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Microsoft is reportedly looking to capitalize on ChatGPT’s success by integrating the ChatGPT chatbot into its Bing search engine. But what might that look like? Thanks to Bing users who reported that a new, AI-powered version of the search engine mysteriously appeared briefly and then disappeared again, we may now have an idea. We show you how the new ChatGPT Bing could look like.

ChatGPT Bing - What does it mean?

To understand the connection between ChatGPT and Bing, you first need to know what the two things are about.

  • What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT is a chatbot system based on advanced machine learning technology. It can be used to generate and respond to natural language conversational dialogs. ChatGPT supports a number of features such as understanding and responding, text processing, sentiment analysis and generating responses.
  • What is Bing Search? Bing is a search engine operated by Microsoft. It allows people worldwide to find information on the Internet. With Bing, users can search for web pages, images, and videos, as well as use map and route services. The search engine also offers daily news, sports results and many other features.

According to reports, Microsoft is integrating the AI technology that underlies ChatGPT into its Bing search engine and could change search as we know it. Until now, we didn’t know what ChatGPT integration might look like in Bing, but now there are new insights.

ChatGPT Bing could look like this

Student and designer Owen Yin reported on Twitter on Feb. 3 that he had seen the Bing ChatGPT integration.

@Owen Yin

Yin was able to test the system briefly and shared more details about the integration in a blog post on Medium. He noted that the chatbot can not only answer questions, but was also able to respond in a conversational manner:

@Owen Yin

According to Yin, the empty search bar has been replaced with a large text box with a prompt. One is prompted to ask a question. Here, one has 1000 characters to formulate the question, so that the request can be formulated in great detail. For example, one is able to specify a context, add specific instructions or list examples.

So leaks of the AI-enhanced Bing show a new “chat” option appearing in the menu bar next to “search.” Selecting this option takes you to a chat interface that says, “Welcome to the new Bing: your AI-powered answer engine.” Among them are three suggestions: “Ask Complex Questions,” “Get Better Answers,” and “Get Creative Inspiration.” And there is a disclaimer: “Bing is powered by AI, so surprises and errors are possible. Check the facts and share your feedback so we can learn and improve.

The new Bing can apparently also indicate its sources. This is an important feature because language models like ChatGPT are not able to describe where their information comes from. This makes the chatbot less reliable.

@ Owin Yin

Since the leak, Yin is no longer the only one who has come across the new Bing. Other users reported via Twitter that they gained access to the updated search engine before it disappeared. However, it is important to note here that the authenticity of these screenshots is not guaranteed, as Microsoft declined to comment on the validity of these leaks.

The advantages of ChatGPT Bing

As it is, ChatGPT Bing might be able to revolutionize the structure of search engines from scratch. According to Yin, this could bring some advantages for users:

  • Latest data: Unlike ChatGPT, which is trained on data collected through 2021, the new ChatGPT Bing will be able to access current information.
  • More effective search: When you ask a question, the AI will interpret it and perform multiple searches on your query. She then compiles the results and writes a summary for you. The Bing Search Engine highlights certain phrases and indicates where the information came from so you can verify the claim.
  • Concrete results: ChatGPT Bing will be able to handle complex tasks that you would normally have to put together yourself. You can give Bing personal preferences, such as your food preferences, budget, location, or time, and Bing will tailor its response to your needs and interests. So you can let Bing give you inspiration for a meal plan or an itinerary.
  • More creativity: The new Bing offers a new level of creativity and imagination. Since artificial intelligence can understand and respond to queries in natural language, you can entrust Bing with creative tasks that were previously outside the scope of a search engine. For example, you can ask Bing to write a rhymed poem for your cousin’s birthday or a short story about your friends.
  • Chatbot-like interactions: ChatGPT Bing will be able to have a conversation with you to enable human-like research. It will also prompt you to talk to him. After Owin asked Yin Bing about popular movies from 2022, there were some suggestions for follow-up questions. It answered its own question and asked a follow-up question itself.
  • Old search still possible: The search results page will not disappear completely. You can switch between search and chat using the toolbar.

How to get access to ChatGPT Bing?

As soon as the function is available, there will be a waiting list on which you can be placed. Afterwards, you will receive an e-mail when the access has been activated. However, you should expect delays as Microsoft and OpenAI scale their servers.

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The explosive popularity of ChatGPT seems to be encouraging both Microsoft and Google to accelerate their plans for the AI-powered future. Microsoft will reportedly announce a new version of ChatGPT Bing in the coming weeks, while Google has scheduled an event next week to discuss upcoming AI work. Thus, it is definitely worthwhile to continue following the development of artificial intelligence in everyday life.

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