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No more generic content thanks to Brand Hub

Save information and style guidelines to create consistent and personalized content for all channels.


Join more than 1 million professional content creators and teams and support your work with AI.

Create content with Brand Hub that: is consistent is personalized meets your style

Create content with Brand Hub that is consistent

Enhance content with precise details​

Optimize the relevance of your content based on a detailed database with information about your brand, target group, keywords and more. The AI works with your knowledge to create targeted and personalized content. So you always communicate consistently and effectively.

Stop writing
impersonal texts

With Brand Hub, you can create content that perfectly matches your style. Simply upload your information, create your brand voice and watch ContentFlash generate customized content.

Consistent content always and everywhere​

Brand Hub is integrated with all of neuroflash’s copywriting tools to ensure that every piece of copy reflects your unique brand message and matches your target audience.

Consistent content for the team​

Ensure consistent and personalized content across your entire team. Brand Hub can be seamlessly integrated into the team so that everyone has access to the same knowledge base and brand voice and the brand identity is always maintained.

neuroflash starts where ChatGPT ends

Use the latest and most powerful AI models and gain access to a variety of AI tools and features.

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Rated 4.7 in 150+ reviews


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User-created personalities will still be available but now under the name “Brand Voice”. They can still be edited as before. neuroFlash-created personalities will still be available but now under the name “Skills”. You can set skills when selecting information.

In that case, you can still use or edit your Brand Voices, but you will not be able to create new ones until you have reached or expanded your limit.

Brand Voices and information are automatically shared with the members of your neuroflash Team Workspace. If you do not want to share them, you can make them private. The number of Brand Voices and information you can create is limited based on your pricing plan.

The Brand Voice tells the AI to adhere to the user’s rules for tone and writing style. The goal is to create AI content that aligns with your brand. The required information for creating a Brand Voice includes: general description of tone (tonality), language guidelines, do’s/rules to follow, etc.

We at neuroflash take data security seriously. Our servers are hosted in a top-tier data center that is monitored 24/7, and we ensure that our application is always up to date with the latest security checks. Our data center is also EU-compliant, and all our offerings include SSL encryption to protect your data.

In order for neuroflash to generate texts for you, we access the interface (API) of OpenAI. Your briefing information is therefore also transmitted to OpenAI when creating text. All data transmitted via the API is stored on OpenAI servers for the purpose of abuse monitoring for a maximum of 30 days and then deleted (unless legally required). In addition, your data is not used by OpenAI to train or improve the AI models. It is therefore excluded that the content you specify in the briefing or the texts suggested to you are made available to other users. As long as your neuroflash account exists, all texts created with neuroflash are stored on German servers in the Open Telekom Cloud so that they can be displayed in your account and you can access them again and again.

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