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Marketing Campaign Ideas For Universities

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Do you need some creativity boost? Go through our over 20 marketing campaign ideas for Universities products.

Every year, countless students graduate from colleges and universities, and like the rest of the population, they all want the same thing: a career. But first you must nail the job interview. To help you get your resume noticed, we’ve put together a list of effective-yet-simple marketing campaign ideas that you can implement for any college or university in the country.

These are AI generated Marketing campaign ideas for universities

  1. Create an information page for the top colleges in your area, including rankings, tuition and enrollment data.
  2. Develop a social networking app for students to post about their classes, share study tips and more.
  3. Create a coupon/discount program for students based on their social media activity (this is currently being done by businesses like GroupOn)
  4. Sponsor student chats with local business leaders through your Facebook Fan Page
  5. Give students the ability to upload their assignments and receive feedback from teachers
  6. Develop a free online platform where parents can compare different schooling options for their children
  7. Create an online application that allows users to design their own university, similar to Tynker
  8. Develop a university education mobile app that lists universities around the world with information about them; something like an app version of "US News and World Report"
  9. AppMakr is one of the top-rated educational apps maker in App Store. It is specially designed for kids who are interested in programming mobile apps or games on iPad or iPhone with zero programming knowledge required. The software is available on Mac, Windows, iOS platforms and also works as website editor which works like HTML developers used to do (the only thing you need after creating your project is just uploading it via FTP connections).
  10. Host a university tour for visitors.
  11. Publish a series of articles with tips on how to obtain scholarships, how to choose the right university, and other education-related subjects.
  12. Create an app that offers local information about universities in your city
  13. Promote ad-based revenue model that offers advertisers access to student/alumni community of your local university
  14. Provide school buses transportation service for kids that are too young to drive themselves
  15. Create a monthly newsletter featuring campus news, arts and events
  16. Create an e-book for prospective students to ensure they know about everything in your city.
  17. Begin blogging about the history of your town/city's university or college Nowadays people are more attracted by unique things that make them stand out among others, so branding is very important when attempting to attract new customers and users. You will have to brand yourself, but not just with images or any other marketing tricks you might think of; rather with good quality content or products that will be seen on the internet by everyone else as well. Remember this! It's important to note down what you want your target audience to know about you, which helps create a firm understanding of how they see and judge you as a business model based on its services and products etc.. Marketing messages would convey all these things in addition to value propositions such as information, discounts & deals etc., making individuals aware at an emotional level of what it is that we do for them through our marketing campaigns ideas! It would help us bring up new campaigns when needed by monitoring our competition online through blogs & social media platforms. From there we can evaluate their strengths & weaknesses in order for us to come up with better proposals for ourselves too if needed! Top Tips When Preparing An Effective Marketing Campaign: 1) Make sure your website design stands out from the crowd (no one wants dull sites anymore), along with effective graphics (it doesn't need expensive 3d animations) 2) Use search engines effectively (learn how Google works...) 3) Don't forget / ignore social networks 4) Get feedback from visitors through surveys 5) Develop key customer relationships 6 ) Be consistent...remember consistency is key here 7 ) Build trust 8 ) Speak directly 9 ) Innovate 10) Be creative 11). Our designs should be geared towards our audiences' age groups 12). Have fun doing it 13). Keep track 14 ). And most importantly: try 15 ). DO NOT PAINT A
  18. Publish a monthly campus newsletter with tips and advice for students
  19. Offer free tutoring services to the community, as well as developing a course that can be taken online or in-person
  20. Develop an app that provides daily updates on job opportunities within your city's best companies, tailored to the skillsets of university graduates
  21. Establish an off-campus student housing community for owner occupiers and investors.

Put Your Marketing campaign ideas for universities into Practice

Universities are in a very competitive market, since they’re competing with different education institutions to attract the best students. To stand out in this difficult market, it’s important to find a way to communicate your unique value proposition and brand identity. The good news is that there are many marketing campaign ideas that can help you do that. Try some of the strategies above and get started!

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