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Marketing Campaign Ideas For Hotels

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Do you need some creativity boost? Go through our over 20 marketing campaign ideas for Hotels products.

Once the domain of travel agencies, hotels now have an edge over their brick-and-mortar counterparts in the online space, particularly when it comes to booking for business travelers. In fact, as per a study, hotels with a strong online presence have a 40 percent higher conversion rate. Find out how you can enhance your hotel’s online presence and win more business travel bookings.

These are AI generated Marketing campaign ideas for hotels

  1. Create a blog post about the best places to eat at in your city.
  2. Describe one of the hotel's most popular amenities, and offer an online discount for people who want to try it out.
  3. Develop an app that allows users to book hotels with their phone's NFC technology
  4. Create a video tour around your city or property with photos from each room inside the hotel suite embedded into it
  5. Promote deals on mobile applications like Groupon which have destination marketing written into their business plan
  6. Publish a list of the most romantic places to stay in your area
  7. Design an infographic that compares the hotel prices in a large city with your area
  8. Create a blog post and video series explaining what visitors need to do and see when they're visiting your local community.
  9. Develop an existing website into an online marketplace for hotel listings by creating reviews, critiques and ratings for hotels globally, similar to TripAdvisor but specific for your industry
  10. Setup a calendar listing of news stories about travel trends, problems and solutions on all relevant social media pages (Facebook & Twitter).
  11. Build a mobile app outlining the benefits of using public transportation versus using taxis or private vehicles while traveling abroad, that can be used globally by tourists visiting any country or city worldwide; or develop one that lists the most popular things to see & do, as well as best time / season when they should be experienced while visiting any major world location like Machu Picchu in Peru or The Great Pyramids of Egypt
  12. Interview a celebrity or two
  13. Create social networking mobile app for travel enthusiasts.
  14. Conduct a city-wide scavenger hunt to promote your hotel using the same key words that you want your target market to search for on Google and Review sites, etc.. Great for hotels located in tourist cities/destinations, such as Rome, Paris, San Francisco and New York City.
  15. Get users to upload photos of their hotel room and write a review
  16. Find some celebrity endorsements to link with your site.
  17. Create a video blog talking about the best restaurants in town, and offer discounts on those recommended restaurants if you book via the website.
  18. Create a regular podcast discussing various travel topics
  19. Build an app similar to Uber but for hotels - users can reserve rooms online at different branded hotels if they have time sensitive business trips requiring last minute hotel arrangements or need accommodation for an evening out after work - deliver business cards/complimentary toiletries in the room when it is occupied so as not to waste time waiting around for someone who has just arrived into town
  20. Create a mobile app that allows users to find out more information about the hotels they are interested in and want to book, as well as add it to their wish list.
  21. Publish a hotel guide listing the best places for visitors to stay in your area
  22. Create an online resource where people can read about local attractions and learn about things to do during their visit
  23. Send personalized emails directly from your website with information regarding packages available after someone searches for a specific location or stays for a specific time period
  24. Feature pictures/reviews/ratings on each of your business pages so that when someone is searching through social media, they will be able to get some insight into what other people have thought of certain locations

Put Your Marketing campaign ideas for hotels into Practice

When it comes to marketing, you can use the same strategies that other industries use. However, you have to consider the specificities of your business and adapt some of these strategies to your needs. If you want to succeed in marketing, you have to be creative and develop a unique strategy that will set you apart from your competition.

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