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neuroflash’s Jens Windel in an interview with Horizont

“You are somehow “flashed” when you see the neuroflash – text generator in action for the first time”! We recently announced that neuroflash GmbH has opened a branch office in Switzerland. Our CEO Jens Windel met Beat Hürlimann( for an interview. The conversation covers his move to the startup world, the positioning of neuroflash, and aspects of using artificial intelligence in marketing and communications.

Jens Windel, long-time Nielsen managing director in Switzerland, CEO since October 2022 and co-founder of neuroflash GmbH from Hamburg.

Jens Windel, what are the visions of your startup “neuroflash”? Central for us is that artificially produced texts have a high quality. Messages just have to fit. Everything else is unimportant for customers. And that’s why we are constantly developing new methods for more quality, more impulses and innovative ideas in texts. Second, people who write are supposed to save time. Automation always means efficiency. Thus, we show a way to literally relieve stress with our software for copywriters. Despite growing demands and extremely high workloads.

And thirdly? Jens Windel: And thirdly, neuroflash is about the effectiveness of texts. Our scientifically based association analyses predict in advance how words will work. This is unique. Customers can thus reduce the risks of miscommunication. As a critical counterbalance, so to speak, to the elaborations of self-absorbed lyricists (laughs).

Is it true that no one really wants AI-based texts? Jens Windel: Our philosophy is that AI cannot and should not replace humans. Rather, she is a co-pilot who can take on more complex perspectives or assist with simplifications. But the fact is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish whether a text was written by human hand or not. But in some respects, who wrote a text is no longer important to many. What is more decisive in the future is what a text is able to trigger. In a way, this approach is the very DNA of neuroflash.

Unique is our ability to predict for each individual word the strength of association to other words on a scientific basis.

What exactly are we to understand by this? Jens Windel: Well, the AI is not independent. However, it is constantly learning in the public data stream, i.e. from all statements, reports and opinions that can be found on a particular topic or brand. With concrete specifications and a clear context, the AI generates texts independently. neuroflash then validates such texts for comprehensibility, among other things. Unique is our ability to predict for each individual word the strength of association to other words on a scientific basis. In this way, it is possible to measure in advance what people will think and feel about a particular formulation. Messages are optimized with neuroflash so before dispatch, trigger more, are more effective.

For neuroflash, artificial intelligence means above all the future.

What do you say to people being afraid of artificial intelligence? Jens Windel: That’s understandable. Everything new brings opportunities and risks. For neuroflash, artificial intelligence means above all the future. We want to take people with us, bring them into contact with AI, make AI tangible, and also initiate a critical process overall. I also had my “flash” when I first saw our text generator in action. But man always remains central and his cognitive abilities unmatched. But if you are sitting in front of a blank page at 10 p.m. at night or have to formulate the thousandth product description, then you’d better use neuroflash. This is faster and, in case of doubt, healthier with more sleep.

I believe that a high heterogeneity of talents and experiences makes the difference in the end.

How do you get along in the start-up world? Jens Windel: Surprisingly good (grins). It is a beautiful privilege for me to work with many young people. I also see the high speed of decision-making at start-ups as a big plus. This enables us to respond quickly to changing customer demands and market structures. And of course this “from scratch” is huge fun for me. Design becomes a permanent task. For example, we are already building “playbooks” for activating countries so that our growth works well. I believe that a high heterogeneity of talents and experiences makes the difference in the end. In this respect, it is not at all a bad thing that I, as an “old hand”, am mingling with a comparatively young organization. Culturally, openness, respect and credibility are important. And everyone should be able to do that. You can tell I feel very comfortable.

What are your next steps? Jens Windel: We are planning our expansion in Europe next. The current focus is strongly on further product development. Secondly, we want all our existing customers to be happy. And thirdly, in building strategic alliances. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution for effective communication for small, medium and large companies. I’m afraid the road is still long and rocky. But also very, very interesting. That motivates immensely.

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