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Slogans of Conservatives (UK)

  • You never had it so good. (1957)
  • Life’s better with the Conservatives – Don’t let Labour ruin it. (1959)
  • Britain strong and free. (1983)
  • New Labour, new danger. (1996)
  • Strength in opposition. (1996)
  • The best future for Britain. (1996)
  • Opportunity for all. (1996)
  • A fresh start. (1997)
  • Excellence for all. (1997)
  • Life’s better with the Conservatives. (1997)

Slogans of Labour Party (UK)

  • Business as usual. (1914)
  • You know Labour works. (1966)
  • Britain will win with Labour. (1974)
  • Think positive. Act positiveXvote Labour. (1983)
  • Britain will win. (1987)
  • Meet the challenge, make the change. (1989)
  • Tories hit you where it hurts. (1990)
  • Same old party, same old lies. (1992)
  • Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime. (1992)
  • New ideas, new thinking, new labour. (1994)

Slogans of Conservative Party (UK)

  • Britain’s better off with the Conservatives. (1970)
  • Labour’s going for broke again. (1991)
  • Labour’s double whammy. (1992)
  • In Europe but not run by Europe. (1999)
  • Is this what you voted for? (2000)
  • What will Labour waste your money on next? (2001)
  • You’ve paid the tax, so where are the police? (2001)
  • You’ve paid the tax, so where are the teachers? (2001)
  • You’ve paid the tax, so where are the trains? (2001)
  • You’ve paid the tax, so where’s your operation? (2001)

Slogans of Liberal Democrats (UK)

  • Changing Britain for good. (1991)
  • Take courage for the future. (1996)
  • Making the difference. (1997)
  • Liberal Democrats make the difference. (1997)
  • I jump on injustice. Not bandwagons. (2001)
  • A real chance for real change. (2001)
  • The measure of a civilised society is how we educate our young and care for our old. (2001)
  • Stronger together. (2009)
  • Labservative – for more of the same. (2010)

Slogans of DUP Democratic Unionist Party (UK)

  • The team you can trust. (1997)
  • Strong leadership in challenging times. (2010)
  • Let’s keep Northern Ireland moving forward. (2010)

Slogans of Sinn Fein (UK)

  • A mandate for peace. (1997)
  • Changing our city. A future as equals! (1998)
  • Our future a united Ireland. (1998)

Slogans of Electoral Commission (UK)

  • Votes are power. (2002)
  • Secure your vote or lose it. (2003)
  • Don’t know doesn’t count. (2004)

Slogans of SNP (UK)

  • Free by 93. (1992)
  • Best for Scotland. (1997)
  • We stand for Scotland. (2001)

Slogans of Royal Navy (UK)

  • The team works. (2001)
  • Life without limits. (2009)
  • It’s a state of mind. (2014)

Slogans of U.S. Air Force (US)

  • So stay in school. (2003)
  • Above all. (2008)
  • It’s not science fiction. It’s what we do every day. (2011)

Slogans of USA Army (US)

  • Army. Be all you can be. (1994)
  • Strength for now. Strength for later. An army of one. (2005)
  • Army of one. (2007)

Slogans of Todaysmilitary.com (US)

  • Make it a two-way conversation. Get the facts. (2006)
  • It’s a big decision. Talk about it. (2009)

Slogans of Royal Air Force (UK)

  • You don’t have to be a pilot to fly in the RAF. (2007)
  • No ordinary job. (2016)

Slogans of The Volunteer Reserve Forces (UK)

  • The truth is, we need them. (1992)
  • Britain’s best known business secret. (1997)

Slogans of The British Army (UK)

  • People aren’t easily led. (2001)
  • Be the best. (2016)

Slogans of Textron Systems (UK)

  • Safeguarding your future. (2002)
  • Get smart. (2002)

Slogans of East Riding Conservatives (UK)

  • Protecting what makes you proud of East Yorkshire. (2003)

Slogans of Democrat Party (US)

  • Let America be America again. (2004)

Slogans of Die Grauen

  • Generationspartei. (2009)

Slogans of Welsh Labour Party (UK)

  • Welsh Labour: the true party of Wales. (2000)

Slogans of Elbit Systems (UK)

  • One source for all – from the front line to the homefront. (2002)

Slogans of Elect Harold Heischober Campaign (US)

  • Right man. Right place. Right time. (1986)

Slogans of European No Campaign (UK)

  • Yes to Europe. No to the EU Constitution. (2004)

Slogans of FairVote (US)

  • For a more perfect union. (2015)

Slogans of GOP (US)

  • Change you deserve. (2008)

Slogans of Green Party (UK)

  • Reach for the future – Vote Green. (2001)

Slogans of GreenMotion (US)

  • Your voice for sustainable environmental and economic development. (2012)

Slogans of Harpenden Town Council (UK)

