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Startup Valley interviewed me about NEURO FLASH. It was a great experience, so thank you for the invitation. It’s always a pleasure to speak about the NEURO FLASH artificial intelligence software and its impact in the world of business and marketing.
(The original interview was conducted in German, but you can check out the English transcript below.)

Intreview with NEURO FLASH Start-Up Artificial Intelligence Software

(The original interview was conducted in German, but you can check out the English transcript below.)

Just introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Jonathan T. Mall, I’m a PhD neuroscientist and since 2017 founder and CEO of the startup NEURO FLASH. Our headquarters are in Hamburg, our 15 employees work all over the world – from Amsterdam to Hong Kong to New York.

What’s the idea behind NEURO FLASH?

We help companies to make their artificial intelligence (AI) marketing more effective. Our AI can predict associations of different audiences to particular images and texts, in any language. This works because we periodically feed the AI ​​with content that reflects many people’s opinions, such as news, movie scripts, or song lyrics. Thus, lengthy interviews with focus groups become superfluous. The result: Creative marketeers use our AI to be more confident that their new content will be well received and sustainably strengthen the brand.

For which companies is your solution promising?

Our tool is suitable for any company that wants to successfully address its target audience with texts and images. That’s why we work with companies from different industries. Our customers include, for example, NIVEA, Volkswagen, Diageo and Dr. Oetker.

How has the startup scene changed in recent years?

My opinion: The startup scene in Germany is stagnating. As you can see, a fear of failure paralyzes the startups in this country.

What are the biggest mistakes of young founders?

Due to fear of failure, many young entrepreneurs do not pursue a good idea or even do not start it. Founders from Germany should take an example of startups from countries like Denmark, the USA or the Netherlands. There people know that he who does not start has already lost.
NEURO FLASH is a part of TechBoost, Telekom’s startup program. What do you like most? The TechBoost program especially appealed to us because of the exciting technical infrastructure. We use the Open Telekom Cloud (OTC) for our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. The move from the old platform to the OTC was fast. The proven competence of Telekom in the field of data protection has convinced us. With such a partner, we immediately have a vote of confidence with potential customers. Currently we get the chance once or twice a month to introduce our technology to different companies. In addition, we also have the opportunity to participate in different pitches. We recently won a TechBoost pitch in cooperation with T-Systems Corporate Innovation Management. The prize: We are now allowed to exhibit NEURO FLASH in the Innovation Center in Munich for 6 months.
You were at the Digitalization Summit DIGITAL2018 and you will visit the event again this year. What do you expect from the DIGITAL X 2019?
Telekom regularly invites us to events. At the DIGITAL2018 we were able to present our solution to a broad audience and had the opportunity to do a short video interview. For the DIGITAL X 2019, we wish to make new business contacts and expand our network.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In five years, NEURO FLASH will be firmly established in the European and Asian markets, and we would have successfully expanded and scaled our SaaS solution. It may sound ambitious, but our goal for each year is to double sales from the previous year. Accordingly, we forecast our sales for five years.

Which three tips do you have for founders?

My first tip is: Stay independent for a long time and find customers before you look for investors. The second tip: Believe in your idea. And The third tip: Do not fail as defeat, but learn from your mistakes.
For more information about NEURO FLASH’s content-optimizing artificial intelligence software, book an appointment to chat at https://NEURO-FLASH.COM

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