We collected below examples of great slogans and claims for your inspiration.

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Slogans of Lloyds TSB (UK)

  • Your life. Your bank. (2000)
  • Your life. Your community. (2001)
  • Banking worth talking about. (2002)
  • Very personal finance for very individual people. (2002)
  • Altogether better. (2003)
  • Improved internet banking. (2004)
  • Celebrating Asian achievement. (2004)
  • Car insurance just got interesting. (2006)
  • Don’t wait. Switch today. (2006)
  • You first. (2007)

Slogans of Norwich Union (UK)

  • We’ll keep you in the best of healthcare. (1994)
  • Together we’re stronger. (2000)
  • Be direct. (2001)
  • Start by going to norwichunion.com/time. (2001)
  • Do the right thing. (2003)
  • Make sense of investments. (2006)
  • It’s our policy to offer you more. (2006)
  • Quote me happy. (2006)
  • It’s all in the preparation. (2007)
  • Preparing future champions. (2007)

Slogans of Credit Suisse (UK)

  • The right partner. (1970)
  • Since 1856 – Your bank. (1980)
  • Incredibly Suisse. (1981)
  • Incredibly Swiss. (1982)
  • We do more to keep you at the top. (1993)
  • Use your imagination. Profit from ours. (1994)
  • Use your imagination. Profit from us. (1994)
  • Investment consulting. It’s time for an expert. (1999)
  • The reason to invest. (2002)
  • Thinking new perspectives. (2009)

Slogans of The Co-operative Bank (UK)

  • Why bank with one that isn’t? (1994)
  • After all, it’s your money. (2001)
  • Simple. (2002)
  • Does your card hold your interest? (2003)
  • What will you use yours for? (2003)
  • Don’t just dream it, do it. (2004)
  • Handle with care. (2004)
  • Putting the personal back into personal loans. (2004)
  • Are you with us? (2006)
  • Customer led, ethically guided. (2006)

Slogans of Abbey National (UK)

  • Makes saving pay off. (1969)
  • For the security you need today. (1976)
  • Get the Abbey habit. (1979)
  • Nobody makes home buying easier. (1986)
  • An Abbey National Mortgage – Your unfair advantage. (1988)
  • The most current account. (1988)
  • Mortgages with Abbey endings. (1989)
  • A special kind of security. (1993)
  • The habit of a lifetime. (1995)
  • Because life’s complicated enough. (2000)

Slogans of Standard Life (UK)

  • Yours for life. (1966)
  • The largest mutual life assurance company in the European Community. (1976)
  • Don’t take our word for it, ask a broker. (1979)
  • Born in Edinburgh in 1825. (1980)
  • Judge us on past experience. (1981)
  • Invest in your future. And theirs. (2001)
  • I like Standard Life. (2006)
  • For the financial realities of life. (2008)
  • Alive to life. (2008)
  • The way forward. (2011)

Slogans of Bank of Scotland (UK)

  • Scotland’s oldest bank. (1951)
  • Leader in Scottish banking since 1695. (1960)
  • Scotland’s first bank. (1962)
  • You’re better off with B of S. (1965)
  • A friend for life. (1997)
  • The 5 year Guaranteed Bond. Certainty in an uncertain world. (2000)
  • Keeping banking personal. (2003)
  • The radical approach. (2003)
  • Advice to last you a lifetime. (2003)
  • No1 for savings. (2003)

Slogans of Visa (US)

  • The world’s largest and fastest growing consumer payment system. (1982)
  • You can do it. We’d like to help. (1984)
  • It’s everywhere you want to be. (1985)
  • It’s in your wallet. It’s in your life. It’s everywhere you want to be. (1997)
  • The online currency. (2001)
  • Proud sponsor of the Olympic Games. (2004)
  • Life takes Visa. (2006)
  • Life takes travel. Life takes Visa. (2008)
  • More people go with Visa. (2009)
  • Everywhere you want to be. (2014)

Slogans of Zurich (UK)

  • A different breed of insurer. (1995)
  • Insurance for your life, home, car and business. (2000)
  • Your aspirations. Our passion. (2000)
  • Amazing cover. Unbelievable value. (2002)
  • Championing the future of rugby. (2002)
  • Making it all possible. (2002)
  • Don’t lose sleep over your car insurance. (2003)
  • Get closer to rugby. (2003)
  • Car insurance that lets you sleep soundly at night. (2004)
  • Insurance that works for the over 50’s. (2004)

Slogans of Visa (UK)

  • All you need. (1985)
  • Makes the world go round. (1992)
  • Yes you can. (1997)
  • Making life easier. (1998)
  • The future takes Visa. (2000)
  • It’s everywhere you want it to be. (2001)
  • Worldwide partner. (2003)
  • Every day’s quick & easy with your Visa card. (2005)
  • Love every day. (2007)
  • Life flows better with Visa. (2008)

Slogans of Barclays (UK)

  • This term, next term, long term. (1995)
  • We’ll help you make all the right moves. (1998)
  • A big world needs a big bank. (2000)
  • Please allow six working seconds for cheques to clear. Instant access to your money. (2001)
  • Banking with us makes business sense. (2002)
  • Fluent in finance. (2002)
  • We understand local business. We are one. (2002)
  • Changing is easier than you think. (2005)
  • A great home for your savings. (2007)
  • Now there’s a thought. (2008)

Slogans of Barclays Bank (UK)

  • Money is our business – Throughout the world. (1962)
  • Money is our business. (1965)
  • Money is our business – All over the world. (1969)
  • A good bank to get behind you. (1971)
  • Banking means Barclays. (1972)
  • Anything to do with money, ask Barclays first. (1980)
  • Barclays is the Abecor Bank in Britain. (1982)
  • People where it counts. (1982)
  • You’re better off talking to Barclays. (1991)
  • Open for business. (2003)

Slogans of Mastercard (UK)

  • The future of money. (1997)
  • Getting home for Christmas Priceless. (1999)
  • Accepted everywhere, especially on the internet. (2000)
  • Supporters of the UEFA Champions league and those who share the passion. (2001)
  • Bringing you the Brits. (2004)
  • Accepted for all kinds of amusements. (2004)
  • There are some things money can’t buy. For Christmas there’s MasterCard. (2007)
  • Backing the Brit Awards – Priceless. (2007)
  • Accepted in over 26 million locations worldwide. (2008)
  • There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else there’s Mastercard. (2008)

Slogans of American Express (US)

  • Express your preference for the best! (1952)
  • Never carry more cash than you can afford to lose. (1958)
  • It’s part of a lot of interesting lives. (1985)
  • You’ve got the card. (1985)
  • Membership has its privileges. (1990)
  • Make life rewarding. (2002)
  • It’s blue with a lot of green. (2004)
  • It’s going to be one hot summer. (2004)
  • The official card of perfectionists. (2004)
  • The official card of the finals. (2004)

Slogans of American Express (UK)

  • World wide – World wise. (1962)
  • It’s more business like. (1979)
  • The natural choice. (1992)
  • Don’t leave home without it. (1992)
  • There is only one American Express. (1994)
  • Do plastic. And get paid for it. (1997)
  • Blue from American Express has evolved. (2000)
  • Do more. (2000)
  • Live civilised. Live green. (2000)
  • Welcome to our next generation of credit card. (2000)

Slogans of Prudential (UK)

  • Ask the man from the Prudential. (1951)
  • Before you renew talk to the Pru. (1982)
  • Britain’s best known insurance company. (1983)
  • Bringing mortgages home to you. (1986)
  • Bringing savings home to your children. (1986)
  • Talk to Prudence. (1994)
  • They won’t turn your hair grey. (2001)
  • The plan from the Pru. (2002)
  • It’s all part of the plan from the Pru. (2007)
  • Insurance the way it should be. (2008)

Slogans of Nationwide (UK)

  • The building society of a lifetime. (1976)
  • It pays to decide Nationwide. (1984)
  • Putting the building back into society. (1985)
  • The nation’s building society. (1991)
  • The building society. (1994)
  • Underlining the difference. (2001)
  • Pride. Passion. Belief. (2004)
  • What rate are you getting? (2004)
  • From Nationwide with love. (2005)

Slogans of Bradford & Bingley (UK)

  • One of Britain’s biggest building societies. (1976)
  • One of Britain’s biggest. (1981)
  • We open more doors for you. (1983)
  • Our plans are built around you. (1985)
  • Always pulling new ideas out of the hat. (1987)
  • Simply a better choice. (1994)
  • Your dreams could find a home with Bradford & Bingley. (2007)
  • Rest assured savings work hard with Bradford & Bingley. (2008)
  • Savings work hard with Bradford & Bingley. (2008)

Slogans of NFU Mutual (UK)

  • The best in the country. (1998)
  • Insurance brought down to earth. (2000)
  • The best financial service is in your own back yard. (2000)
  • The feeling is NFU Mutual. (2003)
  • The home insurance people. (2007)
  • It’s a NFU Mutual understanding. (2008)
  • Talk to an insurance person, not an insurance company. (2008)
  • We do right by you. (2009)
  • The pensions and investments people. (2009)

Slogans of Alliance + Leicester (UK)

  • A brighter idea altogether. (1986)
  • For the smart investor. (1994)
  • For the smarter investor. (1994)
  • Common sense in a crazy world. (2000)
  • Making questions count. (2001)
  • Where questions are the answer. (2001)
  • HeA+Lthy growth. (2004)
  • Our fixed rate ISAs are a great home for your maturing TESSAs. (2004)
  • The a+lternative business bank. (2008)

Slogans of Charles Schwab (US)

  • We give you more ways to succeed. (1991)
  • Helping investors help themselves. (1995)
  • The way it should be. (1997)
  • Creating a world of smarter investors. (2001)
  • Discover a better way to get a clear perspective on your investment decisions. (2003)
  • Seeing the market from a different perspective. Yours. (2004)
  • It’s where people’s money is going. (2008)
  • Market conditions vary. Good advice doesn’t. (2008)
  • Talk to Chuck. (2009)

Slogans of Lloyds Bank (UK)

  • For good and helpful service. (1963)
  • Let Lloyds bank help you plan. (1968)
  • Lloyds Bank looks after people like you. (1970)
  • A lot more than money at the sign of the black horse. (1976)
  • At the sign of the Black Horse. (1980)
  • More help for your business at the sign of the Black Horse. (1981)
  • More help for expatriates at the sign of the Black Horse. (1982)
  • A thoroughbred amongst banks. (1987)
  • The thoroughbred bank. (1990)

Slogans of Halifax (UK)

  • Put your money to work with the world’s biggest building society. (1979)
  • Get a little Xtra help with the future. (1980)
  • The world’s biggest building society. (1980)
  • The one that gives you a little Xtra. (1985)
  • More mortgages for more people. (1988)
  • Our expertise is understandable. (1990)
  • The building society you can bank on. (1990)
  • Get a little extra help. (1991)
  • Who gives you extra? (2003)

Slogans of Abbey (UK)

  • Start a beautiful thing with money. (2003)
  • Turning banking on its head. (2003)
  • It’s about you and your money. (2004)
  • We’re Abbey. (2004)
  • Call Abbey to get the right mortgage for you. (2004)
  • Make the most of your savings. (2004)
  • Whatever the reason. We’ll find the right way for you to borrow. (2004)
  • Part of the Santander Group. (2007)
  • More ideas for your money. (2009)

Slogans of State Farm (US)

  • State Farm understands life. (1997)
  • Switch to the #1 team. (2006)
  • Like a good neighbor – State Farm is there. (2007)
  • State Farm is there. (2009)
  • We put the life back in life assurance. (2013)
  • Auto home life bank. (2013)
  • Get to a better state. (2013)
  • Here to help life go right. (2016)
  • Here to help. (2017)

Slogans of Scottish Widows (UK)

  • A better life assurance. (1979)
  • We’ve built our reputation on results. (1979)
  • Even in the bad times our record has been good. (1981)
  • Looking good for your pension. (1997)
  • Looking good for your money. (2000)
  • Looking good for stakeholder pensions. (2001)
  • Life. Pensions. Investments. (2004)
  • Forget surviving the financial world. Can you survive the World Cup? (2006)
  • Preparation is everything. (2009)

Slogans of RBS The Royal Bank of Scotland (UK)

  • Scotland’s all-service bank. (1973)
  • The new British bank. (1985)
  • Where people matter. (1990)
  • There is a difference. (1994)
  • Invoice finance sorted. (2001)
  • Making banking local. (2003)
  • Make it happen. (2009)
  • Here for you. (2011)
  • Hello Royal Bank of Scotland. (2015)

Slogans of State Bank of India (UK)

  • Your global link to India. (1994)
  • New global perspectives. (1997)
  • Understanding finance. (1999)
  • Indian bank. Global network. (2000)
  • Increasing international presence. (2001)
  • World class services. (2001)
  • Indian bank. International standards. (2002)
  • With you – All the way. Pure banking. Nothing else. (2008)

Slogans of Midland Bank (UK)

  • Expert aid for export trade. (1963)
  • Make your money make you money. (1970)
  • A great British bank. (1971)
  • A great British bank – For any financial need Anywhere. (1973)
  • Come and talk to the listening bank. (1980)
  • You can expect the unexpected from Midland teamwork. (1980)
  • First in cash management. (1984)
  • When you need us, we’ll be listening. (1986)

Slogans of TD Ameritrade (US)

  • The way to trade. Period. (1999)
  • Believe in yourself. (2000)
  • It’s how you get somewhere on Wall Street. (2001)
  • What’s your share? (2003)
  • Save yourself – If you don’t do it, who will. (2009)
  • The independent spirit. (2009)
  • Think like a geek. Trade like a pro. (2013)
  • You got this. (2014)

Slogans of Chemical Bank (UK)

  • The bank who knows the people who count in the places that matter. (1969)
  • The bank that knows the people who count in the places that matter. (1969)
  • We do more for your money. (1970)
  • The difference in money is people. (1979)
  • Chemical takes you beyond tradition. (1982)
  • The bottom line is excellence. (1989)
  • Intellectual currency. Capital strength. (1992)
  • Expect more from us. (1993)

Slogans of The Bank of New York (UK)

  • The bank that manages money. (1970)
  • Before there was a US dollar, there was a New York bank. (1976)
  • There is only one bank this old. And this new. (1980)
  • World leader in processing and operating services. (1994)
  • World leader in processing and operating systems. (1994)
  • The bank of new ideas. (1997)
  • Empowering our partners. (2001)
  • Empowering our partners worldwide. (2003)

Slogans of Deutsche Bank (UK)

  • We turn problems into opportunities. (1972)
  • International since 1870. (1976)
  • A century of universal banking. (1979)
  • Teamwork is leading to results. (2000)
  • Global insights leading to results. (2001)
  • Unique insights. Leading to results. (2001)
  • Global reach leading to results. (2002)
  • A passion to perform. (2009)

Slogans of First Direct (UK)

  • Join the better off set. (2003)
  • It’s time for a better rate. (2005)
  • The UK’s most recommended bank. (2006)
  • It’s time for a great rate. (2006)
  • First Direct saves the day. (2006)
  • Black & white banking. (2009)
  • Banking’s better in black and white. (2009)
  • The unexpected bank. (2014)

Slogans of Woolwich (UK)

  • Make your money grow – at the new Woolwich office. (1974)
  • The safe place with the nice face. (1979)
  • The Woolwich makes your money grow. (1979)
  • We’re with the Woolwich! (1979)
  • If you’re really with percentages – You’re with the W%lwich. (1984)
  • That’s why I’m with the Woolwich. (1985)
  • Anything’s possible with the Woolwich. (1987)
  • You’re either with us. Or without. (2000)

Slogans of HSBC (UK)

  • Your world of financial services. (2000)
  • Because people have small print too. (2002)
  • A great reason to bank with HSBC. (2005)
  • The world’s local bank. (2009)
  • Understanding culture is our business. (2009)
  • We connect your wealth to the world. (2012)
  • Your personal economy in good hands. (2016)
  • For when it matters most. (2017)

Slogans of AXA (UK)

  • Go ahead. Go ahead with AXA. (1999)
  • Collectors preserve culture. We insure it. (2001)
  • You only have to AXA. (2002)
  • Your future. Your way. (2003)
  • Be life confident. (2008)
  • Redefining home insurance. (2008)
  • Redefing standards. (2009)

Slogans of Allied Irish Bank (UK)

  • Ireland’s biggest bank in Britain. (1979)
  • Banking for a better future. (1981)
  • Ireland’s international bank. (1984)
  • You bring out the best in us. (1989)
  • Britain’s best business bank. (1999)
  • Taking care of business. (2000)
  • Our business is business banking. (2007)

Slogans of Bank of America (UK)

  • First in banking. (1969)
  • Man-on-the spot service worldwide. (1971)
  • Quality banking wherever you need it. (1977)
  • Think what we can do for you. (1979)
  • Look to the leader. (1982)
  • Power in motion. (1999)
  • Insightful advisors. Seamless execution. Global reach. (2000)

Slogans of Skipton Building Society (UK)

  • Where it’s safe. (1960)
  • Start saving Skipton style. (1980)
  • The investor’s building society. (1988)
  • Investments as individual as you are. (2002)
  • If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. (2003)
  • A lifetime of advice. (2004)
  • Mutual matters. (2009)

Slogans of Barclaycard (UK)

  • The sales assistant. (1983)
  • Don’t put it off put it on Barclaycard. (1997)
  • Marvelous isn’t it. (2001)
  • It just gets better. (2002)
  • The key. (2004)
  • Barclaycard gives you more than just a great 0% deal. (2006)
  • Making payment simpler. (2008)

Slogans of Societe Generale (UK)

  • The French bank with a flair for international trade. (1971)
  • A leading international bank founded in France in 1864. (1972)
  • Let’s combine our talents. (1994)
  • Red, black and rising. (2006)
  • Wider. Closer. Simpler. (2006)
  • Your focus, our focus. (2008)
  • We stand by you. (2010)

Slogans of E-Trade (US)

  • The new financial company. (1997)
  • Someday, we’ll all invest this way. (1999)
  • It’s your money. (2003)
  • Get high rates without the risks. (2003)
  • It’s how active traders get the best of the markets. (2003)
  • Are you type E? (2014)
  • Don’t get mad, get E-Trade. (2018)

Slogans of Cheltenham & Gloucester (UK)

  • We’re run to make you richer. (1995)
  • Looking after your best interests. (2001)
  • The experts choice. (2002)
  • Flexible mortgages built around you. (2003)
  • Savings built around you. (2004)
  • A mortgage service built around you. (2007)
  • Built around you. (2009)

Slogans of Standard Chartered (UK)

  • Helps you throughout the world. (1979)
  • The British bank that goes further faster. (1980)
  • World leaders in international banking. (1981)
  • Direct banking worldwide. (1984)
  • Britain’s fifth largest bank And growing. (1987)
  • Striking the right balance for over 150 years. (2009)
  • Here for good. (2010)

Slogans of Merrill Lynch (US)

  • A tradition to trust. (1996)
  • The difference is Merrill Lynch. (1997)
  • Human achievement. (1999)
  • Be bullish. (2000)
  • Total Merrill. (2003)
  • Total living. Total Merrill. (2006)
  • Signed, sealed and delivering. (2009)

Slogans of Mastercard (US)

  • Master the moment. (1991)
  • It’s more than a credit card. It’s smart money. (1995)
  • MasterCard is ready for the city that never sleeps. (2001)
  • It’s all about the bottom line. (2003)
  • For some things money can’t buy. For hotels there’s Mastercard. (2003)
  • There are some things money can’t buy. For your journey there’s Mastercard. (2004)
  • Start something priceless. (2018)

Slogans of Deutsche Bank (US)

  • Your partner in the world. (1990)
  • Think euro, think Deutsche Bank. (1999)
  • Fresh ideas. Leading to results. (2002)
  • A passion to perform. (2003)
  • Passion to perform. (2010)
  • #PositiveImpact. (2017)

Slogans of Aviva (UK)

  • Forward thinking. (2008)
  • 360 degree asset management, 100 per cent focused on you. (2008)
  • Britain’s biggest insurer is changing its name. (2009)
  • For life’s little dramas. (2009)
  • Get the Aviva deal. (2009)
  • Little things matter. (2013)

Slogans of Northern Rock (UK)

  • Be prepared, call 0845 600 60 50. (2002)
  • We back England’s finest. (2006)
  • True to our roots. (2007)
  • Newcastle. September. New kit. New season. (2007)
  • We’re open. (2007)
  • For a guaranteed return, talk to us. (2009)

Slogans of Egg (UK)

  • People love their egg card. (2001)
  • Egg lets you be. (2001)
  • What’s in it for me? (2003)
  • If you don’t look after your money, who will? (2004)
  • Don’t just move it. Sort it! (2006)
  • Let’s sort money out. (2007)

Slogans of NatWest (UK)

  • Start banking now. Start studying sooner. (1980)
  • Ready to do business. (1983)
  • The action bank. (1990)
  • More than just a bank. (1996)
  • Another way. (2008)
  • Helpful banking. (2009)

Slogans of Bank of America (US)

  • Embracing ingenuity. (2001)
  • Ingenuity at work. (2002)
  • Embracing engenuity. (2002)
  • The official bank of the U.S. Olympic team. (2003)
  • Higher standards. (2007)
  • Bank of opportunity. (2009)

Slogans of Halifax Building Society (UK)

  • The largest in the world. (1971)
  • The biggest in the world. (1976)
  • Assets exceed 7,000 million. (1978)
  • Now the Halifax is an even bigger hit with savers. (1979)
  • The Halifax. Because life isn’t always one. (1980)
  • The world’s No.1. (1985)

Slogans of Aetna (US)

  • A policy to do more. (1995)
  • The more you know the better you feel. (1996)
  • You’ll feel better with us. (1997)
  • Build for retirement. Manage for life. (1997)
  • Turning promise into practice. (2003)
  • We want you to know. (2009)

Slogans of Fidelity (UK)

  • For whatever their future holds, keep your investments on target. (2003)
  • When experience counts, count on the world’s No.1. (2003)
  • Count on experience of the world’s No.1. (2004)
  • The leading fund supermarket from the world’s No.1. (2004)
  • Invest with the fund manager most recommended by professional advisers. (2005)
  • Choose wisely. (2008)

Slogans of Esure (UK)

  • Don’t get mad, get esure. (2001)
  • Cheaper car insurance. (2002)
  • Where safe homeowners & drivers can save money. (2003)
  • Good driver? Then we could save you money. (2004)
  • Have you got four or more? (2006)
  • Car insurance for careful drivers. (2006)

Slogans of Churchill (UK)

  • Give the dog a phone. (2001)
  • Surprisingly passionate about loans. (2004)
  • Think car insurance, think saving money online, think Churchill.com. (2006)
  • Challenge Churchill. (2008)
  • Count on Churchill. (2009)
  • Depend on the dog. (2016)

Slogans of Direct Line (UK)

  • Motor insurance in around 2 minutes. (2000)
  • Good thinking from Direct Line. (2004)
  • We cut costs not corners. (2005)
  • Not all insurance companies are the same. (2005)
  • It pays to be with the right insurer. (2008)
  • A good deal better. (2009)

Slogans of Fuji Bank (UK)

  • Make Fuji Bank your silent partner. (1964)
  • It pays to go with Fuji and grow with Fuji. (1968)
  • One of a kind. (1979)
  • We now start our second century. (1980)
  • Your international banking professionals. (1990)
  • Banking excellence. (1993)

Slogans of Citibank (UK)

  • The local bank that’s a global bank. (1981)
  • Welcome to the Citi. (1985)
  • 74 years of uninterrupted work in Peru. (1994)
  • Where money lives. (2000)
  • Premium banking. (2002)
  • The premium bank that takes you seriously. (2003)

Slogans of Hiscox (UK)

  • Innovative insurance. (2001)
  • Feel right at home. (2004)
  • Have you left any items unattended? (2004)
  • The UK’s leading insurer of higher value homes. (2004)
  • Extraordinary cover. (2008)
  • As good as our word. (2009)

Slogans of Prudential (US)

  • The Prudential has the strength of Gibralter. (1951)
  • It’s your life insurance. We want you to understand what you’re paying for. (1975)
  • Growing and protecting your wealth. (2007)
  • Growing and protecting wealth. (2009)
  • Bring your challenges. (2013)

Slogans of Standard Bank (UK)

  • The bank that builds business. (1967)
  • Your kind of bank. (1990)
  • Looking ahead so you’re not left behind. (1992)
  • Inspired. Motivated. Involved. (2008)
  • Moving forward. (2009)

Slogans of The Royal Bank of Canada (UK)

  • Canada’s largest bank. (1955)
  • The helpful bank. (1970)
  • Canada’s leading international bank. (1976)
  • One of the world’s great banks. (1978)
  • North America’s fourth biggest bank. (1981)

Slogans of Liberty Mutual (US)

  • The company that stands by you. (1961)
  • Help strengthen workers compensation. (1990)
  • The freedom of Liberty. (1997)
  • Experts help you live a safer, more secure life. (1999)
  • Responsibility. What’s your policy? (2009)

Slogans of Yorkshire Bank (UK)

  • Taking your needs into account. (1990)
  • Tailored financial solutions. (2001)
  • Tailoring banking to your needs. (2001)
  • Always thinking. (2009)
  • We care about here. (2013)

Slogans of Rabobank (UK)

  • Dutch masters in banking. (1979)
  • Rembrandt country is Rabobank country. (1982)
  • The art of Dutch banking. (1990)
  • The strongest Dutch bank in the world. (1995)
  • It’s time for the Rabobank. (2005)

Slogans of Dreyfus (US)

  • Put time on your side. (1995)
  • Rule your kingdom. (1998)
  • You, your advisor and Dreyfus. (2000)
  • Quality – Integrity – Trust. (2005)
  • A mellow financial company. (2007)

Slogans of Virgin Money (UK)

  • Know your stuff. (2000)
  • No funny stuff, just money stuff. (2006)
  • Two words – Virgin Money. (2007)
  • Sheds new light. (2008)
  • There’s money and there’s Virgin Money. (2015)

Slogans of Santander (UK)

  • More branches than any other international bank. (2007)
  • Alliance & Leicester is now part of Santander Group, one of the world’s safest banks. (2009)
  • Together. We are Santander. (2010)
  • Driven to do better. (2011)
  • Simple. Personal. Fair. (2015)

Slogans of Inland Revenue (UK)

  • Gives even more. (2001)
  • Self assessment. Go on. (2001)
  • Make your workplace work better. (2002)
  • Don’t forget to tell us. (2003)
  • Self assessment. Tax doesn’t have to be taxing. (2009)

Slogans of Elephant.co.uk (UK)

  • Even cheaper insurance. (2001)
  • It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s elephant.co.uk. (2006)
  • It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s… Elephant.co.uk. (2006)
  • Even cheaper car insurance. (2006)
  • Seriously good car insurance. (2009)

Slogans of ING Direct (UK)

  • Savings are all we do. (2003)
  • It’s your money we’re saving. (2007)
  • It’s your money. (2007)
  • Saving feels good. (2009)
  • A decent way to do banking. (2012)

Slogans of Inside Track (UK)

  • Freedom to fortune. (2004)
  • Profit. Growth. Stability. (2006)
  • Experts in property investment. (2007)
  • You can’t beat bricks and mortar. (2007)
  • Profit from inside knowledge. (2008)

Slogans of Aflac (US)

  • Insuring over 38 million people worldwide. (1995)
  • Without it, no insurance is complete. (2002)
  • Now matters. (2004)
  • Ask about it at work. (2004)
  • We’ve got you under our wing. (2009)

Slogans of FirstBank (US)

  • Colorado bank for you. (1996)
  • People you know, bankers you trust. (2007)
  • Mortgages made easy. (2014)
  • Built with you in mind. (2014)
  • Banking for good. (2017)

Slogans of Société Générale

  • Red, black and rising. (2007)
  • Your focus on focus. (2007)
  • Your focus, our focus. (2008)
  • We stand by you. (2009)
  • Building team spirit together. (2011)

Slogans of Turbotax (US)

  • Taxes made easy. Taxes done right. (2007)
  • It’s amazing what you’re capable of. (2014)
  • Absolute zero. (2016)
  • Turbotax anytime. Anywhere. (2017)
  • Free, free free free. (2019)

Slogans of Chase (US)

