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Inclusion – its meaning in marketing & branding

It is crucial to connect your brand to consumer mega trends. Learn more about the meaning of inclusion and marketing.

The impact of including diverse customers in marketing campaigns is that it increases sales. When campaigns are more inclusive, they resonate with a larger audience that is not often represented.

What does Inclusion mean & why is it important?

Inclusion is a process of including people in our communities and workplaces to the fullest extent possible, with the goal of eliminating barriers that keep them from participating equally. It involves identifying and removing barriers that create inequality, then providing accommodations to ensure that individuals with disabilities have equal opportunities to take part in all aspects of life.

Inclusion in marketing is important because it aims to create a sense of belonging for people who have been historically marginalized by society, such as women and people of color. Inclusion can increase sales and create a sense of self-esteem in the consumer. Inclusion also allows people to feel a part of a community, which can lead to more purchases from that community.

How can brands communicate Inclusion?

Communicating inclusion in a brand can be done in many ways, but some of the most common would be to employ people of color in positions of power, publish content on social media that highlights representation, and create advertising with an equal representation of all races.

What are good examples of advertising, which promote Inclusion?

Companies that promote inclusion, like the Nike Foundation, promote the idea that people of all walks of life are capable and worthy of achieving greatness. This is shown through their advertisement featuring Serena Williams and LeBron James. It promotes the fact that these sports stars are not only great but also show how they can inspire young athletes to do things they may not believe themselves capable of accomplishing.

Tips for a successful Inclusive marketing campaign

Inclusive Marketing campaigns are designed to be inclusive for everyone. They are focused on the end user and their needs. This concept is not new but has become more popular in the last few years. It’s important to consider the audience when creating a campaign, specifically what they need so they can enjoy it. Having an understanding of your target audience is key when creating an inclusive marketing campaign.

AI-generated content for your next Inclusive marketing campaign

AI generated slogans & claims for your next Inclusive marketing campaign

  1. The best way to grow your brand is by including all of your customers.
  2. Welcoming everyone with open arms.
  3. Making the world a brighter place.
  4. A place of respect
  5. We are all different so what matters most is being human.
  6. We're a company that respects every customer
  7. Let's be more accepting!
  8. Believe in yourself and you can do anything
  9. When we come together, we're stronger
  10. We have the power to make change
  11. Be who you are, everyone deserves to be themselves
  12. You might be different, but you're not alone
  13. We care about what matters to you
  14. No question is off limits, we want to know how we can help
  15. 10. Reach out and we'll help

Suitable influencers for your next Inclusive campaign

A company that is highly associated with inclusive is Nike. They have a large number of employees that are disabled and they also do charitable work to help disabled people lead better lives.

AI generated campaign ideas for your next campaign about Inclusion

  1. Run a public service announcement campaign with PSAs on TV, radio, and social media to promote the positives of diversity
  2. Purchase billboards in communities with low levels of diversity to highlight the ways that diversity is good for the community
  3. Create a 10 minute documentary about people who are affected by exclusion and how they overcame it
  4. Hold a competition to design the most creative way for an individual to celebrate their identity (i.e. coloring book, t-shirt)
  5. Create an online event where people can share their stories about being excluded or being an ally
  6. Partner with celebrities to showcase them wearing clothing representing their culture
  7. Send postcards promoting inclusion to immigrants around the world who are waiting for citizenship paperwork to be approved
  8. Create art projects that showcase different cultures and have children paint or draw what they see in their mind's eye
  9. Create a series of short videos on YouTube about how exclusionary attitudes impact individuals and society as a whole
  10. 10. Sponsor a fundraising event where people can come together, share stories about feeling excluded, and create art


Inclusion in marketing refers to the use of images, messages, and other content that is representative of all people. It is important for companies to show consumers that they are inclusive, especially when it comes to race, gender, age or any other demographic. Marketers should make sure to represent diversity in their images.

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