  • Closer to the community. (2010)

Slogans of Embassy of Ethiopia

  • Follow the star. (2010)

Slogans of Charter88 (UK)

  • Unlocking democracy. (2005)

Slogans of Conservative Spring Forum (UK)

  • Making life better. (2002)

Slogans of High Peak Borough Council (UK)

  • Working for our community. (2010)

Slogans of Air Cadets (UK)

  • The next generation. (2007)

Slogans of Air Force Reserve (UK)

  • Above & beyond. (2002)

Slogans of Air National Guard (US)

  • Americans at their best. (1990)

Slogans of America’s Navy (US)

  • A global force for good. (2009)

Slogans of Army National Guard (US)

  • It pays to get physical. (1983)

Slogans of Army ROTC (US)

  • The smartest college course you can take. (1992)

Slogans of Army Reserve (US)

  • It’s not your everyday job. (2003)

Slogans of Atomic Weapons Establishment (UK)

  • Higher standards as standard. (2006)

Slogans of BTEE Bureau de Traveaux et d’Etudes en Environnement (CH)

  • Tomorrow’s flowers are in today’s seeds. (2013)

Slogans of Barack Obama

  • Yes, we can. (2008)

Slogans of British Army (UK)

  • Be the best. (2009)

Slogans of British Army Infantry (UK)

  • Forward as one. (2006)

Slogans of Campaign for Scotland’s Parliament (UK)

  • Scotland forward. (1997)

Slogans of Catterick Garrison (UK)

  • Investing in the future. (2002)

Slogans of Center For Reclaiming America (US)

  • If you really love someone, you’ll tell them the truth. (1998)

Slogans of Harris County Republican Party (US)

  • Conservatives unite. (1962)

Slogans of London Mayoral Election (UK)

  • Your vote, your mayor, your London. (2000)

Slogans of Idex 2005 Exhibition (UK)

  • Driving future defence technologies. (2005)

Slogans of The Reserve Forces (UK)

  • Good for Britain. Good for business. (2001)

Slogans of Socialist Alliance (UK)

  • People before profit. (2003)

Slogans of Socialist Party (UK)

  • Capitalism has no future! (1999)

Slogans of Socialist Workers Party (UK)

  • Vote labour but build a fighting socialist alternative. (1996)

Slogans of Southend Conservatives (UK)

  • Wake up Southend. (2000)

Slogans of The Electroral Commission (UK)

  • Make sure nothing stops you voting. (2009)

Slogans of The Marines (US)

  • The few. The proud. The Marines. (2006)

Slogans of Today’s Military (US)

  • See it for what it really is. (2003)

Slogans of Scottish Nationalists (UK)

  • New Labour. New life for Britain. (1996)

Slogans of Truth and Reconciliation Commission (UK)

  • Healing our past. (1998)

Slogans of UDP (UK)

  • Ulster’s voice. Ulster’s future. (1998)

Slogans of US Army (US)

  • Army strong. (2007)

Slogans of USA Air Force Academy (US)

  • Integrity first. Service before self. Excellence in all we do. (2004)

Slogans of USA Marine Corps (US)

  • The few. The proud. (2003)

Slogans of Unison (US)

  • Promoting UNISON in Labour. (2003)

Slogans of Scottish Socialist Party (UK)

  • It’s Scotland’s oil. (2003)

Slogans of Scottish National Party (UK)

  • It’s time. (2008)

Slogans of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

  • Policy expertise worldwide. (2012)

Slogans of Penguin (UK)

  • Giving you the advantage. (2002)

Slogans of Labour Party (US)

  • The bosses have two parties. Now we have one of our own. (1998)

Slogans of Vote 2004 (UK)

  • It’s about democracy. (2003)

Slogans of Military Support Function (UK)

  • Anything but uniform. (2003)

Slogans of NELC (UK)

  • Your employees in the Reserve Forces work harder for you, harder for us. (1998)

Slogans of Naval Reserve (US)

  • Stay strong. (2002)

Slogans of Peace Corps (UK)

  • How far are you willing to go to make a difference? (2002)

Slogans of RAF Reserves (UK)

  • Two lives in one. (2007)

Slogans of Scottish Liberal Democrats (UK)

  • Raising the standard. (1999)

Slogans of REI Systems (US)

  • Achieving excellence together. (2013)

Slogans of Rafael (UK)

  • Smart and to the point. (2006)

Slogans of Referendum Party (UK)

  • Let the people decide. (1996)

Slogans of SAAB Bofors Dynamics (UK)

  • Engaged in precision. (2002)

Slogans of Sabre (UK)

  • The more they train the more you gain. (2003)

Slogans of Scottish Labour Party (UK)

  • Reclaim our rights. (1999)

Slogans of AMS (UK)

  • Always making sure. (2002)

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