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Create content that boosts conversions

Increase ROI with content that really performs

With PerformanceFlash, you receive predictions about the effectiveness of your content and can thus precisely control the response of your target group. Find out what emotions & associations your messages trigger and optimize your strategy for maximum impact.

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PerformanceFlash helps you make informed content decisions. Discover which messages resonate with your target audience and customize your strategy for the greatest impact.


“PerformanceFlash has inspired us to choose the right brand positioning. It has helped us to find associations that we never would have thought of. In this way, we were able to create an excellent foundation for our further work.”

Marta Szufranowicz

Senior Strategic Planner

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Rated 4.7 in 150+ reviews


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With ContentFlash, you can create short and long texts. You have access to a very intuitive editor and a powerful sidebar that connects your creation process with the ideation and research phase. With PerformanceFlash, you can compare and analyze shorter texts with our Flash Score, the unique evaluation score that tells you what people will think and feel when they read your texts.

PerformanceFlash works in all languages that are available in the rest of the app. This includes dialect languages, such as German (DE/CH/AU).

PerformanceFlash can be used for various types of short texts. Starting from email subject lines to product descriptions or even website texts. The applications are virtually unlimited.

The Flash Score is a prediction of the success prospects of the proposed text. It is based on your selected target audience, as well as the settings you have chosen in the target window regarding the values and messages the text should convey. The entered parameters, such as sentiment, associations, and target audience description, are taken as values, and the text is analyzed for each of these individual values. The Flash Score is then calculated from these values.

We at neuroflash take data security seriously. Our servers are hosted in a top-tier data center that is monitored around the clock, and we ensure that our application is always up to date with the latest security checks. Our data center is also EU-compliant and all our offerings include SSL encryption to protect your data.

In order for neuroflash to generate texts for you, we access the interface (API) of OpenAI. Your briefing information is therefore also transmitted to OpenAI during text generation. All data transmitted via the API is stored on OpenAI servers for a maximum of 30 days for the purpose of abuse monitoring and is then deleted (unless legally required). Furthermore, your data is not used by OpenAI to train or improve the AI models. It is therefore not possible for content you provide in the briefing or suggested to you in the form of texts to be made available to other users. As long as your neuroflash account exists, all texts created with neuroflash are stored on German servers in the Open Telekom Cloud, so they can be displayed in your account and you can access them again and again.

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