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New ChatGPT Subscription Plan: ChatGPT Plus

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Are you a fan of ChatGPT? Want to take your experience to the next level? Then you should check out ChatGPT Plus! In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about ChatGPT Plus, including what it is, what it offers users, how to sign up, and more!

The ChatGPT chatbot from OpenAI is to be monetized piece by piece, this is already known. There was previously news of a ChatGPT Professional Plans for companies that want to use the chatbot more intensively. But now there is another new subscription plan for ChatGPT Users, and that is ChatGPT Plus. You can find out everything you need to know about this new price plan in this article.

What is ChatGPT Plus and how does it benefit users?


The company supported by Microsoft OpenAI announced on Feb. 1 another paid subscription for its AI chatbot ChatGPT, which can write like a human. The new subscription plan, ChatGPT Plus, will be available for $20 per month in the future, and subscribers will receive a number of benefits as a result.

Thus, paying users of the AI Content Tool with ChatGPT Plus will enjoy the following benefits:

  • More stable access to ChatGPT, even during peak hours: Due to its popularity, the chatbot works poorly at certain times when it is flooded with requests. Premium users no longer have to wait until rush hour is over.
  • Faster response times: The ChatGPT chatbot will process requests faster and generate responses quicker so it can be used more effectively.
  • Priority access to new features and improvements: Premium users will have priority access to new features and enhancements that will be gradually integrated into the ChatGPT service.

How do I get access to ChatGPT Plus?

If you also want to take advantage of ChatGPT Plus, you can join the waiting listhere  


In this short form you have to enter your e-mail address and your country of origin. Then OpenAI asks you what you use ChatGPT for (personal use, work, education, etc.) and gives you the option to be notified by email when ChatGPT Plus is available.

Update: ChatGPT Plus now available in Germany

It took a little while, but OpenAI has now also released the extended variant ChatGPT Plus in Germany. The currently very popular chatbot is now available in two versions: a free basic variant and a Plus variant for a monthly cost of $23.80 (approx. 22 euros).

Will ChatGPT now be completely chargeable?


Meanwhile, as ChatGPT continues to monetize, the following question arises: will people be able to continue using the chatbot for free in the future? The operating costs for ChatGPT are gigantic and in order to offer such a service permanently, monetization is inevitable.

It seems that OpenAI is committed to offering ChatGPT as a free version as well, despite the implementation of further pricing plans. Thus, the company plans to refine and expand the existing offering based on user feedback and needs. In addition, OpenAI continues to explore options for lower-cost plans, business rates and data packages for more availability.

We love our free users and will continue to offer free access to ChatGPT. By offering this subscription pricing, we will be able to help support free access availability to as many people as possible.

Are there any alternatives to ChatGPT Plus?

The short answer is: yes! neuroflash is for example the best AI text generator in Europe and thus a powerful ChatGPT alternative. As an alternative to ChatGPT, neuroflash offers its very own AI chatbot, namely ChatFlash! ChatFlash is included in all neuroflash price plans and can also be used completely free of charge and without subscription. You can easily find the AI chat in your neuroflash interface:

Start your chat by simply typing your request, question or instruction. The AI will respond to your input. The chat does not forget your last question/instruction, so you can refer to it. So you can keep chatting with the AI.

ChatFlash is based on the same technology as ChatGPT and is in no way inferior to the OpenAI chatbot. In addition, ChatFlash offers even more functions that are not included in ChatGPT. 

Via personalities, it is possible to direct and influence the output of the magic pen in a targeted manner. Likewise, neuroflash already offers optimized prompts with templates, which are adapted to various applications and can be used freely.

➡️ Templates: Get inspired by the large selection of text templates to get started even faster. Determine what kind of text you want to generate with ChatFlash and get suggestions for a suitable prompt right away. 

➡️ Personalities: You specify who you want the magic feather to be. With personalities you can customize the scope of the chat to get even more appropriate and targeted results. The output generated by ChatFlash is closely related to the selected personality and adapts to the context of the conversation.

A personality defines the following:

  • Tone of the conversation
  • Role (function)
  • Personality, brand
  • Context of the expected answer

You can choose from different personalities. For example, ChatFlash can answer as an SEO consultant, social media influencer, journalist or writing coach. Additionally, we offer you the possibility to add your own personalities. For example, you can customize ChatFlash to match your company identity or personal writing style. We will show you how to do it:

Finally, neuroflash offers you a variety of other functions with which you can edit texts even further. Various workflows and additional functions such as an SEO analysis and an AI image generator also offer great added value for anyone who needs texts for professional purposes.

What's next for ChatGPT?

The popularity of ChatGPT continues and has attracted the attention of the business world. Last week, for example, Microsoft announced a $10 billion investment in OpenAI, With this support, ChatGPT can continue to expand and there will certainly be some interesting updates over time.

OpenAI will also soon launch the ChatGPT API waitlist and promote a new tool that can distinguish between text written by humans and text generated by artificial intelligence. So it is worth to follow the development of ChatGPT further.

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