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ChatGPT with your voice

ChatFlash integrated with the most popular AI content suite in Europe – is all you need!

Your AI assistant accompanies you everywhere

With the browser extension you can use ChatFlash on all websites. Just start your chat by asking questions or giving instructions. The AI will answer you and provide results.

ChatFlash speaks with your voice

Use different tonalities and personalities to give your results the right tone. You can also create your own personality to make ChatFlash speak in your style and brand voice.

Professional texts for every touchpoint

The AI responds to your input. The chat does not forget your last question/instruction, so you can refer to it. So you can always continue chatting with the AI.

Versatile application

✓ Generating creative content to share on social media

✓ Breaking through writer’s block

✓ Improve content before publishing

✓ Write personalized responses to emails 

✓ Rewrite or summarize text

✓ Quickly respond to comments, questions or support tickets

800+ customers rate neuroflash with 5 stars

Rated 4.7 in 500+ Reviews


Rated 4.7 in 150+ Reviews


Rated 4.7 in 150+ Reviews

Oliver D. Designation

neuroflash fits into our workflow very well, it provides lots of ready-made templates, making it really easy to write blog posts, job advertisements or summaries. It's also very adaptable and already saves a lot of time.

Snikii M. Designation

neuroflash helped me to do the heading and description of my website. I didn't know where to start when I needed to display information about my digital product. But they made things easy for me.

Andreas R. Designation

My online business had come to a standstill. By chance I came across neuroflash and worked out the next points of my business on the first day.

Christine W. Designation

The AI assistant helps me develop my ideas for great newsletters. I am expected to do several professional communications; while creativity can be on the low, neuroflash is there to power it up.

Chibuike U. Designation

It has helped to create fresh content for my social media campaign and saved a lot of time, energy and resources even to hire a professional. I can also create web content for my site and blog posts. Most of all, I can create a sharp and concise personal bio for my LinkedIn profile.

Martina L. Designation

I really like using neuroflash. Sometimes you're stuck on the line or you don't have the right words. Neuroflash helps me a lot. It is easy to use and clear. I will continue to use neuroflash and recommend it to others.

Torsten S. Designation

It is ideal for pre-planning blog articles. But it also works great for SEO. Among other things, neuroflash shows which words should be used in an article so that an article on a certain topic with the appropriate keywords ranks better on Google. With neuroflash you can also create title and meta description that perform well.

Get the ChatFlash extension for your favorite browser

Sign up for neuroflash or create an account. Choose a price plan and then go to the Browser Web Store to add ChatFlash to your browser.