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Behind the Scenes: How does Claim Tester work?

Claim Tester is a part of our FLASH software, but have you ever wondered ‘How does that work?’
Well, in this blog post, we are giving you a behind the scenes look! 🙂

What is the Claim Tester?

The Claim Tester is a tool that’s designed to make your life easier. Basically, you can use it to compare different claims, words, and even bodies of text at the speed of light!
The text or claims are analyzed across multiple target dimensions. Usually, these dimensions are your brand values.
Claim Tester is driven by artificial intelligence and algorithms, offering you reports on consumer insights that are acquired from the public’s own inputs. Since Claim Tester is based on such a high volume of data produced by the consumers themselves, you are essentially conducting market research in just a few seconds.
Basically, you input a phrase or slogan that you are considering for your company or brand and you specify what brand values you wish to accomplish.
So, for example, you can easily use Claim Tester to test which phrase is more aligned with your brand value of ‘family.’ You simply input the phrase, enter the dimension(s), and compare the output. BAM! That’s it.
To use Claim Tester, first, you input the phrases or words you are interested in. Then, you get a report immediately which outlines how well those phrases align with your target dimensions/values.
Take a look at the example below:

Big Data Claim Tester: A quick example

Of the two claims bellow, which is the better car slogan?
The answer is: it depends on what your company’s brand values are. The best claim is probably the one that reinforces your brand, right?
Let’s say your four brand values are:
Using Claim Tester, we can instantaneously compare these two slogans across all four brand values:
The precise numerical values of each dimension are also provided in an accompanying Excel sheet:
car slogan test
Thus, you can see that Slogan 2 is stronger in the Family value/dimension (0.355) than Slogan 1 (0.297) But, Slogan 1 exudes about 6 times more Competence (0.17 vs. 0.03) and about 4 times more Safety. Both slogans are relatively equal to the Trust dimension.
With such an objective report, you can make your marketing and business decisions quickly and insightfully. All of this is made possible because our FLASH AI software sources from public data. So, it’s like you are getting large-scale results based on what actual consumers input and upload to the internet.

Interpreting the Results

Thus, from the above output you can interpret the results of your search input.

Where Does Claim Tester Get its Information From?

So, you may be wondering where do these numbers come from? Well, artificial intelligence and Big Data play a big role! Basically, our FLASH software, of which Claim Tester is a part of, runs an algorithm that produces these results. This algorithm acquires data from publicly open sources. Then, it also calculates the association between a phrase/word and the specified brand dimension.
The data is collected from all digitally available sources, including e-books, videos, movies, websites, news articles, etc. This is done for every country and every language, ultimately enabling you to gain insights into any market worldwide.

The Nuts and Bolts

Thus, using our own word embedding models (which are built on over 31 billion words from cultural sources), FLASH AI calculates the association strength between the inputted words/slogan and the specified brand values/dimensions.
This measure is strongly associated with free associations that actual consumers have for the respective slogans (after all, the data and words come from the consumers!).

Claim Tester vs. Traditional Focus Groups

Conventionally, businesses test their brand slogans and product claims using focus groups. First, a group of people that’s representative of the target population is gathered. Then, the focus group reviews many different product slogans for which they give their opinions/perceptions.
Luckily, you can skip all of that if you use NEURO FLASH’s software because it combines big data, machine learning, and neuromarketing to deliver consumer market insights.
Thus, you save time and money while optimizing your brand and content based on data that comes from countless of resources. Focus groups, on the other hand, are: limited, costly, small in number, and take a lot of time (especially if you are conducting it cross-culturally). Our artificial-intelligence software bypasses all of these issues by gathering and analyzing large volumes of data across many different countries and languages.

The validity of the Claim Tester

But, how can we be sure that Claim Tester makes the right predictions? Well, our NEURO FLASH software is able to predict people’s associations, just as an IAT (implicit association test) would do. Thus, we are able to replicate results from neuropsychological tests, using our artificial intelligence word-embedding machine. Ultimately, this saves a lot of money and marketing resources.


Claim Tester is at the core of NEURO FLASH and FLASH AI services which was designed and built to make marketers’ lives and daily activities easier.
Through Claim Tester, you can acquire instantaneous analysis of slogans/phrases, ultimately helping you decide what is most suitable for your business. Thus, results are based on billions worth of data which are made publicly available through consumer’s own creation and posting online.
Interested in giving it a try? Sign up for your free 3-day trial.
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