The Beginning

From 2018 to 2020, neuroflash took first steps towards a scalable approach by building a proprietary software – application. Customers should benefit from predicting the effectiveness of words. Very early on, customers should understand that unconscious buying behavior can be driven by segregated communication.

In the summer of 2021, the current company was founded. The team became complete under the umbrella of a GmbH (limited liability company) and at the same time adopted a new strategy: From then on, the vision was to develop high-quality AI text creation software capable of becoming the quality leader in Europe. A unique combination of artificial intelligence, data sciences and market research. This has been our mission ever since.

A brilliant start into 2022 has shown the team that we are only at the beginning of a long, amazing journey. Central to this is the application launched in March 2022, the “AI Writer”. At the center of it all is the human. By combining Big Data, natural language processing, machine learning and neuropsychology, “neuroflash” can help companies stringently create content that maximally supports their brand identity and positioning. It helps them advance all the way into people’s heads through efficient communication at a high level.

So it’s worth staying up to date. We are proud of every single user who wants to join us on our journey:

Our customers trust us

neuroflash is perceived as very good by 100,000+ users

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The ideas, talents and skills of our partners help us build even stronger and more innovative support for our community. 

What makes us different

Market leader in the DACH region

neuroflash can write content in many languages. However, our software is especially known for writing the world's best German, AI-based texts. We use advanced technologies to create high-quality content for our customers. Our innovative software enables texts of all kinds to be written faster and more efficiently.


neuroflash offers a wide variety of text types with which you can create unique content. From blog articles to social media posts, there is something for everyone. In addition to the many templates and features, neuroflash also offers the possibility to create flexible creations and longer texts by combining various text types with each other.


With neuroflash, you can create hundreds of variable text examples in different tonalities, with just one click. Whether you want to extend an existing text or create a completely new one, neuroflash is the ideal solution. With neuroflash anyone can write like a real professional within seconds and save a significant amount of time as well.

Quality assurance

neuroflash is one of the best, award-winning text generator in all of Europe. Hereby, the quality of our results is assured and perfected through human evaluations and feedback. This system of evaluation is the foundation of our success and guarantees that our customers will have the best possible experience with our software.

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Our mission

We want to help companies create content with our high-quality copywriting software and thus also help them grow. To do this, we rely on the world’s best German AI-based texts. Our software writes all relevant texts for you, starting with the company presentation to the website to the social media posts. In doing so, we always pay attention to the latest trends and ensure that the texts are always up-to-date. Of course, our software also ensures that the texts generated by the AI have a convincing and authentic writing style. This is how we want to revolutionize the marketing industry and content creation!

Our team

A hearty breakfast in Germany, an extensive lunch stroll in India or relaxing after-work karaoke in the Philippines? Anything is possible, because we work from all over the world. And our employees reflect the diversity of our company.


Margaret Ballouz

Data Scientist


Jens Windel

CEO & Co-Founder


Julia Schlocker

Marketing & Copy Specialist

Jonathan Mall

CIO & Co-Founder


Henrik Büning

Advisor & Co-Founder


Julien Schlebusch


Vanessa Arnold

Content Marketing


Ioana Mozaceanu

Project Manager


Andrey Kotiuk



vlad kravtsov

Backend Developer


Gordian Ratajczak

Head of Product


Lasse Bohlens

Customer Success


Stanislav Kuperstein

Data Scientist


Robert Biro

UX Designer


Kamil Chec

Frontend Developer


Michael Leue

Data Scientist


Henrik Roth

CMO & Co-Founder


Pio Calderon

Data Scientist


David Weiss Carrillo


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