripts for beginners

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Digital Marketing Certificate | Your Guide to Earning

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Become a landing page expert with effective copywriting

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Digital Marketing Goals – The Foundation of Successful Campaigns

Digital Marketing Goals Basics | How do I set the right goals and achieve them?

What does copywriting mean and what is it used for?

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Insta Content: How to improve your Instagram

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What does the copywriting future look like?

This article reports on the copywriting future and what role AI plays in it. | Read now & learn more!

The right digital marketing channels for your business

Digital marketing channels for your business | How to best reach your target audience | Learn now.

Digital marketing and e-commerce: the perfect combination

Digital marketing and e-commerce: The perfect combination for your business | We show you how it works.

Letter writing: Structure, Examples & More

What is the best way to write a letter? In this article you will learn everything about writing letters - with examples!

Jasper Alternative: AI text generators compared

Jasper Alternative | Compare AI Text Generators | Online Tools | To Write | Read & Learn More!

How to write the perfect informational text

Writing the perfect information text | Most important rules and tips for a successful structure | Read and implement now.

Writing short stories – tips for beginners

Writing short stories for beginners: How to get started in the world of literature. Tips and tricks to live out your creativity.

Saying thank you: This is how you can say thank you by email

In this blog, you'll learn how to thank people sensibly via email and how AI text generators can be a big help in doing so.

Birthday wishes – congratulate colleagues correctly

Birthday Wishes - Colleague, Boss, Intern | Wishing Happy Birthday | Formal and Personal | With Examples | Read Now & Learn More!

Classic Copywriting Templates You Can Score With

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How a good advertising slogan is created

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Copywriting vs Content Writing: Differences, Tasks & More

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Digital Marketing in Business: 8 Myths Debunked

Digital marketing in business? 8 big myths - debunked! | We clarify and tell you what really matters.

10 Creative YouTube Video Ideas 2023

You want to shoot videos but don't know exactly what? Then learn about 10 creative YouTube video ideas in this blog.

Caption for Instagram – The best tips

Caption for Instagram | Read now and make your Insta posts even better!

How the perfect digital marketing funnel works

The perfect digital marketing funnel - how to get to your customers

SaaS Deals: The best Black Friday offers 2022

It’s that time again, Black Friday is just around the corner! This year, we’ve picked out the best SaaS deals for you. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also get the best features and tools for your online

Content – Social Media Ideas 2022

Content Social Media | 8 Effective Ideas for Your Channels | How to Use Social Media for Your Marketing | Read Now!

Social Proof: Definition, Purpose & More

Everyone uses it, but what does social proof really mean and how important is it for businesses? Find out here!

Provider Competitive Analysis: Find the right one for you

Looking for a competitive analysis provider? In this article, we'll show you how to find the best choice for your business!

Social Media Tools | An Overview

What social media tools are available? An overview of the different ways you can improve your social media management.

CTAs: meaning, purpose and examples

CTAs are in an important component when it comes to marketing a business. Learn here what it actually means and what else you should pay attention to.

SEO Copywriting: What is it?

SEO Copywriting: What is it | Basics, tasks, rules | Onpage, offpage and keywords | Read now & learn more!

Copy.ai compared with German alternatives

copy.ai compared with German alternatives | Which program is the best choice for you? | Inform and decide now.

Helpful copywriting tips for your website

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The ultimate list of digital marketing terms

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Types of advertising measures – with examples

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