  • Give yourself the Chase advantage. (1976)
  • The card for drivers. (1997)
  • Your choice – Your Chase. (2007)
  • Chase what matters. (2008)
  • Chase – so you can. (2013)

Slogans of Confused.com (UK)

  • An amazing way to save you time. (2003)
  • The insurance search engine. (2008)
  • The choice is clear. (2009)
  • Driver wins. (2016)
  • No.1 for car savings. (2016)

Slogans of Equity & Law (UK)

  • Specialists in life assurance. (1967)
  • One day you’ll thank us. (1980)
  • Your partner for the future. (1981)
  • Your partners for the future. (1982)
  • Profit from the future. (1985)

Slogans of Bank Hapoalim (UK)

  • We handle all your affairs with the personal touch. (1981)
  • We put potential into practice. (1982)
  • The bank to talk to. (1984)
  • Better understanding means better business. (1985)
  • Israel’s global finance leader. (2001)

Slogans of Legal & General (UK)

  • We cover the things you care for. (1979)
  • The confidence of proven success. (1985)
  • Trust us to deliver. (2000)
  • Life insurance – it’s not for you, it’s for them. (2006)
  • Working harder to make your life easier. (2007)

Slogans of National Bank of Pakistan (UK)

  • Your service is our pride – Safe and sound all round. (1994)
  • Safe and sound all round. (1995)
  • Sound values, modern banking. (1996)
  • A symbol of service, trust & security. (2001)
  • The nation’s bank. (2007)

Slogans of Scottish Provident (UK)

  • Helps you look ahead with assurance. (1971)
  • We value people more highly than things. (1981)
  • The real life company. (2000)
  • Giving you better protection. (2001)
  • Protection in a changing world. (2007)

Slogans of Skandia (UK)

  • The leader in multi-manager investment. (2001)
  • The fresh thinking people. (2003)
  • Beyond money. (2007)
  • Enabling intelligent investment choice. (2008)
  • Fresh thinking in financial services. (2010)

Slogans of AIG (UK)

  • World leaders in insurance and financial services. (2001)
  • The world’s largest insurance company. (2002)
  • Insurance, financial services and the freedom to dare. (2003)
  • Less of the same. (2007)
  • The strength to be there. (2008)

Slogans of Britannia (UK)

  • For people who know about saving. (1979)
  • Your hard earned money will thrive with us. (1981)
  • In a word, your home for life. (2000)
  • Building society. (2007)
  • Building a fairer society. (2009)

Slogans of Scottish Life (UK)

  • A strong team for pension transfers. (2001)
  • Going from strength to strength for IFAs. (2001)
  • Stronger than ever. (2001)
  • Your access to performance that’s second to none. (2001)
  • Security for your clients. (2002)

Slogans of American Express Blue (US)

  • Ain’t money swell? (2003)
  • Come and get it. (2003)
  • It’s like being a kid in a rewards store. (2003)
  • It’s your lucky day. (2003)
  • Save the music. (2003)

Slogans of Invesco Perpetual (UK)

  • Your new dimension to investing. (2001)
  • Live life for today – we’ll help you invest for tomorrow. (2002)
  • Your investment partner through life. (2003)
  • Long term investments. (2006)
  • Take a longer view. (2009)

Slogans of New Star (UK)

  • Be in at the beginning. (2001)
  • Established 2001 – Still shining brightly in 2003. (2003)
  • Still shining brightly in 2003. (2003)
  • Choose New Star for this year’s ISA. (2004)
  • Established 2001. (2007)

Slogans of TSB (UK)

  • We like to say yes. (1979)
  • All you have to do is ask. (1982)
  • It took TSB to do it. (1985)
  • Positive thinking. TYESB. (1990)
  • We want you to say yes. (1992)

Slogans of Smith Barney (US)

  • They make money the old fashioned way. They earn it. (1997)
  • They make money the old-fashioned way. They earn it. (1998)
  • Your serious money. Professionally managed. (2001)
  • This is who we are. This is how we earn it. (2003)
  • Working wealth at Smith Barney. (2006)

Slogans of RIAS (UK)

  • The over 50’s specialists. (2003)
  • It’s not just insurance, it’s riassurance. (2007)
  • Insurance for the over 50s. (2008)
  • Better with age. (2009)

Slogans of Swissquote (CH)

  • Trading. Selfmade. (2007)
  • Switzerland’s leading online broker. (2009)
  • Banking. Self-made. (2011)
  • The Swiss leader in online banking. (2014)

Slogans of Marks & Spencer Financial Services (UK)

  • Talk to us, we can help. (2001)
  • Fast, flexible and affordable. (2001)
  • For more of the things you love. (2003)
  • New fashioned banking. (2012)

Slogans of Scudder (US)

  • Talk to us before you invest. (1998)
  • Helping investors pursue their dreams since 1928. (1998)
  • Funds for life. (1998)
  • The place to plan your retirement. (1999)

Slogans of PetPlan (UK)

  • Insurance for your pet. Reassurance for you. (2000)
  • Petplan for life. (2000)
  • The pet people. (2009)
  • Every pet deserves Petplan. (2015)

Slogans of Bankers Trust (US)

  • Merchant banking, worldwide. (1987)
  • Because today isn’t yesterday. (1989)
  • Architects of value. (1996)
  • It’s our name and our promise. (2007)

Slogans of Britannia Building Society (UK)

  • There’s no better place to make a start. (1980)
  • Don’t invest a penny until you’ve checked with us. (1986)
  • Mmmutual. (2004)
  • Where membership means a great deal. (2006)

Slogans of Bristol & West (UK)

  • Specialists in mortgages, savings, investments and nothing else. (2001)
  • You’re closer than you think to the perfect mortgage. (2002)
  • Magnificent for mortgages. (2005)
  • The specialist. (2007)

Slogans of Nomura (UK)

  • Local commitment. Global capacity. (1993)
  • Know how. (1994)
  • The strength to deliver. (2001)
  • Asian strengths, global horizons. (2008)

Slogans of Mercantile Credit (UK)

  • We’ll help you achieve more. (1986)
  • When money matters, talk to us. (1988)
  • The sensible way to borrow money. (1989)
  • The direct loans people. (1994)

Slogans of Venture Finance (UK)

  • Progressive solutions for business growth. (2001)
  • Together we make it work. (2003)
  • Together, we make the difference. (2007)
  • Together we make the difference. (2007)

Slogans of Travelex (UK)

  • You’d notice if we weren’t there. (2001)
  • First name for foreign exchange. (2002)
  • We hate to be beaten. (2005)
  • The world’s foreign exchange specialist. (2012)

Slogans of Barclays International (UK)

  • A new name today. An even greater future tomorrow. (1972)
  • A world of banking. (1972)
  • The one international bank for all your international business. (1975)
  • Ask Barclays first. (1979)

Slogans of Pink Home Loans (UK)

  • Making life simple, without making a song and dance about it! (2002)
  • Adding value in the mortgage market. (2003)
  • Adding value through simplifying mortgages. (2005)
  • Turning the adverse world upside down. (2007)

Slogans of American Family Insurance (US)

  • All your protection under one roof. (2009)
  • The family you choose. (2010)
  • Pursue your dreams. We’ll protect them. (2013)
  • Insure carefully, dream fearlessly. (2015)

Slogans of Muslim Commercial Bank (UK)

  • Excels in service. (1976)
  • Good banking. Getting better. (1994)
  • Good banking. Getting even better. (1995)
  • Looking beyond the horizon. (2002)

Slogans of American Express Travelers Cheques (US)

  • Most widely accepted cheques in the world! (1950)
  • Carry American Express travelers cheques – 100% safe. (1954)
  • The best-known cheques in the world! (1954)
  • Don’t leave the century without them. (1999)

Slogans of Clydesdale Bank (UK)

  • It’s yours. (1988)
  • When it’s important to you you need a bank you can trust. (2004)
  • Tailored financial solutions. (2005)
  • We care about here. (2012)

Slogans of Nat West (UK)

  • Just ask him. (1978)
  • Expert providers of home insurance. (2008)
  • Home insurance without the gimmics. (2008)
  • Expert mortgage advice you can understand. (2008)

Slogans of Arab Banking Corporation (UK)

  • The bank with performance and potential. (1984)
  • Reflecting a world of experience. (1994)
  • An Arabian heritage. An international vision. (1996)
  • A regional leader with an international network. (2000)

Slogans of Saga Insurance (UK)

  • Quality cover for all seasons. (2006)
  • Insurance done properly. (2009)
  • Personal finance done properly. (2009)
  • Doing things properly. (2010)

Slogans of Triodos Bank (UK)

  • For a decent profit. (2000)
  • Make your money make a difference. (2004)
  • Where more than money counts. (2006)
  • Know where your money goes. (2009)

Slogans of The Saudi British Bank (UK)

  • The bank that understands. (1982)
  • We mean business in Saudi Arabia. (1984)
  • With you in the kingdom and around the world. (1995)
  • With you worldwide. (1998)

Slogans of Furness Building Society (UK)

  • Furness Building Society always does a great deal better. (2005)
  • Put your money in the Furness. (2005)
  • We’re famous for our fairness. (2005)
  • A great deal more. (2007)

Slogans of Krugerrand (UK)

  • The cash-and-carry gold. (1979)
  • The cheapest way to buy gold. (1979)
  • The ultimate asset. (1980)
  • The world’s best way to own gold. (1980)

Slogans of The Post Office (UK)

  • Get more out of your Post Office. (1987)
  • That takes care of it. (2000)
  • What a good idea. (2001)
  • Don’t go there until you’ve been here. (2003)

Slogans of New York Life (US)

  • The New York Life agent in your community is a good man to know. (1953)
  • We guarantee tomorrow today. (1974)
  • Get the most out of life. (1987)
  • The company you keep. (2009)

Slogans of US Savings Bonds (US)

  • What it comes down to is taking stock in yourself. (1973)
  • Paying better than ever. (1986)
  • The great American investment. (1988)
  • Creating a new century of savings. (2003)

Slogans of Akbank (UK)

  • Pursuit of excellence. (1998)
  • Staying ahead by being ahead. (2000)
  • Delivering dreams anywhere. (2001)
  • The innovative power of Turkey. (2009)

Slogans of Liverpool Victoria (UK)

  • The friendly society. (1999)
  • The benefits are mutual. (2002)
  • Straight answers. Flexible solutions. (2006)
  • Proud providers of What Car? insurance. (2008)

Slogans of Western Union (US)

  • We’ll send your money home quickly and safely. (2004)
  • Sending so much more than money. (2007)
  • Yes! (2009)
  • Moving money for better. (2012)

Slogans of Sun Alliance (UK)

  • Service through 12 reigns. (1985)
  • Pensions designed with people in mind. (1988)
  • Together we make some Alliance. (1995)
  • Together we make some alliance. (1996)

Slogans of Citibank

  • The citi never sleeps. (1977)
  • Where money lives. (1999)
  • The whole world in one bank. (2000)
  • Live richly. (2001)

Slogans of Standard Life Bank (UK)

  • Saving has never been simpler. (1999)
  • Better for business. (2001)
  • Ideal mortgages for you. (2002)
  • Free thinking finance. (2006)

Slogans of Bangkok Bank (UK)

  • Thailand’s largest bank. (1992)
  • The region’s leading bank. (1994)
  • The Asian international bank. (2000)
  • We care for you wherever you are. (2008)

Slogans of Chemical Bank (US)

  • American business. When needs are financial, the reaction is chemical. (1974)
  • Yes is a Chemical reaction. (1976)
  • More than money. In any language. (1977)
  • When business needs are financial the reaction is Chemical. (1977)

Slogans of The Bank of New York (US)

  • We’re making it hard to bank anywhere else. (1993)
  • New Yorkers since 1784. (2005)
  • We should talk. (2006)
  • The private bank since 1874. (2006)

Slogans of Instinet (UK)

  • Nothing comes between you and the best price. (2000)
  • Where your performance comes first. (2002)
  • The unconflicted institutional broker. (2004)
  • Setting the standards in agency execution for 40 years. (2009)

Slogans of Yorkshire Building Society (UK)

  • When you want a better investment – Yorkshire Building Society has the key. (1985)
  • Britain’s key building society. (1987)
  • With you one hundred percent. (2009)
  • Built on trust. (2012)

Slogans of AIG (US)

  • Insurance companies that don’t think like insurance companies. (1987)
  • The greatest risk is not taking one. (2002)
  • We know money. (2003)
  • We know auto insurance. (2006)

Slogans of Derbyshire Building Society (UK)

  • Investments that deliver. (2000)
  • How fair is that? (2007)
  • Local matters. (2008)
  • Proud to be part of Nationwide. (2009)

Slogans of Burgan Bank (UK)

  • Where better banking begins. (1984)
  • The nation’s bank. (1984)
  • The Kuwait bank that looks to the future. (1985)
  • Working for a better future. (1997)

Slogans of HAS (UK)

  • Health Insurance works for working people. (1984)
  • Simply health. (2004)
  • What are you waiting for. (2004)
  • Healthplans. Simple. Affordable. (2007)

Slogans of London Life (UK)

  • A better value pension plan from a different kind of company. (1981)
  • A better kind of service from a different kind of company. (1982)
  • Over 170 years of assurance. (1983)
  • Good advice for you. Good advice for your family. (1988)

Slogans of AMC (UK)

  • As easy as AMC. (2001)
  • No nonsense loans for farmers. (2002)
  • No one knows farming better. (2003)
  • You do the farming. We do the finance. (2006)

Slogans of Canada Life (UK)

  • One of the world’s greatest financial institutions. (1979)
  • Securing the future since 1847. (1985)
  • Proud to protect. (1995)
  • Inheritance tax planning made easy. (2001)

Slogans of Stoxx (UK)

  • Accurately indexing Europe sector by sector. (2001)
  • The brightest constellation of European indexes. (2001)
  • The first true style indexes for Europe. (2001)
  • Creating success. (2008)

Slogans of Provident Mutual (UK)

  • Funds for the future. (1982)
  • Plans for your future. (1982)
  • Unit linked plans for the future. (1982)
  • Investment with the individual touch. (1985)

Slogans of Clerical Medical (UK)

  • The choice of the professionals. (2000)
  • Plan for tomorrow. Live for today. (2003)
  • Planning for the future since 1824. (2005)
  • Enjoy tomorrow. (2007)

Slogans of Wells Fargo (US)

  • Diversified for service. Since 1852. (1974)
  • We’re multi-national, because you’re multi-national. (1974)
  • The next stage. (2007)
  • Together we’ll go far. (2009)

Slogans of PNC Bank (US)

  • Where performance counts. (1995)
  • Every day is an opportunity to do more. (2004)
  • Easy to grow: Easy as PNC. (2006)
  • Generosity: Easy as PNC. (2006)

Slogans of IsBank (UK)

  • Part of your team in Turkey. (1988)
  • 70 years of leadership. (1994)
  • A simple word for business. (1999)
  • Turkey’s bank. (2005)

Slogans of Royal & Sun Alliance (UK)

  • Insurance. It’s a blue and yellow world. (1999)
  • Making life easier. (2001)
  • Working together we’ll shine. (2003)
  • Building for success. (2006)

Slogans of Farmers National Bank (US)

  • Better living today through wise use of credit. (1953)
  • Credit is a tool. Use it wisely. (1953)
  • Credit properly used can mean better living today. (1953)
  • A wealth of common sense. (2008)

Slogans of Citi Group (UK)

  • The greater the resource, the smaller the problem. (2003)
  • Turning your ideas into realities. Whenever and wherever it needs to get done. (2006)
  • Alternative investments. (2007)
  • Thinking for generations. (2007)

Slogans of Merrill Lynch (UK)

  • A tradition of trust. (1993)
  • For inventive debt solutions, be bullish. (2001)
  • Invest in our success. (2005)
  • Global markets & investment banking. (2007)

Slogans of National Provincial (UK)

  • The bank for friendly service. (1963)
  • The experts with the friendly approach. (1963)
  • More strength to help more people. (1983)
  • Everyone’s local building society. (1985)

Slogans of Continental Bank (US)

  • We’ll find a way. (1974)
  • Anticipating the needs of business. (1977)
  • A new approach to business. (1990)
  • Simply better banking. (2007)

Slogans of Farmers (US)

  • Gets back to where you belong. (2003)
  • Sanity makes a comeback. (2007)
  • Gets you back where you belong. (2008)
  • Be ready for tomorrow. (2009)

Slogans of National Savings (UK)

  • Save for a stronger Britain Through National Savings. (1966)
  • For a wider investment choice. (1985)
  • Security has never been so interesting. (1995)
  • A bit of you knows you should invest a bit with us. (2000)

Slogans of Security Pacific Bank (UK)

  • We didn’t make our name by making excuses. (1970)
  • Our experience is something special. (1972)
  • The looking forward bank. (1980)

Slogans of Piraeus Bank (UK)

  • Grow with us. (2002)
  • A bank with you in mind. (2006)
  • Close to you at every stage of your life. (2007)

Slogans of Medicash (UK)

  • Helping with healthcare since 1871. (2002)
  • When it matters most. (2003)
  • A positive approach to health. (2009)

Slogans of Ameriprise Financial (US)

  • What’s next (2006)
  • Get to what’s next. (2007)
  • More within reach. (2013)

Slogans of TD Waterhouse (US)

  • How easy is this. (2000)
  • XPRS YRSLF. (2000)
  • You’re in control. (2006)

Slogans of Ameriquest (US)

  • You are more. (2003)
  • An open minded, equal opportunity lender. (2005)
  • Don’t judge too quickly. We won’t. (2005)

Slogans of Banco di Napoli (UK)

  • Correspondents throughout the world. (1982)
  • Founded in 1539. (1985)
  • At your side in Italy and in the world. (1993)

Slogans of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (US)

  • Success. One investor at a time. (2000)
  • Network the world. (2001)
  • Well connected. (2001)

Slogans of Chelsea Building Society (UK)

  • More than just money for your money. (1980)
  • It’s what the Lion stands for. (1985)
  • For the life you lead. (2000)

Slogans of Midland Bank International (UK)

  • Delivers. (1979)
  • We deliver. (1980)
  • We deliver. Test us. (1981)

Slogans of Diners Club (UK)

  • Diners means business. (1985)
  • The take charge card. (1998)
  • The card is key. (2003)

Slogans of American Century Investments (US)

  • Genuine. Results. (2005)
  • Invest in what matters. (2006)
  • Build a foundation. Be a foundation. (2007)

Slogans of BM Solutions (UK)

  • The specialist lender of the Halifax. (2002)
  • All the support you need to succeed. (2006)
  • All the ammunition you need. (2007)

Slogans of Anglia Building Society (UK)

  • Think bigger – And get a new angle on life. (1981)
  • The building society that cares about what you want. (1985)
  • Try Anglia. The building society that cares about what you want. (1987)

Slogans of UBS (UK)

  • The strong bank. (1985)
  • You & us. (2009)
  • We will not rest. (2010)

Slogans of Banca Comerciala Romana (UK)

  • The bank you really need in Romana. (2000)
  • Your partner with solid local expertise. (2003)
  • The power of team and partnership. (2006)

Slogans of Partners Group (CH)

  • Passion for alternative investments. (2009)
  • Passion for private markets. (2010)
  • Realizing potential in private markets. (2016)

Slogans of Esure.com (UK)

  • It pays to let your mouse protect your house. (2005)
  • Great value car insurance at the click of a mouse. (2005)
  • Insurance at mice’s prices. (2006)

Slogans of KBC (UK)

  • Putting people first. (2002)
  • Banking for business. (2007)
  • Expect more. (2008)

Slogans of Mint (UK)

  • Get more. Get Mint. (2003)
  • You’d need a seriously good reason not to. (2003)
  • Clever Mint. (2008)

Slogans of Cheshire Building Society (UK)

  • Committed to mutuality. (2001)
  • Building society. For the future. (2007)
  • Building Society – For the future. (2009)

Slogans of Hypo Alpe Adria (AT)

  • Give your dreams a chance. (2010)
  • One region – one partner. (2010)
  • Supportive. Friendly. Fair. (2011)

Slogans of Hypo Bank (UK)

  • Modern banking in the finest royal tradition. (1979)
  • Modern banking in the finest traditon. (1981)
  • Correspondent banking in the finest royal tradition. (1990)

Slogans of Bank Danamon (UK)

  • Banking on people’s trust. (1990)
  • Your trusted business partner. (1992)
  • We believe in you. (2003)

Slogans of Julius Bär

  • True to you. (2004)
  • Committed to excellence. (2007)
  • Your private bank. (2012)

Slogans of Citi (US)

  • Live richly. (2006)
  • Let’s get it done. (2007)
  • Citi never sleeps. (2011)

Slogans of Esurance (US)

  • Quote. Buy. Print. (2007)
  • Feels good. (2008)
  • Insurance for the modern world. (2013)

Slogans of Diners Club International (UK)

  • It does you credit. (1981)
  • Your world card. (1983)
  • Diners means business (and pleasure). (1985)

Slogans of Hypo Group Alpe Adria

  • One region – one partner. (2010)
  • Give your dreams a chance. (2010)
  • Supportive. Friendly. Fair. (2011)

Slogans of Jupiter (UK)

  • Leaders in long-term performance. (2000)
  • Your performance partner. (2007)
  • On the planet to perform. (2009)

Slogans of American Express Bank (UK)

  • Global financial network. (1984)
  • A world of solutions for banks. (2005)
  • Making it easy. (2006)

Slogans of Fidelity Investments (US)

  • Common sense. Uncommon results. (1991)
  • Where 15 million investors put their trade. (1999)
  • We help you invest responsibly. (2000)

Slogans of Mortgage Intelligence (UK)

  • Freedom to choose. (2001)
  • The UK’s largest group of mortgage brokers. (2001)
  • Smart thinking. (2007)

Slogans of PayPal (UK)

  • The fastest way to pay online. (2007)
  • Safer. Simpler. Smarter. (2008)
  • People rule. (2014)

Slogans of Anglo Irish Bank (UK)

  • There is a difference. (2008)
  • It’s money in the bank. (2008)
  • Your savings specialists. (2008)

Slogans of Bank of Tokyo (UK)

  • Your international connection. (1979)
  • Leaders in international banking since 1880. (1982)
  • We know Asia. (1995)

Slogans of City National Bank (US)

  • The city bank with the hometown advantage. (1981)
  • The way up. (2007)
  • Proudly serving East Texas! (2007)

Slogans of Bank of New South Wales (UK)

  • The first bank down-under. (1963)
  • The bank with the widest range of financing services in Australia. (1970)
  • The bank that knows Australian business best. (1979)

Slogans of ING Direct (US)

  • The beginning of something better. (2003)
  • Your future. Made easier. (2008)
  • Save your money. (2012)

Slogans of Swiss Re (CH)

  • A leading global reinsurer. (2009)
  • Leading global reinsurer. (2010)
  • We’re smarter together. (2013)

Slogans of Sodexo

  • Making every day a better day. (2008)
  • World leader in quality of daily life solutions. (2010)
  • Quality of daily life solutions. (2011)

Slogans of IShares (UK)

  • The way you invest now. Only better. (2000)
  • Your world, your way. (2006)
  • The world’s No.1 ETF provider. (2009)

Slogans of Diamond (UK)

  • Created for women. (2006)
  • A girl’s best friend. (2009)
  • Diamond is a girl’s best friend. (2009)

Slogans of TIAA-CREF (US)

  • You can count on us today and for tomorrow. (1985)
  • Ensuring the future for those who shape it. (1990)
  • Financial services for the greater good. (2009)

Slogans of Norwich Union Direct (UK)

  • Make sense of it with Norwich Union. (2004)
  • Keeping homes happy. (2005)
  • Let us quote you happy. (2006)

Slogans of Swiss Re (UK)

  • Solutions beyond the obvious. (2001)
  • Keeping you in the lead. (2006)
  • Expertise you can build on. (2009)

Slogans of First State Investments (UK)

  • Active management. Expert teams. A specialist approach. (2006)
  • It pays to see a specialist. (2007)
  • Expert teams. A specialist approach. (2009)

Slogans of Bank of Montreal (UK)

  • Canada’s first bank – Covers Canada – Spans the world. (1964)
  • Covers Canada Spans the world. (1969)
  • The first Canadian bank. The bank that gets it done – Internationally. (1971)

Slogans of Chubb (US)

  • Insure your world with Chubb. (1998)
  • Coverage beyond expectations. (2003)
  • Relax. You’re insured with Chubb. (2006)

Slogans of Chase Manhattan (UK)

  • You have a friend at Chase Manhattan. (1971)
  • Chase Manhattan acts while other banks talk. (1972)
  • Profit from the experience. (1992)

Slogans of Coinstar (UK)

  • The smart way to turn coins into cash. (2006)
  • Everything changes. (2009)
  • Everybody changes. (2009)

Slogans of Chicago Mercantile Exchange (UK)

  • Futures and options worldwide. (1984)
  • The exchange of ideas. (1994)
  • Ideas that change the world. (2008)

Slogans of Kookmin Bank (UK)

  • Most trusted and largest bank in Korea. (1998)
  • Stronger & better bank. (2000)
  • Big & clean bank. (2001)

Slogans of KeyBank (US)

  • The solution is Key. (2003)
  • Achieve anything. (2005)
  • Unlock your possibilities. (2014)

Slogans of People’s Bank (US)

  • What’s next. (2005)
  • It’s possible at People’s. (2006)
  • It’s possible @ People’s. (2007)

Slogans of The Mortgage Lender (UK)

  • Crystal clear lending. (2002)
  • The more you put in the more you get out. (2002)
  • Everyone at The Mortgage Lender likes to say yes. (2003)

Slogans of First National City Bank (UK)

  • Partners in progress around the world. (1965)
  • The everywhere bank. (1970)
  • Broadest shoulders in the world of banking – Just say Citibank. (1972)

Slogans of Assureweb (UK)

  • So simple. So efficient. So try it. (2005)
  • No hassle – No licence fees – No contest. (2006)
  • Time saved. Simplicity assured. (2007)

Slogans of Experian (UK)

  • Extraordinary use of information. (2008)
  • A world of insight. (2009)
  • Live credit confident. (2014)

Slogans of Charles Schwab (UK)

  • Put your money to work. (2001)
  • Smart investors choose Charles Schwab. (2002)
  • Let’s talk. (2009)

Slogans of Chubb (UK)

  • Instant money, anytime. (1969)
  • We are designed to be different. We are Chubb Insurance. (2008)
  • Cover beyond your expectations. (2009)

Slogans of Standard Life Investments (UK)

  • Money to fund life’s options. (2002)
  • The point is better investments. (2006)
  • Exceptional investments, extraordinary world. (2007)

Slogans of Insurance.com (US)

  • The choice is yours. (2001)
  • Insurance shopping made fast and easy. (2005)
  • May the best quote win. (2007)

Slogans of Old Mutual (UK)

  • Building value internationally. (2001)
  • Individual thinking. (2001)
  • Think big. (2001)

Slogans of Thisismoney.co.uk (UK)

  • Money made easy. (2005)
  • Financial website of the year. (2008)
  • Established 1999. (2009)

Slogans of Morgan Stanley (US)

  • The global investors workbook. (1990)
  • One client at a time. (2006)
  • We’re ready to work for you. (2013)

Slogans of Banco do Brasil (UK)

  • Your gateway to business in Brazil. (1980)
  • Nobody knows Brazil better than us. (1992)
  • Your bank in Brasil. (1993)

Slogans of Ford Citibank Card (US)

  • It’s a better idea. (1993)
  • Get the card that gets you the car. (1994)
  • No-annual-fee Ford Citibank Card – It’s just too good to pass up. (1998)

Slogans of Morgan Stanley (UK)

  • It pays to pay. (2005)
  • It pays to pay with Morgan Stanley. (2006)
  • World wise. (2008)

Slogans of Picture (UK)

  • Put yourself in the picture. (2004)
  • Picture it – Call us. (2005)
  • Picture the Loan. (2007)

Slogans of Euroclear (UK)

  • Transactions speak louder than words. (2000)
  • Growing from strength to strength. (2002)
  • Delivering a domestic market for Europe. (2008)

Slogans of The Vanguard Group (US)

  • The more you know. (1998)
  • Invest in a way of investing. (2001)
  • Innovation in loss prevention. (2011)

Slogans of Fleet Bank (US)

  • Forward thinking. (2003)
  • Fleet takes care of me. (2004)
  • If you want a better bank, I work at one. (2004)

