Marketing Campaign Ideas For Events

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Planning an event is challenging. So, how can you make it easier?

These are AI generated Marketing campaign ideas for events

  1. Invite social media users to compete in a photo caption contest with prize money
  2. Use your Facebook page for an "event" geared towards getting people more followers on social networks
  3. Create an application that allows users to check schedules of their favorite celebrities and artists and see where they will be in the upcoming weeks
  4. Interview different artists, musicians, and sports stars via video blog post or YouTube channel
  5. Offer local businesses services where they can have their banner/logo placed at public events you are organizing (i.e.: NYC block party)
  6. Create an app that aggregates local events.
  7. Create a blog post or video series highlighting the best places to eat in town after an event.
  8. Publish a buyer's guide to your city's best places to stay the night, including rates, distance from event venue and customer reviews
  9. Create a blog post or video series highlighting interesting facts about the city you live and work in (i.e.: history of your downtown area).
  10. Build an app that allows users to keep track of their favorite types of local events, similar to Pinterest or Tripit for local events
  11. Create a blog post series showing how to prepare for an event.
  12. Create an interactive page on your site that allows users to track events going on in the city they live in or areas they plan on travelling soon.
  13. Create a user-generated content page where users can submit photos and videos of events happening around them, similar to Pinterest
  14. Launch a mobile app that helps people find local events and displays upcoming ones as notifications when it's time for the event
  15. Develop an online poll about what type of events are most popular amongst your audience, allowing you to better understand your target market's interests (music, theater etc).
  16. Create an app for people who want to share their events with friends and family.
  17. Create a blog post where you offer your tips to throwing a successful event.
  18. Publish an infographic on how users can create the perfect event in your area (hosted at infographics websites)
  19. Publish articles on hosting fundraisers online or offline
  20. Offer free promotional items (business cards, pens, stickers) to event goers at local events you attend

Put Your Marketing campaign ideas for events into Practice

The event marketing ideas weโ€™ve shared in this article can help you attract more people to your event, persuade them to take action and make them a part of your community.

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