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When it comes to creating marketing campaigns and promote your company in an effective way, it is clear that for some companies, it can turn into both financial and mental headaches. Coming up with creative marketing campaigns has always been a challenge for marketers and often takes a considerable amount of time and resources before even being published.

Companies nowadays are under enormous pressure when it comes to delivering campaigns at a breakneck speed to keep pace with the rising demand. People, to be more particular, consumers, are confronted with countless ads and messages every day. Every hour. 

That’s why the overcrowded landscape of competitors makes it even harder to stand out in the noise. The goal is for sure to create content that your consumers respond favourably to and to speak the consumer’s language. As our founder and CEO, Jonathan Mall, said: 

”Successful marketing speaks consumer language.” – But what does this mean in particular? 

How to speak the consumer’s language?

Well, it means that a good and especially effective marketing copy must fulfil various requirements, such as: Attracting the consumer’s attention, command interest, inspire conviction, and most importantly: Provoke action. Because that’s essential in order to sell your products and services and convert. 

What marketers think and what consumers think must not be necessarily the same. You might ask yourself now, how to find out what and how your customers think? Here, artificial intelligence comes into action. 

Our neuroflash AI can simulate what’s going on in customer’s heads and predict what content they will react positively to. How? Let me explain it to you.

How our AI can predict your consumer’s behaviour

Consumers prefer to take the shortest path between two points. You could also say that consumers have become more convenient over the past years. The unprecedented shift towards digitalization, automation, and smart devices for example has revolutionized our everyday life on a great scale. Further, customers are far more tech-savvy today and criticize things more as they have the opportunity to do their own research on the internet. 

Delivering highly targeted, personalized, and relevant content is, therefore, crucial to connect with your customers and build a relationship with them. So what does the neuroflash AI do exactly?

Consumers think what they read. This means their brain learns associations consciously and subconsciously when they go through newspapers or social media and read content there. Our AI reads millions of newspaper articles, social media posts, movie transcripts and many other types of text once a month – so it goes through the cross-section of content that the consumer in a particular country has read that month. We use it then to predict what consumers think and feel about words, brands, products or topics that month.  

Based on that, our AI is able to write fast and effective ad copies or slogans, using these associations and emotions to generate highly effective content.

By combining the capabilities of humans and artificial intelligence, you can create personalized messages curated by unbiased AI and humans and predict success at the same time. Creating generic content by biased humans and ”one message for all” is passé. Our AI helps you to create the right marketing message. And all that with a single click and within seconds. Generate unique marketing copy, predict performance, and become a copywriting champion. 

Let me show you some examples of how our AI helped companies

Let me show you a few examples of how our AI increased marketing performance: 

As seen below, we helped Migros, the biggest Swiss supermarket, to improve their newsletter subject-lines. You can see that the copy generated by artificial intelligence led to a significantly higher open- and click rate, which resulted in higher revenue. So, compared to the human-generated marketing copy, you see a clear difference. 

Here, the generated copy is particularly important as it can make the customer open and read, or ignore your newsletter. Companies should, therefore, ensure that the subject line is engaging, highly targeted, and provokes action. Our artificial intelligence can create such subject lines for you while also predicting how effective they’re gonna be.

Take the following example here:

Here, our artificial intelligence predicted as you can see, a 30% higher impact on the customer’s emotions and associations after the social posts from T-Systems were tested upon various dimensions. The insights that have been gathered from the reports helped the company to be more successful and improve their overall performance. 


As for the last example, Telekom wanted to increase their website conversions: 

To do so, we improved their slogan on the website from ”Your access to the digital future” to ”Trust us with your data for the digital future”. As you can see, their orders increased by 3,8%. ”Trust” is perceived as positive by the customers as it is also connected to the dimensions of guardianship, or safety, for example. The words are connected in the customer’s mind and thus, a certain clutter is created. 

Our artificial intelligence is able to adapt those clutters to its analysis and offer precise and reliable reports and results. 


Would you also like to write fast and effective ad copy, using emotions and associations? Sign up for your free trial and convince yourself of the results. 

Kim Nguyen

Kim Nguyen

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