Slogans of Smile.co.uk (UK)

  • Try a bank with scruples. (2002)
  • We’re not just about great rates. (2002)
  • Quit your bank at Smile.co.uk. (2006)

Slogans of First Citizens Bank (US)

  • We’re on it. (2004)
  • Moving you ahead. (2007)
  • Forever first. (2013)

Slogans of Arab Bank (UK)

  • A clear vision in investment. (1993)
  • Strength through history. (1997)
  • The largest arab banking network. (2004)

Slogans of Phoenix (US)

  • Add value to wealth. (2004)
  • Deliver the best plan money can buy. (2004)
  • Where excellence grows. (2006)

Slogans of Stein Roe Mutual Funds (US)

  • Your investment advisor. (1994)
  • Building wealth for generations. (1998)
  • Sensible risks. Intelligent investments. (1999)

Slogans of The Share Centre (UK)

  • Helping you make more of your investments. (2003)
  • Helping you make the most of your investments. (2005)
  • Giving you the knowledge. (2009)

Slogans of Fitch Ratings (UK)

  • Driven to do things better. (2002)
  • Talk to Fitch. First. (2004)
  • Know your risk. (2007)

Slogans of Intelligent Finance (UK)

  • The way all banks will be. (2000)
  • Until money grows on trees. (2004)
  • A different way of looking at mortgages. (2007)

Slogans of Fidelity Investments (UK)

  • Where 15 million investors put their trust. (2000)
  • ISA’s revolutionised by the world’s No.1. (2000)
  • Trust the track record of the world’s No.1. (2002)

Slogans of More Than (UK)

  • Call, click or whistle. (2004)
  • Don’t accept less than More Than. (2006)
  • We do more. (2009)

Slogans of FM Global (UK)

  • Securing the future of your business. (1999)
  • Protecting the wealth business creates. (2007)
  • Protecting the value business creates. (2007)

Slogans of The Principal Financial Group (US)

  • Financial products that give you an edge. (1991)
  • The financial company that gives you an edge. (1994)
  • Your edge on the future. (1995)

Slogans of Debt Free Direct (UK)

  • A real solution. (2003)
  • It could change your life. (2003)
  • Set yourself debt free. (2006)

Slogans of American Express

  • The businessman’s passport. (1969)
  • Do more. (1998)
  • Long live dreams. (2002)

Slogans of Budget (UK)

  • You’ll like our prices. You’ll love our service. (2000)
  • Smart people. (2002)
  • Smart people Budget. (2009)

Slogans of National Westminster Bank (UK)

  • Simply there to help. (1971)
  • One of the world’s leading banks. (1979)
  • We’re here to make life easier. (1994)

Slogans of Westpac (UK)

  • First bank in Australia. (1984)
  • Australia’s world bank. (1985)
  • Australia’s first bank. (2005)

Slogans of Discover Card (US)

  • It pays to discover. (2007)
  • Brighter. (2009)
  • We treat you like you’d treat you. (2015)

Slogans of Unum (US)

  • We see farther. (1994)
  • Better benefits at work. (2007)
  • Financial protection for what matters most. (2013)

Slogans of ACE Group (UK)

  • Setting your future free. (1999)
  • Take away the risk and you can do anything. (2001)
  • Insuring progress. (2008)

Slogans of Unum (UK)

  • The world leader in disability insurance. (1994)
  • Leading the way. (1995)
  • Protecting everything you work for. (2000)

Slogans of Leicester Building Society (UK)

  • Leicester investors are everywhere. Join them. (1980)
  • It’s as near as your nearest post office. (1983)
  • It all adds up to more from the Leicester. (1985)

Slogans of Cariplo (UK)

  • Takes up a lot of space in the Italian banking picture. (1979)
  • The bank you can trust. (1985)
  • We know how. (1989)

Slogans of National Bank of Abu Dhabi (UK)

  • The businessman’s bank. (1979)
  • The quality bank. (1997)
  • The number one bank. (2008)

Slogans of Discover (US)

  • For people who expect value. (1987)
  • It pays to switch. It pays to Discover. (2011)
  • It pays to discover. (2012)

Slogans of Ghana Commercial Bank (UK)

  • The strongest and largest Ghanaian bank. (2001)
  • The strongest and biggest bank in Ghana. (2002)
  • We serve you better. (2007)

Slogans of United Healthcare (US)

  • It just makes sense. (2006)
  • Healing health care. Together. (2008)
  • Health in numbers. (2013)

Slogans of National Commercial Bank (UK)

  • Our business is to help your business. (1979)
  • The international national bank. (1979)
  • Modern banking with a tradition of trust. (1994)

Slogans of Vontobel

  • The evolution of swiss private banking. (2000)
  • Performance creates trust. (2013)
  • Own your success. (2017)

Slogans of Allianz (US)

  • The power on your side. (2000)
  • Financial solutions from A-Z. (2009)
  • For all that’s ahead. (2017)

Slogans of E-loan (US)

  • A better way to get a home loan. (1999)
  • Cash fast. Great rate. (2004)
  • Radically simple. (2007)

Slogans of ABSA (UK)

  • Everything you’d expect from an international banking partner. (1995)
  • Your international banking partner in South Africa. (1997)
  • Today – Tomorrow – Together. (2008)

Slogans of HFS (UK)

  • It’s so easy you won’t believe it. (2003)
  • So don’t let those bills get you down. (2003)
  • The answer to all your prayers. (2003)

Slogans of ABN Amro (UK)

  • Creating the standard in banking. (1992)
  • The network bank. (1998)
  • Making more possible. (2008)

Slogans of Comparethemarket.com (UK)

  • For cheaper car insurance Comparethemarket.com. (2007)
  • You can be sure of cheaper car insurance. (2008)
  • For easy way to save on car insurance. (2009)

Slogans of Compass Finance (UK)

  • Because everybody deserves a second chance. (2004)
  • Financial direction. (2006)
  • The way forward. (2007)

Slogans of Yes Car Credit (UK)

  • We have the power to say yes, to nice people. (2002)
  • We’re waiting to say yes. (2003)
  • Discover why Britain’s yes to Yes Car Credit. (2004)

Slogans of Girozentrale Vienna (UK)

  • We take you all the way. (1979)
  • Your friend from Austria. (1980)
  • Austria’s most advanced bank. (1981)

Slogans of Nationwide Building Society (UK)

  • The new name for Britain’s third largest building society. (1971)
  • Just ask. (1987)
  • In tune with people. (1996)

Slogans of Marsh (UK)

  • Global leaders in risk and insurance services. (2001)
  • The world’s number 1 risk specialist. (2007)
  • Find the upside. (2007)

Slogans of Lutine (UK)

  • Making your life easy. (2005)
  • Underwriting the future. (2007)
  • Your life is our business. (2009)

Slogans of Williams & Glyn’s (UK)

  • The most flexible of the big five banks. (1979)
  • Our business is pounds, pence and people. (1980)
  • The alternative bank. (1981)

Slogans of Regions Bank (US)

  • Everyday confidence. (2005)
  • It’s time to expect more. (2008)
  • Convenience – Flexibility – Shorter To-Do lists. (2014)

Slogans of Nationwide (US)

  • Life comes at you fast. (2007)
  • Nationwide is on your side. (2009)
  • On your side. (2013)

Slogans of SG (UK)

  • Innovation banking. (2001)
  • Our biggest asset is our people. (2001)
  • Global securities – Services for investors. (2005)

Slogans of Liberty Bank (US)

  • Changing with times. (2000)
  • A bank you can love for life. (2003)
  • Trust and integrity since 1898. (2007)

Slogans of Dresdner Bank (UK)

  • Your bank in Germany. (1969)
  • Efficient in every respect. (1972)
  • Advice you can bank on. (2008)

Slogans of Provincial (UK)

  • Bringing you a better service. (1979)
  • People find Provincial understand. (1981)
  • Plain talk about money. (1981)

Slogans of Value Line Mutual Funds (US)

  • The smart money turns to Value Line. (1991)
  • It all starts with $40. (1992)
  • Make a big deal out of very little. (1992)

Slogans of Saga (UK)

  • Now’s the time. (2000)
  • Experience has its rewards. (2001)
  • Insurance, holidays and more. (2007)

Slogans of Credit Lyonnais (UK)

  • The partner of your future, your future partner. (1985)
  • Europe’s most European bank. (1994)
  • Let’s talk. Your partner. (2000)

Slogans of Alexander Hall (UK)

  • Ah! Alexander Hall. (2003)
  • London’s no fee mortgage expert. (2004)
  • Straight talking mortgage advice. (2007)

Slogans of Geico (US)

  • Get a free quote. (2012)
  • 15 minutes could save you 15%. (2013)
  • Expect great savings and a whole lot more. (2016)

Slogans of SallieMae (US)

  • Helping make education possible. (1998)
  • Education leads us. (2001)
  • Nobody lends you more support. (2003)

Slogans of CIB (UK)

  • Western style banking – local knowledge. (1996)
  • A vision with no frontiers. (2006)
  • One bank – Unlimited choices. (2009)

Slogans of Creditanstalt (UK)

  • Austria’s leading international bank. (1980)
  • Austria’s leading bank. (1993)
  • Banking on success. (1997)

Slogans of AXA

  • The future. Together. Now. (1998)
  • Go ahead. Go ahead with Axa. (1998)
  • Know you can. (2019)

Slogans of H&R Block (US)

  • In your corner. (2006)
  • You got people. (2007)
  • Get your taxes won. (2017)

Slogans of Washington Mutual (US)

  • More human interest. (2005)
  • We’ve got your back. Whoo hoo! (2008)
  • We don’t nickel and dime you. (2008)

Slogans of National Savings Bank (UK)

  • Busy at your post office. (1979)
  • Saving is our only buzzzinezz. (1979)
  • All your money needs. (1980)

Slogans of 3i (UK)

  • The creative use of money. (1983)
  • The world is yours. (2001)
  • A world leader in private equity. (2009)

Slogans of Commercial Union (UK)

  • The modern approach to insurance. (1963)
  • Commercial Union make pension plans simple. (1972)
  • We’ll see you better protected. (1973)

Slogans of Habib Bank (UK)

  • A tradition of better service. (1996)
  • The power to lead. (2001)
  • Service with security. (2008)

Slogans of QFC Qatar Financial Centre Authority (UK)

  • Helping you do better business. (2005)
  • Ready for business. (2007)
  • Facilitating success. (2014)

Slogans of US Trust (US)

  • When you do something very well you simply cannot do it for everyone. (1987)
  • Uncommon expertise in managing wealth. (1990)
  • Wealth management for today’s wealth. (2009)

Slogans of Leeds & Holbeck Building Society (UK)

  • It pays to belong. (2000)
  • It pays to be in partnership. (2001)
  • Have you got the message yet? (2004)

Slogans of Wachovia (US)

  • Let’s get started. (2000)
  • Uncommon wisdom. (2002)
  • Are you with Wachovia? (2006)

Slogans of Bennetts (UK)

  • We’ve got you covered. (2001)
  • Nothing but bike insurance. (2003)
  • It’s all about the bike. (2008)

Slogans of Moscow Narodny Bank (UK)

  • The bank for East-West trade. (1976)
  • The essential catalyst. (1997)
  • The very British Russian bank. (2001)

Slogans of Commerzbank (UK)

  • Bottom-line banking around the globe. (1980)
  • German know-how in global finance. (1994)
  • Ideas ahead. (2002)

Slogans of Equitable Life (UK)

  • The oldest mutual life office in the world. (1979)
  • It makes perfect sense. (2000)
  • The way forward. (2001)

Slogans of Schroders (UK)

  • The name that stands for long term performance. (2000)
  • Shrewd. Shrewder. Schroders. (2001)
  • 200 years of forward thinking. (2003)

Slogans of Ally Bank (US)

  • No nonsense. Just people sense. (2011)
  • Your money needs an Ally. (2012)
  • Smart money management. (2013)

Slogans of Scottish Amicable (UK)

  • We’re a company of note. Just ask your financial adviser. (1985)
  • Life is changing. (1995)
  • Power for the future. (2000)

Slogans of FxPro (UK)

  • Choose your game. (2008)
  • Trade Forex like a pro. (2008)
  • Trade like a pro. (2016)

Slogans of Allstate (US)

  • Being in good hands is the only place to be. (1997)
  • You’re in good hands. (2009)
  • Good hands for the good life. (2013)

Slogans of UCB (UK)

  • U could B with UCB. (1995)
  • The mortgage specialist for France. (2006)
  • Aspiring to be the patient-centric biopharma leader. (2011)

Slogans of Premier Line (UK)

  • No.1 for business insurance. (2001)
  • Straight-talking business insurance. (2002)
  • Straight talking business insurance And you can quote me. (2004)

Slogans of Hamilton Direct Bank (UK)

  • We have the money to hand. (1996)
  • For whatever’s next. (2001)
  • Together, with you all the way. (2002)

Slogans of Quicken Loans (US)

  • America’s home loan experts. (2007)
  • Engineered to amaze. (2014)
  • America’s largest mortgage lender. (2018)

Slogans of Newcastle Building Society (UK)

  • You can count on us. (2001)
  • For savings Think Newcastle first. (2007)
  • Mutual understanding. (2009)

Slogans of Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance (UK)

  • Smart financial solutions for growth. (2000)
  • An asset to your business. (2004)
  • Leading the way in commercial finance. (2006)

Slogans of ABN (UK)

  • ABN people are ready to serve you almost anywhere in the world. (1980)
  • The Dutch banker. (1982)
  • A world of understanding. (1991)

Slogans of Hill House Hammond (UK)

  • The right choice for your insurance. (1989)
  • For car and home insurance with a personal touch. (2003)
  • Human, helpful and here. (2007)

Slogans of Currencies Direct (UK)

  • Where your money goes further. (2007)
  • Making your money go further. (2007)
  • Foreign exchange made easy! (2008)

Slogans of Hong Kong Bank (UK)

  • Fast decisions. Worldwide. (1992)
  • Serving India. Worldwide. (1993)
  • Your future is our future. (1994)

Slogans of Pearl (UK)

  • Cover yourself with Pearl unit funds. (1979)
  • Every Pearl financial service under one roof. Yours. (1987)

Slogans of Bank of Ceylon (UK)

  • The largest bank in Ceylon with the finest network of local branches. (1965)
  • Largest bank in Ceylon controlling almost half of Ceylon’s commercial bank deposits. (1970)

Slogans of Chelsea Financial Services (UK)

  • The UK’s leading discount broker. (2007)
  • 25 years of investment discounts. (2008)

Slogans of FTSE (UK)

  • It’s how the world says index. (2008)
  • The index company. (2009)

Slogans of Kemper Funds (US)

  • We’re building tomorrows today. (1995)
  • Long term investing in a short term world. (1997)

Slogans of RobecoSAM

  • Sustainability investing. (2013)
  • We are sustainability investing. (2015)

Slogans of Bank Sarasin (CH)

  • Responsibly yours. (2008)
  • Sustainable Swiss private banking since 1841. (2013)

Slogans of Bank of Clark County (US)

  • The best community business bank. (2007)
  • Banking done right…. longer! (2018)

Slogans of Luncheon Vouchers (UK)

  • Lively employers give Luncheon Vouchers. (1963)
  • Feeding Britain’s future. (1987)

Slogans of Stoxx

  • Creating success. (2004)
  • Innovative. Global. Indices. (2011)

Slogans of State Bank of India (US)

  • The new general perspective. (1996)
  • Celebrating 50 years of independence. (1998)

Slogans of Robeco (UK)

  • 70 years worldwide investing. (2002)
  • The investment engineers. (2008)

Slogans of EOS

  • Your partner for financial solutions. (2005)
  • With head and heart in finance. (2008)

Slogans of Riyad Bank (UK)

  • Banking when and where you want it. (1998)
  • My bank. (2007)

Slogans of Eagle Star (UK)

  • Enjoy the wealth of our experience. (1994)
  • Supporters of the public sector. (2001)

Slogans of State Street (UK)

  • Understanding. Insight. Answers. (1995)
  • For everything you invest in. (2001)

Slogans of Stroud & Swindon Building Society (UK)

  • Looking after you personally. (2002)
  • Keep it simple Keep it Stroud & Swindon. (2003)

Slogans of Rieter Fischer Partners (CH)

  • The swiss equity specialists. (2010)
  • Our strength is our team. (2012)

Slogans of Richard Thacker (UK)

  • Specialist services to solicitors for almost 40 years. (2001)
  • Specialist expertise. Personal service. Reliable advice. (2007)

Slogans of Roadsure (UK)

  • Insurance by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. (2006)
  • Run by bikers for bikers. (2006)

Slogans of Provident (UK)

  • You call it canny, we call it Provident. (1979)
  • Helps the family in so many ways. (1981)

Slogans of Provident Bank (US)

  • Personal approach. Proven results. (2004)
  • Commitment you can count on. (2012)

Slogans of Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch & Cie (UK)

  • Private bankers of reference since 1796. (2008)
  • Private bankers since 1796. (2009)

Slogans of Provident Personal Credit (UK)

  • All the help you need with the housekeeping. (1979)
  • No banks. No hassle. No worries. (2002)

Slogans of Kaupthing Bank (UK)

  • Committed to your success. (2005)
  • Thinking beyond. (2008)

Slogans of State Bank (UK)

  • The responsible bank. (1993)
  • Committed to customer care. (1995)

Slogans of Bank of Boston (US)

  • Put our strength to work for you. (1987)
  • The private bank. (1994)

Slogans of Chase (UK)

  • Last on the list, first to remember! (1978)
  • The right relationship is everything. (1999)

Slogans of State Street Global Advisors (UK)

  • For everything you invest in. (2003)
  • Precise in a world that isn’t. (2009)

Slogans of Matrix (US)

  • Peace of mind begins here. (2003)
  • Imagine all you can be. (2013)

Slogans of KBC

  • Banking for business. (2007)
  • Let us be your strategist. (2012)

Slogans of Paribas (UK)

  • The art of banking. (1989)
  • The leading Euro bank. (1997)

Slogans of CMC Markets

  • Next level trading. (2007)
  • You’re the expert. (2011)

Slogans of Swinton (UK)

  • Make just one call. (2004)
  • The UK’s largest high street broker. (2006)

Slogans of E-X Eurex (UK)

  • X-pand into the future. (1999)
  • What can we do for you? (2004)

Slogans of Jardine Fleming (UK)

  • The leading edge in investment banking. (1993)
  • The leading edge in Asia Pacific. (1994)

Slogans of Swiss Life (UK)

  • The right decision. (1994)
  • Taking care of your universe. (2002)

Slogans of CME Group

  • How the world advances. (2013)
  • See how the world advances. (2018)

Slogans of Farming & Agricultural Finance (UK)

  • One step ahead in rural mortgages. (2000)
  • A positive step forward for your business. (2001)

Slogans of Bancomer (UK)

  • The right bank to work with you. (1988)
  • The Mexican bank with business sense. (1993)

Slogans of E-Trade (UK)

  • Join th E*volution. (2005)
  • Your way. (2008)

Slogans of RBS The Royal Bank of Scotland

  • Make it happen. (2009)
  • Building tomorrow. (2011)

Slogans of MFS (US)

  • The first name in mutual funds. Since 1924. (1994)
  • We invented the mutual fund. (2000)

Slogans of Lutine Assurance (UK)

  • Making life easy. (2001)
  • We leave you time to carry on with your business. (2007)

Slogans of Putnam Investments (US)

  • A time-honored tradition in money management. (1995)
  • A time honored tradition in management. (1998)

Slogans of Cahoot (UK)

  • Like banking, only different. (2002)
  • Who would you rather be in cahoots with. (2007)

Slogans of RBC Centura Bank (US)

  • Building a better bank one customer at a time. (2004)
  • Let’s do something giant. (2007)

Slogans of QPI (UK)

  • Setting the standard for risk management in professional indemnity insurance. (2001)
  • Protection for your practice. (2007)

Slogans of R&A Group (CH)

  • Investment-research at work. (2012)
  • Investing in excellence. (2012)

Slogans of Macquarie (UK)

  • Forward thinking. (2008)
  • This is Macquarie. (2009)

Slogans of Qatar National Bank (UK)

  • At the heart of Qatar and the heart of Europe. (2000)
  • Making banking easier. (2003)

Slogans of Dunfermline Building Society (UK)

  • For a longer happier relationship. (2008)
  • Scotland’s building society. (2009)

Slogans of Middlesex Savings Bank (US)

  • Perfectly balanced banking. (2004)
  • Where you’re worth more. (2007)

Slogans of Man Investments (heute Man Group) (UK)

  • In depth – In focus – In front. (2007)
  • World leading independent asset manager. (2012)

Slogans of Purple Loans (UK)

  • Add colour to your life. (2001)
  • It’s money on the phone. (2004)

Slogans of John Charcol (UK)

  • Why buy a mortgage any other way? (2000)
  • The independent mortgage experts. (2007)

Slogans of SwedBank (UK)

  • An excellent name for international banking. (1984)
  • The Swedish bank. (1994)

Slogans of John Hancock (US)

  • Insurance for the unexpected. Investments for the opportunities. (2000)
  • The future is yours. (2007)

Slogans of KAS Bank (UK)

  • Committed to your business. (2003)
  • Committed to you. (2007)

Slogans of Suffolk Life (UK)

  • Expertise that makes the difference. (2007)
  • Always one step ahead. (2007)

Slogans of M&G (UK)

  • Founders of Britain’s unit trusts. (1971)
  • Managing your money for the longer term. (1995)

Slogans of Bank Leumi (UK)

  • Into the ninth decade. (1985)
  • Israel’s leading bank. (1997)

Slogans of CFA Institute (UK)

  • Three letters that speak volumes. (2007)
  • Ethics – Tenacity – Rigor – Analytics. (2009)

Slogans of M&G Investments (UK)

  • No promises. Just great expectations. (2007)
  • It’s what we add that makes the difference. (2009)

Slogans of Sun Life (UK)

  • A major force in British life. (1985)
  • Helping you through life. (1988)

Slogans of Falcon Private Bank (CH)

  • Swiss private banking. (2010)
  • Fine private banking. Nothing else. (2012)

Slogans of EFG International (CH)

  • Practitioners of the craft of private banking. (2009)
  • Entrepreneurial thinking. Private banking. (2017)

Slogans of Raymond James (US)

  • Individual solutions from independent advisors. (2007)
  • Life well planned. (2012)

Slogans of Pearl Assurance (UK)

  • Face the future with Pearl Assurance. (1969)
  • Cover yourself with Pearl Assurance. (1982)

Slogans of MBNA (US)

  • Start living your dreams. (2004)
  • If you’re into it, we’re into it. (2005)

Slogans of Rainbow Card (US)

  • Got it? (1995)
  • Reward yourself with fabulous benefits – rainbowcard.com. (2002)

Slogans of Julius Bar (UK)

  • True to you. (2003)
  • Committed to excellence. (2008)

Slogans of CIT (US)

  • We see what you see. (2006)
  • Capital redefined. (2008)

Slogans of Family Credit (UK)

  • You owe it to yourself and your family to find out. (1988)
  • What’s due to you? (1989)

Slogans of Raiffeisen International (AT)

  • Bank on us! (2009)
  • Trusting a bank that has its roots in Austria and branches across the world starts right here. (2010)

Slogans of Metropolitan National Bank (US)

  • Nearby & neighborly. (2007)
  • Personal service – Global perspective. (2013)

Slogans of Bank Bumiputra (UK)

  • Your Malaysian banker. (1982)
  • We are the bank. (1988)

Slogans of Farm Bureau Insurance (US)

  • Auto. Home. Life. Health. (2009)
  • Stop knocking on wood. (2015)

Slogans of Farmers Insurance (US)

  • America can depend on Farmers. (1995)
  • We are farmers. (2016)

Slogans of Manufacturers Hanover (US)

  • The financial source. Worldwide. (1976)
  • It’s banking the way you want it to be. (1977)

Slogans of St James Place (UK)

  • Wealth management. (2008)
  • Partners in managing your wealth. (2008)

Slogans of Lombard Odier (UK)

  • A passion for asset management since 1798. (2000)
  • Rethink everything. (2016)

Slogans of Lombard (UK)

  • Making more of your money for you. (1984)
  • Where asset finance goes further. (2007)

Slogans of Save & Prosper (UK)

  • Leaders in personal pensions. (1985)
  • The investment house. (1987)

Slogans of Bibby Financial Services (UK)

  • A big difference for business. (2002)
  • A big difference for your business. (2005)

Slogans of Shuaa Capital (UK)

  • Opportunites around the corner. (2006)
  • Making the region work for you. (2008)

Slogans of Pioneer Investments (US)

  • One goal. Yours. (2001)
  • Fundamentals never go out of style. (2006)

Slogans of Legg Mason Funds (US)

  • Adding value to your future. (1995)
  • Personalized guidance. Intelligent choices. (2007)

Slogans of Barclays Capital (UK)

  • A sharper focus. (1999)
  • Enjoy success every day. (2008)

Slogans of Eureko (UK)

  • The new force in financial sevices. (2001)
  • Local solutions, shared goals. (2008)

Slogans of Saudi Cairo Bank (UK)

  • We develop faster to serve you better. (1982)
  • We make things happen. (1993)

Slogans of LHF Healthplans (UK)

  • Helping Yorkshire people since 1887. (2008)
  • Helping keep Yorkshire healthy. (2009)

Slogans of Mastercard

  • The heart of commerce. (2006)
  • Start something priceless. (2018)

Slogans of Saudi American Bank (UK)

  • Talk to the leader. (1997)
  • World class banking. (2006)

Slogans of Pigsback.com (UK)

  • Are you on it? (2006)
  • You get more back with Pigsback.com. (2008)

Slogans of Endsleigh (UK)

  • Insurance for every step you take. (2000)
  • Independent insurance for career people. (2009)

Slogans of Eurocard (UK)

  • The first credit card for the European traveller. (1965)
  • Wherever you go. (1983)

Slogans of Sanwa Bank (UK)

  • Japan’s most reliable. (1968)
  • Bringing the world to Asia. (1996)

Slogans of Skipton Financial Services (UK)

  • Independent – Clear – Informed. (2003)
  • Trusted – Clear – Informed. (2007)

Slogans of SanPaolo (UK)

  • The bank for you. Always. (1985)
  • Winning quality. (1996)

Slogans of Skopbank (UK)

  • The dynamic third of Finland. (1982)
  • The dynamic one. (1984)

Slogans of Blue Hills Bank (US)

  • Let’s get rolling. (2013)
  • Work hard. Bank easy. (2018)

Slogans of Mass Mutual Financial Group (US)

  • The blue chip companies. (2000)
  • You can’t predict. You can prepare. (2007)

Slogans of Pictet (UK)

  • Your succes is our benchmark. (2000)
  • Independent minds. (2008)

Slogans of Salomon Smith Barney (US)

  • Success is earned. (1999)
  • See how we earn it. (2001)

Slogans of Eurohypo (UK)

  • You can build on our work. (2001)
  • A passion for solutions. (2009)

Slogans of Carte Blanche (US)

  • The accepted card with the pronounced difference. (1967)
  • One of the credit cards you should have. (1977)

Slogans of Euler Hermes

  • Business insured. Success ensured. (2010)
  • Our knowledge serving your success. (2013)

Slogans of Shepherds Friendly (UK)

  • For your child’s future. (2002)
  • Providing financial security since 1826. (2007)

Slogans of Ernst & Young (UK)

  • From thought to finish. (2000)
  • Quality in everything we do. (2009)

Slogans of Maygar Hitel Bank RT (UK)

  • From the newest world. (1993)
  • You can bank on us. (1993)

Slogans of Scottrade (US)

  • Here for you since 1980. Online since 1996. (2009)
  • Open. Fund. Trade. (2011)

Slogans of Scottish Equitable (UK)

  • Best policy for a secure future. (1976)
  • Clearly investing in your future. (2002)

Slogans of Scudder Investments (US)

  • Be ready. (2000)
  • Translating opportunity. (2002)

Slogans of Landesbank Rheinland-Pfalz (UK)

  • English into German. (1979)
  • At the heart of German business. (1980)

Slogans of Beneficial Trust (UK)

  • If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. (1981)
  • We’ll give you the credit you deserve. (1983)

Slogans of Benenden Healthcare Society (UK)

  • Our members are our first priority. (2006)
  • 2009 could be the year to make a positive decision about healthcare. (2009)

