Marketing Campaigns Ideas For Autumn

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Autumn is the season of sweaters, boots, and scarves, and a time of year that is full of promise and potential. As we head into the cooler months, it can be difficult to figure out how to capture the warmth and comfort of the season, while also staying true to your brand’s identity.

These are AI generated Marketing campaigns ideas for autumn

  1. Develop an app that allows users to take photos of various items and upload them to their social network sites.
  2. Create a blog post about how you decorate for Autumn with your favorite fall decorations and pictures.
  3. Develop an app that allows users to design their own holiday cards for the season, similar to Canva or PicMonkey apps, which are web-based tools allowing users to create customized graphics online without needing graphic design/photo editing training or software knowledge
  4. Announce the launch of your new logo on social media sites during the month of September using #newlogo
  5. Add a "favorite" feature inside your app so users can save favorites within the app: think Yelp, foursquare etc…
  6. Run a sweepstakes giveaway to promote your site.
  7. Design, develop and launch an iOS game that allows users to explore the changing seasons during autumn, like the popular "Autumn HD" game for the iPad.
  8. Develop a mobile app around location-based coupons and deals
  9. Create an easy-to-use list of events happening in your area for autumn (apple picking trips, pumpkin patches etc.)
  10. Publish a directory of Autumn festivals in the area.
  11. Publish an article about how to best prepare for this season.
  12. Create seasonal food and recipes that users can enjoy during this time of year.
  13. Develop a game app focused on the Fall season, similar to Angry Birds or Angry Birds Seasons
  14. Publish a what's new in fashion trends guide for this upcoming season, similar to this Guide by ShopStyle
  15. Create a Facebook campaign to showcase the different ways of wearing scarves
  16. Design an application that helps users find out which articles of clothing go best with their new scarf.
  17. Publish a blog post on your website explaining how to wear a scarf in cool and warm weather conditions.
  18. Create a video for your fashion or home improvement website about how to fold and store scarves for easy access during the next season change.
  19. Blog about autumn recipes, specifically those that star apples, onions and cranberries – all popular ingredients in fall baking recipes
  20. Host a blog post contest where users can win gift cards for submitting their best fall recipes.
  21. Create an "autumnal anthem" song and music video, share it on your blog channel.
  22. Develop an app for finding new fall recipes based on local seasonal ingredients, like something like Pinterest but that also has some way to actually order from the user's mobile device.

Put Your Marketing campaigns ideas for autumn into Practice

The easiest way is to wear a hat, scarf and sunglasses. And also, you should wear dark clothing. This will give you a warmer look, and you’ll be able to use the colors that fit this season.

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