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What makes a good copywriting software?

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From chiselling into stone, scribbling on papyrus, writing with ink on paper to typing on the computer. Today, we've even gotten to the point where computer softwares write our copies - amazing! Copywriter software has been around for a long time, but in this blog you will learn what technology OpenAI has launched in 2020 and how it has been changing the age of content copywriters.

What do you have to look out for in good copywriting?

Copywriter software creative
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  1. Accuracy: It is important that the information you convey through your marketing copy is truthful. Otherwise, you run the risk of potential customers thinking you are unreliable.

  2. Understanding what the target audience needs: Who is your target audience? Make them understand why they need your products and why they should definitely choose your brand instead of going to your competitors.

  3. Finding keywords: The best marketing copy is SEO optimized so that it ranks high on Google and is easy to find. Avoid keywords that have a lot of competition or have a low search volume.

  4. Address emotions: Good copywriting persuades because your copy appeals to people’s emotions and experiences. It’s best to use videos, images, and testimonials from existing customers.

  5. A catchy headline: 80% of readers decide whether the text is “worth” reading after reading the headline. Therefore, it is important that you spend a lot of time on the headline and design it in such a way that it stimulates reading and arouses curiosity.

  6. Easy understandable content: Write in an understandable and human way. Explain technical terms and try to write your text as clear as possible. Excess information that makes your texts more complicated should be eliminated.

  7. Use the right copywriting tools: Reduce the risk of human errors (we are not perfect) by using good copywriting tools. Later I’ll show you which ones are good and which ones you should use.


What is copywriting software and what is it good for?

Copywriting is not easy because, as you may already know, a copywriter has many tasks and responsibilities. Among other things, a copywriter has to do the following tasks:


  • Write content for social media that reflects the brand

  • Cooperate with colleagues from other departments (e.g. PR, marketing and customer service)

  • Content must be of high quality and in line with the brand’s vision

  • Has to be creative and convincing at the same time

  • Has to balance several projects at the same time

  • Propose concepts for content and copies 

As you can see (and I’m sure you already know this), the job of a copywriter is very versatile and very time-consuming. Copywriters are under constant pressure to deliver high quality creative work as quickly as possible. What you probably also know is that it’s not easy to be creative at the flick of a switch, that sometimes you get writer’s block, and that time pressure often leads you to deliver worse output than expected. 


Copywriter software time pressure



Most copywriters find the solution to this problem in copywriting software, a tool that writes copies for you. Most copywriter softwares work with AI, that learns from existing content through deep learning and machine learning and then applies it to new content. This can have many advantages for copywriters:


  • You can be creative and inspired at the touch of a button when you experience writer’s block

  • You can create content faster

  • AI allows you to specifically target your audience

  • Copywriting software can validate performance predictions from your marketing copy

  • It makes you see your tasks from different perspectives in order for you to not be stuck with one idea


How creative can copywriting software be?


Copywriter software creative AI
Source: Forbes

Copywriting AI is very versatile: It can write advertising copies, poems, newsletter subject lines, product descriptions, articles, interviews and reports, among other things. There is no question that it can do a lot, but the question is: how good is it really? Many copywriters have already used AI copywriting software and most of them are enthusiastic about it, like Liam Porr, who used the new AI model GPT-3, which wrote an entire blog article. this article reached #1 on Hacker News without users realizing that it was completely written by a machine. Very remarkable, isn’t it? However, the problem with AI in copywriting software is that it cannot feel emotions, it does not have life experience and can’t incorporate that into the text. That means in writing factual informative texts it is great, but with emotionally appealing texts it definitely still needs the help of humans. So AI copywriting software programs are excellent when it comes to helping your creativity unfold. So as a double pack (AI copywriting software + you), you guys are unbeatable!


What is GPT-3 and how smart is it?

In 2020, an autoregressive language model, GPT-3, was released by OpenAI and has been fascinating the tech world ever since. Those who have been allowed to work with this technology and those who use the software based on GPT-3 are astonished. This is because GPT-3 is based on a gigantic neural network pathway with 175 billion synapses and manages to accurately and effectively reproduce human thought and reasoning patterns. The texts are written so well by machines that readers can no longer distinguish whether the text was written by a human copywriter or by the AI. Today, GPT-3 is used in more than 300 apps and many copywriting softwares are based on this autroregressive language model. 


Do copywriters now have to fear a slow death?

If you’re afraid to lose your job, let me take some weight off your shoulders. Although AI-based copywriting softwares are super intelligent and efficient, as mentioned before, they have no emotions and life experience. Therefore, it’s hard for them to include emotions into copies and to arouse the readers’ feelings. So you are still very irreplaceable! The copywriting software is only meant to be a support for your daily work to help you work on tasks faster and more efficiently. Try to think of AI copywriting software as a friend instead of an enemy!


Future Outlook: How will copywriting software change?


Copywriter software smart AI
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In 2019, OpenAI released a speech production system that was already good at writing copies, but it was still unable to hold a candle to human copywriters – until GPT-3 came along – the largest human-like NPL transformer.

After GPT-2 quickly GPT-3 was launched. Is GPT-4 and GPT-5 still to come? Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer to that question, but if you look at the past, you can be sure that GPT-3 will certainly not be the end of autoregressive language models. It’s also certain that more companies will catch wind of it and use smart copywriting software to increase productivity, creativity and efficiency of their marketing teams. 


What are the best copywriting tools?

Now you must be wondering which tool are the best? Of course, I would say ours from neuroflash. But the truth is, each tool brings its advantages and disadvantages. Here I’ll give you a short overview about us and our competitors.

  1. neuroflash – that’s us!

    We are the only German company offering AI-generating software based on GPT-3 and thus our software is bilingual (German and English) – not simply translated. If you are looking for an AI content generator that will get the most out of your email marketing campaign and increase your open rate, then you’ve come to the right place! Our AI generates customized, creative newsletter subject lines while validating their performance by making predictions about how to increase open rates. There are many tools that create content, but none of them validate performance. So if this is an important point for you, you’ve come to the right place! Are you ready to create unique newsletter subject lines with us? Try our free trial for 7 days here!

  2. Conversion.ai
    There has been a lot of buzz about Conversion.AI in the digital marketing community, which provides many templates with Jarvis (their AI copywriting assistant) that are SEO optimized, and generates output with good quality. A plus point is that Jarvis can write not only short texts, as it is the case with most copywriting softwares, but also long ones. On the other hand, this software is very expensive and optimized only in the English language (the others are simply translated).

  3. Closers Copy
    Is a tool that can help you improve your copywriting with many different features. It also includes many templates from which you can choose what suits your brand better. But you can also create your own templates. However, it doesn’t offer a free trial and the prices are on the higher side.

  4. Copysmith.Al
    This tool is very versatile. It can produce short advertisements or long blog articles. Using the templates is quite simple and not very time-consuming, which is especially good for beginners. The downside with Copysmith.AI is that you are given a number of credits each month to produce ad copies and if they are not used, they expire.

  5. Writesonic
    A good feature of Writesonic is the landing page generator. You can increase your traffic by writing high-converting landing page copies and the content for short copies is of good quality. The downside here is that Writesonic is not very good at writing long-form copies and their pricing plan is quite complex.


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