Slogans of Post Office (UK)

  • Travel money. Sorted. (2016)
  • Helping you get life’s important things done. (2018)

Slogans of Bates Investments Services (UK)

  • Making a commitment to excellence. (2000)
  • Making sense of your future. (2001)

Slogans of Cattles Invoice Finance (UK)

  • Fast, friendly, flexible solutions to managing profitable growth. (2001)
  • Intelligent solutions for managing profitable growth. (2003)

Slogans of Ernst & Young (US)

  • Service excellence, worldwide. (1990)
  • Quality in everything we do. (2010)

Slogans of Saxo Bank (UK)

  • Serious trading. Worldwide. (2008)
  • The specialist in trading and investment. (2009)

Slogans of Cavendish Equity Release (UK)

  • Arranging more secure retirements since 1985. (2007)
  • Trusted & impartial advice since 1985. (2009)

Slogans of Selected Funds (US)

  • For people who’d rather invest money than time. (1992)
  • Selecting quality companies for the long term. (2004)

Slogans of ScotiaBank (UK)

  • We’re right at home around the world. (1979)
  • You’re safe with us. (2002)

Slogans of Leeds Permanent (UK)

  • The big building society for shrewd investors. (1972)
  • Say ‘The Leeds’ and you’re smiling. (1978)

Slogans of Leeds Permanent Building Society (UK)

  • One of the big five. (1969)
  • Laugh all the way to the Leeds. (1985)

Slogans of Bestinvest (UK)

  • Smooth out your returns in a volatile market. (2001)
  • Seriously. Independent. Advisers. (2007)

Slogans of Medical Sickness (UK)

  • The leading financial specialist for medical professionals. (2005)
  • Understanding finance, understanding you. (2006)

Slogans of LV Liverpool Victoria (UK)

  • LV = Better business. (2009)
  • Good value, great values. (2016)

Slogans of Sharepeople.com (UK)

  • Bringing shares and people together. (2000)
  • Choose Sharepeople. (2001)

Slogans of Sheila’s Wheels (UK)

  • Cheaper car insurance for women. (2005)
  • For bonzer car insurance deals girls get on to Sheila’s Wheels! (2007)

Slogans of Cardiff Pinnacle (UK)

  • Bringing clarity to payment protection insurance. (2006)
  • Bringing clarity to creditor insurance. (2006)

Slogans of SoFi (US)

  • Don’t bank. SoFi. (2016)
  • Get there sooner. (2018)

Slogans of Euronext (UK)

  • Go for growth. (2006)
  • Europe’s leading cross-border exchange. (2006)

Slogans of F&C Investments (UK)

  • The investment solution. (2005)
  • Expect excellence. (2009)

Slogans of Rydex Investments (US)

  • Essential investments for modern markets. (2004)
  • Essential for modern markets. (2007)

Slogans of Klarna

  • Simplifying buying. (2014)
  • Smooth payments. (2018)

Slogans of Permanent Insurance (UK)

  • Permanent solutions for an uncertain future. (2000)
  • Get some Permanent Insurance help! (2001)

Slogans of Britannic Asset Management (UK)

  • Performance with stamina. (2000)
  • The multi specialist. (2006)

Slogans of King & Company (UK)

  • Please do not leave it too late. (2001)
  • The money consultancy. (2007)

Slogans of Britannic Money (UK)

  • Turn your money into Britannic money. (2001)
  • Working harder for you. (2002)

Slogans of Direct Car Finance (UK)

  • Go for the fast and easy way to approved finance. (2002)
  • Start the new year with a new car. (2003)

Slogans of Royal London (UK)

  • The changing face of high quality financial advice. (2003)
  • We’re so yesterday. (2014)

Slogans of Chartered Bank (UK)

  • A wealth of experience. (1980)
  • Where banking comes natural. (1992)

Slogans of Progressive Direct (US)

  • The essential insurance for dirt bike riders. (2006)
  • Think Progressive Direct. (2006)

Slogans of Staffordshire Building Society (UK)

  • All Staffordshire. No bull. (2001)
  • For a mortgage to really shout about. (2004)

Slogans of Progressive (US)

  • Think easier. Think progressive. (2006)
  • It’s about you. And it’s about time. (2007)

Slogans of Royal Insurance (UK)

  • Looks after you fast. (1971)
  • Looks after you. Fast. (1976)

Slogans of Lloyds TSB Corporate (UK)

  • Offering expertise, delivering solutions. (2003)
  • The business. Since 1765. (2006)

Slogans of Domini Social Investments (US)

  • The responsible index fund. (2000)
  • The way you invest matters. (2007)

Slogans of Ecclesiastical Direct (UK)

  • Insurance you can believe In. (2000)
  • Car insurance just for girls. (2000)

Slogans of Eastern Bank (US)

  • This is our territory. (2004)
  • Top 10 reasons why our free checking is better than their free checking. (2004)

Slogans of Earth Mortgages (UK)

  • Loans for lots of different people. (2005)
  • Come down to earth. (2007)

Slogans of Earth Finance (UK)

  • Finance for everything under the sun. (2003)
  • Helping you shape a better future. (2003)

Slogans of Bank of Ireland (UK)

  • Now, what can we do for you? (1990)
  • You can count on us as your first choice mortgage provider. (2001)

Slogans of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (UK)

  • Imaginative financing is our business. (1979)
  • The financial force you may have overlooked. (1980)

Slogans of Bank of India (UK)

  • The bank that cares. (1998)
  • The guiding star. (2001)

Slogans of BankUnited (US)

  • It’s a local thing. (2007)
  • Banking for locals, by locals. (2007)

Slogans of Dexia (UK)

  • The bank for sustainable development. (2002)
  • Short term has no future. (2008)

Slogans of District Bank (UK)

  • Helps you make the most of your money. (1962)
  • An unusually personal banking service. (1963)

Slogans of Capital Spreads (UK)

  • Spread betting made simple. (2006)
  • Better value spread betting. (2009)

Slogans of Safeguard (UK)

  • You can’t put a price on peace of mind. (1984)
  • Putting your second home first. (2009)

Slogans of Safe Auto (US)

  • We keep you legal. For less. (2005)
  • We keep you legal for less. (2006)

Slogans of European Asian Bank (UK)

  • Your banking bridge between Asia & Europe. (1980)
  • The European bank for business in Asia. (1982)

Slogans of Banque Indo Suez (UK)

  • The opportunity minded bank. (1982)
  • A whole world of opportunities. (1984)

Slogans of Principal Financial Group (US)

  • Plan ahead. Get ahead. (2000)
  • We’ll give you an edge. (2009)

Slogans of Martin Currie (UK)

  • Seeing things differently. (2007)
  • It’s a question of conviction. (2008)

Slogans of Liberty Savings Bank (US)

  • Our interest is in you! (2007)
  • Banking for everyday people! (2007)

Slogans of SVM (UK)

  • Superior stockpickings. (2002)
  • Hawk-eyed stockpickers. (2007)

Slogans of Privilege (UK)

  • Call now. It’s time you had the Privilege. (2001)
  • You don’t have to be posh to be privileged. (2009)

Slogans of Lifeline Direct (UK)

  • You owe it to your family! (2001)
  • What have you got to lose? (2004)

Slogans of Egg Money (UK)

  • More than just a credit card. (2005)
  • Tested and approved by guinea pigs. (2005)

Slogans of Southern Pacific Mortgages (UK)

  • Finance on your terms. (2001)
  • Your first choice. (2001)

Slogans of Lii.co.uk (UK)

  • Financial power is changing hands. (2000)
  • Financial shopping made easy online. (2000)

Slogans of Dial 4 A Loan (UK)

  • They’ll find the right loan for you. (2003)
  • Making it easy. (2007)

Slogans of Lincoln (UK)

  • Clear solutions in a complex world. (2006)
  • Retirement income. (2007)

Slogans of Lincoln Financial Group (UK)

  • Hello future. (2009)
  • You’re in charge. (2013)

Slogans of Charcol (UK)

  • The independent financial experts. (2001)
  • The complete mortgage service. (2008)

Slogans of Brighter Business (UK)

  • A positive change for business insurance. (2007)
  • A positive change for small business insurance. (2007)

Slogans of Capital One (UK)

  • What’s in your wallet? (2008)
  • The card in your corner. (2016)

Slogans of Evergreen Funds (US)

  • Ever striving. Ever growing. Evergreen. (1997)
  • Since 1932 – The first family of mutual funds. (1999)

Slogans of Bankers Trust (UK)

  • You’ll find an international banker at Bankers Trust. (1969)
  • Lead from strength. (1993)

Slogans of Petplan Equine (UK)

  • Tailored insurance for you & your horse. (2000)
  • Sharing the care of your horse. (2007)

Slogans of Chip and PIN (UK)

  • Pay with Chip and PIN and only you can be you. (2003)
  • Safety in numbers. (2004)

Slogans of Coventry Building Society (UK)

  • Putting members first. (2005)
  • TLC not PLC. (2009)

Slogans of Paine Webber (US)

  • We invest in relationships. (1993)
  • Invest with more intelligence. (1996)

Slogans of Utah First Credit Union (US)

  • Help you can bank on. (2004)
  • Banking nirvana. (2007)

Slogans of Univest (US)

  • Financial solutions for life. (2004)
  • For work. For home. For life. (2007)

Slogans of Murray Johnstone (UK)

  • The investment house that cares about charities. (1995)
  • Real focus. Real vision. (2001)

Slogans of Netbanx (UK)

  • Payment solved. (2001)
  • The payment people. (2007)

Slogans of Community Bank (US)

  • Local money working for local people. (2006)
  • Cutting edge, common sense banking. (2007)

Slogans of Allianz (UK)

  • Home insurance you can depend on. (2003)
  • Insurance from A-Z. (2015)

Slogans of United Dominion Trust (UK)

  • The money people. (1972)
  • A fully authorised bank. Britain’s leading independent finance house. (1978)

Slogans of United California Bank (UK)

  • The bank that does a little more for you. (1965)
  • We know how to do it. (1970)

Slogans of GAM (UK)

  • Investment intelligence for the individual. (2002)
  • Active management with distinction. (2005)

Slogans of Neuberger Berman (US)

  • If we don’t invest in our funds, why should you? (1999)
  • Money management is what we do. (2006)

Slogans of MotorCycle Direct (UK)

  • The company that keeps bikers biking. (2001)
  • Bike insurance – It’s what we do. (2007)

Slogans of Union Trust (US)

  • Success starts here. (2005)
  • Your Maine bank for success. (2007)

Slogans of Union Bank of Switzerland (UK)

  • Beyond the usual. (1994)
  • Not banking as usual. (1994)

Slogans of New England Mutual Life (US)

  • The New England Mutual agent is your friend for life. (1955)
  • A better life for you. (1956)

Slogans of Union Bank (UK)

  • We set the pace. (1982)
  • Big, strong, reliable. (2001)

Slogans of Union Bancaire Privee (UK)

  • The art of creating value. (2005)
  • The art of creative value. (2006)

Slogans of GE Money Bank

  • With us you can. (2004)
  • Imagination at work. (2004)

Slogans of Mutual of America (US)

  • The spirit of America. (2005)
  • Your retirement company. (2007)

Slogans of Commerzbank (US)

  • Achieving more together. (2009)
  • The bank at your side. (2015)

Slogans of Alger (US)

  • Investing in dynamic change. (2005)
  • A passion for investing. (2007)

Slogans of Health Shield (UK)

  • Get a better deal. (2001)
  • We’ve got you covered. (2008)

Slogans of Nationwide Flexaccount (UK)

  • We always remember whose money it is. (1987)
  • You can bank on it to make you money. (1987)

Slogans of Airplus (UK)

  • What travel is all about. (2006)
  • What travel payment is all about. (2007)

Slogans of HealthNow (UK)

  • Because life doesn’t wait. (2000)
  • What are you waiting for? (2004)

Slogans of GNI Touch (UK)

  • Clearly a better way to trade CFD’s. (2001)
  • US CFD’s from GNI touch – raising the standard of trading. (2001)

Slogans of HealthSure (UK)

  • It pays to look after yourself. (2007)
  • It pays to look after your employees. (2008)

Slogans of Vanguard (US)

  • Invest in our way of investing. (2002)
  • We can help. (2006)

Slogans of GMAC Bank (US)

  • A bank of great interest. (2008)
  • Smart, simple, safe. (2008)

Slogans of Van Kampen Investments (US)

  • Generations of experience. (2000)
  • Shine. (2006)

Slogans of Navellier (US)

  • The answer is clear. (2001)
  • Calculated investing. (2007)

Slogans of Helaba Frankfurt (UK)

  • The bank with all the right connections. (1994)
  • The bank with the right connections. (1995)

Slogans of Concardis

  • Your gate to success. (2004)
  • Your payment expert. (2017)

Slogans of Alex Lawrie Factors (UK)

  • Fact is, were No.1 for factoring. (2001)
  • An asset to your business. (2007)

Slogans of VWD Group

  • Making information intelligent. (2002)
  • Excellence in financial solutions. (2006)

Slogans of GJW Direct (UK)

  • The very best in pleasure craft insurance. (2003)
  • The UK’s largest direct pleasure craft insurer. (2007)

Slogans of Hilliard Lyons (US)

  • Our objectives are your objectives. (2003)
  • One focus. You. (2007)

Slogans of UniCredit (UK)

  • At the service of your ideas. (2005)
  • Making the right connections. (2006)

Slogans of Health First (UK)

  • Medical insurance to show you care. (1986)
  • To show you care. (1986)

Slogans of American Express Travellers Cheques (UK)

  • Money that’s unlosable – Spendable anywhere. (1961)
  • The world’s safest currency. (2001)

Slogans of Commerce Bank (US)

  • Ask, listen, solve. (2005)
  • America’s most convenient bank. (2007)

Slogans of Transamerica (US)

  • The people in the pyramid are working for you. (1998)
  • The power of the pyramid. (2007)

Slogans of American Payroll Association (US)

  • America works because we work for America. (2004)
  • The nation’s leader in payroll education. (2008)

Slogans of Founders Funds (US)

  • Investment strategies for a lifetime. (1995)
  • Growth. Plain and simple. (1997)

Slogans of American Stock Exchange (US)

  • The smarter place to be. (1998)
  • Opportunity, made fresh daily. (2001)

Slogans of Tradeware Global Corporation (US)

  • Where do you want to trade today? (2006)
  • Making global markets local. (2007)

Slogans of Morley (UK)

  • Bringing power and precision to UK equities. (2008)
  • Bringing power and precision to diversified growth. (2008)

Slogans of Fortune (UK)

  • Expertise in alternative investments. (2008)
  • Excellence in absolute returns. (2009)

Slogans of ICFC (UK)

  • Helps companies grow. (1968)
  • The small business’s biggest source of long-term money. (1978)

Slogans of Torquil Clark (UK)

  • The value brokers. (2001)
  • Your lifetime financial group. (2009)

Slogans of Ample.com (UK)

  • My wealth, my decisions, my Ample. (2001)
  • Trading ideas online. (2003)

Slogans of Tokai Bank (UK)

  • We respond. (1980)
  • The international pathfinder. (1984)

Slogans of Amro Bank (UK)

  • Dutch, dependable and developing worldwide. (1980)
  • We know being Dutch is not enough. (1985)

Slogans of Fortis (UK)

  • Here today. Where tomorrow? (2008)
  • Getting you there. (2009)

Slogans of Thrivent Financial For Lutherans (US)

  • Where value thrives. (2005)
  • Let’s thrive. (2007)

Slogans of Framlington (UK)

  • Famous for fund management. (1987)
  • Intelligence in figures. (2008)

Slogans of Treuco (CH)

  • Comprehensive services since 1974. (2012)
  • Trust & care. (2015)

Slogans of Funds Network (UK)

  • Brighter solutions with the UK’s leading platform. (2007)
  • The UK’s leading ISA supermarket. (2007)

Slogans of Franklin Bank (US)

  • The new thinking in banking. (2007)
  • Benefit from our experience. (2007)

Slogans of New York Mercantile Exchange (UK)

  • We trade the world. (2005)
  • Vision is our greatest commodity. (2007)

Slogans of USAA (US)

  • Serving you best because we know you better. (1982)
  • We know what ist means to serve. (2013)

Slogans of Home Loan Center (US)

  • You deserve more. Home Loan Center has it. (2003)
  • A loan for every home. (2007)

Slogans of US Bank (US)

  • Five star service guaranteed. (2007)
  • All of us serving you. (2016)

Slogans of Friends Provident (UK)

  • At every stage of your life Friends provide. (1994)
  • That’s the power of Friends. (2007)

Slogans of Freedom Finance (UK)

  • Helping people from all walks of life. (2002)
  • Free your mind. (2004)

Slogans of Freedom (UK)

  • Local people who care. (2007)
  • Your choice. (2008)

Slogans of UBS (US)

  • The committed bank. (1985)
  • Private banking is UBS. (1999)

Slogans of American Century (US)

  • Helping 12 million Americans do better financially. (1998)
  • Investment managers. (2001)

Slogans of U.S. Savings Bonds (US)

  • The gift with a future. (1972)
  • Take stock in America. (1995)

Slogans of Freddie Mac (UK)

  • We open doors. (2001)
  • We make home possible. (2007)

Slogans of NewportFed (US)

  • Your bank. Our pleasure. (2004)
  • A better way to bank (2007)

Slogans of Newton (UK)

  • We have a single aim at Newton: to increase the real wealth of all of our clients. (2001)
  • The power of ideas. (2009)

Slogans of Nikko (UK)

  • An integrated approach to investment & finance. (1980)
  • Investment banker to the world. (1993)

Slogans of American Express One Card (US)

  • Spend life your way. (2005)
  • The one with the savings account. (2005)

Slogans of Garanti (UK)

  • The bank you can bank on. (2003)
  • The world’s favourite Turkish bank. (2008)

Slogans of Credito Italiano (UK)

  • A great name in banking. (1979)
  • Wherever banking is a must. (1985)

Slogans of Thomas Cook Travellers Cheques (UK)

  • Take them whatever you do. (1982)
  • The right choice. (1985)

Slogans of ABNB Federal Credit Union (US)

  • Better than a bank. (2007)
  • Open. Honest. Hardworking. (2018)

Slogans of NMB Bank (UK)

  • We bank the way the world does. (1985)
  • The business bank that’s your personal bank. (2002)

Slogans of XL Capital (UK)

  • Turning risk into return. (2001)
  • Fundamental strength – Capital and people. (2008)

Slogans of ACE Group (US)

  • Insuring progess. (2012)
  • Insured. (2013)

Slogans of World Mastercard (US)

  • More living – Less limits. (1998)
  • Your own perfect world: Priceless. (2009)

Slogans of Gruppe Deutsche Börse

  • The markets company. (2011)
  • We make markets work. (2013)

Slogans of National Bank of Bahrain (UK)

  • We know Bahrain better. (1977)
  • 25 years of banking. (1981)

Slogans of Guaranteed Rate (US)

  • Lowest rate. Guaranteed. (2004)
  • The home of purchase experts. (2019)

Slogans of Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance (UK)

  • A good name to insure with. (1976)
  • One of the world’s great insurance companies. (1978)

Slogans of National Bank of Dubai (UK)

  • Committed to keeping you ahead. (2003)
  • Committed to tomorrow. (2004)

Slogans of Glbank.com (US)

  • We’re not only gay friendly, we’re your only gay bank! (2000)
  • Bank gay it makes a difference. (2001)

Slogans of Wirecard

  • The power of payment. (2009)
  • Reinventing payment. (2016)

Slogans of National Bank of Egypt (UK)

  • Consistent performance in dynamic times. (1997)
  • The bank to bank on. (1999)

Slogans of Gulf International Bank (UK)

  • The international bank of the seven gulf states. (1982)
  • The Gulf’s own merchant bank. (2007)

Slogans of Guta Bank (UK)

  • The perfection of technology. (2001)
  • Banking on advanced technologies. (2007)

Slogans of National Bank of Kuwait (UK)

  • The best bank in the Middle East for 1994. (1995)
  • The bank you know and trust. (2001)

Slogans of Credit Agricole Indo Suez (UK)

  • Imaginative banking you can rely on. (1999)
  • Imaginative banking. (2002)

Slogans of Gocompare.com (UK)

  • Gocompare it. (2008)
  • Why go compare anywhere else? (2009)

Slogans of Giesecke & Devrient

  • Security at work. (2004)
  • Creating confidence. (2007)

Slogans of Grofund (UK)

  • Living up to it’s name. (1985)
  • Living up to its name. (1985)

Slogans of Grant Thornton (UK)

  • Advisers to the independently minded. (2007)
  • Think beyond convention Think beyond the big 4. (2007)

Slogans of Coutts (UK)

  • 1692-1993 – A history of forward thinking. (1993)
  • Expert wealth management for private clients. (2002)

Slogans of 21st Century Insurance (US)

  • Drivers just like you. (2007)
  • Same great coverage for less. (2012)

Slogans of Green Century Funds (US)

  • An investment for the future. (2005)
  • An investment for your future. (2006)

Slogans of 4site Insurance (UK)

  • Relax with 4site. (2008)
  • Insurance-led solutions for the outdoor leisure industry. (2009)

Slogans of Zurich (CH)

  • Because change happenz. (2010)
  • For those who truly love. (2013)

Slogans of Greenhill Finance (UK)

  • See how Greenhill Finance can show you the way. (2005)
  • A unique investment banking firm. (2010)

Slogans of Greenlight (US)

  • Easy money! (2003)
  • You’ve got the Greenlight. (2003)

Slogans of Goldman Sachs (UK)

  • Uncommon capability. (1979)
  • Unrelenting thinking. (2000)

Slogans of AA (UK)

  • Don’t do it yourself. (2001)
  • Car loans from car people. (2001)

Slogans of AAP (UK)

  • We’ll appreciate your endowment. (2007)
  • The UK’s largest buyer of endowment policies. (2010)

Slogans of Credit Agricole (UK)

  • A French force in the world of banking. (1989)
  • Sincerity, empathy, passion. More than figures. (2008)

Slogans of Countrywide Home Loans (US)

  • Realise your dreams at Countrywide Home Loans. (2004)
  • No one can do what Countrywide can. (2006)

Slogans of ABC Bank (US)

  • Count on us today. (2003)
  • Your community bank. Since 1891. (2017)

Slogans of Yapi-Kredi Bank (UK)

  • We know Turkey. (1981)
  • A dedication to deliver. (1988)

Slogans of Girobank (UK)

  • You’ll have the last laugh. (1990)
  • Moving money for business. (1996)

Slogans of APS (UK)

  • Moving forwards. (2004)
  • Going forward together. (2006)

Slogans of Gartmore (UK)

  • A relentless search for opportunity. (2003)
  • Demand more. (2007)

Slogans of Wausau (US)

  • Reinventing financial solutions. (2006)
  • Bottom line, a better value. (2007)

Slogans of Warranty Direct (UK)

  • Changing your life for good. (2005)
  • Get it covered. (2007)

Slogans of Consors

  • More life. Most money. (2000)
  • Die Discount-Broker. (2000)

Slogans of Hana Bank (UK)

  • The bank that satisfies. (1993)
  • My money network! (2002)

Slogans of WHVP Weber Hartmann Vrijhof & Partners (CH)

  • Since 1991. (2012)
  • Experts in Swiss banking. (2012)

Slogans of Action Loan Company (US)

  • Lending a helping hand. (2004)
  • When the banks say No…we say Yes! (2016)

Slogans of National Westminster (UK)

  • Our roots are our branches. (1969)
  • A worldwide bank. (1981)

Slogans of General Accident (UK)

  • It pays to be protected by a General Accident company. (1969)
  • We take your risks. (1982)

Slogans of Hanson Trust (UK)

  • The industrial management company where people are as valued as assets. (1981)
  • Management for prosperity. (1985)

Slogans of Hargreaves Lansdown (UK)

  • We charge less. You get more. (2005)
  • Best information, best service, best prices. (2007)

Slogans of Harris Bank (US)

  • You should have a Harris Business Banker. (1977)
  • Lion power. (2005)

Slogans of Harvey W Watts & Co (US)

  • Insuring pilots since 1951. (1983)
  • The original pilot disability insurance. (1984)

Slogans of Aegon (UK)

  • What’s in a name. (2006)
  • Local knowledge. Global power. (2008)

Slogans of Visa

  • The future takes Visa. (2000)
  • Everywhere you want to be. (2014)

Slogans of Gateway Building Society (UK)

  • Stay one jump ahead. (1981)
  • Go through the Gateway – Stay one jump ahead. (1984)

Slogans of Virgin (UK)

  • Plastic surgery you have to have. (2004)
  • Say yes with a Virgin credit card. (2006)

Slogans of Washington Trust (US)

  • For business banking, put us on the list. (2003)
  • Make it happen. (2004)

Slogans of Welcome Car Finance (UK)

  • Come on. What have you got to lose. (2004)
  • Perfect for you. (2008)

Slogans of HDV Heidelberger Vermögensverwaltung

  • Commodities power your everyday life. (2011)
  • Growth with substance. (2011)

Slogans of National Girobank (UK)

  • Open your bank account Britain. (1981)
  • The king size bank at your post office. (1981)

Slogans of HFC (UK)

  • It’s as easy as HFC. (1985)
  • Working with you to make big your business! (2003)

Slogans of Credit Suisse

  • It’s time for an expert. (2002)
  • 360° finance. (2003)

Slogans of Western Union (UK)

  • Uniting people with possibilities. (2003)
  • Moving money for better. (2012)

Slogans of Western Union (CH)

  • Yes! (2010)
  • Moving money for better. (2012)

Slogans of Western Union (AT)

  • Yes! (2010)
  • Moving money for better. (2012)

Slogans of Western Union

  • Yes! (2010)
  • Moving money for better. (2011)

Slogans of Gerrard (UK)

  • A shared vision in investment management. (2001)
  • Creating and managing wealth. (2003)

Slogans of HML (UK)

  • Leading the way in financial servicing. (2006)
  • The ability in financial outsourcing. (2014)

Slogans of HSA (UK)

  • Health-wise, it pays. (2001)
  • A healthier place to be. (2007)

Slogans of National Discount Brokers (US)

  • The broker for those with a passion for trading. (1998)
  • We take you under our wing. (2001)

Slogans of WestLB (UK)

  • Bank of an industrious country. (1985)
  • New answers in banking. (2007)

Slogans of West LB (UK)

  • A strong force in wholesale banking. (1979)
  • Dedication you can count on. (2002)

Slogans of Genworth Financial (US)

  • Built on GE heritage. (2005)
  • Insurance for living. Solutions for life. (2006)

Slogans of National Flood Insurance Program (US)

  • We can’t replaceyour memories, but we can help build new ones. (1995)
  • We can’t replace your memories, but we can help you build new ones. (1998)

Slogans of National Giro (UK)

  • Simply pay (and be paid) through National Giro. (1969)
  • A great deal in British banking. (1973)

Slogans of Threadneedle (UK)

  • Joined-up thinking. (2003)
  • Out-think. Out-perform. (2009)

Slogans of U.S. Trust (US)

  • Welcome. (2001)
  • The expert in wealth management. (2002)

Slogans of Dudley Building Society (UK)

  • Must talk to the Dudley. (2006)
  • People to talk to. (2007)

Slogans of First Fidelity Bank (US)

  • Feel free. (2007)
  • We go where you go. (2016)

Slogans of Citicorp (US)

  • Because Americans want to succeed, not just survive. (1987)
  • Number one in foreign exchange. (1990)

Slogans of First Federal Savings Bank (US)

  • We bring New England home. (2007)
  • Where the customer comes first! (2007)

Slogans of Fireman’s Fund (US)

  • We insure good news. (1991)
  • License to get on with it. (2000)

Slogans of Dubai Islamic Bank (UK)

  • Islamic banking for today’s world. (2006)
  • The better way to bank. (2006)

Slogans of BNP Paribas (UK)

  • You value money. We value you. (2001)
  • The bank for a changing world. (2008)

Slogans of Templeton Global Funds (US)

  • Global experts locally. (2000)
  • Bargains are borderless. (2000)

Slogans of The Gulf Bank (UK)

  • The bank that knows Kuwait. (1979)
  • Finding new ways to help you. (1989)

Slogans of Invesco (US)

  • Giving investors the world since 1853. (1995)
  • You should know what Invesco knows. (2001)

