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How a good advertising slogan is created

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Good advertising starts with a strong advertising slogan. That's how you develop one that really works.

A good advertising slogan can work wonders. He is able to make a brand known and attract people’s attention in no time. But how is this created?

The importance of a good advertising slogan

A good advertising slogan can have a significant impact on the success of a campaign. Because a cleverly chosen slogan conveys the USPs and the unique selling proposition of a product or service in a short time. At the same time, it should appeal to the customer emotionally and motivate him to act. But how is such a successful slogan actually created? The following tips should be considered during development:

1. the slogan must fit the brand

The slogan should always be in line with the corporate philosophy and corporate design. This is the only way to credibly convey what the company is all about and what it stands for.

2. the slogan must be short and concise

A good slogan is short and to the point. Ideally, it consists of a maximum of seven words and is easy to remember. In this way, it sticks in the customer’s mind and can be retrieved quickly when needed.

3. the slogan must be emotional

A successful advertising slogan appeals to the customer’s emotions. It arouses positive feelings such as joy, happiness or trust – or negative ones such as fear or pity. However, the latter only makes sense if it actually has a benefit for the product (e.g. safety products).

The influence of a slogan on the target group

A good slogan stays in the mind of your target audience. That is the essence of what this should accomplish. In just a few meaningful words, it should get to the heart of the company’s, brand’s or product’s essence and stick with the customer. So an advertising slogan summarizes the company’s USP and provides a simple but effective introduction to the brand. That’s why it’s so important to know exactly who the target audience is and what they should buy when creating a tagline. Only in this way can the slogan also strike the right note and speak to customers. If you know what you want to convey, it’s much easier to find the right words. So it’s not just about a nice slogan, but about the essence of the company and its products.

Idea generator: advertising slogans do not have to be boring.

A good advertising slogan doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, a creative and entertaining saying can attract attention and create interest in your brand. However, if you think a funny tagline is easy to write, you’re wrong. It takes time, creativity and a lot of work to come up with a really great tagline. But if you do it right, it can be worth it!

Brainstorm: What words best describe your brand?

The first step to a good advertising slogan is brainstorming. What words best describe your brand? Write down everything that comes to mind. Even if it’s completely crazy stuff, write it down. Because you don’t know which thought will be the right one. Afterwards, take enough time to think about and organize your ideas. Because it’s important that you find a tagline that fits you and your brand 100 percent.

Storytelling: What's the message behind your brand?

Stories are a powerful way to get your brand across and stay with your audience. Whether it’s the story of how you or your family came up with the idea for the business, or something about the core of your mission, people remember stories better than facts. So, what’s the message behind your brand? If you ask yourself this question and start searching, you are sure to find many interesting aspects and details about your company that you didn’t even know about. These can then be shared in exciting stories or your advertising slogan!

Think out of the box: What makes you truly unique?

No matter what sector or market you want to develop an advertising slogan for: think out of the box and find the special feature that really sets you apart! Especially on the Internet, it is virtually impossible to play “at the top” without standing out from the crowd. So think carefully about what it is that makes you and your offer special. What is your strength? Your innovative strength? Your service? Once you have worked out these points, you can start to develop a slogan that conveys exactly these aspects – and thus also addresses them directly.

Find a central message

A good advertising slogan should convey a central message. This message can be something general, like “We are the best choice” or “Our product is the best on the market”. Alternatively, the message can be more specific, highlighting an aspect of your product or brand that you think will appeal to customers. For example, a tagline like “Always on the Move” might promote a sportswear manufacturer, while one like “We Make Kitchens Possible” is perfect for a kitchen equipment supplier. The central message should be conveyed in one sentence or less and be easy to understand. Don’t try to fit too much into a tagline – it should be a simple statement that customers will remember. Once you’ve identified your central message, you can start working on your tagline.

Creativity is key: Now it's time to design!

But how do you come up with good ideas? Creativity is the be-all and end-all. Of course, experience and know-how are also important, but none of these qualities is as valuable as a fresh mind that takes unusual paths. Unfortunately, many people are afraid of taking a step into the unknown and prefer to hold on to the tried and true. But isn’t it worth reinventing the wheel? We think: No! Because with creativity you can create something completely new – something unique. And that’s what an advertising slogan is all about.

To bring inspiration and fresh wind into your ideas, you can also use so-called AI text generators. One of these is the tool neuroflash, which allows you to generate your own marketing texts in seconds based on a short briefing. Among the many free features is the ability to create a pithy slogan:

Whether you just use it to help you design or have a full slogan created right off the bat is entirely up to you. You can register for neuroflash for free here.

Here are some examples of successful advertising slogans and tips for implementing your own.

Test it before you launch it: Get feedback before the tagline goes live

Before you present your slogan to the world, you should first introduce it to a few friends or colleagues and ask for feedback. This is especially important to make sure the message you want to convey comes across. In addition, other people can help you identify places where the slogan can be improved. Always remember that a good tagline doesn’t have to be perfect from the start – it can and should evolve over time. So listen to the feedback you get and make the necessary changes until the tagline is perfect.

Here you can find out exactly how claims testing works.

A small selection of well-known slogans

There are countless popular slogans that accompany us in everyday life. Here are some of the most famous:

  • Square.Practical.Good (Ritter SPORT)
  • Joy of driving (BMW)
  • Red Bull gives wings (Red Bull)
  • Have a break, have a kitkat (Kitkat)
  • I’m Lovin’ It (McDonald’s)
  • Think Different (Apple)

As you can see, slogans can be very short and crisp and still have a powerful effect. Often it is exactly the short and pithy sayings that stay in our minds the most.

You can read how the advertising slogans of well-known brands fare in the test here.

The future of advertising slogans

If you’re wondering what the future holds for advertising slogans, you’re not alone. In recent years, corporate logos and slogans have changed a lot and it seems that they are becoming simpler and shorter. But what is the reason for this change?

For one thing, people’s attention span has dropped significantly in recent years, and for another, people are much more self-aware and critical about advertising these days. They don’t want to see intrusive or manipulative advertising – but something honest and unique.

Another reason for the change in advertising slogans is that the media landscape has changed considerably in recent years. You used to have to focus on TV and radio, but today there are so many different channels and platforms that it’s hard to even keep up. In addition, people are always on the go these days and can therefore often be found online or on their smartphones – where you can also place ads.

All these factors mean that companies need to change their strategies and find new ways to generate attention.

Frequently asked questions & answers

What does a good advertising slogan look like?

A good advertising slogan is unique, short and concise. It should hit the core of the brand and catch the customer’s attention.

How do you come up with ideas for an advertising slogan?

By thinking about what makes the product or service stand out and what might interest the customer about it.

How can you make sure that the advertising slogan has the right effect?

It is best to test the slogan with different people. You can also try to do a survey to find out what people think about the slogan.

Useful tips

  1. Think about what your business is about and what you offer your customers.
  2. Make sure your tagline is short and to the point. It should be conveyed in one sentence or less.
  3. Use words that are highly emotionally charged. This will help you attract attention and bring the slogan to mind.
  4. Make sure the tagline is unique and stands out from the competition.
  5. Test the slogan with friends and family to see if it goes over well.

A good advertising slogan is not just a saying. It must be well thought out and convey the right message. But with a little creativity and patience, you can come up with a really great and successful slogan.

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