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What is AI content generation?

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Artificial Intelligence - We have heard and seen a lot about this topic, but few know what really is behind it. In this article I explain to you what an AI content generator is, what its benefits are, and if it can replace a human content writer. Be ready to be surprised by these facts!


AI (artificial intelligence) in general is the development of machines in order for them to carry out tasks that are usually completed by humans. AI also includes machine learning which teaches a machine how to think like a human. Here the AI content generators use content that already exist and “learns from it” in order to write new creative content. This is beneficial, because AI can use existing content from your brand, information about your brand and information about your target audience to create new content that is fits your brand perfectly!

AI content generator has provided support for many copywriters by helping to speed up the process and increase the quality of output. It has already been used for many years for various different tasks. However, not for content writing – until now. The reason for this is that the AI was not reliable and trustworthy yet to produce creative high performing content. This has radically changed recently and we have come a long way since, which used to be an AI generated chatbot from Microsoft, but failed badly.  AI content generation is reality and it has become a right hand for marketing teams instead of just a support.



AI content generation
Source: Alibabatech



How does AI content generation work?

AI is able to learn from experience and already existing content. But how is it able to produce content in a human way? The answer lies in the subsets of an AI: AI algorithms, including machine learning, deep learning, and Natural Language Generation. NLG (Natural Language Generation) is needed in order to convert computerized data into human language. Machine learning looks for patterns in data and try to draw conclusions from it. Do you remember your time in school, when you learned theories about Maths and then had to apply it to new exercises? This is basically how it works. When AI collects data it trains the algorithm by trying out and collecting feedback in order to improve the algorithm. Once the algorithm is good at reaching conclusions it applies the knowledge to new data. The importance here is that the AI is nurtured with large volumes of data and multifarious detailed data, so it can learn from it and create a pattern. 

If it wasn’t fascinating enough already, AI can also analyse behavioural data. What do I mean by that? Have you noticed that Amazon always seems to know what you want, before you yourself know that you want it? It is scary and fascinating at the same time.
The AI uses data from customer interaction in order to find out the needs and wants. This is why it is so exciting for you! AI can learn from information provided by your brand and thus target your audience in the most profitable way.





6 Benefits of AI content generation and its role in content marketing

If you have read between the lines, you must have noticed that AI carries a lot of advantages for marketing teams and content writer. Here is an overview of the benefits of using an AI content generation tool:

  1. Creating creative content with the click of a button
    You as a marketer already know how long and tiring  the process of marketing campaigns are, especially content creation. Looking at a blank page, using your creativity to produce convincing content and feeling the pressure to do this in the right way. However, AI software can help you get rid of your writer’s block by giving you many creative possibilities to choose from.


  2. Speeding up content writing
    We all know that “time is money”, but we all know that this is one of the things that puts you under pressure. Being creative on demand is what a lot of marketeers struggle with, so having a supportive AI that speeds up the process is only beneficial for you. You only need to type in a few keywords in the AI content generation tool, click the button, and after a few seconds you already have your marketing copy!
  3. Aiming at your target audience
    Before the birth of AI, content creator looked through magazines and surfed through the internet to find out what customers are looking for and what competitors provide. However, AI is more precise than the human mind and are able to use information about your audience as well as your company to create content that is made just for your customers.


  4. Validating performance
    AI is not only smart enough to generate creative content in many ways, that is specifically aimed at your target audience, it can also provide information on how likely that content is going to improve your ROI. For example, neuroflash’s AI generated newsletter subject line tool additionally predicts the percentage of how much your open rate is going to increase if you use that specific subject line.


  5. Broadening your horizon
    Let’s be honest! Working for a company for many years and doing the same job every day makes you feel limited in your way of thinking. You still have to be creative, but you are mostly “creative in one same way”. With the help of an AI software you are able to see your work from different perspectives – ideas that you would not have thought about before.
  6. Being immensely versatile
    Are you a content writer, an email marketeer, a SEO specialist? Whatever you are, AI content generation has  your back! AI is able to complete many wide-ranging tasks. Here are some examples:
    • Newsletter subject line creation
    • Generating app push notification
    • Writing product descriptions
    • Producing headlines 
    • Creating marketing copies
    • Keyword finder
    • Research topic suggestion
    • Finding images
    • Checking grammar and writing
    • Testing for Plagiarism


