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Create AI Avatars – The New Alternative to Lensa

Create AI avatars from photos - How to easily create an avatar that perfectly represents your face. Presentation of a new Lensa alternative.

Recently, there has been a real hype around the app Lensa. With this, users can create their own AI avatars from photos. These are not yet perfect, but they are quite respectable. But besides the well-known software, there are many other providers. In this blog post, we’ll explain the basics about Lensa and compare it to the new tool neuroflash.

What are AI Avatars?


Avatars created with artificial intelligence are computer-generated versions of real people. Since they are developed with the help of AI technologies, they are usually very sophisticated and realistically designed.

How does an AI avatar work?

An AI avatar is a computer-generated representation of a human based on a photograph. Most AI avatars are created using artificial intelligence (AI). In this process, the photo is broken down into smaller parts and these parts are then analyzed by the AI. Subsequently, a new image is created from these analysis results to represent the person as he or she looks in reality.

What is Lensa?

Lensa is a novel AI software that allows people to create their own digital version of themselves. The software uses photos to generate avatars that look similar to the user. Lensa recognizes the faces in your photos and inserts them in the appropriate places in the avatars.

Advantages of Lensa

  • Realistic and lifelike results
  • Simple operation
  • Different styles

Lensa disadvantages


Lensa does not declare the sole right to the generated avatars to the user in its privacy policy. This means that they also belong in part to the provider, which creates the risk that the avatars will be used for other purposes.

"Art Theft"

Lensa uses images of artists for his avatars, which are actually copyrighted. Thus, their personal styles are used without naming them as authors or involving them in any other way.

Questionable results

In some cases it is said that Lensa has generated adult images and avatars (e.g. nude images). You should be aware of this fact before using the tool.

neuroflash as a new alternative to Lensa

Even though Lensa offers an interesting technology, criticism about the well-known AI tool is getting louder. But there are many great alternatives that have taken Lensa’s problems and improved on them in their applications. One of these tools is neuroflash.

Generate your own AI avatars with neuroflash!

What are the advantages of neuroflash?

Neuroflash is aware of the problems with creating AI avatars and therefore tries to work around them as best as possible. In view of this, the artists whose works are used in the generation will share in a proportion of the sales in order to value their work and commitment.

In order to protect users from questionable and adult results, various filters are also built in to prevent them. Moreover, the tool stands for data protection and handles all user information carefully.

How can you create your own AI avatar with neuroflash?

With neuroflash’s AI avatar generator, it’s easy to create digital images of yourself. To do this, you just have to send photos of yourself to the AI and follow the instructions step by step. Once you’ve done that, you can sit back and relax. Within a few hours, your AI avatars will land in your email inbox.

The future of AI avatars


The future of AI avatars looks promising. Technology is getting better and better and it will be easier and easier to create a virtual avatar. In the future, we will be able to converse with our avatars and control them in the way that suits us best. The development of emotions and feelings in AI avatars will also continue. So in the future, we will not only communicate with machines, but also with the people behind those machines.

Where can AI avatars be used in the future?

Where AI avatars might be used in the future is an exciting question. What is certain is that there are many areas where they are already useful or will be in the future. Some examples are:

Health Care

One of the most promising application areas for AI avatars is healthcare. In the future, they could be used to help people with certain diseases or injuries. They could be used, for example, in the rehabilitation of patients with stroke or other neurological diseases. AI avatars could also be of great help to older people who may no longer be able to walk independently.


AI avatars could also be used in education. For example, an AI avatar could act as a personal tutor for students and help them with their homework. Or they could be used to learn languages. There are already some apps and websites that offer similar features, but AI avatars could improve on them.


AI avatars could also be used in the entertainment industry. For example, they could be used as digital doubles in movies and TV shows. Or you could use them as virtual band members in music videos. It could also be interesting for video games to use AI avatars. For example, you could develop an AI opponent that is always one step ahead of the player.

However, there are also areas where the potential applications are still unclear. For example, it is not yet entirely certain whether and how they can be integrated into social media. Or whether and how they can act as customer service representatives. These issues have yet to be resolved. Still, it’s exciting to see the possibilities AI avatars offer. In the future, they will certainly be further developed and used in more and more areas.

Frequently asked questions & answers

What is an AI avatar?

An AI avatar is a computer-generated, digital image of a real person.

How can I create an AI avatar?

To create an AI avatar, you can use an avatar generator, for example. This creates realistic digital images based on your own photos.

How realistic do AI avatars look?

Already today, AI avatars can be very lifelike. Still, you should expect some sacrifices in some places.

Useful tips

  1. Looking for software specifically tailored to AI avatars.
  2. Choose the photos you want to use for your AI avatars.
  3. Load the photos on the respective software.
  4. Look forward to the results

Neuroflash is a great alternative to Lensa and offers many advantages. The AI avatars are very realistic and offer a wide range of different styles. In addition, undesired results are avoided by appropriate filters.

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