Twitter statistics: Facts and figures 2023

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Twitter is one of the most widely used social networks and is a valuable source of information for companies. By publishing regular content, companies can increase their reach and subsequently engage new audiences. So in this blog post, I’d like to share with you the Twitter stats for 2023 and give you an overview of the current situation so you can learn more about the social network yourself.

General information about Twitter

It is the story of a small start-up that became a global phenomenon. It started as an SMS-based platform where you could fill so-called tweets (short messages) with just 140 characters. Twitter was founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Evan Williams and spread rapidly.

Today, Twitter has more than 229 million active users and is available in over 190 countries. In fact, this figure only refers to users who can be monetized – i.e. all users who also allow ads to be displayed. In other words, the number of actual active Twitter users is actually much higher, because there are also users who have not turned on advertising for their account.

Twitter is one of the most used social platforms in the world and has forever changed the way people communicate.

Facts about Twitter

Here are some interesting facts about the news service:

  • The bird icon from the company is called Larry T Bird. The name was inspired by basketball player Larry Bild.
  • 19% of people unfollow a brand on Twitter when they use a hashtag poorly.
  • The most tweeted emojis of 2020 were 😂 and 😭.
  • Every month, around 500 million people access Twitter without logging in.
  • The title for most Twitter shares goes to South Korean boy band BTS.
  • In April 2009, Ashton Kutcher engaged in a Twitter spat with CNN.
  • According to Jack Dorsey, Twitter paid a “tiny” amount for Before Twitter bought the domain from someone else in 2006, there was nothing happening on the site.
  • Dorsey hasn’t posted anything on his Instagram account since Facebook took over the service.
  • 391 million accounts have no followers at all.
  • Twitter user Chris Messina first used “hashtags” on Twitter in 2007 to isolate groups of messages on a particular topic.

Daily Internet usage: Development in Germany

(Graphic created by neuroflash)

This study found that from 2019 to 2022, daily internet usage will steadily increase. It is 80% of the German-speaking population aged 14 and over that used the network in 2022.

Here is a brief overview of the exact figures:

  • 2019: 51 million
  • 2020: 51 million
  • 2021: 54 million
  • 2022: 57 million

Twitter stats: Revenue from 2012 to 2021

(Graphic created by neuroflash)

This statistic shows how important Twitter has become in the last 10 years and how this has affected its revenue. In 2012, it “only” reached up to 0.3 trillion (USD), but a few years later, it became 3 trillion (USD) in 2018. However, the news service was able to fetch the largest revenue in 2021: a strong 5.08 trillion (USD).

Here are the exact numbers of Twitter statistics:

  • 2012: 0.3 trillion (USD)
  • 2013: 0.6 trillion (USD)
  • 2014: 1.4 trillion (USD)
  • 2015: 2.2 trillion (USD)
  • 2016: 2.5 trillion (USD)
  • 2017: 2.4 trillion (USD)
  • 2018: 3 trillion (USD)
  • 2019: 3.4 trillion (USD)
  • 2020: 3.7 trillion (USD)
  • 2021: 5.08 trillion (USD)

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Twitter stats: Accounts with the most followers

On Twitter you can not only read news or inform yourself about any topic, but also follow profiles whose content or personality you particularly like or find interesting. Followers provide a great way to share your opinion with a large crowd.

(Graphic created by neuroflash)

This statistic shows which profiles have the most followers. It is noticeable that logically these are mainly famous personalities such as singers or politicians. For example, pop star Ariana Grande is 9th in this list with 85 million.

The top 3 Twitter profiles with the most followers are:

  • Justin Bieber: 113 million
  • Elon Musk: 118 million
  • Barack Obama 133 million

Find out below how you too can get lots of followers.

What time of day should you post on Twitter?

If you follow a business or organization on Twitter, you may know the feeling that your tweets get lost in the shuffle. It is often difficult to attract the attention of users and thus generate interactions such as retweets and likes. One of the ways to overcome this difficulty is to figure out what time of day is best to post. While there is no universal rule (as different audiences have different behaviors), there are some rules of thumb for the optimal time to post on Twitter:

Here’s a little infographic on the best times to post. Find out what time of day you should post on other social networks here.

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(Graphic created by neuroflash)

Frequently asked questions & answers

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social network that allows people to send short messages to their friends and followers. Many companies use Twitter to stay in touch with their customers and to launch marketing campaigns.

What are hashtags?

Hashtags are keywords or groups of words marked with a cross (#). They are often used in social media to categorize and find content. For example, you can search for the hashtag #socialmedia on Twitter to see all tweets that contain that keyword.

How do I create a hashtag?

To create a hashtag, choose a word or abbreviation that identifies the topic or content of your post. Then put the # character in front of that word or abbreviation, with no space in between. Note that the hashtag cannot contain spaces or special characters. If you want to use several words, connect them with underscores (_).

How to get followers on Twitter?

Sure, there are many ways to get followers on Twitter. Many people will simply follow if you share interesting and useful content. But if you’re wondering how to get followers on Twitter quickly and easily, there are a few things you can do. First, you should think about what kind of content you want to share. What interests you? What topics would interest your followers? Share content that is concise and gives people something to do.

Second, you should tweet regularly. If you only tweet something once in a while, you won’t get many followers.

Third, you should look for other people on Twitter and follow them. Search for people with similar interests as you and follow them. If you follow others, many of them will follow you as well.

Fourth, you should use @-mentions or hashtags in your tweets so more people can see your tweets. Finally, be sure to use other social networks to increase your Twitter followers. Also share your tweets on Facebook or other social networks so that even more people can see them.

Here are 2 hashtag tools:

  • All Hashtag: This is a tool that allows you to find all relevant hashtags for your topic. Simply enter the search term and the tool will generate a list of the most popular related hashtags.
  • Hashtagify: This is a tool that allows you to find and use popular hashtags. With Hashtagify, you can expand the reach of your posts and reach more people.

How do you find your target audience on Twitter?

There are a few ways to find your target audience on Twitter. One way is to search for specific keywords or hashtags. You can also identify specific Twitter users as a target audience and follow them. In addition, Twitter lists can also be a good way to find your target audience.

Useful tips for using Twitter

Twitter is a great tool for connecting with other people and sharing ideas about current topics. However, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know how to start. Here are a few tips that can help you get the most out of Twitter:

  1. Follow the right people. You can either find people you find interesting or find people relevant to your business or niche. Just follow a few people and see who you like best.
  2. Retweet interesting posts. If you see something interesting that you want to share with your followers, just retweet it. This way you can share content without having to create anything new.
  3. Reply to posts. If you think you have something to contribute to a particular topic, simply reply to the appropriate post. This way you can share with others and possibly gain new followers.
  4. Create interesting posts. Of course, you should not only retweet and reply, but also create interesting posts yourself. Share your thoughts on current issues or experiences you’ve had. This way you can stand out from the crowd and attract more attention.
  5. Use Twitter advertising. Twitter advertising is a great way to gain more followers and get your brand noticed. Just experiment with different displays and see which ones work best.


According to Twitter statistics, the plattofrm is gaining more and more popularity and has a lot to offer. The platform offers a variety of features that allow users to connect quickly and easily. By using hashtags, users can easily find content that interests them, and by being able to retweet content, they can easily share that content with their friends and followers. Twitter is also a great platform for businesses to promote their brand and stay in touch with their customers. The growing popularity of Twitter shows that the platform has a lot to offer and that more and more people are using it.

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