The Future of AI Content Generation 

In four years the number of businesses that adopted AI grew by 270%. While in 2015 only 10% of businesses have used AI-techonology in 2019 the number already rose to  37%. As you can see, what started with suspicion is now gaining in popularity at lightning speed. There are many predictions about AI content Generation:

    • By 2021 80% of technology will be built based on AI
    • By 2027 the AI market is expected to reach $267 Billion
    • Content marketers will have to adopt AI in order to cope with competitors
    • Consumers’ need for personalization is going to be more intense. This can best be achieved with the support of an AI content creator

Also developing and improving AI never stops. Experts predict various improvements:

    • Virtual assistants: instead of searching all over google experts forecast that virtual assistants provide you with information that is cut out just for you. They are going to take your personal likes, your emotions, your habits, and reactions into account and based on this they recommend you specific content
    • More content creation: right now content creation is limited to mostly short to medium copies, such as newsletter subject lines, marketing copies, product description. However, in the future AI content generation is predicted to compose long chapters or even whole books
    • Personalization: AI is already very good at targeting each individual customer by using customer data to create personalized content. This will be perfected in the future by getting data from various social media and smart devices in the house in order to know about the needs and wants of the customer



AI vs. human copywriter

“A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scared yet, human?” is an article that was written solely by AI and published in the Guardian. This question is legitimate because many copywriters are scared of losing their job to a machine. Even though AI has been around for a bit, a few years ago humans were not yet scared of it due to the fact that while AI is smart, it was not trustworthy. If we take our dear as an example, we see that back then it was heavily influenced by “bad ideas” that were tweeted at it and thus turned into a white racist anti-feminist. Back then you could not image using AI as a content generator. So what has changed? New technology, such as GPT-3, turned AI into more being more versatile, woke, and trustworthy. 

If you weren’t scared before, are you scared now? We totally understand, but let me take some weight of your shoulder. AI is still at an early stage and not going to take over humanity anytime soon. You are still very irreplaceable!

Even though AI uses existing content to create new content it does not actually have experience, knowledge, and emotion like us humans do and thus we can connect better to our customers on a human level. 

Still, AI content generation tools can help us finish tasks faster and give us more creative ideas adjusted to our target audience, so instead of seeing it as a threat we should see it as a support. 





AI is without a doubt a very important part in content creation already and will become even more important in the future. It is able to connect to each individual customer by learning from their data and providing them with information about themselves they did not know before. But for now it is not human enough and therefore “only” acts as a supportive co-pilot. In the end we should not forget the increase in ROI and decrease in costs AI content generation generates for us!





Finding the right AI content generation tool

.. is pretty difficult considering the fact that there are so many. However, most tools are unique and different from each other, therefore, we decided to provide you with a list with the most important AI content generation tools:


  1. neuroflash

    AI content generation has come a long way and so did we! If you are looking for an AI content generator that is getting the best out of your email marketing campaign and boosts your open rate, then you have to look no more! Our AI generates customized creative newsletter subject lines and at the same time validates which one performs the best by making predictions about the increase of open rate. There are many tools that create content, but none of them validate performance, so if that is an important point for you, you are good with us! Are you ready to create catchy newsletter subject lines with us?
    Try our free trial for 7 days here!

    This is one of the most popular AI content generator with a very good overall AI writer. It is known for its long-format generator and it has a high quality output with more than 40 short-form templates for copywriting. However, comparing it to other tools it is one of the most expensive one and other languages than English are not very polished yet.

  3. Writesonic
    One good feature about this tool is the landing page generator, which none of the other tools have. You can increase your traffic by writing high-converting landing page copies and its content for short copies has good quality. The bad side about Writesonic is that its AI is not very good at writing long-form copies and their price plan is quite complex

    This tool is liked by many marketers as it has more than 70 AI templates for many purposes. Its AI produces good quality content and they offer unlimited usage options. Drawbacks about this tool are the expensive price and the complexity of its design (it can get tricky for beginners). Also, the quality of long copies is not very good.

  5. Shortly AI
    Quite the opposite to its name: this tool is very good for creating decent long copies. They have a distraction-free interface, sophisticated techniques and even a mobile app available. However, it is also one of the most expensive tools that are offered and there are no ready-made templates as well as minimal documentation available. 


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