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Could AI Rewording Tool Improve Copywriting and Go Beyond ChatGPT?

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Many people think that ChatGPT has taken over several different fields and professions, like copywriting. But that’s not true at all. Even ChatGPT can write a full ad copy within a few seconds. 

But as you know, copywriting is all about persuading the readers to take a specific action. The ad copy created by a machine might lack of emotions and may not be engaging for a specific audience. 

However, you must know that there are also some other online tools available that can go beyond the ChatGPT and help you improve copywriting. They can help you make your ad copy unique and engaging by giving an emotional touch. We are talking about AI rewording tools. They are the best solution for copywriters to improve their ad copy and sharpen their skills. So, in today’s blog, we are going to talk about how AI rewording tools can improve copywriting and go beyond ChatGPT. Let’s find out!

What are AI Rewording Tools?

The online tool that uses highly advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms on their backend are called AI rewording tools. The working of such online tools is to change words and restructure sentences without disturbing the flow.

These AI tools are designed in a way that can help users to make the existing ad copy more unique, readable, and engaging. For copywriters, such online tools are very useful than the ChatGPT.  This is because an online reworder has a built-in thesaurus from where they find the same context synonyms for a specific word.

Besides, such online tools come with multiple modes, and you can choose any of them. When you choose a specific mode, the algorithms work according to it and reword the text. For instance, if you choose Fluency mode, then the tool will work to find those words that are fluent. So, now you know what are AI rewording tools. Let’s see how they are better than ChatGPT and improve copywriting.

How AI Rewording Tools Can Improve Copywriting and Go Beyond ChatGPT?

Let us show you some benefits of AI rewording tools that can help copywriters to sharpen their skills.

Improve Vocabulary

The core purpose of copywriting is all about using different words that can engage the readers to take a specific action. But if you don’t have a good vocabulary, then how are you supposed to write an ad copy that sells? 

So, you must have a good vocabulary so that you don’t have to face any difficulty in finding the right words to express your thoughts. Even if you use ChatGPT, then it will also lack of vocabulary. 

For instance, if you have written your ad copy and ask ChatGPT to reword it and improve it, then it will start with the line “In the fast-paced world” or “In this digital world,” just like shown below.

You see if you will use ChatGPT, it will not help you learn new words and ways to express your thoughts.

However, when you use an online AI reworder, you will be able to learn new words and ways that you can use to write perfect ad copy. It will change words with different synonyms that sound more like humans and also make your ad copy engaging. Let me show you how an online rewording tool can help you improve vocabulary.

Give Emotional Touch

If you remember, we have mentioned in the introduction that ChatGPT lacks of emotion, which is not good for copywriters. Even they can write lengthy ad copies, but without emotions, they will just a piece of writing, nothing more.

Keep this in mind, copywriting works when you know the right way to engage the readers emotionally. Besides, according to IPA research, “purely emotional” ads are twice as effective (31% vs. 16%) as ads with only logical content.

So, when you reword your ad copy with an AI-powered reworder, it can convert bland and dull copy to emotional.

For instance, if you have written an ad copy that lacks of emotions, then you can use an online AI-based rewording tool. Let us show you an example of such online tools that can make the text more emotional and persuasive.

Long-Winded Sentences

If you have ever created an ad copy by using ChatGPT, you might have seen that it uses lengthy sentences in it. This can make the copy difficult for readers to read and understand it. And when this happens, there might be chances that the readers will not buy what you are selling.

This is a great issue that the majority of beginner copywriters face when they use ChatGPT to do copywriting for them. However, when they use an online rewording tool, then it will make the text readable for them. 

An AI rewording tool will break lengthy and complicated sentences into short pieces without disturbing the flow. 

So, you can get a clear idea about how the AI rewording tool can improve your copywriting skills and go beyond ChatGPT.


So, this blog was all about how AI rewording tools improve copywriting and go beyond ChatGPT. It is not wrong that ChatGPT is incredible.  But as you know, it is a trained model that can also have some flaws. It sometimes doesn’t meet the expectations of copywriters and gives text that contains flaws.  So, copywriters can use an online AI rewording tool to improve copywriting and go beyond ChatGPT. We have discussed some benefits that a copywriter can take from an AI rewording tool.

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