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Complete our bootcamp, consolidate or build on your knowledge and then receive an exclusive AI expert certificate from neuroflash.


Join more than 1 million professional content creators and teams and support your work with AI.

Yes, our bootcamp and neuroflash certificate are completely free of charge. You only need to create a Flash Academy account to access the bootcamp.

Click through various lessons and learn about the technology behind neuroflash and how to use it. Get lots of information about the neuroflash tools and workflows.

You can either take an exam at the end of the bootcamp or directly and receive an exclusive neuroflash certificate afterwards. Post it on social media and show your peers that you are a true AI expert and neuroflash professional.

The bootcamp is aimed at users who have already gained basic experience in the use of neuroflash and understand the technology behind it. This bootcamp is particularly suitable for specialization in the areas of application and integration of neuroflash.






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