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Linkedin Post

Create an interesting and original LinkedIn post that engages your followers and encourages them to read what you share.

LinkedIn is a career network used by people all over the world to connect, find jobs and develop themselves. LinkedIn posts are a great way to connect and communicate with other LinkedIn users. For example, you can use LinkedIn posts to share your thoughts and ideas, ask questions or just post something interesting.

Examples created by neuroflash

Dog physiotherapy is a method to maintain or improve your dog’s health. The treatment is individually tailored to the dog and its needs. For example, physiotherapy can help relieve pain, improve mobility or support rehabilitation after an injury.
Is your dog suffering from physical or emotional stress? Can he no longer walk as well as he used to? Does he suffer from diarrhea or vomiting? Dog physiotherapy can be a good solution to these problems. Physiotherapy helps to stabilize the entire musculoskeletal system and strengthen the muscles. This helps your dog to run and jump better again. But dog physiotherapy can also help with emotional stress. For example, if your dog is afraid of certain situations, certain exercises can help to overcome the fear. So dog physiotherapy is not only helpful for physical problems but can also help relieve emotional stress. If you think your dog could benefit from physiotherapy, contact a professional in your area.
Dog physiotherapy is a holistic method that is tailored to the individual needs of your dog. Through targeted exercises, your four-legged friend’s musculature is strengthened and his mobility improved. At the same time, your dog learns to coordinate his body better and to keep his balance. This means that dog physiotherapy is not only effective therapy for acute or chronic illnesses, but can also help your dog stay fit and healthy throughout his life. The targeted exercises of dog physiotherapy not only strengthen your four-legged friend’s muscles and improve his mobility, but he also learns to coordinate his body better and keep his balance. This is especially important to keep your dog fit and healthy throughout his life.

How to write a good brief to get the best AI suggestions

Your brief is extremely important so that neuroflash can write high-quality texts for you. The more precise your brief, the better the AI-written texts. Our rule of thumb is: 1-2 precise sentences or 1-3 meaningful and coherent keywords (separated by commas!). You should ask yourself the following questions for a good brief: What makes your product special? Who is it for? What is important information that should be addressed in the AI-written texts?

Type of text

In the text field “Text type” you are presented with the type of text that you’ve selected. In addition, you can add various markers such as “British English” or “friendly tone” to define the language and tone of the AI-generated text more precisely.

What should it be about?

In the text field “What should it be about?” you can further narrow down your topic. For example, you can enter who your product/company or service is aimed at. What is your USP? Who are you addressing with your product/service? What features and information should your AI-written text represent? Try to describe your offer as detailed as possible.

Good Brief Example

Individually adapted dog physiotherapy for a long and healthy life, together I develop a concept to optimize the health of your dog.

Bad Brief Example

Canine physiotherapy

Other text types