LinkedIn: user numbers and statistics

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LinkedIn is one of the largest social platforms for business professionals and offers numerous opportunities to connect with other businesses. The statistics on LinkedIn usage are impressive and show why it’s worth using the platform.

The most important facts about LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the largest social networks in the world and is used by over 800 million people. The platform is based on the concept of the “recruitment network” and is used by many companies as a contact exchange. It is therefore all the more important that you design your profile carefully and update it regularly. Here you will find the most important facts about LinkedIn:

  1. It is the world’s largest social network for professionals.
  2. The platform was founded in 2003 and has expanded rapidly since then.
  3. Today, more than 800 million people worldwide use it to make new contacts, find jobs, and advance their careers.
  4. Per month, the website receives 1.6 billion visitors

Source: LinkedIn; Statista

The most popular social media platforms of companies worldwide

Social media is an important tool for companies from all over the world to get in touch with their customers. But which platforms are the most popular?

According to Statista, most companies use Facebook. Instagram and LinkedIn follow in second and third place.

Own representation; status: 2022

Source: Statista

The distribution of the most important social media platforms for companies is similar: Facebook is also in first place here. For nearly 50 percent of all companies worldwide, it is the most important social network for reaching and serving customers. Instagram is also an important solution for businesses. There, they can inform customers about news and exchange information with their community with the help of appealing images. Nevertheless, LinkedIn in third place also counts as an excellent channel to get in touch with (potential) customers.

Own representation; status: 2022

Source: Statista

The typical LinkedIn user

Who actually goes on LinkedIn? We build up the typical user with the help of various statistics and key figures:

Number of users by country

In Europe, there are currently 227 million LinkedIn users, of which around 19 million are active in the DACH region (source: Statista). Most users worldwide are from the USA, India and Brazil.

Own representation; status: 2022

Source: Statista

Now that we’ve looked at where most users come from, let’s look at how traffic is distributed on The following diagram shows the shares of traffic by country of origin:

Own representation; status: 2022

Source: Statista

At first glance, the distribution seems to be quite similar to that of users. However, it is noticeable that the United Kingdom, together with Canada, has moved a lot further ahead.

How old are LinkedIn users?

According to Statista, the largest user group is 25 – 34 year olds with 59 percent, followed by 18 – 24 year olds with 20 percent. This is followed by the 35-54 age group with 17 percent. Only nearly 3 percent of users are 55 or older.

Own representation; status: 2022

Source: Statista

Which gender is more represented on LinkedIn?

Men are more likely to be on LinkedIn than women. According to Statista, approximately 57 percent of registered users are male, 42 percent female.

Own representation; status: 2022

Source: Statista

The typical LinkedIn user is consequently ...

… a 25 – 34 year old, male US-American.

Sales development over the years

Over the years, LinkedIn has become one of the most successful social media platforms in the world. According to Statista, its sales currently stand at $13.82 billion (Source: Statista). This is a huge increase from 2017 sales of approximately $2.2 billion.

Own representation

Source: Statista

The most popular channels and hashtags on LinkedIn

Of course, there are also profiles on LinkedIn that receive a particularly large amount of attention in the form of followers. Among the most popular people on the platform are:

Own representation; status: 2022

Source: Hootsuite

However, a profile on the social network is not only beneficial for individuals. Companies also benefit from the opportunity to strengthen their employer brand. The organizations with the most followers on LinkedIn are:

Own representation; status: 2022

Source: Hootsuite

When it comes to the most popular hashtags, #India is the clear winner. In second and third place are #innovation and #management. These three hashtags are used the most and have the widest reach. Other popular hashtags include:

Own representation; status: 2022

Source: Hootsuite

LinkedIn specific key figures

Unlike other social media, LinkedIn is primarily focused on professional development and job search. That’s why some of the metrics LinkedIn captures differ from those of other social media.

For example, 101 applications are submitted every second, and 44 percent of HR professionals use data on members’ skills and abilities to fill positions particularly well. In addition, members have added 365 million skills to their profiles in the last 12 months. Each week, 52 million people search for jobs using LinkedIn. Here, too, the number of hires is particularly high at 8 per minute (source: LinkedIn).

