AI copywriting for subject lines is dangerous(ly effective), when you do this

In this article you’ll read what we’ve learned about AI copywriting in the last five years. How AI content generation will help copywriters succeed.

Content A/B testing with the power of Neuromarketing (without the need to publish)

Introduction to content optimization Over the past years, A/B testing has proven a powerful method to identify the best elements throughout online marketing channels. That includes website content, campaign headlines, social posts, ad copy, email subject lines, design elements, and

The meaning of innovation for consumers

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The meaning of sustainability in 2020

While everyone is talking about sustainability, how can you produce relevant content and actually get heard? In short: by focusing on the issues that people consider important, make them agitated or happy. This article illustrates why topics such as “vitality”

What makes Coronavirus Headlines (real and fake) go viral?

The role of associations in content shareability. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, content plays a crucial role in informing and protecting the public. Coronavirus headlines and images elicit associations that are shaping which content is being shared and how

A Family Story – Associations with “family” across two cultures

Understanding what a topic is all about is very important for effective communication and marketing. This article illustrates differences of associations with “Family” between the UK and Singapore, a western and eastern culture. We partnered up with Athene, a boutique

Methods of the Coronavirus Headlines Analysis

In our original blog post, What Makes Coronavirus Headlines (real and fake) Go Viral? we presented our major findings on why some headlines and images are more viral than others.Here, we will take a slightly more in-depth look at how

school bus
UNICEF’s Social Media Optimization: The School Cluster (Part 3 of 3)

After conducting a baseline analysis of UNICEF’s posts, demonstrated how to run a social media optimization baseline analysis on UNICEF’s Facebook posts. This led to the extrapolation of three clusters from UNICEF’s 2,917 posts.In this post, we will focus on

UNICEF’s Social Media Optimization: The Refugees Cluster (Part 2 of 3)

After conducting a baseline analysis of UNICEF’s posts for social media optimization (SMO). This led to the extrapolation of three clusters from UNICEF’s 2,917 posts. In this post, we will focus on the second of those clusters, the Refugees +

UNICEF’s Social Media Optimization: The Family Cluster (Part 1 of 3)

In the first post of this UNICEF series, we covered how to run a social media optimization (SMO) baseline analysis on UNICEF’s Facebook posts. We also introduced the concept of associations in that post. From the 2,917 Facebook posts we

Social Media Optimization using AI for UNICEF’s Facebook Channel

Effective social media optimization is great for building brand awareness and getting people excited about your offering.To be effective, your social media posts need to spark a lot of engagement. Which raises the question, why do some posts drive more

10 Easy Steps to Create a Content Marketing Plan

A content marketing plan is a must-have and one of the top content marketing trends of 2020. Surprisingly, only a few marketers know how to create a content marketing plan. Why? Probably because content marketing became such a key marketing

8 Vital Content Marketing Trends Evolving in 2020

Do you want to create content that converts and build your brand in 2020? Then get your hands on the big content marketing trends. In this article, we will discuss the top content marketing trends that will be evolving in

Improve Your Brand Positioning Like Volkswagen

In this blog article, you’ll learn how Volkswagen was able to successfully improve its brand positioning while continuing to sell products. We will discuss a blueprint of using associations to both understand and then adjust your brand position through the

toyota vs hummer brand comparison
Toyota vs. Hummer: How can you analyze brand performance?

Being able to analyze brand performance is a powerful tool that helps you know where your business stands in the minds of consumers. Furthermore, it lets you know whether you are achieving the values you set out to have. So,

how to enrich your headlines with brand values
How to Enrich Your Headlines with Brand Values

Successful brands communicate their brand values with every piece of content. Do you want to be able to do it too? By enriching your headlines with your brand values, your content reinforces that which your brand stands for. Let’s take

how does claim tester work
Behind the Scenes: How does Claim Tester work?

Claim Tester is a part of our FLASH software, but have you ever wondered ‘How does that work?’Well, in this blog post, we are giving you a behind the scenes look! ???? What is the Claim Tester? The Claim Tester

neuromarketing concepts
4 Handy Neuromarketing Concepts for Your Business

1. Bread-crumbs The ‘Bread-crumbs’ concept is based on the idea that you leave a trail of ‘bread-crumbs’ in order to get your audience to a particular location or frame of mind. Example of ‘Bread-Crumbs’ in Neuromarketing For example, when describing

Startup Valley Interviews NEURO FLASH

Startup Valley interviewed me about NEURO FLASH. It was a great experience, so thank you for the invitation. It’s always a pleasure to speak about the NEURO FLASH artificial intelligence software and its impact in the world of business and

NEURO FLASH Featured in German News Outlet IT-Daily

We’re being featured in the German news outlet IT-Daily with our Perception Prediction AI. Read all about it here:

What is social media impact optimization?

Using AI you can increase the engagement on your social media channels. Would you like to know how? Well, you are in the right place! In this blog, we will go over social media optimization and some things about how

neuro flash team
NEURO FLASH and the Telekom Innovation Tour in Israel

Look! Our Co-Founder Henrik Büning is traveling the world to show why brand associations are important in all languages! He is representing NEURO FLASH in Israel in a 4-day program that is all about innovation and artificial intelligence.???? Images show

What is claims testing for market research and why is it important for brands?

As a marketer, you should do claims testing for market research. But why? Read about factors which make your claims effective.

Awards Win
NEURO FLASH Wins 1st Place at WorldSummit AI 2019

NEURO FLASH, developers of Flash Insights AI where artificial intelligence provides instant consumer understanding, won 1st place at the WorldSummit AI 2019 Startups Showcase! WorldSummit AI is the world’s leading artificial intelligence summit which gathers global leaders in AI, investors,

Accelerator Comparison – Microsoft Accelerator Berlin

Startups can get weekly accelerator invitations. How to decide which one is worth giving up time or even equity? As a startup, we went through three (Microsoft Accelerator, RetailTechHub, PwC ScaleUp) and are now entering the fourth accelerator program (Telekom

neuro flash team
Implicit Methods in Neuroscience can transform Marketing are a natural enemy of critical thinking. However, people are naturally prone to be biased. During the repetitive social processes and situations, the brain builds up “shortcuts”, connections and associations between elements that were already encountered in the past.

neuro flash team
Neuromarketing in attraction, retail & war

In his lecture at the University of Bremen, Jonathan Mall explains the basic principles of neuromarketing. He draws parallels between interpersonal attraction, consumer goods marketing, and techniques that politicians use to appeal to people. He introduces how the primal and

How to test effective packaging worldwide, with Neuro Semantic Analysis

For years, shopper research has shown that consumers typically spend about 2 seconds looking at products before making purchase decisions. A product’s Front of Pack (FOP) is the face of a product. The FOP conveys the entire concept of the

How can market researchers gain insights into subconscious desires using implicit methods?

Effective market research is able to predict consumer behavior. However, relying only on the conscious statements of consumers may lead to false conclusions.  Consumers often do not know why they prefer one brand or product. Implicit market research methods are

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How to Extract Key Consumer Insights from Open Text Answers

Did you ever want to hear your consumers’ real voice by including more open questions in a market research study?Well, a powerful solution for you is using synapse maps. Let’s face it, we all know that market research studies often