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What is social media impact optimization?

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Using AI you can increase the engagement on your social media channels. Would you like to know how? Well, you are in the right place! In this blog, we will go over social media optimization and some things about how to take it to the next level.


Social media optimization (SMO) is a business strategy, much like search engine optimization (aka. SEO) is. For SEO, content is optimized in order to appear at the top of search engines, right? Well, for SMO, social media content is optimized, through the words and images chosen, in order to be likable, shareable, and interesting to people.
By increasing the SMO of social media content, the post is likelier to have an impact. Thus, it will reach further audiences and make impressions on a wide range of people. To see how social media optimization works in practice, check out our case study on UNICEF.

Social Media Optimization and Audience Reach

Nowadays, social media is a way of life. It takes up our free-time and, honestly, it takes up our busy-time, as well. Thus, social media is something that must be seriously considered by any business announcing its brand, product, or service through social media. Just as SEO is on top of business’ to-do lists, SMO is quickly gaining ranks, too.
Why? Simply because social media is a powerful way to raise awareness and gain visibility across multiple audiences.
Thus, many businesses are seeking to strengthen their SMO strategy in order to drive more traffic and increase online presence. All of which ultimately benefits the business.

Not All Audiences are the Same

Not all channels and audiences are the same. So, the message that you construct on your social media channels, should also vary accordingly and be written in such a way that it is relevant to your target audiences. A tailored, relevant message is crucial for long-term success.

Picking the Right Social Media Message

social media impact optimizer
Your product or brand is likely to have multiple channels for social media outreach. But, do you follow a systematic approach for generating your messages? How do you decide which words and language to use in order to reinforce your brand image and values?
This is something that we at NEURO FLASH can easily take care of for your company. Using artificial-intelligence we can conduct market research and analyze your social media posts across time. With our Social Media Impact Optimizer technology, we can offer you objective and novel insights.
impact optimizer
We can also provide you with detailed information on a channel-by-channel basis, offering you data-driven insights on how your brand values and associations are faring up across the different platforms. For example, if your brand wants to evoke a ‘relaxing’ feel, as displayed in the image here, then you can see that Instagram’s content evokes ‘relaxing’ better than the content that has been used for Twitter and Facebook. Such objective insights allow you to adjust accordingly until you reach a point where you reach full social media optimization, ultimately benefiting your brand and business.
Interested in our social media optimization? Easily get in touch with us by booking an appointment to chat to learn more about us and our artificial-intelligence driven approach to market research.

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