Here are the most important facts summarized again:

  • 101 applications submitted per second
  • 44% of recruiters filled their positions using skills data
  • 365 million skills added to profiles in the last 12 months
  • 52 million people search for jobs every week
  • 8 settings per minute

LinkedIn vs. Xing

It is interesting to see that LinkedIn is still the leading social networking platform for professional contacts. Even though Xing has caught up strongly in recent years, LinkedIn is still the first choice for many people. According to Statista, 14 percent of participants in a survey said they regularly use LinkedIn. In the case of Xing, the figure was only 10 percent (Source: Statista).

The exact differences between the two platforms are described in the following video:

The best tips for a successful presence on LinkedIn

A successful profile on LinkedIn is important for career planning. With the right settings and content, you can achieve your goals and stand out from your competitors. The following tips will help you create a successful profile:

1. complete profile

Before you start networking, you should first fill out your profile completely. This includes information about yourself, your education, your professional career and your knowledge and skills. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for other members to get an idea of who you are. Make sure that your profile is unique and professional – this will make you stand out from the crowd.

2. suitable profile photo

First impressions count – this is also true on LinkedIn. A professional and appealing profile photo is therefore essential for other members to take you seriously and want to connect with you. Make sure your photo is clear and in good quality and avoid unprofessional poses or candid shots.

3. share interesting content

By regularly sharing interesting articles, studies or news, you position yourself as an expert in your field and gain new contacts. Make sure that the content is always relevant and up-to-date – this will ensure that you will be perceived as a competent source in the future.

4. be active

LinkedIn is not a static platform – take advantage of the opportunity to connect and discuss with other members. Be active in groups and comment regularly on posts from other users.

5. have patience

Successful networking takes time – so be patient and don’t despair if things don’t go as planned in the beginning. Stay tuned and use the tips above to gradually make more contacts and increase your presence.

How to use AI for your LinkedIn profile

More and more users are turning to AI text generators to improve their LinkedIn profile. These tools automatically create texts tailored to your ideas.

When you use an AI text generator, you no longer have to laboriously try to find the right words for your profile. Instead, you can focus on what’s important: Your career.

One of the most popular AI text generators is the free tool neuroflash. For example, you can use it to plan and write your next post. To do this, you need to give a brief briefing on the rough direction you want your text to take. The rest is done by the AI:

In addition to generating a post, neuroflash can also help you formulate a contact request. The process remains largely the same:

If you’re curious and want to try it out for yourself, you can register for free on neuroflash here.

You can find out more about AI marketing texts here.

How can you use LinkedIn to grow professionally?

LinkedIn is a great platform to grow professionally. Here you can network with other professionals, make new contacts and exchange valuable knowledge. To make the most of it, you should follow these tips:

1. create a strong profile

Your profile is like your online business card. It should therefore be professional, clear and complete. Make sure your profile picture looks good and your contact information is correct. Use this opportunity to highlight your skills and experience in an overview. For example, you can optimize your profile with the right keywords and thus appear higher in the search results.

2. network with other professionals

LinkedIn is a great platform to interact with other professionals. Network with people who are in similar fields to you or who can help you professionally. The larger and more diverse your network, the better you can develop professionally. Regularly participating in discussions in LinkedIn groups can also give you new insights and inspiration.

3. stay up-to-date

With the newsfeed you always have the possibility to inform yourself about current trends in your industry. Follow interesting people or companies and get inspired by their posts. Reading professional articles or white papers can also help you and give you new ideas.

Frequently asked questions & answers

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network used mainly for professional networking and connections.

How can LinkedIn help you succeed?

LinkedIn can help you network with other professionals, discover new opportunities and develop yourself.

When was LinkedIn founded?

LinkedIn was founded in 2003.

Useful tips

  1. Use your profile settings and introduce yourself.
  2. Think of a few short phrases to use in each profile section.
  3. Don’t be reduced to the fact that you are doing your job. Rather, tell something about your hobbies or interests.
  4. Use good photos of yourself. This helps draw attention to your profile and is generally better than a logo as an image.
  5. Keep your profile up to date and meaningful.

LinkedIn is a valuable network for professionals and statistics show that there are more and more people using it. This is especially good news for those who are looking for a job or want to market their business.

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