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Create product features social (bullets) on the key features and benefits of your product in the e-commerce space.

Product features are important for social media because they allow companies to market their products to a wide audience. A product’s features can be communicated in a variety of ways, such as through images or videos. Product descriptions can also be helpful in highlighting a product’s features. Product features for social media should be easy to find and easy to use. They should also offer users something they can’t already find elsewhere.

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How to write a good brief to get the best AI suggestions

Your brief is extremely important so that neuroflash can write high-quality texts for you. The more precise your brief, the better the AI-written texts. Our rule of thumb is: 1-2 precise sentences or 1-3 meaningful and coherent keywords (separated by commas!). You should ask yourself the following questions for a good brief: What makes your product special? Who is it for? What is important information that should be addressed in the AI-written texts?


Enter the name of your product or the name of your brand.

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Use this field to add a complete product description of your product. If you don’t have a product description yet, you can generate one with neuroflash.

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