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How to Enrich Your Headlines with Brand Values

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Successful brands communicate their brand values with every piece of content. Do you want to be able to do it too?
By enriching your headlines with your brand values, your content reinforces that which your brand stands for.
Let’s take a look at how you can enhance an existing claim with the help of our new Text Suggestion tool. We will do this by using an actual headline from Apple Inc.’s homepage as an example.
If you visited Apple’s site this December recently, maybe you saw “Make someone’s holiday” as Apple’s main headline. What do you think? Is it effective?
make someone's holiday
With this headline, will people want to shop online and press the link underneath and are Apple’s brand values being reinforced?

Determining Brand Values

To see if this headline is effective, let’s input some common associations that could possibly align well with Apple’s brand:
With these inputs and parameters as the brand values, the headline Make someone’s holiday is analyzed for the ability to activate those values in the head’s of the website visitors.
claim tester and NLP text suggestions
According to the analysis, Apple’s original Make someone’s holiday slogan:
Thus, this headline appears to be at least somewhat effective for Apple. But, how can we make it even stronger?

Using Text Suggestions, Optimized for Brand Values

Our software is now giving you Text Suggestions, located underneath the bar graph as a source for ideas. Although we would not advise using the suggestions verbatim, as they may already be used by other companies, they are a starting point for your own ideas. The suggestions are selected based on the associations found in our culture. Such suggestions can help you and your content/marketing team come up with new content ideas to test.
Therefore, as a result of considering the provided Text Suggestions in this example, one possible modification we can make to the original headline is to insert an adjective.
So, Make someone’s holiday can be modified in order to align more closely with the specified goals/associations (i.e. technology, innovation, heartfelt) →
neuro flash tester
Cumulatively, Option 2 (Make someone’s holiday unforgettable) works scores highest. The results show that this headline is:

How to use associations in your headlines

Adding adjectives to your headlines that are in line with your brand values. Doing so triggers the related associations in your customer’s minds, which they will connect with your brand. To do this yourself, you can easily look for synonyms in various Thesauruses online, which are related to your brand values.
At NEURO FLASH, we’re working with associations instead. Thus, with the new Text Suggestions feature, we are able to show related content that is communicating brand values more effectively. Thereby, with associations, you can quickly spot that an adjective should be added to a headline. Thus, while you create content, you can get to improvements faster.
The automatic generations can act as a springboard for your imagination, ultimately helping you, and your content/marketing team, to come up with new content ideas that otherwise you may not have thought of.
Want to try out these features for yourself? You can access our platform by signing up for a free 3-day trial.
P.S. This article’s headline was also optimized using FLASH AI 😉 How?
Well, first we wanted to title this piece: “How to infuse your headlines with brand values.”
But, we found the word “infuse” to be a little obscure. So, we wanted to replace it with a word that would fit in with our brand values, as seen in the image below. And, what did we find? That the word “enrich” fits much better! Now that you understand how to enrich your own headlines using brand values, go ahead and try it now.
neuro flash explorer

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