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Instagram is now much more than just a social network and a platform for photos and videos. The app is increasingly becoming a serious marketing tool for businesses, influencers and advertisers. If you’re looking for the latest stats, facts and figures on Instagram, you should read on.

Instagram - A brief introduction

Instagram is a social network that is mainly used for posting photos and videos. The content can either be created by the users themselves or uploaded by third parties. Users can edit their content with different filters and share it via different options – for example, publicly or only with specific people.

How popular is Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms of our time and is used by 1.48 billion people worldwide. Most users come from Turkey, but it also has a large following in other countries and is a popular platform for companies and brands (source: Statista).

In the ranking of the most frequently used social media platforms worldwide, Instagram is still in fifth place, making it one of the most relevant networks today.

Own representation; status: 2021

In Germany, even more people use Instagram. Here, the social network made it to 4th place in the ranking behind Facebook.

Own representation; status: 2021

What makes Instagram so successful?

Instagram is one of the most successful social media platforms in the world and has made an incredible rise in recent years. Many people therefore wonder what exactly makes it so successful. Here are some of the main reasons:

  1. The app is very easy to use and there are no hidden features or tricks to learn to get the most out of the app. This makes it easy to understand and operate even for new users.
  2. It’s a very visual platform where people can share images and videos that they like or that mean something to them. This visual component allows it to create emotional connections much better than other social media platforms and connect users with other people more effectively.
  3. It is also a great platform for companies to promote and distribute their products and services. Many use it to address their target group directly and get in touch with them. This allows them to communicate more effectively with your customers and better identify and address their needs.

Who uses Instagram?

Instagram is particularly popular among female Internet users aged 25 to 34. According to Statista, 158.6 million of these use the platform. In Germany, it is also used by many young adults, with 78 percent of 20- to 29-year-olds using it. Companies are also active on the network: 79 percent of companies worldwide have their own account (source: Statista).

Average time spent on Instagram

According to Hootsuite, a German user can be found on Instagram for an average of 7.6 hours per month. This puts it in 4th place behind WhatsApp, Facebook and TikTok. Taken together, this gives the following composition:

Own representation; status: 2020

Influencer on Instagram

Instagram is home to influencers from all over the world. Many of them make a living doing this and are proud to have an impact on people. The most popular accounts worldwide include:

Own representation; status: 2022

Source: Statista

Cristiano Ronaldo owns the second most popular on the social network after the platform’s own account. The Portuguese soccer star has 502 million followers. The German account with the most followers, on the other hand, is FC Bayern Munich with around 4.5 million.

In Germany, 43 percent of all influencers belong to the so-called micro-influencers with 5,000 to 20,000 followers. These tend to be more locally active and have a close relationship with their community. They appear authentic and credible, which makes them a very strong form of advertising (source: Statista).

Instagram vs. TikTok

In social media, there are always new trends that attract the attention of users. One of these trends is the increasing popularity of reels and TikToks. Both platforms allow users to create short videos with them and share them with their friends. If the two are set against each other, the following picture emerges:

Own representation; status: 2021

Source: Statista

From these numbers, we can see that while Reels are seen more often, TikToks trigger more reactions such as comments or likes.

Business on Instagram

Seeing a business on Instagram is no longer a rarity. Many companies use the social media platform to present their products or promote their services. In January, Instagram, along with Facebook, was among the most popular of these platforms. 79 percent of all companies worldwide relied on the channel.

Own presentation; as of January 2022

Source: Statista

The distribution of favorites is also similar when it comes to the question of the most important platform for individual companies. Here, 24 percent of all respondents mention Instagram, which once again puts it in second place.

Own representation; status: 2022

Source: Statista

Many companies and organizations use social media platforms primarily to raise awareness of their products and services. Accordingly, advertising on social media has increased significantly in recent years. However, how much this costs can also depend on the platform you choose.

Own representation; status: 2020

Source: Statista

Compared to the other social media platforms, Instagram is in the upper midfield. Higher prices are only due for YouTube and Pinterest. In the case of the latter, the main reason is the lower number of users, which makes it more difficult to reach potential customers (source: Statista).

