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Will AI replace photographers?


Here you are looking at a photo created by the DALL-E 2 AI image generator. AI photography is a new and exciting technology that makes it possible to generate stunning and realistic photos that would otherwise be impossible to see or take.

What are AI generated photos?

AI generated photos are a new digital medium created using artificial intelligence. It involves using existing photos and transforming them into something new through machine learning. The result is a completely new kind of image that can be not only photorealistic, but also creative and original.
AI-generated photos have gained tremendous popularity in recent years and are already being used by numerous businesses and organizations today. They are great for advertising or for website and social media design. Artists, too, are increasingly discovering the diverse possibilities offered by AI-generated photos.

AI generated photos - examples

There are different types of AI-generated photos that you can create. Some are just plain funny, while others can actually be quite impressive. Here are some of the most popular types of AI-generated photos:
  • Meme photos. This type of photo is usually a funny picture with a short, witty text underneath. Meme photos are often shared on social media and are a great way to make people laugh.
  • Cute Photos. Cute photos are pictures of cute animals or people that are often very heartwarming. This type of photo is perfect for bringing joy to someone’s day or just to lift their spirits.
  • Landscape photos. Landscape photos showcase breathtaking views and can include both nature shots and cityscapes. This type of photo is perfect for people who love to travel or just admire the beauty of the world.
  • Art photos. Art photos are images that have been artistically created using the tools of photography. This type of photo can be both abstract and realistic and is ideal for people who enjoy looking at art or are artistic themselves.
  • Historical Photos. Historical photos are images that show significant historical events. This type of photo is perfect for people who are interested in history or just have an interest in significant events.

What are the advantages of AI generated photos?

When it comes to photo delivery, there are two extremes- stock photos and professional photographs. Both have their pros and cons, but what about a third option? Artificial intelligence (AI) generated photos are a possible middle ground that combines the best features of both sides.
Stock photos are cheap or even free, but they often look worn and inauthentic. Professional photographs, on the other hand, offer high quality, authenticity and credibility, but can be expensive – especially for businesses with limited budgets. AI generated photos fall somewhere in between, offering both quality and quantity at affordable prices:

Will AI replace photographers?

Artificial intelligence is making its way into all sorts of industries, and photography is no different. AI-powered editing tools and apps are becoming more and more common, and it’s only a matter of time before AI-powered cameras hit the market. So, will AI replace photographers?
It’s possible that AI could eventually replace photographers for some tasks, but it’s unlikely that it will ever completely replace them. For one thing, AI can’t yet match the creative eye of a human photographer. Sure, it can make basic edits and cropping decisions, but it can’t compose an aesthetically pleasing photo in the same way that a human can.
Additionally, while AI can handle some of the technical aspects of photography, such as exposure and white balance, there are still many facets of photography that require a human touch. For instance, photographing a wedding requires not only technical skill but also the ability to interact with people and manage a chaotic environment. And let’s not forget that post-processing is still very much a manual task – something that AI simply can’t do (at least not yet).
So while AI might eventually be able to handle some aspects of photography, it’s unlikely to ever fully replace photographers. Humans simply have too much to offer in terms of creativity and interpersonal skills.

AI generated images and people

One major drawback, which will probably keep AI from replacing human anytime soon, is that artificial intelligence still has issues when it comes to rendering people in photorealistic quality. On one hand, images like portraits are no obstacle:
But of photos of people are generated by the AI, facial features are often distorted and unrecognizable. This makes the people in the AI images look unrealistic and sometimes really creepy:

So how can you get around this problem? First of all, it’s important to know how to enter the correct text prompt example to get the best possible results. Another way to further improve the AI results is to open the images in Photoshop and enlarge them from 72 dpi to 300 dpi using Preserve Details 2.0.

In the latest version of Photoshop (Beta), there is a “Photo Recovery” feature under “Neural Filters” that usually does wonders for the eyes and other odd facial features. I then just do some basic curve and color correction and brighten the eyes a bit. And voila:

Frequently asked questions & answers

What does AI generated photos mean?

AI generated photos are photos that are generated using AI, or artificial intelligence.

How are AI generated photos created?

AI generated photos are a new digital medium created using artificial intelligence. It involves using existing photos and transforming them into something new using machine learning techniques

What AI generated photos can you create?

With some exceptions (like violent material), AI can create all kinds of images. So there are no limits to your creativity.

Are AI generated photos copyrighted?

So far there is no clear answer to this question. However, in most countries there are no laws specifically created for artificial intelligence. This means that the courts will have to decide whether AI images fall under existing copyright laws.


It’s amazing what you can generate with artificial intelligence. Thousands of photos can be created in seconds and it looks like they are real. AI generated photos are a great way to take great photos quickly and easily. Want to experiment a bit with AI images yourself and be able to text with artificial intelligence to boot? Then create a free neuroflash account.

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