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How AI text generators will change the content industry

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As AI is already able to write text on its own, companies can benefit in many ways. Find out about the countless advantages and why AI text generators will change the content sector for the good.

The unprecedented growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and machines based on such artificial intelligence, like AI text generators, during the last years has been actively enabling people and businesses to achieve the unthinkable. It is no longer a far-from-the-future vision; artificial intelligence is already an indispensable part of our everyday lives and helps us in countless situations, sometimes without you even knowing.

Whether Netflix recommends what to watch next, Alexa telling you how the weather is going to be like tomorrow, or Google Maps reminding you when to leave for work. By giving machines the power to think, we made huge steps forward in the computing world. But how to define artificial intelligence properly? And what else can artificial intelligence do?


What is artificial intelligence?

AI technology can be defined as the branch of computer science that focuses on creating intelligent machines that can both think and act like real human beings. It aims to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind. 

A few examples for specific applications of AI include: 

  • chatbots in customer service to understand customer problems faster and provide quick and efficient solutions and answers
  • intelligent assistants, such as driving automation in cars or advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS)
  • recommendation engines that provide automated recommendations for Youtube videos for examples based on the user’s viewing habits 
  • AI writers and AI copywriting systems that help authors and companies produce texts

But also speech recognition, machine vision (the ability of computers to see), or natural language processing are essential applications of AI. The latter is going to be particularly important in this blog article. 

Natural language processing (NLP) is a language model that refers to the part of computer science – more specifically the branch of AI – that gives computers the ability to understand both written and spoken text in the same way human beings can. Given that, artificial intelligence is even able to create texts on its own as AI text generators. Texts that are so good, you can’t even distinguish them from human-written texts.

Impressive, but quite frightening at the same time, isn’t it? But what’s the deal about those AI text generators?

Source: unsplash.com

How does an AI text generator work? 

Believe it or not, using AI in creating texts is a reality already. Companies make use of AI writers to be more efficient, and to save both time and resources. You might wonder how a computer is able to imitate human language or ”feelings”, making the readers believe that the text was written by a real human. Let me explain it to you.

AI text generators generate texts from structured big data using – as the name suggests already – artificial intelligence. They are able to recognize both patterns and trends based on what has been written so far by humans and suggest new ideas to create more and sometimes even better texts. To do so, the AI collects countless information from existing content, such as websites, search engines, or even videos on the internet. 

But that’s not all, as AI text generators are also able to help you giving your writing the final touch of improving spelling, grammar, and even style using artificial intelligence. 

Another model you should know about with regard to AI text generating is GPT-3. It stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 and is a language model developed and launched by OpenAI. It uses deep learning to create human-like texts and has a capacity of 175 billion machine learning parameters. Based on that, the quality of texts generated is so high that it is really difficult to determine whether or not it was written by a human. 

As AI text generators have learned to calculate billions of words on the internet, tech-driven companies and government agencies rely on AI for text generation already. Unlike other writing apps, AI text generators use machine learning algorithms to turn a few words, sentences, and paragraphs into a full article. For example, you can use the neuroflash AI text generator to write a blog post for you:

1. You just need to define your topic and type in a couple of keywords and the AI writer will offer you possible headlines and ideas for your blog:

2. Furthermore, the artificial intelligence will help you choose a proper structure for your blog post:

3. Then you can use the AI writer to just generate more text for you:

With neuroflash you have access to 30+ different text types and can write up to 2,000 words for free:

Benefits of using AI text generators for companies

  • An AI text generator is really versatile. Artificial intelligence is able to write poetry, fairy tales and even whole stories already. But of course, the field of application for artificial intelligence in text generation is not limited to the entertainment industry only. It lends itself particularly for business use, such as product descriptions, newsticker, weather forecasts, or marketing content. 
  • AI allows machines to sound human. As regards marketing, for example, potential customers can be addressed personally because AI text generators are able to learn how the target audience speaks. Text passages that are created this way increase conversion rates and the texts created are classified by Google as unique content and rise in ranking. 
  • Companies can save valuable time. AI text generators help companies to work more efficiently and to focus on the most important tasks and strategies as machines can create texts within seconds and for less money. Extensive projects can be carried out more quickly. Example: The production of reports in the finance sector with the help of artificial intelligence can relieve the respective employees. Or think about an online shop. Imagine, product descriptions are completely generated by artificial intelligence. The seller can therefore sell new products more efficiently as product descriptions are generated within an eye blink. 
  • Companies can save resources. AI text generators are an important tool for companies because machines work fast and don’t make mistakes regarding spelling or grammar. Human writers can work on less repetitive tasks and unfold their creativity. Imagine, text writers have to create twenty product descriptions for nearly the same products. This can be quite monotone and result in a lack of motivation. Here, AI text writers enter the battlefield. It can also ensure that there is enough variability in your texts and that readability improves significantly. 
  • Better service for customers. Automated texts have good quality. They both fulfil SEO requirements and aim to inform the customers about the product and provide them with the most important information. With automated texts, product descriptions, as aforementioned already, have good quality and are tailored to the consumer’s needs and expectations. They can find all the information they need in the product description and don’t have to waste time looking for further information on the internet. They can buy the needed product faster and save time – perfect conditions for customer loyalty and relationship. 
  • Avoid legal issues. In many sectors, texts have to fulfil certain requirements. Some products need specific advisories. If you forget them, it can be really expensive. This applies particularly to medical products, food, or nutritional supplements. When creating templates for the AI text generator, you can make sure that it considers your notes and that these mistakes do not happen. 
  • Companies can be more flexible. Is there a new product line? Do you need product descriptions in various languages? This is no problem for the AI text generator. If your program is trained well already, it can easily adapt to new conditions and apply them to the new texts. 
Source: unsplash.com

Where can I use AI text generators?

You already learned about a few use-cases of AI text generators, but here are a few more when it comes to how automated texts can be used for: 

  • generation of product- and marketing texts in different languages and for different markets 
  • for annual accounts and other data-based reports 
  • news regarding sport events 
  • weather forecasts
  • descriptions of locations

It becomes clear that AI text generators come with countless benefits and possibilities. Artificial intelligence can help companies a lot as human-written texts can be expensive and take a lot of time. Do you also want to make use of automated texts? Our neuroflash software is able to create various texts within seconds! Start your free trial here

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