How can you profit from Instagram advertising?

First of all, it’s important to be aware that Instagram advertising is not the same as traditional online advertising. Instead of aiming for clicks or conversions, you should focus on image quality on the platform and make sure to show an authentic image of your brand.

In addition, you should think about the content you post. There are many different types of posts – from product posts to promotions to stories – and each has its own purpose and benefits. So, when deciding which type of post best suits your brand, take time to think about your audience and your product.

What are the benefits of Instagram for your brand?

Instagram is a great platform to connect with your customers and spread the word about your product or service. You can present your brand in a creative way and convince other users of your qualities with engaging posts. Some other advantages are:

1. contact with the customers

You can get in touch with your customers directly. Through the comment function, you can interact with your followers and respond to their comments. This way you can build a relationship with them and create trust. Moreover, by using hashtags, you can also search for specific topics and get in touch with relevant customers.

2. increase awareness

Another advantage of Instagram is that you can draw attention to yourself and attract new customers by being creative with your content. By using hashtags, you can target your content for more visibility. Sharing interesting or funny pictures or videos is also a great way to attract attention and gain new followers.

3. generate more sales

With Instagram, you can generate revenue directly from the platform. For example, by using “shoppable posts” you could offer your products directly on the platform.

Tips for a successful Instagram strategy

Instagram is a fantastic place for businesses to position their brand and connect with their customers. However, to be successful, they need to make sure they have the right strategy and use the app wisely. Here are some tips:

1. be authentic!

It’s important that your fans know that you are a real person and not just some company. So try to act as natural as possible and get to know your fans as much as possible.

2. share interesting content!

Try to regularly share interesting content that might motivate your fans to keep staying on your page. However, make sure that this content is not too long.

3. pictures say more than 1000 words!

Therefore, try to share images as often as possible instead of too long texts – especially for stories. Through images you can especially touch your fans and build emotional bonds with them.

4. use hashtags!

Hashtags can cause your posts to be seen by more people and therefore get more attention. Therefore, make sure to regularly embed hashtags in your posts. It’s best to use ones that have already been used by other companies or are related to the topic of the posts.

For more tips, check out this article.

Artificial intelligence: the future of Instagram marketing

In recent years, Instagram has taken off and become one of the most important social networks. This makes it all the more important to have a sophisticated strategy. Because with the right content you can reach your target group and arouse their interest.

One of the challenges is creating interesting and engaging content. If you don’t have a lot of time or creative ideas, it can be difficult to create new posts on a regular basis.

Fortunately, there are some tools that can help you create great content for your account using artificial intelligence. This includes the free AI text generator neuroflash. This is able to generate automatic texts according to your own specifications. For example, to get a caption for a post, you just need to describe to the AI the image seen in the post and the intention of the post in a short briefing. You will then be presented with several suggestions for possible captions:

If you don’t have a suitable image for your post, you can also use the AI image generator from neuroflash. Just describe what you want to see on the picture and the AI will create a completely new and individual image for you:

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How can you analyze your personal statistics?

Besides the general stats on Instagram, it’s even more important to analyze your personal stats. This is the only way to successfully find out which strategies work for you and which do not. The following video explains how you can do this:

Frequently asked questions & answers

How many users does Instagram have worldwide?

Instagram has 1.48 billion users worldwide (as of 2022).

How many companies are active on Instagram?

79 percent of all businesses worldwide are active on Instagram.

How has Instagram changed over the years?

Instagram has changed a lot since it was founded in 2010. The app today offers many different features, such as live videos, Boomerangs, Stories, and more.

Useful tips

  1. Use clearly defined hashtags to better market your content.
  2. Use ads to draw attention to new products or services.
  3. Create interesting and engaging images and videos to grab the attention of your target audience.
  4. Stay in touch with your followers and offer them exciting content on a regular basis.

We hope that the presented statistics could help you. Instagram is a great platform with endless possibilities. If you want to market your brand or business there, you should take advantage of these facts and figures. Use the platform to reach your target audience and develop yourself.

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