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Marketing Events 2023 Germany | An Overview

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Marketing events 2023 in Germany | Overview of the most important dates, locations and topics | Inform and plan now.

Marketing events are a dime a dozen and there is something for everyone. In Germany, many great events take place every year, where everything revolves around the topic of marketing. We have compiled an overview of the most important marketing events in Germany in 2023 for you.

When are marketing events useful?


Many companies regularly attend marketing events. These are often conferences or trade shows where they can showcase their product or service. Other marketing activities can also be useful, such as a launch event for a new product or an event to support an existing campaign.

By participating in such events, companies can, on the one hand, improve their branding and draw attention to themselves. On the other hand, it offers them the opportunity to make direct contact with potential customers and get to know them. Through such contacts, new business relationships can be established and existing ones strengthened.

What are the benefits of marketing events?

In recent years, marketing events have experienced a strong upswing. Whether as a trade fair, conference or seminar – participation in an event offers companies many advantages. In addition to gaining customers, the most common ones include increasing awareness and reputation, and improving product or service quality. The company’s experience background can also be strengthened through participation in events.

Marketing events 2023 in Germany

Many marketing events take place in Germany every year. These offer companies the opportunity to publicize their products and services, attract new customers and expand their knowledge. Here you will find an overview of the most important dates in Germany in 2023:


Feb. 23: E-commerce Berlin Expo (Berlin)

E-commerce Berlin Expo is a trade fair and conference specifically for e-commerce service providers. Companies can book a booth and, together with many other exhibitors, maintain contacts and build and strengthen relationships with customers.


14 - 16.03.: Moonova (Munich)

Moonova Expo & Conference aims to enable all attendees to share and educate themselves on the topics of marketing, commerce, tech and product. For this purpose, a live trade fair will be offered on the first two days, with breakout sessions or networking areas in addition to a classic program. In addition, the event can also be followed via stream. The last day, on the other hand, will take place in the virtual space and will be dedicated to networking in addition to an appropriate program.


25 & 26.04.: hallo.digital (Karlsruhe)

At hallo.digital, the focus is on digital transformation and online marketing. In addition to classic formats, special formats such as the so-called “Live Clinics” or “Hands-on Sessions” will be used to convey practical knowledge at first hand. In addition, the event offers an interesting supporting program with live music and a raffle.


05/09 & 05/10: OMR (Hamburg)

The OMR in Hamburg is one of Germany’s biggest festivals all about the digital world. Different speakers will give interesting insights and backgrounds on different stages.

05/24 & 05/25: Contra (Düsseldorf)

Contra is a conference and trade show that focuses mainly on conversion and traffic. In addition to exciting information in these areas, the so-called Tiger Award will also be presented, which honors the best minds in digital marketing.


June 13 & 14: CMCX - Content Marketing Conference & Exposition (Cologne)

This conference is all about content. Here you can further your education, network and exchange ideas with others.

06/22: Growth Marketing Summit (Frankfurt)

The Growth Marketing Summit is primarily for those who want to get the most out of their digital presences. Exciting lectures of significant speakers are waiting for all attendees.


07/18: TactixX (Munich)

At TactixX, the focus is on performance and affiliate marketing. The largest German conference in these fields impresses with varied lectures, informative workshops and interesting discussion panels.


20 & 21.09.: DMEXCO (Cologne)

Every year, many marketing experts meet during DMEXCO. In exhibitions, master classes or during debates, they have the opportunity for exchange, knowledge building and networking.

20 & 21.09.: Big Data AI Summit (Berlin)

If you’re thinking about using artificial intelligence and Big Data in your business, this conference is for you. Here you’ll learn from the best how to integrate AI into your tasks and gain valuable insights into the subject area.

If you want to get into the topic already now, you can find out about and test various AI tools in advance. One such example is the AI text generator neuroflash. With this you can generate many different marketing texts in a short time and make your marketing even more effective.


13.10.: OMT - Online Marketing Day (Mainz)

Look forward to various presentations on online marketing at this conference. In addition, a live analysis of an Internet presence awaits all attendees in the OMT Website Clinic. Finally, the end of the day is dedicated to an after-networking party.


11/02: SEO Day (Cologne)

The SEO-Day in Cologne is fully dedicated to search engine optimization. Participants can listen to different lectures and acquire new knowledge, with the focus primarily on practical application.

Is it worth participating?

Numerous conferences, trade fairs and seminars with a marketing focus are held in Germany every year. Whether it’s worth it for you depends on your business goal and your current situation. For example, if you want to further your education, make new contacts or reach a specific target group, it may make sense to participate. Be sure to look carefully in advance to see which event best suits you and your business.


Even if the next marketing season is still a long way off, you should already make a note of the events mentioned above. Because the earlier you plan, the better you can prepare for each event and make the most of it.

So, what are you waiting for? Find out about the various marketing events now and secure your place!

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