Introduction to digital marketing management

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Digital marketing management is the future of marketing. In this article you will learn what it is and why it is so important. You will also learn about the responsibilities of online marketing managers and what qualifications they need to have.

What is digital marketing management?

Digital marketing management (also online marketing management) is a subarea of marketing that encompasses the planning, implementation and control of marketing measures in digital media. Different channels are used, such as search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing or e-mail marketing. However, digital marketing differs from conventional marketing measures in that it offers the opportunity to address the target group very precisely and to measure the effect of the measures exactly. In addition, these can be adapted very quickly and flexibly. Digital marketing is therefore a very important subarea of marketing that enables companies to address their target group precisely and to measure the effect of the measures exactly.

You can find more basics on the topic here.

Digital marketing management in the value chain

In recent years, digital marketing has become an integral part of the value chain. Companies are increasingly investing in the development of digital strategies to better reach their customers and optimize their own processes. In this context, digital marketing management plays a key role in the value chain: It helps companies to better understand their customers and develop the right products or services for them. At the same time, it helps companies to automate their processes and thus save time and costs. Online marketing has therefore become an integral part of the value chain. It helps companies produce more efficiently and reach the right customers with the right products or services.

The importance of Big Data and Data Analytics for digital marketing management

Big Data is the amount of data generated daily on the Internet. This volume of data is so large that it can no longer be processed manually by humans. Data analytics is the science of extracting and analyzing information from these large data sets to gain insights into specific patterns and trends. The importance of Big Data and Data Analytics in online marketing management is to enable companies to better understand customer behavior and preferences to improve customer experiences. Big Data also makes it possible to serve personalized advertising and thus increase the conversion rate.

The future of online marketing management

The future of online marketing management lies in the integration of different channels and platforms. Companies must adapt to the fact that customers are increasingly shopping and searching for information online. At the same time, customers expect personalized offers and content. These expectations can only be met through integrated digital marketing management. Such management includes the planning, execution and control of all online marketing activities. Both the website and social media play a central role in this. Integrating search engine optimization, email marketing, content marketing and advertising is critical to a company’s success in the modern age.

Tasks of a digital marketing manager

The digital marketing manager is responsible for planning, designing and implementing a company’s online marketing strategy. He identifies the target group and develops a strategy to reach this target group. In doing so, he must constantly keep up with the latest trends and ensure that the company achieves its goals. He coordinates the work of the various departments and ensures that all measures to achieve the goals are implemented effectively. The digital marketing manager must also be a good communicator so that he or she can effectively coordinate and manage the various departments of the company. He must also be a good analyst in order to correctly interpret the results of online marketing campaigns and adjust the strategy accordingly.

Qualifications of a digital marketing manager

Online marketing is a constantly evolving field, and a digital marketer must be able to adapt to these changes. To be successful, you should have the following qualifications:

An excellent communicator

You must be able to communicate clearly and effectively – both online and offline. You can express your thoughts well and communicate complex ideas easily.

A good technical understanding

You should have a good technical understanding to understand and effectively use various marketing tools and technologies.


You should be creative to design outstanding campaigns and attract the attention of the target audience.

Analytical thinking

You’ll need to think analytically to measure and improve campaign success. You also need to be able to analyze the right data and draw conclusions from it.

Organizational talent

You should be organized to effectively plan and execute various tasks and campaigns.

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Perspectives of a digital marketing manager

Online marketing is in constant evolution and so is the role of the online marketing manager. The future prospects for the job are therefore very good, because companies will increasingly rely on online marketing and the demand for professionals in this field is growing. The tasks of a marketing manager are becoming increasingly diverse, allowing them to work independently of location and time. However, he must continue to have a good feel for trends and always stay up to date in order to develop the right strategies. The role of the online marketing manager is very important nowadays, because without the right strategy, companies can quickly lose relevance on the Internet. However, the job also requires a high degree of flexibility and creativity in order to always be successful.

Everyday work of an online marketing manager

The day-to-day work of an online marketing manager is multifaceted. A large part of the work takes place on the computer, but there are always customer appointments or presentations to be given. As a digital marketing manager, you are responsible for planning and executing online marketing campaigns. To do this, you first have to get to grips with the company and its products, and then work out a strategy for how best to advertise them online. This includes developing new ideas for campaigns as well as monitoring the success of ongoing campaigns and readjusting them accordingly. Overall, the job is very versatile and always offers new challenges.

How do I become a digital marketing manager?

There isn’t just one way to become a digital marketing manager. However, most people in this career field have a degree in marketing or a related discipline behind them. Some also have training in online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) or social media. Those already working in the marketing industry can also acquire this knowledge through continuing education. To succeed as a digital marketer, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies, and to constantly educate yourself. It is also helpful to be creative and have good communication skills.

What does a degree in digital marketing management look like?

Digital Marketing Management is a typically three-year bachelor’s degree program that focuses on the strategic use of digital marketing tools. In the course of study, knowledge of the planning, implementation and control of online marketing measures is imparted. In addition, students acquire competencies in the areas of business management, project management and communication. The aim of the program is to qualify students to work as digital marketing managers or consultants.

An overview of study programs and contents can be found here.

Frequently asked questions & answers

What is digital marketing management?

Digital marketing management is the monitoring, planning, execution and control of marketing activities in a company that take place on online channels. These include, for example, websites, social media, and email marketing.

Which channels can be used for digital marketing?

Search engines, social media, websites, blogs, and email marketing, among others, can be used.

What are the advantages of online marketing?

The advantages of online marketing include reach, targeting, and cost-saving potential.

What are the goals of digital marketing management?

The goals of digital marketing management are to increase a company’s visibility, increase sales, and improve customer loyalty.

How much salary does an online marketing manager get?

The average salary of an online marketing manager is around €3,500 gross per month.

So now you know the basics of digital marketing management and what a digital marketing manager does. Of course, there is much more to learn, but this introduction should give you a good insight into the world of online marketing. Good luck on your journey!

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