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How to write a book with AI

Want to know how to write a book with AI? In this article you will learn everything you need to know about the subject.

Books are great stories that can transport us to other worlds and open up new perspectives. But what if the book you’re reading was written by an AI? Sounds crazy, but it is possible. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to write a book using AI.

What is AI and how can it help you write?


AI is the abbreviation for artificial intelligence. This includes a broad field concerned with trying to program computers to perform human-like tasks. Some examples of the application of AI in literature include: Text generation:

Some AI systems can generate text based on specific patterns. This can help you come up with new ideas for your book or move the plot forward. Grammar and spelling checker:

AI systems can also analyze your text and help you find errors in grammar and spelling. This is especially useful if you want to make sure your book is as perfect as possible.

Why AI is interesting for book authors

AI is a topic that has become increasingly important in recent years. Many companies are already using them to develop their products or improve their services. AI is also being used more and more frequently in writing: There are now many programs that allow authors to write their books in collaboration with AI.

The advantages of AI for authors are obvious: with the help of these programs, they can speed up their work enormously while achieving high-quality results. Although there are, of course, some challenges in using AI, most authors are pleasantly surprised by the possibilities this technology offers.

How does AI work in book writing?

AI is capable of recognizing and understanding different types of content. This means that she is able to recognize certain key words and phrases and classify them correctly. As a result, AI can also understand texts written by humans. Of course, AI is not yet as intelligent as a human and can only solve limited tasks. However, it can be a great help in writing!

Application examples

To let AI help you write your own book, you can work with a so-called AI text generator. These include, for example, the free tool neuroflash, which supports you from brainstorming to formulating your thoughts.

To give you a better idea of the whole thing, we have prepared a few application examples for you:

How AI helps you with idea generation

At the beginning of a book there is always a good idea. But it doesn’t always come flying and you may well have to search for it. However, if you just can’t think of anything, this search can quickly become a frustration.

But that doesn’t have to be the case, because: AI text generators like neuroflash can help you find ideas and give your inspiration a boost. All you have to do is tell the AI which genre your book should be in and which target group you want to address:

The AI then generates many different suggestions for you to develop into a possible story.

More on the topic of idea generation through AI can be found here.

How to create a plot using AI

Creating a plot with the help of neuroflash is relatively easy. After you have already decided in the first step what your book should be about, you can now simply enter some keywords and rough key points that should reflect the content of your story. The AI will then try to create a plot based on these keywords:

How AI gives you a matching title

A good book also needs a good title. To generate this with neuroflash, it is enough to briefly describe the action to the AI:

Thus you get a large selection of possible titles, which you can either take over directly or adapt somewhat according to your own ideas.

How AI organizes your chapters and scenes

Now there is not much missing until you can start writing. However, you should first divide your storyline into individual chapters and scenes. Exactly how you do that with neuroflash depends on the nature of your book.

For a non-fiction book, the title is enough:

In the case of a novel, you must include the rough content of your book in addition to this:

How AI helps you formulate your book

Finally the time has come! You’ve made all the necessary preparations, found an exciting plot, and chosen a great title: Now it’s time to write.

But unfortunately, the obstacles on the way to the finished book don’t end there. Writer’s block, lack of time, or lack of ideas can also haunt you at this stage. If that happens, by now you probably know who to get help from. From AI!

For example, you can simply let neuroflash continue writing your story and get new ideas and approaches on how it could continue:

In addition to these free features, there are many others that can help you on your way to creating your own book. You can register here at neuroflash and try them all!

The advantages and disadvantages of AI in writing a book


  1. AI can make a book faster to write.
  2. AI normally uses perfect grammar and spelling.
  3. AI can process information faster than a human.
  4. AI can understand the reader’s emotions and respond accordingly.


  1. The quality of the book depends heavily on the quality of the data that the algorithm has available.
  2. The book will probably not be as good as a book written by an experienced author.
  3. A book written by AI may lack human warmth.

To make the most of the advantages and avoid the disadvantages, you should not let an AI write your entire book. It is meant to make your job easier, not take it over completely. However, when man and machine combine their strengths, you can end up with a great and exciting book at the end of your efforts.

Tips for writing a book with AI

AI can be a great tool to write a book. But what if you’re not sure how best to handle her? Here are some tips that will help you:

1. use AIs only as a help and not as a replacement

There is no reason why your book should be written with AI instead of by yourself. So just let the AI do what it does best – process and analyze data – and let it help you write your book.

2. prepare yourself

Before you start writing, you should take your time and figure out what is the best way to work with the AI. That may mean running some tests or just figuring out how best to interact with her.

3. follow the rules of the AI

Each AI has its own rules and behaviors, so you need to pay close attention to what it expects from you and what it does – or doesn’t do – in certain situations.

Examples of stories written with AI


Already today, many things are possible with AI text generators like neuroflash. Here is a small selection of possible stories and ideas:

A novel about a woman who turns her life upside down in her mid-30s. After being in an unhappy relationship for years and now finally single, she makes the decision to realize her long-held dream and travel to South America. On her journey she meets many interesting people and experiences hair-raising adventures. She finds out that life has a lot more to offer than just the security of a 9-to-5 job.

A novel about a boy who is diagnosed with leukemia and must come to terms with his illness. He realizes that he doesn’t have much time left and wants to use it as best he can. In the process, he gets to know and appreciate the people around him anew and discovers the beauty of life.

A non-fiction book about unusual plant species found in Germany. Many people think that in Germany there are only deciduous trees and conifers. But far from it! There are many exotic species that are native here and often go unnoticed. This book shows interesting examples and tells exciting stories about these extraordinary plants.

The ice cream parlor “Lorenzo’s” is a small, family-run business that has been holding its own against the big competition for many years. Their secret: authentic Italian recipes and fresh ingredients. Lorenzo himself is in the kitchen every day preparing the ice cream while his wife and daughter run the store. But then a large chain of ice cream parlors opens in town and threatens to displace Lorenzo’s. The family is desperate – until one day they come up with an ingenious plan. They decide to make their ice cream even more authentic and personal and start trying new creations regularly. In doing so, they respond to customer wishes and always come up with something new. Their strategy works: more and more people come to the store and order Lorenzo’s special ice creams. In the end, the small ice cream parlor found its place in the city.

AI as the future of writing?

It’s entirely possible that AI will play an important role in writing in the future. Still, it’s unlikely to completely replace writing. The reason is that humans still have one thing that AI cannot replace: Creativity.

If you’d rather go the classic route without AI for your book, here are a few tips.

Frequently asked questions & answers

What is AI?

AI is an abbreviation for artificial intelligence.

How can you write a book with AI?

You can write a book with AI, using it as a tool to generate ideas, research information, and support the writing process.

How does AI work in writing a book?

AI analyzes existing text and generates new text based on the determined information.

Useful tips

  1. Looking for a good AI writing software. There are some free programs you can try.
  2. Choose an appropriate writing style for your book. Some programs offer different writing styles, so you can choose which one you like best.
  3. Cover the topic you want to write about. Look for relevant information and do thorough research before you start writing.
  4. Learn about and understand AI writing software. Some programs are easier to use than others. Play around with the program a bit and get familiar with the features before you start working on your book.
  5. Start writing! Sit down and let the AI run free. Get inspired by the software and see what it writes for you.

Artificial intelligence is a great thing and can help us with our writing. However, we should be careful not to make our books sound too uncharitable. So, listen to your gut and try to write your book the way you want it to be written.

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