Slogans of Citibank (US)

  • A leader in global wealth management. (2003)
  • Citi never sleeps. (2009)

Slogans of Investec Bank (UK)

  • The spirit of entrepreneurial banking. (1996)
  • Out of the ordinary. (2009)

Slogans of The Hartford (UK)

  • Prepare to live. (2006)
  • Our word is our bond. (2007)

Slogans of The Hartford (US)

  • Year in and year out you’ll do well with the Hartford. (1954)
  • Commitment. Bring it on. (1998)

Slogans of BSI (CH)

  • Swiss bankers since 1873. (2010)
  • Trust and passion. (2012)

Slogans of Insight Investment (UK)

  • Inspired thinking. (2007)
  • More insight. Not more of the same. (2009)

Slogans of Minet (UK)

  • The name that’s recognised for insurance around the world. (1978)
  • We cover the world. (1990)

Slogans of Ocean Finance (UK)

  • Helping people just like you. (2005)
  • With Ocean it’s plain sailing. (2006)

Slogans of Debtbuster Loans (UK)

  • Let’s sort it out. (2006)
  • They can turn your life around. (2007)

Slogans of Baines & Ernst (UK)

  • Regain control. (2004)
  • Helping you regain control. (2007)

Slogans of Citi (UK)

  • Let’s get it done. (2008)
  • Citi never sleeps. (2011)

Slogans of Moneycorp (UK)

  • Your currency partner abroad. (2002)
  • It pays to use the experts. (2008)

Slogans of Citi

  • Let’s get it done. (2007)
  • Citi never sleeps. (2011)

Slogans of First National Bank (US)

  • Your bank. Today. Tomorrow. Together. (2007)
  • One with you. (2010)

Slogans of Millennium BCP (UK)

  • Life, our inspiration. (2005)
  • Life inspires us. (2006)

Slogans of Asset Value Investors (UK)

  • Looking harder. Working harder. (2007)
  • No stone unturned. (2009)

Slogans of Nuveen Investments (US)

  • Invest well. Look ahead. Leave your mark. (2000)
  • Smarter ways to be conservative. (2007)

Slogans of Co-op Bank (UK)

  • You caring sharing bank. (1981)
  • People who care. (1983)

Slogans of First Advice (UK)

  • Finding you a better mortgage. (2005)
  • Making it happen. Making life easier. (2007)

Slogans of Insinger de Beaufort (UK)

  • Independent banking. (2006)
  • Uncovering value inch by inch. (2007)

Slogans of The Money Store (US)

  • Real money, for real people, real fast. (2004)
  • Anywhere else you’re overpaying. (2007)

Slogans of The Citizens National Bank (UK)

  • A Korea banking Hercules. (1993)
  • Your reliable guide in unfamiliar territory. (1994)

Slogans of First Caribbean International Bank (UK)

  • Caribbean pride. International strength. (2004)
  • Get there. Together. (2007)

Slogans of Dcxworld.com (UK)

  • For wealth creators. (2004)
  • Empowering entrepreneurs. (2007)

Slogans of BHF (UK)

  • Merchant bankers by tradition. Resourceful by reputation. (1979)
  • Merchant bankers by tradition. (1995)

Slogans of Interactive Brokers

  • The professional’s gateway to the world’s markets. (2004)
  • Investors’ marketplace. (2016)

Slogans of Citizens Bank (US)

  • Not your typical bank. (2007)
  • Good banking is good citizenship. (2010)

Slogans of CityIndex (UK)

  • Our City is your City. (2006)
  • The next way to trade. (2008)

Slogans of Oppenheimer Funds (US)

  • The right way to invest. (2007)
  • Invest in a beautiful world. (2016)

Slogans of The Berger Funds (US)

  • Fresh thinking since 1974. (1993)
  • Together we can move mountains The world over. (1998)

Slogans of Omni Bank (US)

  • Count on us. (2004)
  • The difference is service. (2007)

Slogans of Olde (US)

  • Capitalize on innovation. (1995)
  • America’s full service discount broker. (2000)

Slogans of David & Co (UK)

  • Helping people since 1969. (2002)
  • Solving debt problems since 1969. (2007)

Slogans of The Children’s Mutual (UK)

  • Where money grows up. (2003)
  • Home of the Child Trust Fund. (2008)

Slogans of Insureandgo.com (UK)

  • Wherever you go Insure and Go. (2004)
  • Whatever you drive Insureandgo. (2006)

Slogans of InstitutionalInvestor.com (UK)

  • Incomparable insight. On demand. (2001)
  • Helping great people achieve great things. (2004)

Slogans of B & CE Benefit Schemes (UK)

  • Supporting the building trades. (2001)
  • Dedicated to the personal and financial wellbeing of everyone in construction. (2009)

Slogans of Ayondo

  • Follow your top trader. (2010)
  • Empowering you. (2014)

Slogans of Internaxx (UK)

  • Brits are better off in France. (2002)
  • Leave your country. (2002)

Slogans of Insure.co.uk (UK)

  • Insurance over the internet not over the odds. (2001)
  • Insurance reinvented. (2007)

Slogans of BMO Capital Markets (US)

  • Ambition, meet execution. (2006)
  • Your ambition achieved. (2012)

Slogans of The Ecology Building Society (UK)

  • Renovation. Conversion. Eco self build. (2003)
  • A natural home for your savings. (2004)

Slogans of First Bank Nigeria (UK)

  • Truly the first. (2007)
  • Established 1894 – Truly the first. (2008)

Slogans of Momentum (UK)

  • Quality – Choice – Empathy. (2003)
  • We educate, we communicate. (2003)

Slogans of Mirrorsure (UK)

  • Making sure of your finances. (2005)
  • Making sense of your finances. (2009)

Slogans of Aviva Investors (UK)

  • Worldwide capabilities, infinite possibilities. (2008)
  • Strength in numbers. (2009)

Slogans of The Ethical Investment Co-operative (UK)

  • Specialists in investments that will not cost the earth. (2000)
  • Help make a difference. (2001)

Slogans of Ohio Valley National Bank (US)

  • Business banking perfected. (2004)
  • Committed to you! (2007)

Slogans of Baloise Bank (CH)

  • In good company. (2005)
  • Making you safer. (2011)

Slogans of DZ Bank (UK)

  • It’s working better together. (2004)
  • Achieving more together. (2007)

Slogans of Norwich & Peterborough Building society (UK)

  • We can help. (2001)
  • No shareholders means a great deal. (2004)

Slogans of Coinstar (US)

  • Go splurge. (2004)
  • Cash out. (2016)

Slogans of IShares (US)

  • More exchange traded funds. More possibilities. (2007)
  • Inspired to build. (2016)

Slogans of Isis (UK)

  • This is reality. (2004)
  • Freethinking private equity. (2005)

Slogans of Isveimer (UK)

  • The bank of Southern Italy for the 80’s. (1981)
  • The medium-term bank of Southern Italy. (1981)

Slogans of Itau (UK)

  • A Brazilian leader. (2001)
  • A Brazilian leader. A global partner. (2003)

Slogans of Fidelity International (UK)

  • Aim higher. (2008)
  • The world’s investment specialist. (2009)

Slogans of Artemis (UK)

  • Hunting out superior investments. (2000)
  • The profit hunter. (2009)

Slogans of PPP (UK)

  • A better way to get better. (1981)
  • Lifetime care. (1996)

Slogans of PPP Healthcare (UK)

  • We’re there to support your every step. (1996)
  • There to support you. (2001)

Slogans of TML Mortgage Solutions (UK)

  • Listening. Understanding. Accepting. (2006)
  • Stop worrying start living. (2006)

Slogans of Norton Finance (UK)

  • See if Norton Finance can improve your financial fitness. (2003)
  • More than any bank. (2016)

Slogans of Northwestern Mutual Life (US)

  • The quiet company. Where actions speak louder than words. (1987)
  • Have you heard from the quiet company? (2000)

Slogans of Collegiate Funding Services (US)

  • Within reach. (2003)
  • The education loan marketplace. (2007)

Slogans of Fidelity (US)

  • Your advantage. (2003)
  • Turn here. (2009)

Slogans of Fernbach

  • The essence of banking. (2003)
  • Creating software for banks. (2010)

Slogans of ING (UK)

  • Trademark for integrated finance. (1999)
  • Setting new standards in equipment finance. (2001)

Slogans of The Scottish Investment Trust (UK)

  • Investment made easy. (2001)
  • Expert in long term investment. (2002)

Slogans of Arab-Malaysian Banking Group (UK)

  • Together, we can do anything. (1996)
  • Together we can achieve our vision. (1997)

Slogans of Arab National Bank (UK)

  • When doing business in Saudi Arabia, count on us. (1981)
  • Financial solutions for a better life. (2007)

Slogans of TD Waterhouse (UK)

  • Power to the investor. (2001)
  • The alternative to higher price brokers. (2005)

Slogans of Arab African International Bank (UK)

  • Confidence. Distinction. (2006)
  • Confidence distinction. (2007)

Slogans of JB Hanauer & Co (US)

  • Serving your investment needs since 1931. (1999)
  • Building and preserving wealth since 1931. (2007)

Slogans of The Toronto Dominion Bank (UK)

  • The bank that looks ahead. (1957)
  • Where people make the difference. (1976)

Slogans of The Union Bank of California (US)

  • A different kind of bank for a different kind of place. (1998)
  • It’s different here. (2000)

Slogans of Flemings (UK)

  • The investment trust experts. (1994)
  • The charity investment experts. (1995)

Slogans of Footman James (UK)

  • The enthusiasts insurance broker. (2005)
  • Insurance specialists. At your service. (2008)

Slogans of The World Bank (UK)

  • Our dream is a world free of poverty. (2002)
  • Working for a world free of poverty. (2012)

Slogans of Foresters Friendly Society (UK)

  • The only things you’ll pass on to your loved ones are the things you know they’ll treasure. (1998)
  • Safe and secure since 1834. (2009)

Slogans of First Tennessee (US)

  • All things financial. (2007)
  • Powering your dreams. (2009)

Slogans of Mitsubishi Bank (UK)

  • Beginning another century of service. (1980)
  • Make our strength your strength. (1984)

Slogans of Banca Tiriac (UK)

  • Look forward. (2001)
  • The good news for corporate and private individuals. (2004)

Slogans of Coface (US)

  • Your trade risks, under control. (2010)
  • For safer trade. (2013)

Slogans of Coface (AT)

  • Your trade risks, under control. (2010)
  • For safer trade. (2013)

Slogans of Fifth Third Bank (US)

  • Working hard to be the only bank you’ll ever need. (2006)
  • The curious bank. (2014)

Slogans of Cinven (UK)

  • Flexible financing. (2001)
  • Pressing ahead. (2002)

Slogans of Cigna (US)

  • We get paid for results. (1990)
  • A business of caring. (2007)

Slogans of Coface (UK)

  • Your trade risks, under control. (2010)
  • For safer trade. (2013)

Slogans of Coface (CH)

  • Your trade risks, under control. (2012)
  • For safer trade. (2013)

Slogans of Banca Serfin (UK)

  • A recognised force in international finance for 120 years. (1984)
  • Our business is to help you with yours. (1988)

Slogans of PNC (US)

  • The thinking behind the money. (2006)
  • Leading the way. (2007)

Slogans of Dreyfus (CH)

  • Your wealth, our responsibility. (2013)

Slogans of Deutsche (UK)

  • The bank for Europe. (1999)

Slogans of Credit Bank – Greece (UK)

  • A new concept in banking. (1977)

Slogans of Dreyfus Advice & Guidance (US)

  • We hope to make your money grow. (1993)

Slogans of Crawford (UK)

  • Excellence in everything we touch. (2007)

Slogans of Desert Schools Federal Credit Union (US)

  • Where you belong. (2007)

Slogans of Dresdner RCM Global Investors Gilt-to-Equity ISA (UK)

  • A smarter ISA for uncertain times. (2002)

Slogans of Douglas County Bank (US)

  • Depend on the strength of friends. (2007)

Slogans of DePfa (UK)

  • Performance in finance. (2007)

Slogans of Credit Du Nord (UK)

  • We take care. (1980)

Slogans of Credit Lyonnais Securities (UK)

  • Growing with the fortunes of Asia. (1994)

Slogans of Crane Bank (UK)

  • Serving to grow, growing to serve. (2005)

Slogans of Den norske Creditbank (UK)

  • Your bank in Norway. (1979)

Slogans of Credit Suisse Asset Management (UK)

  • The reason to invest. (2001)

Slogans of Credit Suisse First Boston

  • Empowering change. (2005)

Slogans of Doughty Hanson & Co (UK)

  • Investing in value – Investing in assets. (2005)

Slogans of Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette (US)

  • Putting our reputation online. (2000)

Slogans of Domnowski

  • Competence gained from over 30 years’ experience. (2011)

Slogans of Defined Asset Funds (US)

  • Buy with knowledge. Hold with confidence. (1999)

Slogans of Demon Premium (UK)

  • Devilishly low premiums. (2000)

Slogans of Dubai International Financial Exchange (UK)

  • Make it your market. (2005)

Slogans of Credit Lyonnais (US)

  • America’s European banker. (1995)

Slogans of Credit Suisse (US)

  • One Credit Suisse. (2009)

Slogans of Dreyfus Capital Value Fund (US)

  • The right fund at the right time. (1991)

Slogans of Dentists Provident Society (UK)

  • Protecting your income and investing in your future. (2002)

Slogans of Dencover (UK)

  • Insure your smile. (2007)

Slogans of Dowjones Indexes (UK)

  • The markets measure. (2004)

Slogans of Debtwise (UK)

  • A real solution to a real problem. (2006)

Slogans of Dr. Blumer & Partner (CH)

  • Hard facts. (2012)

Slogans of Dow Jones (US)

  • Be a better investor. (1998)

Slogans of Dragon Capital (UK)

  • Integrity. Strength. Experience. (2008)

Slogans of Debtaid (UK)

  • Putting you back in control. (2005)

Slogans of Dennehy Weller & Co (UK)

  • Independent research, professional advice. (2007)

Slogans of Credit Libanais (UK)

  • Close to you. (2007)

Slogans of Drive Today (UK)

  • Don’t walk away, Drive Today. (2003)

Slogans of Downey Savings (US)

  • The friendlier, easier place to bank. (2007)

Slogans of Debt Advisory Centre (UK)

  • Speak to the experts. (2007)

Slogans of Dresdner (UK)

  • Bank with imagination. (1982)

Slogans of Dedham Savings (US)

  • Your bank. (2007)

Slogans of DeWitt Bank & Trust (US)

  • Your financial solution. (2007)

Slogans of Credit Suisse First Boston (UK)

  • Empowering change. (2000)

Slogans of Debt Matters (UK)

  • Do something about it. (2007)

Slogans of Credit Agricole (US)

  • #3 in the world. #1 in the earth. (1977)

Slogans of Druids Sheffield Friendly Society (UK)

  • Affordable care. (2007)

Slogans of Debtreducers.co.uk (UK)

  • You could write off all the debts you can’t afford. (2007)

Slogans of DKV Euro Service

  • You drive, we care. (2010)

Slogans of Credit Suisse Group (UK)

  • 360ø finance. (2001)

Slogans of Cunningham & Lindsey (UK)

  • Delivering the promises. (2001)

Slogans of D&B (CH)

  • Decide with confidence. (2010)

Slogans of DNB First (US)

  • Loyalty. Bank on it. (2007)

Slogans of DPSCU (US)

  • You’ll be amazed at what DPSCU can do for you! (2005)

Slogans of Direct Debit (UK)

  • Do it with a debit. (2002)

Slogans of D&B (AT)

  • Decide with confidence. (2010)

Slogans of Cyprus Credit Union (US)

  • Your future is our future. (2004)

Slogans of Direct Invest

  • Our clients’ interests always come first. (2010)

Slogans of Direct Life (UK)

  • Life made simple. (2003)

Slogans of Cuna Mutual Insurance Group (US)

  • We take care of our own. (1987)

Slogans of Crédit Agricole Private Banking (CH)

  • Wealth management needs accuracy. (2012)

Slogans of Cumberland Building Society (UK)

  • You know where to come. (2003)

Slogans of DVB Bank

  • The leading specialist in international transport finance. (2009)

Slogans of DWS (UK)

  • First choice for your money. (2010)

Slogans of Dexia

  • Short term has no future. (2008)

Slogans of Direct Line Group (UK)

  • Let’s take the lead. (2014)

Slogans of Development Bank of the Philippines (UK)

  • Vision banking for a modern Philippines. (1994)

Slogans of Direct Travel Insurance (UK)

  • Better cover – Better prices. (2001)

Slogans of DWS Investments (US)

  • Reshaping investing. (2008)

Slogans of Direct Car Credit (UK)

  • Your passport to car finance. (2005)

Slogans of Deki (UK)

  • Change a life with a loan. (2014)

Slogans of Dial Direct (UK)

  • Give yourself a break and see what you could save. (2003)

Slogans of Dinersure (UK)

  • The hospitality insurance specialists. (2007)

Slogans of Diebold (US)

  • Innovation delivered. (2009)

Slogans of Digital Credit Union (US)

  • Think beyond the bank. (2004)

Slogans of DKB (UK)

  • We have your interests at heart. (1989)

Slogans of Diamond.co.uk (UK)

  • Created just for women. (2000)

Slogans of DG Bank (UK)

  • The broadly based bank. (1979)

Slogans of DLJdirect (UK)

  • We’re as DLJdirect as you can get. (2001)

Slogans of DD Partners (CH)

  • Your personal and independent advisor for all your financial needs. (2012)

Slogans of DB Mortgages (UK)

  • All you need under one roof. (2007)

Slogans of DMB Community Bank (US)

  • Next to you. Far from ordinary. (2007)

Slogans of Diners Club (US)

  • The world is open for business. The card is key. (2003)

Slogans of Diners Club Corporate Card (US)

  • The right answer for business. (1995)

Slogans of DARAG

  • Experts for finality und run-off. (2010)

Slogans of Diners Club International (US)

  • Travel in good company. (2001)

Slogans of DAB Bank

  • How to make it. (2004)

Slogans of Diamond Bank (UK)

  • The bank to treasure. (1992)

Slogans of D&M INvestment Partners (CH)

  • Success through reasoned ingenuity. (2012)

Slogans of D&B (US)

  • Decide with confidence. (2010)

Slogans of DWS Scudder (US)

  • One global force. One focus. You. (2006)

Slogans of Deutsche Leasing

  • Expect more. (2002)

Slogans of Credit Suisse Private Banking

  • Whatever makes you happy. (2003)

Slogans of Doha Bank (UK)

  • There’s so much more to look forward to. (2007)

Slogans of Datatec (US)

  • Alt.shift your world. (2000)

Slogans of Creso Capital Partners (CH)

  • Results with integrity. (2012)

Slogans of Ditto Trade (US)

  • It’s cool. (2013)

Slogans of Creditweb.com (UK)

  • One click and you’re home. (2000)

Slogans of Creditsafe.com (UK)

  • Pay for the credit check. Nothing else. (2002)

Slogans of Diversified Investment Advisors (US)

  • The diversified difference. (2005)

Slogans of DLJ Direct (US)

  • Trade up. (1999)

Slogans of Creditreform

  • Secure business beyond all borders. (2010)

Slogans of Davisol (UK)

  • Financial redress. (2009)

Slogans of DZ Bank (US)

  • Bank on Germany (2009)

Slogans of Dollar Bank (US)

  • Mutually inspired. (2010)

Slogans of Credit Suisse Viva (CH)

  • Access all areas. (2015)

Slogans of Daxelhoffer Wealth Management (CH)

  • Performance is never out of style. (2016)

Slogans of Deutsche Bank

  • Leading to results. (1999)

Slogans of Credit Suisse Private Banking (US)

  • Whatever makes you happy. (1997)

Slogans of Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management

  • A wealth of experience – all under one roof. (2013)

Slogans of Dolphin Capital

  • South-East Europe’s leading experts for real estate investments. (2009)

Slogans of Domestic & General (UK)

  • Keeping ahead by thinking ahead. (2005)

Slogans of DataLog Finance (UK)

  • Connect – Inform – Analyse – Share. (2007)

Slogans of Ditech Funding (US)

  • Speed guaranteed. (2003)

Slogans of Deutsche Genossenschafts-Hypothekenbank (UK)

  • The innovative real estate bank. (2004)

Slogans of Crest (UK)

  • Clearing, the way forward. (2001)

Slogans of Dacotah Bank (US)

  • Here for you. (2007)

Slogans of Crown Colony (US)

  • The king of commodity options. (1977)

Slogans of Dailyii.com (US)

  • Redefining finance. (2006)

Slogans of DaimlerChrysler Services

  • Financing mobility. (2002)

Slogans of Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (US)

  • Invest in your future. (2000)

Slogans of Crossroads Mortgage (US)

  • Get the Crossroads confidence. (2003)

Slogans of Dara Capital (CH)

  • A wise partnership in family wealth. (2012)

Slogans of Discover 2 Go (US)

  • Easy to carry, easy to use, not good for sportfishing. (2003)

Slogans of Crocker Citizens National Bank (UK)

  • California’s oldest national bank. (1963)

Slogans of Discover Brokerage Direct (US)

  • You are not alone. (1997)

Slogans of Discover Business Card (US)

  • It works. (2006)

Slogans of Croatian Privatisation Fund (UK)

  • With so many options and opportunities awaiting you, what are you waiting for? (2001)

Slogans of Darlington Building Society (UK)

  • Looking after local interests. (2008)

Slogans of Deutsche Kommunalbank (UK)

  • The small team with the big resources. (1992)

Slogans of Deutsche Girozentrale Deutsche Kommunalbank (UK)

  • The small team with big resources. (1979)

Slogans of Criteria (UK)

  • Investing rigorously. (2008)

Slogans of Discover Private Issue (US)

  • Your credit card should be a private issue. (1991)

Slogans of Davenham Trade Finance (UK)

  • Bring something extra to your business. (2002)

Slogans of Ökoworld

  • Investments for life. (2010)

Slogans of Dukre Asset Management (CH)

  • The wealth creator. (2012)

Slogans of First Victoria (US)

  • The V is for Vision. (2007)

Slogans of Ford Barclaycard (UK)

  • Making a Ford more affordable. (1994)

Slogans of Fleet (US)

  • Ready when you are. (1999)

Slogans of Flatex

  • Easy online broker. (2007)

Slogans of Fitch (UK)

  • Minding the world’s business. (2001)

Slogans of Fisher Wealth Management (UK)

  • Invest it as cleverly as you made it. (2006)

Slogans of Firstplus (UK)

  • Because life is for living. (2003)

Slogans of First4carfinance.co.uk (UK)

  • Who said you can’t get credit! (2005)

Slogans of First-E

  • The internet bank. (2000)

Slogans of First Union (US)

  • A powerful ally. (2001)

Slogans of Forex (UK)

  • The market that never sleeps. (2007)

Slogans of First State (UK)

  • Australian for great fund manager. (2002)

Slogans of First Southern State Bank (US)

  • All the bank you’ll ever need. (2007)

Slogans of First Responders Financial (US)

  • You protect us every day. We protect your future. (2006)

Slogans of First Republic Bank (US)

  • It’s a privilege to serve you. (2009)

Slogans of First Premier Mastercard (US)

  • Start turning your financial future around. (2003)

Slogans of First Northern Bank (US)

  • That’s my bank. (2007)

Slogans of First National Travelers Checks (UK)

  • Your financial passport to the world. (1972)

Slogans of First National City Travelers Checks (UK)

  • The everywhere check. (1969)

Slogans of Foreign Colonial (UK)

  • Those in the know choose us. (2000)

Slogans of Fort Hood National Bank (US)

  • Serving those who serve. (2007)

Slogans of First National Bank of St. Louis (US)

  • We put time on your side. (1976)

Slogans of Francis I Dupont (UK)

  • Your investment success is our business. (1968)

Slogans of Frenkel Topping (UK)

  • Caring for your financial future. (2001)

Slogans of Freddie Mac (US)

  • The idea behind one in eight American homes. (1990)

Slogans of Franklin Templeton Investments (US)

  • Gain perspective. (2001)

Slogans of Franklin Templeton Investments (UK)

  • Gain from our perspective. (2007)

Slogans of Franklin Templeton Investments

  • Reach for better. (2019)

Slogans of Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group (US)

  • The expertise of many. The strength of one. (2006)

Slogans of Franklin Templeton (US)

  • Serving investors for over 50 years. (2000)

Slogans of Frank Hall (US)

  • When you need a better solution. (1977)

Slogans of Framlington NetNet Fund (UK)

  • Put your money where your mouse is. (1999)

Slogans of Fortis

  • Getting you there. (2006)

Slogans of Fraedom (UK)

  • A better way to manage business spend. (2015)

Slogans of FractionalLife.com (UK)

  • The smarter way to own. (2008)

Slogans of Foster Parents Plan (US)

  • It’s the inverstment of a lifetime. (1983)

Slogans of Forward Trust (UK)

  • Money that fits the bill. (1980)

Slogans of Forum Credit Union (US)

  • Your money. Your voice. (2007)

Slogans of Fortuna Land (UK)

  • Building wealth on solid ground. (2007)

Slogans of Fortis Bank (UK)

  • Solid partners, flexible solutions. (2000)

Slogans of Fortis (US)

  • Solid answers for a changing world. (1995)

Slogans of First National City Bank (US)

  • You can’t beat that. (1975)

Slogans of First National Bank of Port Lavaca (US)

  • The bank that’s good as gold. (2007)

Slogans of Friendly Life (UK)

  • Call or click anytime, anyday. (2003)

Slogans of First Bank of Nigeria (UK)

  • Expert banking by the leader. (1982)

Slogans of First City Bank (US)

  • Integrity. Service. Community. (2007)

Slogans of First Citizens National Bank (US)

  • Solutions for life. (2007)

Slogans of First Citizens Bank (UK)

  • We put you first. (2005)

Slogans of First Citizens (US)

  • We’re on it! (2007)

Slogans of First Chicago (US)

  • Creative solutions for your complex needs. (1985)

Slogans of First Charter (US)

  • Expect more from us. (2007)

Slogans of First Boston (US)

  • First ideas, then results. (1989)

Slogans of First Bank of Owasso (US)

  • The bank you can believe in. (2007)

Slogans of First Bank Virginia (US)

  • The last bank you’ll ever need. (2007)

Slogans of First Data

  • Beyond the transaction. (2011)

Slogans of First Bank Tomah (US)

  • You are the one. (2007)

Slogans of First Arkansas Bank & Trust (US)

  • Your bank. Your way. (2007)

Slogans of First Alternative (UK)

  • If you drive a quality car, First Alternative could save you money! (2004)

Slogans of First Active (UK)

  • The way mortgages are meant to be. (2007)

Slogans of Finter (CH)

  • Fair relationship banking. (2009)

Slogans of Finspreads.com (UK)

  • Global markets at your fingertips. (2008)

Slogans of Finial Capital (CH)

  • Merging innovation & expertise to create value. (2012)

Slogans of Finaport (CH)

  • Investment intelligence. (2012)

Slogans of First Community Bank (US)

  • Building on relationships. (2007)

Slogans of First Data (AT)

  • Beyond the transaction. (2011)

Slogans of First National Bank of Pinckneyville (US)

  • First, for good reasons. (2007)

Slogans of First Health (US)

  • True to life. (2003)

Slogans of First National Bank of Olathe (US)

  • Local in a big way. (2007)

Slogans of First National Bank of Damariscotta (US)

  • A better way to bank. (2007)

Slogans of First National Bank (UK)

  • The lending bank. (1991)

Slogans of First Merchant Bank of Zimbabwe (UK)

  • Your first-call merchant bank. (1991)

Slogans of First Interstate Bank (US)

  • Across Montana and Wyoming. It’s our home too. (2007)

Slogans of First Inland Nigeria (UK)

  • You’re welcome. (2007)

Slogans of First Independent (US)

  • Ready when you are. (2008)

Slogans of First Independent (UK)

  • Setting new standards. (2005)

Slogans of First Hawaiian Bank (US)

  • Yes, yeah. (2005)

Slogans of First Data (CH)

  • Beyond the transaction. (2011)

Slogans of First Future (US)

  • Every step of the way. (2004)

Slogans of First Financial Bank (US)

  • Life’s big Firsts. (2006)

Slogans of First Federal of Bucks County (US)

