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If you are still not sure whether neuroflash is the best solution for your needs, the following guide should help you find out.

neuroflash is the best AI content generation software for content creators and professional marketing or communications teams. This is due to four important differentiating features:

  1. neuroflash was developed by marketers for marketers. Therefore, not only is the AI trained on powerful copy, but the intuitive interface is designed to create content for all types of campaigns and digital touchpoints. Whether you are a social media manager, SEO specialist, ad manager, email marketer, or in a marketing leadership position, neuroflash will be your starting point for creating content at scale.
  2. If maintaining brand identity is important to you, neuroflash is the only AI solution for you. Other AIs sound generic… like they were written by a robot. neuroflash is different. You can give neuroflash a text and the AI will analyze the writing style to mimic your speaking style. Our magic pen not only writes on brand, it also helps your entire team write on brand because we know the importance of consistent messaging across all channels.
  3. Productivity is a big reason to look at AI solutions, but 99% of AIs are isolated in their own app. neuroflash has a large partner network where we have integrated AI into the tools you use every day. You can also add neuroflash to your Chrome or Firefox browser to use your AI writing assistant anywhere – like Gmail, WordPress, Docs, Hubspot, LinkedIn or other open tabs. Additionally, you can also automate other important tasks in your content creation workflow as we have integrated linguistic checks (LanguageTool Premium), SEO analysis (Seobility) and plagiarism checks (Copyscape) into our intelligent document editor.
  4. If your company has a team of people creating content, you want an AI platform that enables collaboration while securing access to specific content. neuroflash is a multiplayer AI platform where you can share content and custom prompts or brand personalities with your team members.

In summary: neuroflash is suitable for you if you want to write high-performance content quickly with AI that is factually accurate and always on-brand. You can start alone with the Standard version and then upgrade to the Pro version as your team grows and you need access to enterprise-ready features like API access, custom AI templates, and personal support.

Within our Pro plan, you can invite as many team members as you want. For each team member who accepts the invitation, there are additional costs of €80 net. If you would like to onboard larger teams, please contact our sales team.

At neuroflash we take data protection seriously. Our servers are hosted in a world-class data center that is monitored 24/7 and we ensure that our application is always up to date with the latest security checks. Our data center also complies with EU regulations and all of our offerings include SSL encryption to protect your data.

So that neuroflash can generate texts for you, we access the OpenAI interface (API). Your briefing information is also transferred to OpenAI when the text is created. All data transferred via the API is stored on the OpenAI servers for monitoring purposes for a maximum of 30 days and then deleted (unless required by law). Additionally, your data will not be used by OpenAI to train or improve the AI models. Therefore, it is impossible for content that you provide in the briefing or that is suggested to you in the form of texts to be made available to other users. As long as your neuroflash account exists, all texts created with neuroflash will be stored on German servers in the Open Telekom Cloud so that they can be displayed in your account and you can access them at any time.

You can cancel your subscription at any time and no further fees will be charged. After cancellation, you will continue to generate content and have access to your account until your billing cycle ends. However, you will lose all the word and image credits you have collected from the previous months (if you still have them).

neuroflash supports all common credit and debit cards. We also offer SEPA direct debit. We secure your payment method with 3D Secure authentication for your privacy and security. Neuroflash currently does not accept PayPal, prepaid cards or other cash apps. For corporate customers, we offer payments by invoice and bank transfer.