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Create content with ChatFlash that: is personalized matches your style  inspires creatively

Create content with ChatFlash that matches your style

Tailored content with your
knowledge base​

ChatFlash uses your voice, which you can create manually or automatically, to deliver customized content that suits you and your brand and speaks directly to your target audience.

Give your content a personal touch​

ChatFlash uses your voice, which you can create manually or automatically, to deliver customized content that suits you and your brand and speaks directly to your target audience.

Your toolbox for high-performance content​

Discover the versatile functions of neuroflash as an AI content suite. In addition to a wide range of tools, ChatFlash offers you smart content suggestions for those moments when you’re short of ideas.

neuroflash starts where ChatGPT ends

Use the latest and most powerful AI models and gain access to a variety of AI tools and features.

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Rated 4.7 in 150+ reviews


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ChatFlash is available for free in every pricing plan. With the Pro plan and above, you can even use ChatFlash unlimited without depleting your monthly word quotas. Every generated message is on us. As a Free and Standard user, you will continue to use your word quotas with each request.

Like ChatGPT, ChatFlash also provides a way to interact with generative AI. Instead of thinking in commands or strict prompts, you can have a conversation with the AI and refine the responses with each interaction.

ChatFlash offers our users a more engaging way to interact with our magical pen. The chat interface can be used for research, searching, content creation, or editing. Your creativity has no limits in using it.

GPT-3.5/GPT-4o are autoregressive language models developed and introduced by OpenAI. They are based on a gigantic neural network and can independently add and compose text with minimal input. GPT is the largest Natural Language Processing Transformer (NLP) that can accurately and effectively reproduce human thought and reasoning patterns. The texts generated are so well written that readers can no longer distinguish them from human-written texts.

At neuroflash, we take data security seriously. Our servers are hosted in a top-tier data center that is monitored 24/7, and we ensure that our application is always up-to-date with the latest security checks. Our data center is also EU-compliant, and all our offerings include SSL encryption to protect your data.

In order for neuroflash to be able to generate texts for you, we access the interface (API) of OpenAI. Your briefing information is therefore also transmitted to OpenAI during text generation. All data transmitted via the API is stored on OpenAI servers for the purpose of abuse monitoring for a maximum of 30 days, after which it is deleted (unless legally required). Furthermore, your data is not used by OpenAI to train or improve the AI models. It is therefore not possible for the content you specify in the briefing or the texts suggested to be made available to other users. As long as your neuroflash account exists, all texts created with neuroflash are also stored on German servers in the Open Telekom Cloud so that they can be displayed in your account and you can access them again and again.

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