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UNICEF’s Social Media Optimization: The Family Cluster (Part 1 of 3)

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In the first post of this UNICEF series, we covered how to run a social media optimization (SMO) baseline analysis on UNICEF’s Facebook posts. We also introduced the concept of associations in that post.
From the 2,917 Facebook posts we analyzed, we extrapolated that the posts revolve around 3 thematic clusters: Family, Refugees + Migrants, and School+ Education.
In this post, we will focus on the Family cluster.

Top 3 clusters identified by our embedding models based on top words

In the next posts, we will also take a look at what the Refugees + Migrants analysis and the School + Education analysis showed.
Our goal is to identify exactly which associations drive successful social media posts and images within the Refugees + Migrants cluster. Why? Because, by knowing what works and what doesn’t, SMO can reach its maximum.

Big Data, Machine Learning, and Social Media Optimization

In this article, we will take a look at the following, in order to establish strong and weak points of UNICEF’s existing approach to social media:
  • Text analysis of this cluster
    • Text associations that led to HIGH engagement
    • Text associations that led to LOW engagement
  • Examples of text+associations that were SUCCESSFUL
  • Examples of text+associations that were UNSUCCESSFUL
  • Image analysis for this cluster
    • Image associations that generated HIGH engagement
    • Image associations that generated LOW engagement
  • Examples of Images
    • SUCCESSFUL images
    • UNSUCCESSFUL images
  • Image analysis: Text on o image
  • Image analysis: Activation maps
Let’s get started!

Text Analysis for Family Cluster:

From UNICEF’s 2,917 Facebook posts, 419 posts were classified as belonging to the Family cluster.
A text analysis from these 419 Facebook posts showed that certain associations were correlated with successful and unsuccessful posts.

Correlations of associations invoked in successful posts (represented in yellow bars) and unsuccessful posts (gray bars)

Text Associations with High Engagement

The most successful posts in the Family cluster were associated with the following major descriptors and related terms:
  • Colorful: Colour, yellow, purple, color, blue, dark, and bright
  • Goofy: Cartoon, kooky, lovable, anthropomorphic, funny, minion, and clown
  • Glowing: Glimmer, shine, glow, glint, glisten, and shimmer
With this information, in the future, it is possible to draft posts that invoke these associations. For future posts, we recommend that UNICEF drafts text that specifically correlate with these high-engagement associations.

Text Associations with Low Engagement

However, unsuccessful posts in the Family cluster were associated with:
  • Trauma: emotional, physical, mental, trauma, anxiety, depression, cognitive, physiological, emotion
  • Evacuation: refugee, resettle, resettlement, migrant, idps, shelter, asylum_seeker, evacuate, impoverish
  • Medical staff: medical, hospital, patient, doctor, pediatric, nurse, medicine, clinician, paediatric
  • Malnutrition:malnutrition, famine, starve, poverty, malnourished, epidemic, hunger, malnourishment, impoverish
  • Charity:volunteer, charitable, donate, underprivileged, unicef, donation, ngo, fundraising, nonprofit
From the associations above, Charity was the association that led to the least success and engagement.
With this information, you know what kind of associations to avoid since they are associated with low success and engagement. Such insights are crucial for an effective social media optimization strategy.

Examples of Successful Posts and Associations: Social media optimization success

Below, you can see how the highly successful associations (like Colorful, Goofy, and Glowing) are identified and measured in real-life Facebook posts categorized within the Family cluster:
The green highlights are used to visualize the strength of the goal association and the word. This is made possible via the in-browser NEURO FLASH chrome extension. The extension works while you are logged in to your account. For your free 3-day trial, sign-up here.

Colorful Association

The following three posts were significantly correlated with the colorful association:

Colorful association

Colorful association

Colorful association

Goofy Association

Next, the goofy association also worked well within the Family cluster. The following three posts were exemplify the goofy association:

Goofy association

Goofy association

Goofy association

Glowing Association

The glowing association is another example of associations that were highly correlated with success within the Family cluster. Below are text examples of posts that embody the glowing association:

Glowing association

Glowing association

Glowing association

Examples of Unsuccessful Posts and Associations

In order to have an accurate social media optimization approach, you need to know what kind of posts to avoid.
Below is the analyzed text of a few posts which showed to have low engagement scores, representing the following associations: temperature, illness, and water body.

Malnutrition association

Temperature association

Medical staff association

Charity association

Image Analysis for Family Cluster

To supplement the text analysis, an image analysis was also performed, using 419 images.

For the Family cluster, correlations of image associations appearing in successful posts (represented in yellow bars) and unsuccessful posts (gray bars)

Image Associations with High Engagement

As shown above, the image analysis revealed that the most successful posts within the Family cluster had the following associations:
  • Legendary: Iconic, famous, pay_homage, heritage, masterpiece, timeless, contemporary, renowned, and tradition
  • Adventure: Perilous, embark, journey, treacherous, adventurer, adventurous, explore, and expedition
The following associations were also correlated with successful, engaging posts:
  • Workshop: workshop, participate, meeting, attend, attendee, facilitator, participant, session, training
  • Cinematic: film, filmmaker, actress, screenwriter, documentary, oscar, filmmakers, biopic, motion_picture
  • Instruments: piano, musician, violinist, musical, pianist, cello, virtuoso, guitar, saxophone

Image Associations with Low Engagement

Furthermore, the image analysis showed that the least successful images for the Family cluster were associated with:
  • Rape: rapist, murder, kidnap, perpetrator, accuse, arrest, convict, victim, killing
  • Tragedy: devastate, terrify, horrify, tragic, devastation, survive, aftermath, frighten, ravage
  • Medical staff: medical, hospital, patient, doctor, pediatric, nurse, medicine, clinician, paediatric
  • Trauma: emotional, physical, mental, trauma, anxiety, depression, cognitive, physiological, emotion
  • Illness: illness, symptom, disease, acute, sufferer, pneumonia, debilitate, ailment, syndrome
From the unsuccessful associations, Illness is the association led to the lowest level of post engagement within the Family cluster.

Examples of Images

Now, let’s move away from abstract ideas and take a look at what these associations look like as images. In this section, we will see what successful and unsuccessful images look like.

Successful Images and Associations​

Below are examples of images that were associated with high engagement and their respective associations:

Workshop association

Adventure association

Legendary association

Unsuccessful Image Posts and Associations

Below are images, and their respective associations, that showed to have the lowest levels of engagement:

Medical staff association

Trauma association

Illness association

Image Analysis for Family Cluster: Text on image

Also, we assessed whether images that have text on them were successful or not. As shown below, for the Family cluster, images without text performed significantly better.

For the Family cluster, images that did not have text on them were significantly more successful than images with text.

Image Analysis for Family Cluster: Activation

Activation maps

Additionally, we used activation maps to show that high activity was occuring at spots where touch was occuring. What does this mean? Since the three images above were strongly successful within the Family cluster, touch is a driving factor of that success. Thus, touch an additional positive element to take into consideration when drafting Facebook posts within the Family cluster.


Using big data insights and machine learning tools, we were able to pinpoint exactly what led to high success for UNICEF’s posts. By isolating the associations and stylistic factors that are associated with success, UNICEF’s SMO strategy will automatically improve.
Now, we know what factors contribute to the success of a social media post. For the Family cluster, specific guidelines can be established, defining which associations for texts and images are most effective.
Therefore, piece by piece, a detailed social media optimization strategy is forming which outlines which factors to use and avoid.

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Top 3 clusters identified by our embedding models based on top words

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