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Words make brands – neuroflash explained

When it comes to creating marketing campaigns and promote your company in an effective way, it is clear that for some companies, it can turn into both financial and mental headaches. Coming up with creative marketing campaigns has always been a challenge for marketers and often takes a considerable amount of time and resources before … Continued

What family means for marketing & branding

The family is defined as the basic unit of society (1), an intimate group of people who are relate to each other (2) and thrive in this world. Families in different cultures consume very differently. They come in different sizes, shapes and colors, with each having their own needs, culture, and desires. Modern Family, an … Continued

How Implicit Brand Equity Drives Market Share

Brand equity is a key success indicator in marketing. Therefore, a critical activity for any marketer is to build brand equity. Because it ensures that your brand can be bought as easily as possible. For strong brand-equity, you need two things. (1) physical availability (e.g., where to buy a brand) and (2) mental availability (e.g., … Continued

A Family Story – Associations with “family” across two cultures

Understanding what a topic is all about is very important for effective communication and marketing. This article illustrates differences of associations with “Family” between the UK and Singapore, a western and eastern culture. We partnered up with Athene, a boutique consulting company from Singapore and selected the UK and Singapore because of their diverse culture, … Continued

Improve Your Brand Positioning Like Volkswagen

In this blog article, you’ll learn how Volkswagen was able to successfully improve its brand positioning while continuing to sell products. We will discuss a blueprint of using associations to both understand and then adjust your brand position through the right marketing content. this approximately 9-minute video, Michal Szaniecki from Volkswagen gives more details … Continued

4 Handy Neuromarketing Concepts for Your Business

1. Bread-crumbs The ‘Bread-crumbs’ concept is based on the idea that you leave a trail of ‘bread-crumbs’ in order to get your audience to a particular location or frame of mind. Example of ‘Bread-Crumbs’ in Neuromarketing For example, when describing the sound of a sports car, consider using visual phrases like ‘This sports car can … Continued

Implicit Methods in Neuroscience can transform Marketing are a natural enemy of critical thinking. However, people are naturally prone to be biased. During the repetitive social processes and situations, the brain builds up “shortcuts”, connections and associations between elements that were already encountered in the past. In his recent talk at the Esomar Fusion big data conference, Dr. Jonathan Mall introduces … Continued

Neuromarketing in attraction, retail & war

In his lecture at the University of Bremen, Jonathan Mall explains the basic principles of neuromarketing. He draws parallels between interpersonal attraction, consumer goods marketing, and techniques that politicians use to appeal to people. He introduces how the primal and recency effects affect memory consolidation and our everyday life. Basically, the same principle can be … Continued

How can market researchers gain insights into subconscious desires using implicit methods?

Effective market research is able to predict consumer behavior. However, relying only on the conscious statements of consumers may lead to false conclusions.  Consumers often do not know why they prefer one brand or product. Implicit market research methods are not affected by this deficit because they do not ask for customers’ opinions but assess … Continued