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Using Synthesia.io in German | An Overview

Synthesia.io is an artificial intelligence that allows to convert German texts into videos. In this article we will take a closer look at the tool and explain how it works.

Artificial intelligence in video creation


In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has developed rapidly. Meanwhile, it is even possible to create high-quality videos with the help of AI-powered programs. Not only are the videos computer-generated, there is also an attempt to imitate human behavior. For example, faces can be superimposed that are synchronized with the movements of the actual person.

In the coming years, AI will likely continue to play a critical role in video creation. It is not unlikely that more and more videos will be completely computer generated. However, there will continue to be a need for human creativity and intelligence, as AI-powered programs have so far been limited in their ability to recognize and implement complex narrative structures.

About Synthesia.io

Synthesia.io is a software that allows users to create AI videos. This involves converting a text into speech synthesis and speaking and dubbing the video accordingly.

You can use Synthesia to create videos for social media, online courses, or presentations. The app offers a variety of templates and options that let you further customize your videos.

If you want to use Synthesia.io, you need to create an account first. After you sign up, you can get started right away and create your first video.

How Synthesia.io works

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with the basics of Synthesia.io, let’s go into how the service works. Synthesia’s algorithm is able to create video clips based on input text. In this process, the text is converted into a series of commands that control the algorithm. This is able to execute the commands so that the result is a realistic video clip.

Create AI videos in German with Synthesia

The process of video creation with Synthesia starts with the selection of a template. There are several options available to you here. After you have made your choice, you can select an AI avatar. Synthesia also offers you several options, between which you can freely choose. There is also the possibility to create your own avatar. After you have chosen your avatar, you need to specify your desired text and the correct language. Synthesia then converts the text into a voice for your avatar and plays it back as audio. Afterwards you can adjust your presentation a little bit.

Advantages of Synthesia.io

Synthesia.io brings a number of advantages that make creating German videos much easier. Among the greatest benefits:

1. ease of use:

The platform is very intuitive and easy to use. There are no complicated settings or options to confuse you

2. fast and simple process:

With Synthesia.io you can convert text to video content by filling out a simple web form. It is much faster and easier than creating videos in traditional video editing programs.

3. no video editing experience required:

You don’t need any video editing experience to create videos with Synthesia. All steps are easy to understand and lead you step by step to a finished video.

4. cost saving:

With Synthesia.io you save time and money, as you don’t need expensive video editing programs to create professional videos. Although the software also has its price, it is much lower than other options.

Disadvantages of Synthesia.io

1. only 10 minutes per month:

Synthesia’s Personal rate allows you to spend a maximum of 10 minutes on your videos per month. More available minutes are only available with the Corporate subscription.

2. limited choice of background music:

Synthesia has a limited selection of background music that you can use for your videos. If you are looking for a specific music genre, you may not find suitable options in Synthesia’s library.

What other tools do you need?

When creating videos, you can use many more tools to simplify the process. One of them is the AI text generator neuroflash. This automatically generates text in various formats based on your input or commands. With it you can create a video script in a few seconds, which you can later use for Synthesia:

You can register here for free on neuroflash!

Another useful tool for video creation is Snagit. This is a “screen capture tool” that allows you to take screenshots and then edit or annotate them. With it you can embed images and hints into your videos or create short tutorials with little effort.

What are the challenges of using AI in video creation?

There are some challenges in using Artificial Intelligence in video creation. These include:

1. data quality:

To perform a successful video creation, the data used to create the video must be correct. If the data is not correct, the result will be inaccurate or incomplete. Therefore, it is crucial that all data used for the video creation process is flawless and complete.

2. technology:

It is important to use the right technology for the video creation process. That’s because AI technology must be powerful enough to perform all the necessary tasks, while also being as efficient as possible. It must also be compatible with other existing systems and software programs.

3. safety:

The video creation process often handles sensitive data, so it is critical that security measures are high when using AI in video creation. All relevant systems and programs must be appropriately secured and regularly checked.

4. cost efficiency:

Efficient use of resources is critical in any video creation project. Since AI technologies can also be expensive in some cases, you need to make sure that you only invest as much money in the process as is needed – without sacrificing quality.

By overcoming these challenges, you can effectively use Artificial Intelligence to successfully create high-quality videos and deliver impressive results to your audience!

The future of video production


Video is the future of communication. Experts have been making this statement for years – and it seems to be proving true. More and more people are consuming video content, whether on YouTube, Snapchat or Instagram. At the same time, the demand for professional videos is increasing.

Companies are increasingly investing in video marketing to be present on the numerous platforms and reach their target audience. However, producing high-quality videos requires a lot of work and time. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help remedy this situation. There are now a number of tools and applications that enable human-machine interaction in video production. For example, AI-controlled cameras can track the actors’ movements and thus relieve the director. AI can also be used in the post-processing of videos: For example, certain effects can be generated automatically without the editor having to implement them manually.

In the coming years, the interaction between man and machine in video production will be optimized more and more. By using AI, it will be possible to produce high-quality videos in less time and with less effort. This creates new opportunities for companies to spread their brand and reach their target audience.

Frequently asked questions & answers

What is Synthesia.io?

Synthesia is an artificial intelligence that can convert text into spoken video.

What are the advantages of Synthesia.io?

Synthesia provides an easy way to create videos that would otherwise have to be created using complex video production methods.

What are the disadvantages of Synthesia.io?

With the Personal rate, only 10 minutes of video can be created per month.

Useful tips

  • To create a video with Synthesia.io, you must first create a script. This can be done in any language.
  • Once you’ve created your script, you can upload it to the platform and use the AI to create the video for you.
  • The platform also offers a variety of templates and designs that you can use to make your video more engaging.
  • After the video is created, you can download it and then share it on your website or blog.

We hope this blog post helped you to get a better understanding of Synthesia.io and its capabilities in German. If you want to learn even more about the possibilities of artificial intelligence, you can check out more articles on our blog.

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