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What are AI-generated images?

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What are AI-generated images, anyway? | Advantages and disadvantages of AI | How to have images created? | Read now & read more!

AI-generated images are images created using artificial intelligence (AI). This type of image is becoming more and more popular as it can look unique and realistic. In this blog, we will take a closer look at what AI images are and how they are created.

What does AI mean?


AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a computerized system capable of performing certain tasks that would normally require a human to think and decide. To do this, AIs “learn” by analyzing large amounts of data and recognizing patterns. By combining hardware and software, AIs can also solve problems that are difficult or impossible for humans, such as recognizing patterns in large data sets.

How does AI work?

AI is the abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence. This refers to a computer that is capable of imitating – or at least mimicking – human intelligence. It sounds complicated, and it is complicated: An AI system has access to huge amounts of data and analyzes it using complex algorithms. This is how it learns to recognize certain patterns and solve problems. An AI can be “intelligent” in different ways: Simple systems recognize only simple patterns, for example in images or texts. Modern systems, on the other hand, are capable of solving very complex tasks – such as driving a car.

What are the advantages of AI?

AI offers a number of advantages. First, it allows us to automate complex tasks and make our workflows more efficient. It can also help us make informed decisions by analyzing large amounts of data and discovering patterns we might miss. AI systems can also help minimize risks and predict unexpected events. By combining various algorithms and modeling technology, AI experts have been able to provide system prediction for a variety of application areas – such as forecasting traffic volumes or predicting weather conditions. So in many ways, AI is seen as particularly useful for organizations that have big data.

What are the disadvantages of AI?

Many people see artificial intelligence (AI) as a threat to the human race. This fear is not unfounded, because if machines are eventually able to think and act like us, they could take over our jobs and ultimately replace us. For this reason, scientists around the world are researching AI systems with the goal of assisting or even replacing humans in the performance of their tasks. But there are also many disadvantages of AI that are often underestimated.


However, organizations looking to deploy AI systems must also keep in mind that the technology is still prone to error. Some experts believe that organizations should wait until AI systems are more developed and become more “mature.” They also argue that there is currently no way to determine whether an algorithm is working “correctly” apart from the results themselves. Without a reliable method to determine whether or not an algorithm is working correctly, there is a risk that errors will go undetected – with potentially more devastating consequences for organization and society alike.

One of the biggest drawbacks of AI is that it’s often only as good as the data it’s trained on. This problem is called “shadow science” and describes the fact that AI systems are often only as good as the data they are trained on. This means that AI systems are often influenced by the biases and prejudices of the people who develop them. Another disadvantage of AI is that it is often a black box. This means that it is very difficult to understand how AI systems work and why they make certain decisions. This can lead to problems when AI systems make mistakes or exhibit undesirable behaviors.

What are AI-generated images?

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to generate an image that is not the work of a human artist. This type of image is called an “AI-generated image”. AI images can be realistic or abstract and can also convey a specific theme or message.

There are several possible applications for AI images. On the one hand, you can use them to improve your own photos. This is done using an algorithm that analyzes the photo and then improves it. For example, red eyes can be corrected automatically. Sharpness and contrast can also be improved. AI-generated images can also create entirely new images. For this purpose, a generator is used that creates new images from a variety of different elements. For example, new artworks can be created or unusual perspectives of an existing image can be generated.

Create AI images with neuroflash

As you learned earlier, there are several generators that can let you create unique photos with some keywords and descriptions. One of these AI image generators is neuroflash: if you’re looking for suitable images for your blog or Instagram, you can easily have one created using AI technology. Here’s how it works:

Below are some more examples and their descriptions, so you can see what neuroflash has to offer. If you don’t like a result, you can simply click “Create image” again to have a new image generated with the same keywords. Try it out right here.

Woman on the park bench

Description: woman sitting on a park bench


Description: a waterfall with rocks and trees

Sleeping dog

Description: a dog sleeping in the dog house

Empty streets

Description: empty streets

Of course, you can go much more detailed with your descriptions for the best results. Here you can learn much more about generating images with AI.

What are AI-generated images: the functions

Art intelligence (AI) is the use of computer technology to create artistic works. This technology is used to mimic or replicate a specific target. Most AI images are computer-generated photographs (CGI), but there are other forms of art that can be created using AI. The generation of art by AI is a very new field and still relatively unexplored. However, there are already some companies and organizations involved in making art through AI. One of these companies is Obvious, a French company founded in 2017. Obvious used machine learning to recreate 20th-century paintings – in particular, works by expressionist painter Vincent van Gogh. The company also claimed its algorithms should have been able to generate new Van Gogh styles by varying various parameters. This proves that new art forms can indeed be created with the help of AI.

Frequently asked questions & answers

What is a generated AI image?

A generated AI image is a computer-generated image created using artificial intelligence (AI).

Why are generated AI images used?

Generated AI images are often used to create new or unusual images that can be used for artistic or scientific purposes.

How are generated AI images created?

Generated AI images are created using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Useful tips for creating AI images

You may have already wondered how to create an AI image. This is a good question, and unfortunately there is no easy answer. However, there are some useful tips you should keep in mind when creating your AI images.

  1. First, you should consider what purpose your AI image will serve. Do you just want it to be a nice picture that you can share with your friends? Or do you want to visualize certain information with it? So before you start creating your AI image, you should know what purpose it will serve.
  2. Then select a suitable image editing program. There are many different programs for image processing, but not all of them are suitable for creating AI images. If you are not sure which program to use, you can check the Internet or ask friends for advice.
  3. Take time to create your AI image. Don’t let other people pressure you and take the time you need to create your perfect AI image.
  4. Be creative. Think outside the box and let your imagination run wild. Create an AI image that no one has ever seen before!
  5. Please provide feedback. When you have finished your AI image, you should show it to friends or family and ask for feedback. This way you can find out if your image serves the purpose you wanted it to.


So, what are AI-generated images? They are photos created by an AI program. These programs are able to create an image according to the user’s wishes. However, the quality of the images created is not always good. You can either create a new image using existing photos or use generators to generate a unique photo. Through AI it is possible to create different creations within a few seconds.

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