  • Right choice. Right service. Right here. (2007)

Slogans of First Federal Bank (US)

  • Building and growing with the South. (2007)

Slogans of First Europa

  • You first. (2007)

Slogans of First Direct Offset Mortgage (UK)

  • How much are you worth? (2003)

Slogans of First Data (US)

  • Beyond the transaction. (2011)

Slogans of First Data (UK)

  • Beyond the transaction. (2011)

Slogans of Friedman Billings Ramsey (US)

  • Capital for your conquest. (2007)

Slogans of Friendlylife.co.uk (UK)

  • Your friends for life. (2002)

Slogans of Finansbank (US)

  • Credit card that gives you many advantages. (2004)

Slogans of Genesis (UK)

  • Changing the face of farm assurance forever. (2002)

Slogans of Gesco

  • Tradition. Innovation. Vision. (2009)

Slogans of Gershman Mortgage (US)

  • Isn’t it time you call Gershman? (2004)

Slogans of Gerrard Vivian Gray (UK)

  • Stockbrokers to the private client. (1995)

Slogans of German-Indian Business Center Hannover

  • Opportunities for Indian companies in the European market. (2011)

Slogans of Geomac (CH)

  • Tailored investments for a selected clientele. (2012)

Slogans of Genoud Asset Management (CH)

  • We manage your assets. (2012)

Slogans of Geneva’s Private Bankers (UK)

  • Liberty – Independence – Responsibility. (2005)

Slogans of Geneva Asset & Wealth Management (CH)

  • Since 1999. (2012)

Slogans of Generation Alfa (CH)

  • Added value generator. (2012)

Slogans of Gillett Brothers (UK)

  • The market makers. (1972)

Slogans of Generali Marine (UK)

  • Insurance in motion. (2002)

Slogans of Generali Investments

  • Working with you since 1831. (2015)

Slogans of Generali Group (UK)

  • The insurer without frontiers. (1994)

Slogans of Generali Assicurazioni Generali (UK)

  • Since 1831 a worldwide insurance service. (1982)

Slogans of GeneralCologne Re (UK)

  • The people behind the promise. (2007)

Slogans of General Electric Credit (US)

  • One of the biggest names in almost everything. (1979)

Slogans of General Credit Union (US)

  • Today, tomorrow, together. (2007)

Slogans of General Capital Group

  • Invest in Germany! (2005)

Slogans of Giesecke & Devrient (US)

  • Creating confidence. (2011)

Slogans of Gimv

  • Building leading companies. (2013)

Slogans of General Accident Fire & Life Assurance (UK)

  • Famous for all classes of insurance. (1952)

Slogans of Go Travel Insurance (UK)

  • Go have fun! (2007)

Slogans of Grand Bank (US)

  • Prevail. (2007)

Slogans of GorillaTrades.com (US)

  • Why trade like a monkey, when you can invest like a gorilla? (2004)

Slogans of Google Wallet (US)

  • Make your phone your wallet. (2011)

Slogans of Good-Will Builders (US)

  • Go after gold – In accounts that are old. (1956)

Slogans of Golden Security Bank (US)

  • We speak your language. (2007)

Slogans of Gold MasterCard (US)

  • It’s more than a gold card. It’s smart money. (1994)

Slogans of Gold Information Centre (UK)

  • Money you can trust. (1986)

Slogans of Gold & Silver (US)

  • The educated risk. (1978)

Slogans of Gnitouch.com (UK)

  • GNI Touch – transparently a better way to trade. (2001)

Slogans of Girobank BillPay (UK)

  • Let the mouse pay all the bills. (2001)

Slogans of GlobexBank (UK)

  • Consistency, clarity and competency. (2002)

Slogans of Globe Investment Trust (UK)

  • Britain’s largest listed investment trust. (1985)

Slogans of Global Refund (UK)

  • Adding value to your business. (2005)

Slogans of Global Futures & Forex (UK)

  • Above all, integrity. (2009)

Slogans of Global Aerospace

  • Insure with confidence. (2013)

Slogans of Glitnir (UK)

  • Smart banking. (2007)

Slogans of Girozentrale (UK)

  • Financially and geographically in a position to help. (1973)

Slogans of Girocredit (UK)

  • Australia’s European bank. (1992)

Slogans of General American (US)

  • Products to value, people to trust. (1993)

Slogans of General Accident Fire & Life (US)

  • Get the General idea of insurance. (1956)

Slogans of Friends Provident Corporate Pensions (UK)

  • Simplification made simple. (2005)

Slogans of Fxall (UK)

  • Simplicity amid the complexity. (2001)

Slogans of GCI Financial

  • Global leaders in online trading. (2010)

Slogans of GBTI (UK)

  • Guyana is on the rise. (1994)

Slogans of GBM (UK)

  • Ideas behind the numbers. (1993)

Slogans of GB Home Loans (UK)

  • Where the grass is greener! (2008)

Slogans of GAM (US)

  • Performance through investment intelligence. (2005)

Slogans of GA Insurance (US)

  • We’ll see you through. (1995)

Slogans of GA Direct (UK)

  • More motor insurance, for less of your money. We can help. (1990)

Slogans of G&C Finance (UK)

  • Lending a hand in your future. (2007)

Slogans of Futures Index (UK)

  • The best bet on the markets. (1981)

Slogans of GE Life (UK)

  • The at retirement specialist. (2007)

Slogans of FutureSource (US)

  • Future solutions. Now. (2003)

Slogans of Future Mortgages (UK)

  • Extraordinary mortgages for ordinary people. (2000)

Slogans of Fundsnetwork.co.uk (UK)

  • The investment superstore from the world’s No.1. (2001)

Slogans of Fulton Bank (US)

  • Listening. (2007)

Slogans of Full Service Bank (US)

  • The place where you keep your checking account. (1966)

Slogans of Fsg

  • Just lease IT! (2013)

Slogans of Frost (US)

  • We’re from here. (2008)

Slogans of Frizzell (UK)

  • Protecting the future together. (2000)

Slogans of GE Capital (US)

  • Our business is helping yours. (1995)

Slogans of GFKL

  • Services in finance & IT. (2009)

Slogans of Gen Re

  • The people behind the promise. (2009)

Slogans of Gabelli Funds (US)

  • Creating opportunities through research. (1997)

Slogans of Geico Powersports (US)

  • Insurance for your car and the other things that move you. (2009)

Slogans of Geico Direct (US)

  • Real service, real savings. (2006)

Slogans of Geico (UK)

  • The sensible alternative. (2002)

Slogans of Gefa

  • We support. You succeed. (2006)

Slogans of Garden State (US)

  • For simple secure debt consolidation. (2003)

Slogans of Gard (UK)

  • Your gateway to marine and energy. (2002)

Slogans of Garanti Bankasi (UK)

  • You can bank on Garanti. (1989)

Slogans of Garant (AT)

  • Trade security for the future. (2013)

Slogans of GZ (UK)

  • Your friend in Austria. (1979)

Slogans of GFT (UK)

  • Above all integrity. (2008)

Slogans of GWM Group (CH)

  • Aligning interests. (2012)

Slogans of GNI (UK)

  • Best in the hands of a professional. (2000)

Slogans of GMAC – RFC (UK)

  • Mortgages for everyone. (2003)

Slogans of GM Card (US)

  • What are you changing toward? (2000)

Slogans of GM (US)

  • Live. Earn. Drive. (2003)

Slogans of GL Funds (CH)

  • Absolute return since 1995. (2011)

Slogans of GIMV (UK)

  • Let’s build companies. (2008)

Slogans of GIB (UK)

  • A new force in regional banking. (2000)

Slogans of Finanzplatz (UK)

  • The natural choice. (1999)

Slogans of Financing Alternatives (US)

  • We say yes! (2006)

Slogans of Dunbar Bank (UK)

  • The experience to match your vision. (2003)

Slogans of Emirates Bank (UK)

  • Together we are the future. (2005)

Slogans of Ennia (UK)

  • Balanced growth internationally. (1980)

Slogans of Englewood Bank (US)

  • Your home Your town Your family bank. (2007)

Slogans of Endowment UK (UK)

  • Something now. (2005)

Slogans of Encompass (US)

  • Liberty, justice, and really good insurance. (2002)

Slogans of En Route (US)

  • Strictly business. (1990)

Slogans of Employment and Support Allowance (UK)

  • Working for a better life. (2009)

Slogans of Employers Group Insurance (US)

  • The man with the plan. (1956)

Slogans of Employers (US)

  • America’s small business insurance specialist. (2015)

Slogans of Emblem Health (US)

  • The plan that works. (2008)

Slogans of Enterprise Bank (US)

  • Create success. Create Opportunities. Create wealth. Create business. Create more. (2007)

Slogans of Embark Initiative (UK)

  • Investing in people and ideas. (2002)

Slogans of Elvia (CH)

  • One call does it all. (2010)

Slogans of Eloan (US)

  • Zero down home loans. (2004)

Slogans of ElipsLife

  • Your insurance. (2012)

Slogans of Elephant (UK)

  • Check it out. (2004)

Slogans of Elavon

  • Elevating payments. (2010)

Slogans of Egyptian Gulf Bank (US)

  • Innovation in banking. (2000)

Slogans of Egyptian American Bank (US)

  • The refined service bank. (2000)

Slogans of Enterplan (UK)

  • Creating a natural advantage. (2006)

Slogans of Eny Finance (CH)

  • New generation of financial services. (2014)

Slogans of Egebank (UK)

  • Success through partnership. (1992)

Slogans of Erie Insurance (US)

  • Above all in service. (2013)

Slogans of Ethos Visa Debit Card (US)

  • Be your own bank. (2005)

Slogans of Ethiopian Insurance (UK)

  • Your reliable partner. (2002)

Slogans of Esurance.com (US)

  • Insurance. Only better. (2000)

Slogans of Espirito Santo Private (UK)

  • Leadership through excellence. (2004)

Slogans of Erste Sparkasse (AT)

  • The future is yours. (2019)

Slogans of Ernst & Young (CH)

  • Quality in everything we do. (2010)

Slogans of Ernst & Young (AT)

  • Quality in everything we do. (2010)

Slogans of Ermitage (UK)

  • Absolute investment talent. (2008)

Slogans of Erfisa (CH)

  • Liberty and transparency for projects orientation. (2012)

Slogans of Equestria Insurance (UK)

  • Insurance arranged by horse owners for horse owners. (2001)

Slogans of EquityStory

  • Online investor relations. (2009)

Slogans of Equity Release Information Centre (UK)

  • Arranging equity release plans since 1985. (2006)

Slogans of Equity Bank (UK)

  • The listening, caring financial partner. (2007)

Slogans of Equity & Law Life Assurance (UK)

  • Outstanding value in life assurance. (1950)

Slogans of Equitable PCI (UK)

  • Service is our element. (2000)

Slogans of Equitable Life Insurance (US)

  • At the head of the nation. (1956)

Slogans of Equitable (US)

  • Power over tomorrow. (1995)

Slogans of Equitable (UK)

  • For a better deal. (1962)

Slogans of Egg.com (UK)

  • Scurry along and apply at egg.com. (2005)

Slogans of Edward Jones (US)

  • Making sense of investing. (2008)

Slogans of Etrade.co.uk (UK)

  • It’s time for etrade. (2000)

Slogans of E.Sun Commercial Bank (UK)

  • The bank led by bankers. (2000)

Slogans of EMOSE (UK)

  • Insurance with a guarantee. (1999)

Slogans of EIM (UK)

  • True diligence. (2007)

Slogans of EFTPS (US)

  • The click way to pay taxes. (2002)

Slogans of EFG International (UK)

  • Practitioners of the craft of private banking. (2009)

Slogans of EDS Credit Services (UK)

  • We don’t just see things, we see things through. (2002)

Slogans of EDF (UK)

  • A power in finance. (1993)

Slogans of EBS (UK)

  • Right price, right amount, right time. (2002)

Slogans of EBIC (UK)

  • Europe’s most experienced banking group. (1985)

Slogans of E.M.C. Gestion de Fortune (CH)

  • Performance through partnership. (2012)

Slogans of EOF Bonds (UK)

  • The middle way to successful investment. (1969)

Slogans of E-cortal.com (UK)

  • Get more than your share. (2000)

Slogans of E-Term (US)

  • The easiest way to buy term life insurance. (2003)

Slogans of E-Park24 (CH)

  • The mobile payment company. (2009)

Slogans of E-MFP European Microfinance Platform (UK)

  • Networking with the south. (2012)

Slogans of E-Claim (UK)

  • Claim the future today. (2007)

Slogans of Dynamics ePlate Visa Card (US)

  • Everything else is just plastic. (2013)

Slogans of Dynamic Funds (UK)

  • Invest with advice. (2008)

Slogans of Dynamic Commercial Finance (UK)

  • The power to drive business forward. (2003)

Slogans of EMoneyfacts.co.uk (UK)

  • The adviser’s portal. (2008)

Slogans of EOP & Associés (CH)

  • Added value. (2012)

Slogans of Edinburgh Fund Managers (UK)

  • Rock solid. (2001)

Slogans of Ebookersfinance.com (UK)

  • Understand. Compare. Apply. (2000)

Slogans of Edeus (UK)

  • Mortgage creators. (2008)

Slogans of Edelweiss Facility Management (CH)

  • The better way to manage facilities. (2006)

Slogans of Economic Lifestyle (UK)

  • A new lease for life. (2002)

Slogans of Ecobank (UK)

  • The pan African bank. (2008)

Slogans of Eco (UK)

  • Now you can get green car insurance that doesn’t cost the earth. (2006)

Slogans of Ecclesiastical Financial Services (UK)

  • Financial advice you can believe in. (2006)

Slogans of Ecclesiastical (UK)

  • A big name in industrial insurance. (2001)

Slogans of Ecarinsurance.co.uk (UK)

  • It’s an easy choice. (2008)

Slogans of Eaglestar.co.uk (UK)

  • How insurance should be. (2000)

Slogans of EQ Online

  • Accept no compromise. (2000)

Slogans of Eagle Star General (UK)

  • The no-nonsense insurance company. (1995)

Slogans of Eagle National Bank (US)

  • Banking the way it ought to be. (2007)

Slogans of ETX Capital

  • The smarter way to trade. (2012)

Slogans of ETA (UK)

  • Your green peace of mind. (2009)

Slogans of ESignal (UK)

  • You’ll make more, because you’ll know more. (2001)

Slogans of ESPN Visa (US)

  • You spend. You score. (2006)

Slogans of ESL Federal Credit Union (US)

  • It’s banking, only better. (2007)

Slogans of ERV Europäische Reiseversicherung

  • You travel. We care. (2014)

Slogans of Etoro (UK)

  • Take the bull by the horns. (2016)

Slogans of Euler Hermes (CH)

  • Our knowledge serving your success. (2013)

Slogans of Financialhearings.com (UK)

  • For reaching investors in the Nordic region. (2003)

Slogans of Farmers State Bank (US)

  • The home of Blue Button Banking. (2007)

Slogans of Federated (UK)

  • World-class investment manager. (2009)

Slogans of Federal Inland Revenue Service – Nigeria (UK)

  • It pays to pay tax. (2007)

Slogans of Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis (US)

  • Building partnerships Serving communities. (2007)

Slogans of FedChoice (US)

  • Altogether better. (2013)

Slogans of Faysal Islamic Bank of Bahrain E.C. (UK)

  • Your partner towards prosperity. (1995)

Slogans of Fat Prophets (UK)

  • Investment heavyweights. (2007)

Slogans of Farmington Savings Bank (US)

  • Community banking at its best. (2007)

Slogans of Farmers and Mercantile (UK)

  • Insurance for farmers provided by farmers. (2008)

Slogans of Farmers Financial Services (US)

  • Getting you where you belong. (2002)

Slogans of Federated Funds (US)

  • Where experts invest. (1995)

Slogans of Fannie Mae (US)

  • Our business is the American Dream. (2008)

Slogans of Family Finance (UK)

  • The friendly face of finance. (2005)

Slogans of Family Assurance Friendly Society (UK)

  • Friendly for life. (2001)

Slogans of Fame (UK)

  • It’s about time. (1995)

Slogans of Falcom (UK)

  • Intelligent investment ideas. (2008)

Slogans of Fairclough Home Finance (UK)

  • The key to owning your new Fairclough home. (2002)

Slogans of Fairbairn Private Bank (UK)

  • Distinctly different. (2007)

Slogans of FairFX.com (UK)

  • You can’t get fairer than FairFX.com. (2009)

Slogans of Federated (US)

  • Value our experience. (2007)

Slogans of Fennia (UK)

  • The security experts. (1981)

Slogans of FXdirekt Bank

  • Your money deserves the chance. (2010)

Slogans of Fidelity.com (US)

  • Every second counts. (1999)

Slogans of Financial Services Authority (UK)

  • No selling. No jargon. Just the facts. (2008)

Slogans of Financial Ombudsman Service (UK)

  • The power to settle financial complaints. (2009)

Slogans of Financial Merchant Bank (UK)

  • A culture of professionalism. (1989)

Slogans of Financial IQ Group (UK)

  • Plain speaking advice – You can trust. (2005)

Slogans of Finance Professionals (UK)

  • Where expectations become reality. (2000)

Slogans of Fimatex (UK)

  • It’s about time. (2001)

Slogans of Fimatex

  • The european online-broker. (1998)

Slogans of Fimat (UK)

  • Insightful – Impartial – Incisive. (2007)

Slogans of Fidelity Union Trust Bank (US)

  • If you’re in New Jersey make it your business to check Fidelity. (1976)

Slogans of Ferrino (UK)

  • Making estate agency make sense. (2010)

Slogans of Fidelity National Information Services (US)

  • Compelling value. (2006)

Slogans of Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance (US)

  • Faithfully serving insurers since 1878. (1956)

Slogans of Fidelity Investments Freedom Fund (US)

  • Smart move. (2007)

Slogans of Fidelity Federal (US)

  • It’s never too early to start saving. (2004)

Slogans of Fidelity Brokerage (UK)

  • We cut commission – Not service. (1995)

Slogans of Fidelity Advisor Funds (US)

  • Fidelity through your investment professional. It’s time. (1997)

Slogans of Fiat Mastercover (UK)

  • 2 years peace of mind. (1976)

Slogans of FiNet (US)

  • Funding the American dream. (2000)

Slogans of Fair Pay Network (UK)

  • Challenging norms about low pay. (2007)

Slogans of FWW

  • The fundly people. (2013)

Slogans of Euler Hermes (UK)

  • Business insured. Success ensured. (2008)

Slogans of European Banks International (UK)

  • Finance for business wherever there’s business. (1979)

Slogans of Ex-iT Consulting

  • The money maker group. (2008)

Slogans of Covera (US)

  • Proven. (2012)

Slogans of Evergreen Investments (US)

  • Investments that stand the test of time. (2007)

Slogans of Evans Bank (US)

  • Experience. A better way. (2008)

Slogans of EvanInsurance.co.uk (UK)

  • Put your money where your mouse is. (2006)

Slogans of Euwax

  • The spririt of trading. (2008)

Slogans of European-American Banking (UK)

  • The best of both worlds in banking. (1972)

Slogans of European Central Bank (UK)

  • The euro. Our money. (2001)

Slogans of Europe Arab Bank (UK)

  • Forward together. (2007)

Slogans of Exchange Bank (US)

  • We’re here for you. Forever. (2007)

Slogans of Eurohypo

  • A passion for solutions. (2004)

Slogans of Eurochange (UK)

  • Your foreign exchange expert. (2008)

Slogans of Eurocard (heute Mastercard)

  • Worldwide credit – Made in Germany. (1984)

Slogans of Eurobank EFG Securities Services (UK)

  • Where local serves global. (2008)

Slogans of Euroassekuranz

  • Risk avoidance. (2011)

Slogans of EuroFinance (UK)

  • Building better treasury business. (2007)

Slogans of EuroBank Properties (UK)

  • Your ideal local partner. (2001)

Slogans of Euro Debit

  • The leader in European debit solutions. (2010)

Slogans of Excel Insurance Solutions (UK)

  • Specialist products for lenders. (2006)

Slogans of Exeter Healthcare (UK)

  • For the sake of your health and wealth, move to the Exeter. (2000)

Slogans of FW Stephens (UK)

  • There’s value in vision. (2006)

Slogans of FFG Forum Finance Group (CH)

  • Since 1994. (2012)

Slogans of FTC

  • We are the futures. (2008)

Slogans of FTAdvisorGym (UK)

  • Muscle up on financial knowledge. (2006)

Slogans of FOLIOfn (US)

  • What’s next. (2000)

Slogans of FNCB (US)

  • Community is our middle name. (2004)

Slogans of FMS (UK)

  • Real growth. (2003)

Slogans of FM Global (US)

  • Insurance evolved. (2008)

Slogans of FINCA (UK)

  • Small loans – Big changes. (2008)

Slogans of FHLBank Topeka (US)

  • Building communities together. (2007)

Slogans of FDFP (US)

  • Our people are our best assets. (2000)

Slogans of Exeter Investment Group (UK)

  • Get the Exeter effect working for you. (2001)

Slogans of FCMB Capital Makers (UK)

  • A little ahead of its time. (2002)

Slogans of FAS

  • Improve your opportunities. (2013)

Slogans of F.M. Zumtobel (AT)

  • We do not invest in companies. We invest in people. (2013)

Slogans of F&M Bank (US)

  • Tradition & expectation since 1917. (2007)

Slogans of Export-Import Bank of the United States (US)

  • When the U.S. exports America works. (2007)

Slogans of Experian (US)

  • Be better at credit. (2016)

Slogans of Expense Reduction Analysts

  • Find extra profit. (2011)

Slogans of Exim Bank (UK)

  • An edge above the rest. (2005)

Slogans of Evergreen Securities (US)

  • A vested interest in your success. (1995)

Slogans of Chartis

  • Your world, insured. (2010)

Slogans of Coventry First (US)

  • Adding greater value to life insurance. (2003)

Slogans of Bank of Tanzania (UK)

  • Tanzanian experience working together with global knowhow. (1999)

Slogans of BCWA (UK)

  • Fresh ideas, traditional values. (1995)

Slogans of BBVA (UK)

  • A bank with a great future. (2000)

Slogans of BBV Group (US)

  • Strength. Innovation. Technology. Service. Quality. (1999)

Slogans of BBV (UK)

  • Think of Spain and you think of BBV. (1995)

Slogans of BBA (UK)

  • The voice of banking & financial services. (2008)

Slogans of BB&T (US)

  • There’s opportunity here. (2007)

Slogans of BARX (UK)

  • The trader’s best friend. (2007)

Slogans of B.I.N. Bank (UK)

  • Traditions and novations. (2002)

Slogans of B&CE (UK)

  • Supporting employers. Protecting employees. (2007)

Slogans of B (UK)

  • All you can be. (2016)

Slogans of Aynsley Insurance (UK)

  • 30 years of reassurance. (2006)

Slogans of Axa Rosenberg (UK)

  • Consistency without conformity. (2005)

Slogans of Axa Direct (US)

  • Your future, your way. (2003)

Slogans of Avus (AT)

  • Right on your side. (2009)

Slogans of Avios (UK)

  • Anything can fly. (2013)

Slogans of Avery Hall (US)

  • Insurance solutions for today’s world. (2016)

Slogans of Avemco (US)

  • For aviation people By aviation people. (1978)

Slogans of Avalor (CH)

  • Creating value. (2012)

Slogans of Avaloq (CH)

  • Essential for banking. (2010)

Slogans of Avaloq

  • Essential for banking. (2010)

Slogans of Auto Direct (UK)

  • Get it right first time. (2007)

Slogans of BFG (UK)

  • Count on us. (1973)

Slogans of BGE Financial (US)

  • Solutions for school music dealers. (2012)

Slogans of BISYS (UK)

  • Your vision. Our solutions. (2002)

Slogans of BNP Paribas

  • The bank for a changing world. (2000)

Slogans of BRD (UK)

  • Ever easier. (2008)

Slogans of BPD Bank (US)

  • Always at your service. (2007)

Slogans of BP (UK)

  • Britain’s biggest shares offer – BP – Be part of it. (1987)

Slogans of BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions (UK)

  • Far more than finance. (2013)

Slogans of BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions (AT)

  • Far more than finance. (2013)

Slogans of BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions

  • Far more than finance. (2013)

Slogans of BNP Paribas (US)

  • The bank for a changing world. (2010)

Slogans of BNP Paribas (CH)

  • The bank for a changing world. (2010)

Slogans of BNP Paribas (AT)

  • The bank for a changing world. (2010)

Slogans of BNP (UK)

  • The French bank that covers the world. (1976)

Slogans of BKME (UK)

  • The only bank you need. (1990)

Slogans of BNG (UK)

  • Being Dutch has its advantages. (2001)

Slogans of BNDES (UK)

  • The password to Brazil. (2001)

Slogans of BNB Bank (US)

  • We just do it better. (2007)

Slogans of BMO Financial Group (US)

  • Making money make sense. (2012)

Slogans of BMF (UK)

  • Better biking. (2007)

Slogans of BMCE Bank (UK)

  • Our world is of capital importance. (2002)

Slogans of BM-T Beteiligungsmanagement Thüringen

  • Value for great ideas. (2013)

Slogans of BLG Bizerba Leasing

  • Closer to your business. (2013)

Slogans of BKS Bank (AT)

  • Grow with us! (2010)

Slogans of Austrian Anadi Bank (AT)

  • Your bank since 1896. (2014)

Slogans of Austria Leasing

  • Success throughout Europe. (2010)

Slogans of Austria Card (AT)

  • Read the future. (2013)

Slogans of Arthur Young (UK)

  • Your next good idea. (1985)

Slogans of Ashwood Law (UK)

  • The professionals choice. (2000)

Slogans of Ashikaga Bank (UK)

  • Facing the future, looking ahead. (1993)

Slogans of Ashgrove Finance (UK)

  • From foundations to furniture. (2003)

Slogans of Ashburton (UK)

  • The investment managers. (2007)

Slogans of Ascent (UK)

  • Leading the way by doing the right thing for customers, always. (2015)

Slogans of Arvest Bank (US)

  • The perfect bank for your changing world. (2009)

Slogans of Arval

  • Arval. We care about cars. We care about you. (2014)

Slogans of Arts

  • The art of trading. (2008)

Slogans of Artico Partners (CH)

  • Investing in good companies. (2011)

Slogans of Aronson (US)

  • Expanding what’s possible. (2016)

Slogans of Asia Universal Bank (UK)

  • Real banking in real time. (2004)

Slogans of Armstrong Watson (UK)

  • We’re with you. (2009)

Slogans of Armed Forces Bank (US)

  • Your hometown bank around the world. (2007)

Slogans of Arlington (UK)

  • A deeper understanding through listening. (2007)

Slogans of Arkansas National Bank (US)

  • Someday starts here. (2007)

Slogans of Aristi (UK)

  • Driving efficiency through risk management. (2012)

Slogans of Ariel Mutual Funds (US)

  • 20 years of patient investing. (2003)

Slogans of Argentaria (UK)

  • Banking on strength. (1993)

Slogans of Aresbank (UK)

  • We keep the future in mind. (1990)

Slogans of ArcaEx (US)

  • The world’s largest electronic stock exchange. (2005)

Slogans of Asia Pacific Bank (UK)

  • Your honest partner for doing business in Taiwan. (1997)

Slogans of Asian Development Bank (UK)

  • Fighting poverty in Asia and the Pacific. (2008)

Slogans of Australia And New Zealand Bank (UK)

  • Keeping up with Australia is a full-time job. Ours. (1968)

Slogans of Assured Guaranty (US)

  • The proven leader in municipal bond insurance. (2013)

Slogans of Aurora (UK)

  • A leading light in financial services. (2004)

Slogans of Aureus

  • The bullion experts. (2012)

Slogans of Audi Bank

  • Life and success. (2009)

Slogans of Atriax (UK)

  • The markets are open. (2001)

Slogans of Atradius (UK)

  • Managing risk, enabling trade. (2007)

Slogans of Atradius

  • Managing risk, enabling trade. (2003)

Slogans of Atos Worldline

  • Transactional services. Powering progress. (2012)

Slogans of Aton Capital (UK)

  • New investment ideas. (2006)

Slogans of Athenea Global Management (CH)

  • The culture of investment. (2011)

Slogans of Assured Guaranty (UK)

