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Scrollytelling | Definition, Guide & Examples

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Scrollytelling lets you present stories in a new way. But what exactly does it actually mean?

Whether on websites, in apps, or on social networks, scrollytelling is everywhere. But what exactly is Scrollytelling and how can you use it for your purposes?

What does scrollytelling mean?


Scrollytelling is a storytelling technique that allows the reader to move to a specific point in the story and immediately see the context for it. This method is often used to present more complex topics more clearly. The importance of scrollytelling lies in its ability to present content in an intuitive and engaging way. By combining text, images, and video, Scrollytelling can convey information more effectively than traditional text. The technology also offers a high degree of flexibility for content design.

How does it work?

Scrollytelling is a storytelling technique that uses animation and parallel effects to tell stories. This method is particularly well suited to the telling of long and complex stories, as it gives the reader a way to experience and understand the story in his or her own way.

Who uses it?

Scrollytelling can be used by anyone who wants to tell something. The product is ideal for journalists, documentary filmmakers and advertisers who want to deliver interesting content in an interactive way.

Here are two tools that you can use to create your own scrollytelling:

Image editing tools:

What do you need?

Scrollytelling can work with many different types of stories – from news articles to how-to guides to memoirs and romances. There’s no “right” way to tell a story with scrollytelling – it all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish and what type of content works best for that.

One of the most important elements of creating scrollytelling is to make sure that every step of your story makes sense to both the reader and the design. Any new information or location should be at least partially related to the previous content – otherwise you risk creating either boring or confusing content. Find even more tools that might help you with scrollytelling here.

What should be considered when scrollytelling?

Scrollytelling is a form of storytelling in which content is not given in a linear fashion, but is freely accessible to the reader/viewer in a scroll bar. By scrolling, viewers can determine the content themselves and thus experience their own story. In order to implement Scrollytelling successfully, some aspects have to be considered:

  • The content must be optimized for scrolling and form a common thread.
  • The structure of the content should be clear so that the viewer knows where they are.
  • The design of the content should be appropriate to the topic and attract the viewer’s attention.
  • For good scrollytelling, it is also important to constantly surprise the viewer with new information or interesting details.

How do you write a good scrollytelling?

A good scrollytelling is a story that tells itself well and is interesting. The story should grab the reader’s attention and make them want to keep reading. A good scrollytelling story is one that immerses the reader in the story and makes them identify with the characters.

Finding the right words: neuroflash makes it possible

Writing texts is not always easy. Sometimes you don’t have the ideas, or you have the familiar writer’s block that keeps you from moving forward. But nowadays, thanks to useful tools like neuroflash, this is no longer a problem. The AI text generator will help you write different content. For example, you can use the storytelling tool to have unique texts created within seconds. Just enter the necessary keywords in the respective fields and let the magic feather dance.

And since for scrollytelling you should tell a lot even with little text, neuroflash offers the possibility to summarize your longer texts in short sentences. Try it today and see for yourself.

Scrollytelling examples

Example 1: The Walking Dead Zombified


Here, animations and sound effects show how the zombie actors are prepared for the day of filming in the U.S. television series “The Walking Dead” from makeup and costume.

Example 2: Against human trafficking


This website highlights the issue of human trafficking and visually presents important information and facts with moving images and short texts.

Example 3: The Most Wanted Man in the World


A very simple but effective way to use storytelling. This post is about the US-Russian whistleblower, Edward Snowden. The focus here is more on the text with few pictures.

Example 4: Myth Matterhorn


Here we tell about the mountain Matterhorn and how is the experience to climb it. With minimalist illustrations, photos and facts, this website takes you on a journey to the top.

Example 5: Women in Leadership at Microsoft


Here, women in leadership positions are interviewed about their work. It was kept simple for this post as well; the focus is more on the text to highlight each woman’s story.

Example 6: Proud & Torn: A Visual Memoir of Hungarian History


This is a story about a sister and brother born in Hungary in the 1930s. Presented in a visual, interactive narrative format and documented from archives of personal, national and world events, Proud & Torn tells the story of Hungarian nationalism, totalitarianism and the Holocaust, helping us understand the politics and culture of Eastern Europe.

Useful tips for scrollytelling

Most people are motivated because they have a specific goal. When you start scrollytelling, it’s important to make a strong point. For example, you can decide for or against something. Then you provide the reader with background information on your topic and prove to them, through a personal story, that your point of view is correct. Finally, you should end the text with a flourish and consider who your audience is.

Here are 5 tips at a glance:

  1. Tell an exciting story with a clear goal
  2. Have clear and distinct subheadings to facilitate reading flow
  3. Design your pages so that they have a clear common thread
  4. Make sure your content is engaging and informative

  5. Focus on the essential elements and keep everything else simple


Scrollytelling is a great way to tell stories and exercise your creativity. With the right tools, you can write more efficiently and make your stories stand out even more. An example of this would be neuroflash. Scrollytelling is a great way to express your creativity and tell stories in a whole new way.

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