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For business: 10 cover images for Facebook | Examples 2023

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Cover Images for Facebook | 10 Creative Examples for Your Business | Clearly Communicate Your Message | Read Now & Learn More

Facebook is one of the most important platforms to get in touch with customers. The cover image is particularly important, because it is the first thing people see. This makes it all the more important to make the right impression here. We’ve put together 10 great examples for businesses to see which Facebook cover images do particularly well.

Why use Facebook anymore?


Facebook is the largest social platform on the Internet and offers companies an enormous reach. With over 2.9 billion active users, Facebook is an indispensable marketing tool for connecting with potential customers. On Facebook, companies can present their brand, promote their products and services, and interact with potential customers.

Cover images for Facebook: What matters?

A Facebook cover image is one of the most important elements on your page. It’s the first thing people see, so it should be well thought out. When creating a cover image, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • What message do you want to convey?
  • How can I engage my audience?
  • What images reflect my brand?

The cover photo is a great way to reinforce your brand and tell people something about your site. So make sure it looks professional and fits well with your site.

You should also pay attention to the size of a Facebook cover image. An optimal cover image is 851×315 pixels. You should also make sure that the cover image is not too stuffed with information and images, otherwise the most important part of the cover image, namely the profile photo, will no longer be clearly visible.

How to find the ideal cover image for Facebook?

When looking for a cover image for Facebook, it is important to first imagine the target audience. After that, you should think about what message you want to convey with the cover image. If the cover image is for a company, it should include the name of the company. A logo or a slogan can also look good on the cover. It is important that the cover image looks appealing and professional.

What should a good cover image for Facebook look like?

A good cover image should make a statement and appeal to the target audience. At the same time, it should be easy to see what the site or company represents. A good way to achieve this is to add an icon or logo to the image. The background should not be too bumpy, so that the symbol or logo comes into its own.

Here are 3 websites where you can edit your images online:

How to create a Facebook cover image?

There are quite a few different ways to create a Facebook cover image. Most people opt for the simplest method, which is to search for suitable images on the Internet. However, this is not an optimal solution, as it is very difficult to find the perfect image. Plus, it can be expensive if you have to seek professional help. A far better method is to create a cover image yourself. All you need is a photo editor and some creativity. In most cases, Microsoft Paint is enough – but if you want professional quality or lack other features like collages, you should download GIMP (this is an open source Photoshop alternative). Both are free and work on Windows, macOS and Linux computers.

Generate cover images for Facebook with neuroflash

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect photo for your Facebook cover photo, you can easily have one generated. With the AI image generator from neuroflash, this can be done quite quickly: Describe your desired image with important keywords and the generator will create a unique image for you in just a few seconds. Try it out right away.

In addition to the right image, an appropriate tagline is also a great way to convey your company or brand’s message to your audience. For this case, neuroflash’s AI text generator also has something: with the tool, you can have unique slogans created within seconds. This is what the whole thing looks like:

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Cover images for Facebook: 10 examples


This cover picture from Hornbach attracts attention and motivates people to join in. It has been kept very simple and has a clear message. When you look at it, you want to know more – a real bull’s eye.


Dunkin’ Donuts shows duality with two different designs coming together in one.


AppleTV has come up with something very special with this cover image. Thus, three different productions are pointed out in a special way.


Quite classically, the Nike brand has stuck to its world-famous slogan “Just do it”. Here, too, it becomes clear that less is more.


Google offers a lot and with this cover image they show just that. The simple illustrations perfectly represent what features Google has.


The focus in this cover photo of Zalando is not much on the clothes they sell, but on the different people who wear them.


A cute illustration is also offered by Line Friends, which presents its creations in everyday situations with this Facebook cover.


Who wouldn’t like to know who you’re actually talking to behind the customer service desk? The Facebook page of Telekom-hilft thought exactly the same and gives the voices their faces with this cover.


BMW also proves that it doesn’t take much to get something across. With this beautiful view and the product in the middle, you show exactly what is being advertised here.


With this Facebook cover, the focus is again on people, as the actual product. In this case, Rewe focused more on a human message and reflected it through a simple but creative photo.


Cover images are an essential part of Facebook profiles. They should be simple in design to clearly highlight the company’s brand and message. Hopefully, these examples of cover images for Facebook were helpful to you and will help your readers learn more about your business.

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