  • Enduring financial strength. (2008)

Slogans of Asis (UK)

  • We’ll get the right deal for you! (2002)

Slogans of Assurant (US)

  • Assurant. On your terms. (2012)

Slogans of Association of Investment Trust Co’s (UK)

  • Your shares of the action. (1985)

Slogans of Associated Planners (US)

  • When business becomes personal. (2004)

Slogans of Associated Beauty Therapists (UK)

  • Insurance is about peace of mind. (2008)

Slogans of Assetinum (CH)

  • Swiss portal for investors. (2013)

Slogans of Asset Management Company (US)

  • Pioneers in venture capital since 1965. A history of being ahead. (2010)

Slogans of Assertahome.com (UK)

  • Looking after the homebuyer. (2001)

Slogans of Aspiration (US)

  • Do well. Do good. (2014)

Slogans of Aspecta

  • Spirit and solutions. (2001)

Slogans of BUPA Heartbeat (UK)

  • The health plan that is as individual as you. (2001)

Slogans of BZW (UK)

  • Investment banking. From A to BZW. (1994)

Slogans of Bacob Savings Bank (UK)

  • We don’t go in for small change. (1988)

Slogans of Bank Handlowy W Warszawie S.A. (UK)

  • The oldest Polish bank. (1993)

Slogans of Bank Newport (US)

  • Focused on your success! (2007)

Slogans of Bank Melli Iran (UK)

  • Looking forward to the next century. (1992)

Slogans of Bank Melli (UK)

  • The forerunner in the banking industry in the Islamic Republic of Iran. (1998)

Slogans of Bank Mellat (UK)

  • Your gateway to successful business in Iran. (2005)

Slogans of Bank Mees & Hope NV of Holland (UK)

  • The flexible bankers. (1973)

Slogans of Bank Mashill (UK)

  • We understand your needs. (1994)

Slogans of Bank Mandiri (UK)

  • One heart. One nation. One bank. (2004)

Slogans of Bank Julius Baer (UK)

  • The fine art of Swiss banking. (1994)

Slogans of Bank Independent (US)

  • Still the one. (2007)

Slogans of Bank Gutmann (AT)

  • Your money in good hands. (2010)

Slogans of Bank Polska Ksa Opieki SA (UK)

  • Together we succeed. (1996)

Slogans of Bank Greenville (US)

  • Growing Greenville. (2007)

Slogans of Bank Frey (CH)

  • Building wealth for generations. (2013)

Slogans of Bank Eurofinance (UK)

  • Make the right choice of a financial partner. (2001)

Slogans of Bank Dagang Negara (UK)

  • The bank who cares for your business. (1991)

Slogans of Bank Coop (CH) (heute Bank Cler)

  • Fair banking. (2007)

Slogans of Bank Central Asia (UK)

  • Indonesia’s leading private bank. (1991)

Slogans of Bank Bali (UK)

  • Giving you the best. (1992)

Slogans of Bank BNI (UK)

  • Reliable, solid and friendly. (1994)

Slogans of Bank Austria Versicherung (AT)

  • We care for you. For life. (2010)

Slogans of Bank One (US)

  • Individual answers. (2003)

Slogans of Bank Sepah (UK)

  • The first Iranian bank. (2005)

Slogans of Bank Audi (UK)

  • Grow beyond your potential. (2006)

Slogans of Bank of Cyprus UK (UK)

  • A far better way. (2008)

Slogans of Bank of Scotland International Division (UK)

  • We’ve got what it takes. Try us. (1982)

Slogans of Bank of Scotland Corporate Banking (UK)

  • Experience the difference. (2003)

Slogans of Bank of Scotland Corporate (UK)

  • The bank entrepreneurs head for. (2008)

Slogans of Bank of Oklahoma (US)

  • You’re better off at Bok! (2007)

Slogans of Bank of New York (US)

  • The private bank since 1784. (2006)

Slogans of Bank of Millbrook (US)

  • The strength of relationships. (2007)

Slogans of Bank of Lenawee (US)

  • The original community bank. (2007)

Slogans of Bank of Ireland Asset Management (UK)

  • You’re in safe hands. (2002)

Slogans of Bank of Greenville (US)

  • Helping you today for a brighter tomorrow. (2004)

Slogans of Bank of China (UK)

  • Always with you. (2001)

Slogans of Bank Umum Nasional (UK)

  • Developing today, tomorrow and tomorrow. (1991)

Slogans of Bank of Brewton (US)

  • Alabama’s oldest bank. (2007)

Slogans of Bank of Boston (UK)

  • New England’s world bank. (1982)

Slogans of Bank of Bennington (US)

  • With you, every step of the way. (2007)

Slogans of Bank of Bellvue (US)

  • Smaller bank, bigger service. (2007)

Slogans of Bank of Bartlett (US)

  • What’s your dream? (2007)

Slogans of Bank of Baroda (UK)

  • Taking care of our customers – As always. (2003)

Slogans of Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait (UK)

  • Equipped to meet the demands of tomorrow. (1984)

Slogans of Bank of American Fork (US)

  • Big city banking ~ Small town service. (2007)

Slogans of Bank of America Merrill Lynch (US)

  • The power of global connections. (2013)

Slogans of Bank Austria (UK)

  • Banking for success. (2002)

Slogans of Bank Americard (US)

  • Think of it as money. (1973)

Slogans of Baiduri Bank (UK)

  • It’s a great big world. (2007)

Slogans of Banca Commerciale (UK)

  • The most widely known Italian Bank. (1971)

Slogans of Banco Ambrosiano Veneto (UK)

  • Italy’s leading private bank. (1995)

Slogans of Banco Agricola (UK)

  • Your best choice in Central America. (2001)

Slogans of Bance Privata Edmond de Rothschild (CH)

  • Be part of the legend! (2013)

Slogans of Banca del Sempione (CH)

  • Where common sense is built in. (2013)

Slogans of Banca Unione (UK)

  • Competence that knows no frontiers. (1973)

Slogans of Banca Transilvania S.A. (UK)

  • Takes account of you. (2001)

Slogans of Banca Romana Pentru Dezvoltare (UK)

  • Seriousness does pay. (2001)

Slogans of Banca Privata Finanziaria (UK)

  • Specialists in high-level banking. (1973)

Slogans of Banca Nazionale Dell’Agricoltura (UK)

  • A bank for all seasons. (1982)

Slogans of Banca Cattolica del Veneto (UK)

  • From here, we serve you Italy-wide. (1982)

Slogans of Banco Atlantida (UK)

  • Security. Solidity. Services. (2002)

Slogans of Banca Cassa Di Risparmio Di Torino (UK)

  • At your service where you live and work. (1976)

Slogans of Banc Post (UK)

  • A bank for everyone. (2004)

Slogans of Banc Popolare Di Novara (UK)

  • The largest popular bank in Italy. (1973)

Slogans of Banana (CH)

  • Accounting without borders. (2012)

Slogans of Bally Capital (CH)

  • You define, we develop. (2012)

Slogans of Ballston Spa National Bank (US)

  • Your bank. Your way. (2007)

Slogans of BalkanBank (UK)

  • Open. Co-operative. Competitive. (1993)

Slogans of Balens Insurance Brokers (UK)

  • We care for the carers. (2007)

Slogans of Baillie Gifford (UK)

  • Managing investment trusts since 1909. (2009)

Slogans of Banco Atlantico (UK)

  • A unique approach. (1972)

Slogans of Banco Borgese Irmao (UK)

  • We know the way. (1990)

Slogans of Bank America (UK)

  • Bank America Travellers Cheques. World money. (1982)

Slogans of Banco Santander (UK)

  • Living the future. (1985)

Slogans of Bank Al-Jazira (UK)

  • A vital link between Saudi Arabia & the world. (1981)

Slogans of Bank & Trust (US)

  • Bank different. Bank better. (2014)

Slogans of Bancorex (UK)

  • The best in Romania. (1997)

Slogans of Bancomext (UK)

  • From Mexico to the world. (2002)

Slogans of Banco do Estado de Sao Paulo SA (UK)

  • A different kind of state bank. (1995)

Slogans of Banco di Sicilia (UK)

  • More experience in Italian banking. (1992)

Slogans of Banco de Bilbao (UK)

  • The B.B. bank. (1984)

Slogans of Banco Totta & Acores (UK)

  • Tradition – Experience – Dynamism since 1843. (1996)

Slogans of Banco Santander Central Hispano (UK)

  • Inner strength. (2001)

Slogans of Banco Sabadell (US)

  • Thinking ahead. (2006)

Slogans of Banco Cuscatalan (UK)

  • A regional bank for minds with no boundaries. (2005)

Slogans of Banco Popolare Di Novara (UK)

  • The largest popular bank in Europe. (1964)

Slogans of Banco Nossa Caixa (UK)

  • Not just a bank. Our bank. (2008)

Slogans of Banco National de Mexico (UK)

  • A private banking institution. (1982)

Slogans of Banco Itau (UK)

  • The global player for your business in Brazil. (1997)

Slogans of Banco Internacional de Comercio S.A. (UK)

  • From the emerging world but flying. (2000)

Slogans of Banco Industrial (UK)

  • First Venezuelan international bank. (1978)

Slogans of Banco Hispano Americano (UK)

  • Making its presence felt in over 20 countries. (1988)

Slogans of Banco Espirito Santo (UK)

  • The most international Portuguese Bank. (2001)

Slogans of Banco Di Roma (UK)

  • One of the great internationals. (1988)

Slogans of Aran Asset Management (CH)

  • Where people make up. (2011)

Slogans of Arab Banking Group (UK)

  • The largest Arab banking group network. (2000)

Slogans of Aquila (CH)

  • An eye for investment. (2011)

Slogans of Abbey Insurance Brokers (UK)

  • Be covered, be Abbey. (2009)

Slogans of Accepted.co.uk (UK)

  • Loan search for homeowners. (2007)

Slogans of Accelya (US)

  • Complexity simplified. (2012)

Slogans of Abraaj (UK)

  • Investing in foresight. (2008)

Slogans of Aberdeen

  • Simply asset management. (2013)

Slogans of Abbeyalliance.com (UK)

  • Mortgage problems for a fair deal in an unfair world. (2003)

Slogans of Abbey Seven Day Account (UK)

  • A lot more interest. Just a little more notice. (1982)

Slogans of Abbey National Share Account (UK)

  • Get your name in the book. (1981)

Slogans of Abbey National Seven Day Account (UK)

  • The first. The simplest. The best. (1984)

Slogans of Abbey National Ebanking (UK)

  • Ebanking made easy. Visit your local branch to find out more. (2000)

Slogans of Aareal Bank

  • Local expertise meets global excellence. (2009)

Slogans of Access Group (US)

  • No worries. (2009)

Slogans of AXA PPP Healthcare (UK)

  • Tailor a solution that suits you. (2003)

Slogans of AXA Investment Managers (UK)

  • Intelligent figures. (2006)

Slogans of AXA Investment Managers (AT)

  • Redefining investment solutions. (2010)

Slogans of AXA Investment Managers

  • Redefining investment solutions. (2010)

Slogans of AXA Equitable (US)

  • Redefining standards. (2010)

Slogans of AXA Art

  • Passionate about art, ptofessional about insurance. (2010)

Slogans of AXA Advisors (US)

  • Building futures. (2000)

Slogans of AWD

  • Your personal financial adviser. (2011)

Slogans of ATF Bank (UK)

  • The bank for confident growth. (2007)

Slogans of Access (UK)

  • Simply a better way to pay. (1976)

Slogans of AccuFunds (US)

  • The one you’ve been waiting for. (1995)

Slogans of ATE Bank (UK)

  • The bank for all. (2008)

Slogans of Advides

  • Global opportunities. (2009)

Slogans of Agentes

  • Experts in finance solutions. (2010)

Slogans of Agence France Tresor (UK)

  • The best of the euro. (2004)

Slogans of Ageas (UK)

  • Your partner in insurance. (2016)

Slogans of Afribank (UK)

  • The efficient and courteous bank. (2007)

Slogans of AfrAsia (UK)

  • Bank different. (2008)

Slogans of Affinity Plus (US)

  • Not for profit. For people. (2013)

Slogans of Afendis

  • The better way to pay. (2009)

Slogans of Aegon Scottish Equitable (UK)

  • The name behind Scottish Equitable is now the name in front. (2006)

Slogans of Advo Group (UK)

  • Trusted health decisions. (2008)

Slogans of Adveq (CH)

  • Partner for private market investing. (2011)

Slogans of AccuQuote (US)

  • Saving you money for life. (2007)

Slogans of Advantage (UK)

  • Innovative lending. (2007)

Slogans of Aduno Gruppe (CH)

  • The smart way to pay. (2010)

Slogans of Adrian Flux (UK)

  • Modern approach, traditional values. (2008)

Slogans of Admiral.com (UK)

  • It’s a simpler way to save. (2006)

Slogans of Admiral Markets (US)

  • Trading for everyone. (2014)

Slogans of Admiral (UK)

  • We watch the pennies so you could save the pounds. (2002)

Slogans of Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union (US)

  • We listen. You prosper. (2009)

Slogans of Adams Harkness (US)

  • Your partner in growth. (2006)

Slogans of Accuma (UK)

  • Get back in control. (2005)

Slogans of ATEbank

  • Banking with a sense of Greek. (2009)

Slogans of ASCE (US)

  • Plans to build on. (2003)

Slogans of Agricultural Bank of Greece (UK)

  • The one and only! (1988)

Slogans of AB

  • Deep research – clear judgement. (2014)

Slogans of ADA (US)

  • Protecting your family, your income, your practice. (2003)

Slogans of ACI (UK)

  • Every second. Every day. (2009)

Slogans of ACE European Group (UK)

  • 20 years of insuring progress. (2005)

Slogans of ACBA Bank (UK)

  • Together towards prosperity. (2002)

Slogans of ABTA Sure (UK)

  • We’ve got travel covered. (2008)

Slogans of ABN Amro Private Banking (UK)

  • Beyond wealth. (2004)

Slogans of ABN Amro

  • Making more possible. (2005)

Slogans of ABN AMRO Bank MoneYou

  • MoneYou. Clever to do. (2013)

Slogans of ABA Austrian Business Agency

  • Invest in Austria. (2010)

Slogans of AAA The American Automobile Association (US)

  • Expect something more. (2014)

Slogans of ADP (UK)

  • One world one solution. (2000)

Slogans of A-Claim (US)

  • Accelerating patient payments. (2013)

Slogans of A+I Aviation Insurance (CH)

  • You fly – we care. (2013)

Slogans of 5trade (CH)

  • Click & trade. (2011)

Slogans of 3V (UK)

  • The new way to buy online. (2007)

Slogans of 2nd Source Funding (US)

  • We care about your future, not your past. (2006)

Slogans of 1st Quote (UK)

  • The 1st quote can be the cheapest. (2008)

Slogans of 1st Pacific Bank (US)

  • People. Relationships. Results. (2008)

Slogans of 1st National Bank of South Florida (US)

  • Your 1st choice for better banking. (2008)

Slogans of 1st Mariner Bank (US)

  • We built this bank for you. (2005)

Slogans of ADCB (UK)

  • Our vision. Your future. (2006)

Slogans of AE Weiser (US)

  • Weiser investments. (1953)

Slogans of ARTOC (UK)

  • The art of investment. (2007)

Slogans of AIM Funds (US)

  • Invest with discipline. (2000)

Slogans of ARCH Venture Partners (US)

  • From concept to commerce. (2011)

Slogans of ARAG (UK)

  • Your partner for law and protection. (2010)

Slogans of APW And Private Wealth (CH)

  • Wealthy management with an independent global vision. (2011)

Slogans of APS Mortgages (UK)

  • Putting you back in control. (2006)

Slogans of APH (UK)

  • We cut the cost not the cover. (2002)

Slogans of ANZ Bank (UK)

  • The service bank. (1976)

Slogans of AMP (UK)

  • Advice – Investments – Pensions – Insurance – Banking – Optimism. (2002)

Slogans of AJ Smith Federal Savings Bank (US)

  • We make it easy for you. (2007)

Slogans of AIM Investments (US)

  • Your goals. Our solutions. (2007)

Slogans of AIM (US)

  • The idea is discipline. The purpose is performance. The name is AIM. (2001)

Slogans of AFB

  • Financial understanding. (2013)

Slogans of AIG Valic (US)

  • We know retirement. (2005)

Slogans of AIG Lifeline Plus (UK)

  • So good it still seems made up. (2007)

Slogans of AIG Auto Insurance Program (US)

  • Insuring your work, your life, your world. (1997)

Slogans of AIG American General (US)

  • We know life. (2007)

Slogans of AIB Govett (UK)

  • Astute investors go with Govett. (2000)

Slogans of AGF (UK)

  • Shaping the future. (2001)

Slogans of AG Edwards (US)

  • Fully invested in our clients. (2007)

Slogans of AFII

  • The new France. Where the smart money goes. (2004)

Slogans of AFIA (UK)

  • The older we get the younger we think. (1982)

Slogans of Agricultural Bank of China (UK)

  • Linking China to the world. (2001)

Slogans of Aguirre Newman (UK)

  • One step ahead. (2008)

Slogans of Approved Car Finance (UK)

  • Get back on the road again. (2003)

Slogans of American Express British Airways (UK)

  • Together we’ll make your journey easier. (1981)

Slogans of American Express Travelers Cheques

  • Don’t leave home without them. (2001)

Slogans of American Express Travel Management Services (US)

  • It’s all business. (1995)

Slogans of American Express Red (UK)

  • This card is designed to eliminate AIDS in Africa. (2006)

Slogans of American Express Optima Card (US)

  • You know what you’re doing. (1993)

Slogans of American Express Open Small Business Network Card (US)

  • See how much further it can take your business. (2003)

Slogans of American Express One (US)

  • How American Express serves small business. (2006)

Slogans of American Express Gold Card Bonussystem

  • Your points. Your choice. (2006)

Slogans of American Express Gift Card (US)

  • Instead of one place, it’s good all over the place. (2005)

Slogans of American Express Financial Advisors (US)

  • A new 100 year old company. (1995)

Slogans of American Express AeroplanPlus Platinum (US)

  • When you earn miles faster, everything gets closer. (2004)

Slogans of American Freedom Mortgage (US)

  • Let us worry about your bills. (2004)

Slogans of American College of Surgeons (UK)

  • We take care of our own. (2001)

Slogans of American Bankruptcy Institute (US)

  • The essential resource for today’s busy insolvency professional. (2014)

Slogans of American Bankers Association (US)

  • Nothing works like money in the bank. (1998)

Slogans of American Association of Health Plans (US)

  • It’s a crisis for 40 million people who can’t afford healthcare. (2002)

Slogans of America’s First Federal Credit Union (US)

  • First in service – First in value. (2007)

Slogans of America Fore (US)

  • For peace of mind insure with America Fore. (1954)

Slogans of AmeriHealth (US)

  • The health plan with you in mind. (2005)

Slogans of Amcore Bank (US)

  • Making it easier for you. (2007)

Slogans of Ambassador (AT)

  • Always one more chance. (2013)

Slogans of American Express Twitter Sync (US)

  • Sync. Tweet. Save. (2012)

Slogans of American International Industries (US)

  • Invest, expand, profit. (2013)

Slogans of Amalgamated Bank of N.Y. (US)

  • The bank with a heart. (1956)

Slogans of Anchor Bank (US)

  • Balance your best interests. (2007)

Slogans of Apprimus Finance

  • Experienced, authentic, unique, excellent. (2010)

Slogans of Apple Pay (US)

  • Your wallet. Without the wallet. (2014)

Slogans of Apple Bank (US)

  • We’re good for you. (2007)

Slogans of Apax Partners (UK)

  • An Apax chance of success. (2002)

Slogans of Apax

  • An Apax chance of success. (2003)

Slogans of Ansvar Insurance (UK)

  • Insuring a better way of life. (2007)

Slogans of Anker (UK)

  • Ninety years of maritime experience. (2002)

Slogans of AnimusX

  • Mind the mainstream. (2005)

Slogans of Anglo Israel Bank (UK)

  • The complete machinery of an international bank – Under one roof. (1964)

Slogans of Anadolu Bankasi (UK)

  • Backing Turkish exporters and contractors. (1981)

Slogans of American Life Direct (UK)

  • Act now and get the best gift of all. Peace of mind. (2005)

Slogans of Amicorp (CH)

  • Stand out from the crowd. (2011)

Slogans of Amicare (US)

  • America’s new health care plan. (1985)

Slogans of Ameritrust (US)

  • Service you can bank on. (1989)

Slogans of Ameritrade.com (US)

  • The festivities won’t begin till you get here. (2000)

Slogans of Ameritas Direct (US)

  • More value. For life. (1999)

Slogans of Americredit (US)

  • Get your share of success. (2000)

Slogans of Americana Community Bank (US)

  • Down-to-earth banking. (2007)

Slogans of American State Bank (US)

  • Banking for you. (2007)

Slogans of American Life Direct (US)

  • The world’s fastest life insurance policy. (2007)

Slogans of Ambac (US)

  • Financial peace of mind. (2008)

Slogans of AmSouth Bank (US)

  • The relationship people. (2007)

Slogans of Aheim Capital

  • Committed to value and values. (2013)

Slogans of Alexander & Alexander (US)

  • We’ve made a name for ourselves. Now we’re making a face for ourselves. (1974)

Slogans of Alliance Building Society (UK)

  • All building societies aren’t the same. (1984)

Slogans of Alliance Bank (US)

  • A better way to bank. (2007)

Slogans of Alliance + Leicester EasySaver Account (UK)

  • The dangerously accessible EasySaver account. (2001)

Slogans of Alliance (US)

  • The invisible giant in mutual funds. (1992)

Slogans of Alliance (UK)

  • Funny how you become passionate about the little things. (2005)

Slogans of Alliance & General Leasing (UK)

  • Professional funding matters. (2002)

Slogans of Allenbridge Group Plc (UK)

  • More care for your money. (2000)

Slogans of Alfa Capital (UK)

  • Invest in trust. (1994)

Slogans of Alfa Bank (UK)

  • Guiding you through Russia. (2001)

Slogans of Albaraka International Bank Limited (UK)

  • Giving you a choice. (1992)

Slogans of Alliance Leicester Commercial Bank (UK)

  • Value, simply delivered. (2009)

Slogans of Albany Bank & Trust (US)

  • Trust in us! (2007)

Slogans of Alahli Bank of Kuwait (UK)

  • The bank that’s doing its best to serve Kuwait better. (1973)

Slogans of Al-Ahli Bank (UK)

  • Feel the difference. (1997)

Slogans of Al Tijari (UK)

  • My choice. (2005)

Slogans of Al Rajhi Banking & Investment (UK)

  • Proud of our values. (2006)

Slogans of Al Bank Al Saudi Al Fransi (UK)

  • The caring bank. (1995)

Slogans of Akbank

  • Your partner for financial solutions. (2011)

Slogans of Aid Association for Lutherans (US)

  • We’re listening. (1999)

Slogans of Aibgb.co.uk (UK)

  • Come and do the business. (2007)

Slogans of Alliance Finance Plc (UK)

  • Make it happen. (2001)

Slogans of Alliance Trust (UK)

  • Investing for generations. (2009)

Slogans of AmSouth Bank (UK)

  • Keep in touch with us. (1984)

Slogans of Almira Asset Management Group (CH)

  • Unique swiss private banking experience. (2011)

Slogans of Altor

  • Your liquidity is our target. (2011)

Slogans of Altis Partners (UK)

  • Inspired + Intelligent + Investment. (2008)

Slogans of AlternatifBank (UK)

  • A frontier in professionalism. (1994)

Slogans of Alterinvest (CH)

  • Where investment meets ideas. (2011)

Slogans of Altaira (CH)

  • Refreshingly experienced investment management. (2011)

Slogans of Alpha Bank (UK)

  • Discover Alpha Bank. The bank of a new era. (2001)

Slogans of Alpari (UK)

  • Forex trading with Alpari. (2010)

Slogans of Alpari

  • Forex trading mit Alpari. (2010)

Slogans of Alnua (CH)

  • Investment solutions beyond mainstream. (2011)

Slogans of Ally Bank (UK)

  • Straight forward. (2009)

Slogans of Alliance Trusts Alliance Trust Savings Limited (UK)

  • As recommended by our customers. (2006)

Slogans of Allude Card

  • And life is good to you! (2007)

Slogans of Allstate Retirement (US)

  • We can work with that. (2008)

Slogans of Allied North America (UK)

  • America’s construction specialist. (2007)

Slogans of Allied Hambro (UK)

  • We’re on your side. (1978)

Slogans of Allied Dunbar (UK)

  • Personal financial guidance. (1988)

Slogans of Allianz Suisse (CH)

  • Perform. Succeed. Be yourself. (2016)

Slogans of Allianz Life (US)

  • The best at next. (2006)

Slogans of Allianz Global Investors (US)

  • Understand. Act. (2012)

Slogans of Allianz Cornhill (UK)

  • Raising our game. (2001)

Slogans of Bank of Smithtown (US)

  • Dedicated. To you. (2007)

Slogans of Bank of Texas (US)

  • When you need a banker. (2007)

Slogans of Coutts & Co (UK)

  • A very individual bank. (1973)

Slogans of Bank of Tucson (US)

  • It’s the right way to do business. (2013)

Slogans of Chase Business Ink (US)

  • Make your mark. (2013)

Slogans of Chartwell (UK)

  • Plan well. Invest well. Chartwell. (2001)

Slogans of Chartway (US)

  • For every dream a way. (2004)

Slogans of Grandpoint Bank (US)

  • Bank smart. Build trust. (2013)

Slogans of Charterhouse Direct (UK)

  • The investment list specialists. (2002)

Slogans of Charterhall Scott (UK)

  • Helping our customers grow their business. (2003)

Slogans of Charles Stanley (UK)

  • The personal investment service. (2008)

Slogans of Charles Schwab One Source (US)

  • The second Schwab revolution. (1997)

Slogans of Charity Bank in the North (UK)

  • A different bank for people who want a different world. (1981)

Slogans of Charcol Direct (UK)

  • Why buy a mortgage another way? (2005)

Slogans of Champlain National Bank (US)

  • Your community. Bank on it. (2007)

Slogans of Champion Mortgage (US)

  • Champion says yes. (2007)

Slogans of Champaign Basnk (US)

  • Our interest is you. (2007)

Slogans of Ceskoslovenska Obchodni Banka (UK)

  • World-class services for the successful. (1998)

Slogans of Centric Bank (US)

  • We revolve around you. (2007)

Slogans of Centre (UK)

  • Reinventing capital. (2000)

Slogans of Central State Bank (US)

  • Large enough to serve you, small enough to know you. (2007)

Slogans of Central Standard Life Insurance (US)

  • Each tick of time brings you closer to your need for life insurance – And less chance of getting it! (1956)

Slogans of Central National Bank (US)

  • One central source. (2007)

Slogans of Central Hispano (UK)

  • 1 in Spain. (1993)

Slogans of Centerre Bank (UK)

  • Only our name is different. (1982)

Slogans of Chase de Vere (UK)

  • Setting the standard in advice. (2002)

Slogans of Chase de Vere Investments (UK)

  • You can count on us. (2000)

Slogans of Chatham Reliance Building Society (UK)

  • So safe, so sound, so wise! (1985)

Slogans of Chorley Building Society (UK)

  • Mutually yours. (2007)

Slogans of Citi PremierPass (US)

  • Thank you. (2005)

Slogans of Citi Group Procurement Services (UK)

  • Services you can bank on. (2006)

Slogans of Citi Group (US)

  • This is Citigroup. (2002)

Slogans of Citadel Commerce

  • A leader in payment processing – fast, reliable, secure. (2010)

Slogans of Cirencester Friendly Society (UK)

  • Big enough to cope, small enough to care. (2006)

Slogans of Cirencester Friendly (UK)

  • The income protection people. (2007)

Slogans of Cima Privileges (UK)

  • The benefits add up. (2007)

Slogans of Chubb

  • We are designed to be different. We are Chubb Insurance. (2008)

Slogans of Chrysler Financial (US)

  • Financing your drive. (2007)

Slogans of Choice Quote (UK)

  • Delivering quality insurance. (2003)

Slogans of Chela Education Financing (US)

  • We’re in it for the students. (2007)

Slogans of Cho Hung Bank (UK)

  • Banking on the future – since 1897. (1991)

