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ChatGPT Twitter: What users think of it

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With the release of the new chatbot, ChatGPT, OpenAI has become very popular on the Internet. In this blog, you’ll learn more about the technology behind it, what Twitter users are saying about the bot, and the best ChatGPT Twitter posts about the topic.

What is GPT-3?


GPT-3 is a machine learning system based on the principle of generative preprocessing. This principle states that the system has learned to perform certain tasks with the help of a large data set. This data set can be, among others, a large number of text documents. The system analyzes this data set and learns in this way to perform certain tasks.

How does AI work?

Artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine to imitate or perform human tasks. This can be achieved through machine learning methods such as pattern recognition and inference. AI systems can also be used to mimic human behavior, which is referred to as “machine intelligence.”

However, most people are not even aware of the presence of AI in their everyday lives. Many modern devices and services use AI technologies to provide users with a better experience. Examples include voice recognition systems such as Apple’s Siri.

ChatGPT Twitter: The opinions of Twitter users

If you know Twitter well, you should know that users on the social network have a lot to say about any topic. This is also the case here.

A quick glance over the “ChatGPT” search reveals that most are positively surprised by the bot and convinced that this kind of technology will revolutionize everyone’s everyday life. Some even go so far as to think that the concept about schooling should be reinvented.

But other users don’t seem to be quite sure yet what to make of the bot and the technology itself. Professor Ethan Mollick reports that during a live interview about AI technology, he learned at the end that the questions were written by the TV host of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Twitter: The best tweets

When something goes viral on the Internet, in most cases there is humor behind it. Here are the best ChatGPT Twitter posts:

Do not forget to say please and thank you

Skillfully trick

Writing applications
Metal Songs
Stories from different perspectives
Compliments are important

Issue commands with neuroflash

Of course, for many people who are not concerned with this issue, this function is something very special. On neuroflash, you are also able to give commands to the AI so that you can ask questions and get answers, among other things. With the rewrite function you are able to generate content quickly. This is what the whole thing looks like:

Let’s just take an example from the ChatGPT Twitter posts above.


I am an aspiring attorney and have spent the last few years familiarizing myself with the legal system. Now I would like to take on the next challenge and apply for the office of district judge. I believe I have the necessary skills and qualifications to be a good district judge.

In addition, I have a strong sense of justice and the necessary impartiality to be able to exercise judgment.

Please consider my application and feel free to contact me with any further questions.

With kind regards

More functions

With neuroflash you can have different content created in different text types in over 90 text types. In particular, you have the possibility to write blogs faster using the AI tool as a help.

You can also write stories and customize them.

Alternatively, neuroflash has the freestyle tool, which makes it easy to generate different content of your wishes. Create an account now and get 2,000 words for free.

The future of AI

One thing is clear: AI will change the world. Many experts agree that AI has the potential to radically change our society and our economy. In the coming years, there will be more and more companies using AI technology to improve their products and services. Further, more and more governments around the world will use AI technology to better protect their citizens and strengthen their economies.

Useful tips when using AI

It’s important to be aware of what kind of AI you’re using. Some AI systems are designed to do only certain tasks, while others are more versatile. Therefore, before you use an AI system, you should know exactly what features it has and whether it is suitable for your purposes.

Another tip is to know the limits of AI. Many people have a misconception about AI and believe that it can do everything. In reality, however, AI is just a tool and can only do what it has been taught to do.

So if you want to use an AI system, you should have realistic expectations and know what its limitations are. AI can be a very useful tool if you know how to use it. Being aware of what kind of AI you are using and its limitations will help you use it effectively and get the best results.

Frequently asked questions & answers

What is AI?

AI is the abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine to mimic human behavior. This includes learning, understanding languages and finding logical solutions.

Where is AI applicable?

AI is applicable where data is available and a specific problem needs to be solved. For example, AI can help identify patterns in large data sets or make predictions about future behavior.

Will AI be able to replace humans?

Humans are creative beings capable of solving problems in novel ways. AI may be able to do some tasks better than we humans, but there is no indication that AI will be able to replace us completely.


This article was about the bot from OpenAI and ChatGPT Twitter opinions and posts. According to users, ChatGPT is an innovative step towards a future environment where AI technology is faster, more powerful and more convenient. It has already attracted a lot of attention and makes many people think about what is possible.

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