Slogans of Chiltern (UK)

  • Making a molehill out of a mountain. (2007)

Slogans of Child Health Plus (US)

  • Music to your ears. (2005)

Slogans of Cheviot (UK)

  • Contemporary – Independent – Compelling. (2007)

Slogans of Cheval Bridging Finance (UK)

  • Stress free bridging finance. (2006)

Slogans of Cheval (UK)

  • A lending hand. (2005)

Slogans of Cheuvreux (UK)

  • Local presence – European expertise. (2005)

Slogans of Chesham (UK)

  • The best known name in merger broking. (1985)

Slogans of Chelseacares.co.uk (UK)

  • Listening to customers. (2006)

Slogans of Cazenove Capital (UK)

  • Thinking ahead. (2007)

Slogans of Cayuga Lake National Bank (US)

  • The people’s bank. (2007)

Slogans of CaxtonFX (UK)

  • Money travels better with CaxtonFX. (2009)

Slogans of Candover (UK)

  • Vision that delivers. (2000)

Slogans of Capmark (UK)

  • A change in ownership, not execution. (2006)

Slogans of Capitol Bank (US)

  • building relationships that make a difference. (2007)

Slogans of Capital Stage

  • Access all areas. (2001)

Slogans of Capital One Platinum American Express (UK)

  • Apply for yours today. Be one of the first. (2001)

Slogans of Capital One Card (US)

  • Double miles you can actually use. (2013)

Slogans of Capital Federal Savings True Blue (US)

  • More strength. More security. (2004)

Slogans of Capital Bank (AT)

  • Professional with a capital p. (2010)

Slogans of Capita (UK)

  • A leading provider of legal expenses insurance. (2001)

Slogans of Capco (UK)

  • Forming the future of finance. (2006)

Slogans of Canara Bank (US)

  • Lifelong banking. (2006)

Slogans of Car Garantie

  • Takes the risk out. (2010)

Slogans of Canandaigus National Bank & Trust (US)

  • Your bank. (2007)

Slogans of Canadian Imperial Bank Group (US)

  • Put us to the test. (1985)

Slogans of Canada’s Maple Leaf (UK)

  • There is no substitute for purity. (1984)

Slogans of Canada Life International (UK)

  • Seeing is believing. (2001)

Slogans of Cambridge Building Society (UK)

  • The building society that belongs to you. (2006)

Slogans of Calyon Corporate and Investment Bank (UK)

  • Growing to match your growth. (2005)

Slogans of Calvert Group (US)

  • Know what you know. (1997)

Slogans of Calvert Group (UK)

  • Know what you own. (1999)

Slogans of Calvert (US)

  • Investments that make a difference. (2007)

Slogans of Car Credit Network (UK)

  • The science of car finance. (2003)

Slogans of Caravan Guard (UK)

  • Trust us to insure your freedom. (2007)

Slogans of Caxton FX (UK)

  • Foreign exchange made simple. (2009)

Slogans of Carter Gilbrook (UK)

  • Simply better quotes. (2003)

Slogans of Catholic Building Society (UK)

  • Caring brings service. (2001)

Slogans of Catalyst Securities (UK)

  • The smartest solution to bridging finance. (2006)

Slogans of Catalyst (UK)

  • Decisions in minutes, offers in hours, money in days. (2007)

Slogans of Castle Cover (UK)

  • The 50+ insurance specialists. (2009)

Slogans of Cassidy Davis Insurance (UK)

  • Underwriting the future. (2005)

Slogans of Cassida (US)

  • Moving money forward. (2013)

Slogans of Cassa Di Risparmio Di Torino (UK)

  • Has everything it takes to be your bank. (1979)

Slogans of Cass County Bank (US)

  • Building dreams for you since 1966. (2007)

Slogans of Cascade Bank (US)

  • Real people. Real attention. (2007)

Slogans of Carter Allen Private Bank (UK)

  • A better relationship. (2005)

Slogans of Carcred.it (UK)

  • The car you want, a payment you can afford. (2002)

Slogans of Carter Allen (UK)

  • The service you deserve. (2004)

Slogans of Carmignac Gestion (UK)

  • Growth discoverers. (2005)

Slogans of Carlyle Finance (UK)

  • The natural choice. (2007)

Slogans of Carloan.com (US)

  • The right car. The right loan. Right now! (2007)

Slogans of Cariplo Bank (UK)

  • Encouraging enterprise internationally. (1985)

Slogans of CareFinance (AT)

  • It’s my life. (2007)

Slogans of CareCredit (US)

  • Making care possible… today. (2012)

Slogans of Care One (US)

  • For you. (2003)

Slogans of CardsSafe (UK)

  • Fighting fraud. (2007)

Slogans of Citi Women & Co. (US)

  • Where wisdom, wealth and women meet. (2010)

Slogans of Citibank Aadvantage (US)

  • Never miss another mile. (1997)

Slogans of Citibank Current Account (UK)

  • It can save you pounds, pennies and euro. (2002)

Slogans of Community First Bank & Trust (US)

  • Expect more from your bank. (2007)

Slogans of Confederated Savings Bank (UK)

  • The human face of money. (1996)

Slogans of Condon Skelly (US)

  • We insure your fun. (2011)

Slogans of Concardis (CH)

  • Your gate to success. (2010)

Slogans of Concardis (AT)

  • Your gate to success. (2010)

Slogans of Comprendium

  • Financial services. (2010)

Slogans of Compass Home Finance (US)

  • We’ll guide you home. (2007)

Slogans of Compass Bank (US)

  • Just a little better. (2007)

Slogans of CommunitySouth Bank (US)

  • Banking unusual. (2007)

Slogans of Community West Bank (US)

  • Trust the experience. (2007)

Slogans of Community Federal Credit Union (US)

  • Thinking forward. Banking right. (2007)

Slogans of Congregational (UK)

  • Protecting the things you value since 1891. (2008)

Slogans of Community Bank Texas (US)

  • More than you ever expected. (2007)

Slogans of Community Bank (UK)

  • Like no other bank you know. (2007)

Slogans of Commonwealth Equity Services (US)

  • Anything but common. (2007)

Slogans of Commonwealth Bank of Australia (UK)

  • Australia’s leading bank. (1989)

Slogans of Commerz Real

  • Real estate. Assets. Leasing. (2010)

Slogans of Commercial International Bank (UK)

  • The choice of the multinationals. (1992)

Slogans of Commercial First (UK)

  • Simple business mortgages. (2007)

Slogans of Commercial Federal (US)

  • Better banking every day. (2003)

Slogans of Commercial Credit (UK)

  • A helping hand when you need one. (1979)

Slogans of Confortis (CH)

  • Centered intelligence. (2011)

Slogans of Coninco (CH)

  • Explorers in finance. (2012)

Slogans of Commercial Bank of Malawi (UK)

  • Malawi’s better bank. (2001)

Slogans of Cornhill Direct Senior Security Plan (UK)

  • Stop worrying and start living. (2004)

Slogans of County Bank (US)

  • Northern California’s community bank. (2007)

Slogans of Countrywide Legal Indemnities (UK)

  • The UK’s leading specialist legal indemnity intermediary. (2007)

Slogans of Coulee Bank (US)

  • Local service, local people, local decisions. (2007)

Slogans of Cotters Insurance Services (UK)

  • Serving the UK’s construction industry. (2001)

Slogans of Cosmos Bank (UK)

  • The bank you can depend on! (2001)

Slogans of Corrigans (UK)

  • Proud of our independence. (2010)

Slogans of Coronado First Bank (US)

  • Where service comes first. (2007)

Slogans of Cornèrcard (CH)

  • You first. (2006)

Slogans of Cornèr (CH)

  • Your values, our values. (2013)

Slogans of Cornhill Direct (UK)

  • Deliver the promise. (2001)

Slogans of Conseco (US)

  • Step up. (2007)

Slogans of Cornhill (UK)

  • You can do better with Cornhill. (1969)

Slogans of Copenhagen Handelsbank (UK)

  • Always in the picture. (1971)

Slogans of Converium (UK)

  • The next Re generation. (2002)

Slogans of Continental Trust Bank (US)

  • Together we shape tomorrow. (2000)

Slogans of Continental National Bank (US)

  • Always first in line! (2007)

Slogans of Continental Illinois (US)

  • We make money work. (1987)

Slogans of Continental Bank Of Canada (UK)

  • Bankers in action. (1982)

Slogans of Consorsbank

  • Mobile, just like you. (2014)

Slogans of Conser (CH)

  • Responsible investment solutions. (2012)

Slogans of Commercial Bank of Texas (US)

  • Banking Texas style. (2007)

Slogans of Commercial Bank of Kuwait (UK)

  • The modern way of banking. (1984)

Slogans of Citicorp Select Investments (US)

  • Where the smart money takes root. (1991)

Slogans of Clarke Roxburgh (UK)

  • Be sure. (2007)

Slogans of Close Finsbury (UK)

  • Different by design. (2001)

Slogans of Close Beacon (UK)

  • Turning savings into investment. (2000)

Slogans of Close Asset Finance (UK)

  • No other finance package comes close. (2007)

Slogans of Clinkle

  • Pay it friendly – Treat your friends. (2014)

Slogans of CliniCall (UK)

  • You’ll feel better for talking to us! (2002)

Slogans of Clickandbuy (US)

  • Online payments easy and secure worldwide. (2010)

Slogans of Clickandbuy

  • Safe and simple online payment. (2010)

Slogans of Click & Pledge (US)

  • It pays to be good. (2016)

Slogans of Clear (UK)

  • The solution is clear. (2001)

Slogans of Clariden Leu (CH)

  • Swiss private banking since 1755. (2009)

Slogans of Closeremortgage.com (UK)

  • Money – saving mortgages for successful people. (2000)

Slogans of Clariden (CH)

  • Rock solid banking. (2006)

Slogans of Claims Advance (UK)

  • Advancing legal insurance. (2001)

Slogans of Citywire.co.uk (UK)

  • News to make investors money. (2002)

Slogans of Citybond Suretravel (UK)

  • Superior travel insurance. (2007)

Slogans of City Index (UK)

  • The only way to play. (1995)

Slogans of Citizens State Bank of Loyal (US)

  • Community owned – Community minded. (2007)

Slogans of Citigroup (heute Citi)

  • Equity First. (2004)

Slogans of Citigold (US)

  • Time saved – Money earned. (1994)

Slogans of Citicorp WorldLink (UK)

  • A better way to move money around the world. (1985)

Slogans of Close Property Finance (UK)

  • Constructive funding. (2007)

Slogans of Cme.com (UK)

  • The exchange of new ideas. (2000)

Slogans of Commercial Bank of Greece (UK)

  • For successful business in Greece. (1995)

Slogans of Columbus Direct (UK)

  • One specialist you can trust. (2007)

Slogans of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (UK)

  • The bank you can always rely on! (2002)

Slogans of Commercial Bank – Ceylon (UK)

  • Our interest is in you. (2008)

Slogans of Commercial Bank (US)

  • Ask – Listen – Solve. (2007)

Slogans of Commercial Bank (UK)

  • Inspired by Qatar. (2005)

Slogans of Comgest (US)

  • Quality growth in the long term. (2014)

Slogans of Comgest (UK)

  • Quality growth in the long term. (2014)

Slogans of Comdirect (UK)

  • Europe’s biggest stockbroker. (2001)

Slogans of Comdirect

  • Be empowered. (2000)

Slogans of Combined Insurance

  • Let’s make this easy. (2011)

Slogans of Columbia Casualty (US)

  • It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. (1956)

Slogans of Co-operative Permanent Building Society (UK)

  • Have something solid behind you. (1952)

Slogans of Columbia Bank (US)

  • You’ll notice the difference. (2007)

Slogans of Colonial Life (UK)

  • Making benefits count. (2008)

Slogans of Colonial Bank (US)

  • You’ll like it here. (2007)

Slogans of Collins Stewart (UK)

  • Independent thinking. (2008)

Slogans of Collingwood Insurance (UK)

  • Insurance for Learner drivers. (2008)

Slogans of College Loan Corp (US)

  • It’s the smartest call you can make. (2004)

Slogans of Cofunds (UK)

  • The UK’s leading independent fundmarket. (2007)

Slogans of Cofra (US)

  • United unique. (2012)

Slogans of Coface

  • For safer trade. (2013)

Slogans of Calumet County Bank (US)

  • Growing together. With our community. (2007)

Slogans of Caledonia Investments (UK)

  • Performance driven. (2005)

Slogans of Cal Direct (US)

  • Great rates without the wait. (2003)

Slogans of Beau-Séjour Finance (CH)

  • A clear vision of risks and opportunities. (2012)

Slogans of Berkeley Jacobs (UK)

  • Financial advice for the real world. (2004)

Slogans of Berger Funds (US)

  • Freedom to succeed. (2001)

Slogans of Beogradska Banka D.D. (UK)

  • The best partner to do business with in Yugoslavia. (1991)

Slogans of Benten Consulting (UK)

  • Helping you to manage your debts without further borrowing. (2001)

Slogans of Benjamin Franklin Bank (US)

  • Bank with Ben. (2005)

Slogans of Beneficial Bank (US)

  • Your knowledge bank. (2014)

Slogans of Beneficial (UK)

  • The strongest card to play. (1996)

Slogans of Bendigo Bank (US)

  • At the Bendigo it starts with U. (2008)

Slogans of Bellevue (CH)

  • Bellevue is different. Bellevue is inspiring. (2010)

Slogans of Bear Stearns (UK)

  • At your side. On your side. (2002)

Slogans of Bessemer Trust (US)

  • Enhancing private wealth for generations. (2006)

Slogans of Beagle Street (UK)

  • Life insurance. Reborn. (2014)

Slogans of Beacon Federal (US)

  • Making money work, for you. (2007)

Slogans of Bclear (UK)

  • One cleared service end to end. (2007)

Slogans of Bayerische Landesbank (UK)

  • International banking with Bavarian drive and friendliness. (1979)

Slogans of Bay Cities National Bank (US)

  • The community business bank of the South Bay. (2007)

Slogans of Bates (UK)

  • Your financial guide. (2008)

Slogans of Basler Versicherungen

  • In good company. (2005)

Slogans of Basler Kantonalbank (CH)

  • Fair banking. (2007)

Slogans of Bartow County Bank (US)

  • More possibilities. (2007)

Slogans of Berrys Cellar Plan (UK)

  • Invest in pleasure. (2005)

Slogans of BestAdvice.net (UK)

  • It’s what you’ve been waiting for. (2001)

Slogans of Barnsley Building Society (UK)

  • Closer to our customers. (2001)

Slogans of Blue Cap

  • Value for industries. (2008)

Slogans of Boone County National Bank (US)

  • Strong roots. Endless possibilities. (2015)

Slogans of Bondpartners (CH)

  • A family office. (2009)

Slogans of Bollin Finance (UK)

  • For that fresh start loan & remortgage. (2007)

Slogans of Bluevalor (CH)

  • Value building through excellence. (2012)

Slogans of Bluesure (UK)

  • Everything covered in one policy. (2001)

Slogans of BlueSky Personal Finance (UK)

  • For a clear future. (2004)

Slogans of BlueCross BlueShield Association (US)

  • Healthcare. Affordable. Now. (2005)

Slogans of Blue Paw Pet Health Insurance (US)

  • Health coverage for pets. (2003)

Slogans of Blue Cross and Blue Shield (US)

  • Your plan for better health. (2006)

Slogans of Bloomberg Tradebook (UK)

  • Always. (2007)

Slogans of Bestrustees (UK)

  • An approach beyond reproach. (1994)

Slogans of Blom Bank (UK)

  • Peace of mind. (2007)

Slogans of Blemain Finance (UK)

  • Innovation in secured loans. (2007)

Slogans of BlackRock (UK)

  • Investing for a new world. (2012)

Slogans of Bisa Grupo Financiero (UK)

  • The only financial group in Bolivia. (2003)

Slogans of Birmingham Midshires Building Society (UK)

  • We’ll exceed your expectations. (1996)

Slogans of BillMatrix (US)

  • The payment experts. (2008)

Slogans of Bikesure (UK)

  • Freethinking insurance. (2008)

Slogans of Bfinance.co.uk (UK)

  • Start with the right solution. (2001)

Slogans of Bethpage Federal Credit Union (US)

  • Banking among friends. (2008)

Slogans of Barter Card (UK)

  • The world’s largest business trade exchange. (2005)

Slogans of Barney & Barney (US)

  • We listen. To insure your success. (2007)

Slogans of Bournston (UK)

  • Intelligent investment. Solid growth. (2006)

Slogans of Bankhaus Lampe

  • The special for the exclusive. (2011)

Slogans of Banque Nationale de Paris (UK)

  • The bank with a world of experience. (1976)

Slogans of Banque MISR (UK)

  • The first bank in Egypt. (1993)

Slogans of Banque Generale Du Luxembourg (UK)

  • Your partner in a widening world. (2004)

Slogans of Banque Bénédict Hentsch (CH)

  • Wealth architects. (2013)

Slogans of Banque Bruxelles Lambert (UK)

  • Banking, a matter of people. (1979)

Slogans of Banner (US)

  • Better ideas. Better banking. (2005)

Slogans of Bankrate.com (US)

  • Every percent counts. (1999)

Slogans of Bankpower

  • It’s about people. (2007)

Slogans of Bankhaus Wölbern

  • Entrepreneur with a banking license. (2009)

Slogans of Bankersalmanac.com (UK)

  • The commodity you shouldn’t be without. (2001)

Slogans of Banque Syz & Co (CH)

  • Created to perform. (2012)

Slogans of Bankers Life and Casualty (US)

  • We specialize in seniors. (2007)

Slogans of Banka Koper (UK)

  • Your partner in Slovenia. (1998)

Slogans of Banka Celje (UK)

  • In the safe haven of tradition. (1999)

Slogans of BankAtlantic (US)

  • Florida’s most convenient bank. (2007)

Slogans of Bank of the West (US)

  • Our prime interest is you. (2007)

Slogans of Bank of the Philippine Islands (UK)

  • A tradition of leadership. (1995)

Slogans of Bank of the Ozarks (US)

  • All the bank you need. (2007)

Slogans of Bank of Valletta (UK)

  • Your success, our goal. (2007)

Slogans of Bank of Upson (US)

  • The way banking should be. (2007)

Slogans of Banque Nationale de Paris (US)

  • World banking is our business. (1990)

Slogans of Banque Unigestion (UK)

  • Tailor-made ideas. (1993)

Slogans of Barnett Bank (UK)

  • Anywhere money talks, we interpret. (1982)

Slogans of Barclays Commercial (UK)

  • Just add Barclays. (2008)

Slogans of Barlow Clowes & Partners (UK)

  • Gilt edged specialists. (1983)

Slogans of Barclaytrust (UK)

  • Cares for your affairs. (1969)

Slogans of Barclays Wealth (UK)

  • Wealth. What’s it to you? (2012)

Slogans of Barclays Stockbrokers (UK)

  • Unleash the power. (2008)

Slogans of Barclays Private Bank (UK)

  • Traditional values with innovative thinking. (2005)

Slogans of Barclays Premier Card (UK)

  • Only those with incomes of œ20,000 or more can qualify. (1987)

Slogans of Barclays Openplan (UK)

  • Altogether better. (2002)

Slogans of Barclays Firsts (UK)

  • Accessible. (2002)

Slogans of Barclays DCO (UK)

  • Exporters are special people. That’s why we’re a special bank. (1970)

Slogans of Barclays Bank DCO (UK)

  • Britain’s largest overseas bank. (1962)

Slogans of Bantleon (CH)

  • The bond manager. (2010)

Slogans of Barclays (US)

  • Quietly conquering the world of finance. (2006)

Slogans of Barclaycard.co.uk (UK)

  • Glide with us. (2009)

Slogans of Barclaycard Visa (UK)

  • One card. A million uses. (2001)

Slogans of Barclaycard Premiership (UK)

  • Barclaycard. 4 the game. (2002)

Slogans of Barclaycard Oyster (UK)

  • Credit. Cashless. (2008)

Slogans of Barclaycard Direct (UK)

  • Get more out of plastic. (2002)

Slogans of Barclaycard Arrival (US)

  • Your arrival is just around the corner. (2013)

Slogans of Barchester Green (UK)

  • Keeping your money clean. (2000)

Slogans of Barchester (UK)

  • Giving you the choice. (1993)

Slogans of Borderway Finance (UK)

  • Vehicle finance specialists. (2014)

Slogans of Bowmaker (UK)

  • Bowmaker is business on the move. (1967)

Slogans of Caixa Geral De Depositos (UK)

  • Rely on us. (1997)

Slogans of CFP Board (US)

  • Work with the highest standard. (2014)

Slogans of CKB (UK)

  • The true Montenegrin bank. (2002)

Slogans of CIT

  • Capital redefined. (2007)

Slogans of CIS Co-operative Insurance (UK)

  • The insurance people who believe in fair play. (2001)

Slogans of CIPFA (UK)

  • At the heart of public services. (2007)

Slogans of CIMB (UK)

  • Breakthrough ideas. Breakthrough results. (2003)

Slogans of CIBC (US)

  • We do more. (2004)

Slogans of CIA Insurance Services (UK)

  • Experts in bike insurance. (2006)

Slogans of CIA Insurance Group (UK)

  • Honestly the best policies. (2003)

Slogans of CH Healthcare (UK)

  • Quality cover for less. (2009)

Slogans of CFC

  • Companion for companies. (2009)

Slogans of CMC Markets (UK)

  • Your trading advantage. (2007)

Slogans of CFA (UK)

  • An asset to any portfolio. (2002)

Slogans of CDC IXIS (UK)

  • Together we will make things happen. (2001)

Slogans of CCEI Bank GE (UK)

  • Our clients interest is our priority. (2003)

Slogans of CBS MarketWatch (US)

  • Your eye on the market. (1999)

Slogans of CBOT (UK)

  • The world’s leading futures exchange. (1994)

Slogans of CAN Insurance Services (US)

  • Insuring NonProfits. Surpassing expectations. (2007)

Slogans of CAN (US)

  • For all the commitments you make. (1987)

Slogans of CA IB Investment Bank (UK)

  • International network with local expertise. (1998)

Slogans of CA IB Corporate Finance (UK)

  • Leading in emerging European corporate finance advisory. (2007)

Slogans of CLP Structured Finance (UK)

  • Creativity through knowledge. (2008)

Slogans of CME Federal Credit Union (US)

  • Life is good. Make it great. (2013)

Slogans of C-Quadrat

  • The fund company. (2008)

Slogans of CSI LifeCycle

  • The power of experience. (2013)

Slogans of Caixa Banco de Investimento (UK)

  • A solid partnership. (2008)

Slogans of Cairo & Alexandria Stock Exchange (UK)

  • The exchange of choice. (2007)

Slogans of Cadooz (UK)

  • Specialist for vouchers, rewards, incentives and experiences. (2011)

Slogans of Cadooz

  • Rewarding excellence. (2014)

Slogans of Caceis

  • Solid & innovative. (2009)

Slogans of Cabot Financial (UK)

  • Leading the way in debt purchase. (2009)

Slogans of CVB Financial (US)

  • Amazing things happen with the right banking relationship. (2001)

Slogans of CU Assurance (UK)

  • We won’t make a drama out of a crisis. (1980)

Slogans of CU (UK)

  • Life is for living. (1986)

Slogans of CS Healthcare (UK)

  • Your natural choice. (2003)

Slogans of CME Group (UK)

  • Ideas that change the world. (2008)

Slogans of CS First Boston (UK)

  • One firm. One name. One mission. (1994)

Slogans of CRU (UK)

  • Absolutely focused on absolute returns. (2007)

Slogans of CRDB Bank (UK)

  • The bank that listens. (2004)

Slogans of CNNmoney.com (US)

  • Invest in yourself. (2002)

Slogans of CNBC.com (UK)

  • Log on. Trade up. (2007)

Slogans of CNB Bank (US)

  • Where service meets convenience. (2007)

Slogans of CNA Risk Management (US)

  • We get there by listening. (1997)

Slogans of CNA (US)

  • Insurance in touch with business. (2001)

Slogans of CME Group (US)

  • How the world advances. (2013)

Slogans of C-Quadrat (AT)

  • The fund company. (2010)

Slogans of Butterworths Tax Direct (UK)

  • Faster than you think. (2000)

Slogans of Box Legal (UK)

  • Run by solicitors For solicitors. (2008)

Slogans of Brigham Brining (UK)

  • Your financial planning partner. (2007)

Slogans of British Smaller Technology Companies VCT2 (UK)

  • Think of it as a nicer ISA. (2001)

Slogans of British Gas Share Information Office (UK)

  • Everyone can apply for a share of the shares. (1986)

Slogans of British Airways American Express Corporate (UK)

  • Carry the card. (2007)

Slogans of Britannic Assurance (UK)

  • Partnership for life. (2000)

Slogans of Bristol & West Mortgages Lifetime Mortgage (UK)

  • After all, a lifetime is for living. (2006)

Slogans of Bristol & West Building Society (UK)

  • A great west country institution. (1976)

Slogans of Brinks

  • Secure logistics. Worldwide. (2011)

Slogans of Brightrock (CH)

  • Real estate of passion. (2012)

Slogans of Brigham Brining Direct (UK)

  • Life cover for less. (2001)

Slogans of Bridport (CH)

  • We study every brushstroke to see the bigger picture. (2012)

Slogans of Brooks Harvey & Co (UK)

  • Creative financing & counseling for major real estate projects. (1979)

Slogans of Bridgehampton National Bank (US)

  • The bank you can talk to. (2007)

Slogans of Bridgebank Capital (UK)

  • Dependable, effective bridging finance. (2007)

Slogans of Brewin Dolphin (UK)

  • Complete investment management. (2008)

Slogans of Brent Dees Financial Planning (US)

  • When business becomes personal. (2007)

Slogans of Breakingviews.com (UK)

  • The views behind the news. (2001)

Slogans of Brazilian Mercantile & Futures Exchange (UK)

  • Feel the power of our market. (2007)

Slogans of Branch Banking and Trust Company (US)

  • There’s opportunity here. (2007)

Slogans of BrainsToVentures (CH)

  • Where brains meet ventures. (2010)

Slogans of Bradesco (UK)

  • Placing you always ahead. (2001)

Slogans of Brockhaus Private Equity

  • We create value. (2013)

Slogans of Brooksville Sales Tax (US)

  • Half penny for our future. (2003)

Slogans of Butterfield Private Bank (UK)

  • The gateway to private banking for your clients. (2006)

Slogans of Budget Finance Plan (US)

  • Extra cash Extra fast. (1956)

Slogans of Burns Anderson (UK)

  • Your trusted adviser. (2007)

Slogans of Burns (UK)

  • It can be this simple. (2002)

Slogans of Burnley Building Society (UK)

  • A very good building society. (1961)

Slogans of Burnham and Company (UK)

  • The investment firm that goes beyond Wall Street. (1969)

Slogans of Burgauer Huser Aman & Partner (CH)

  • The common sense investors. (2010)

Slogans of Bureau (UK)

  • Where success is the consequence of implementing the right solution. (2000)

Slogans of Bull & Bear (US)

  • Performance driven. (1991)

Slogans of Building LifePlans (UK)

  • Built on knowledge, backed by experience. (2006)

Slogans of Budget Van Insurance (UK)

  • It’s a van man thing! (2009)

Slogans of Buckmaster & Moore (UK)

  • Close to a century of making money work – Successfully. (1988)

Slogans of Brown & Company (US)

  • Where your experience pays off. (2001)

Slogans of Buckinghamshire Building Society (UK)

  • Helping you to build a better future. (2006)

Slogans of Bryan, Garnier & Co (CH)

  • The independent European growth investment bank. (2012)

Slogans of Brunswick Bank & Trust (US)

  • The biggest little bank in New Jersey. (2007)

Slogans of BrunnerInvest (CH)

  • Source of success. (2012)

Slogans of Bruellan (CH)

  • More private than a private bank. (2012)

Slogans of Browning (US)

  • Strength to make it happen. Resources to do it right. (2012)

Slogans of Brown Shipley (UK)

  • The right size for your merchant bank. (1976)

Slogans of Brown Co (US)

  • Where experience pays off. (2003)

Slogans of Brown Brothers Harriman (UK)

  • The power of partnership. (2001)

Slogans of Grand Commercial Bank (UK)

  • Integrity is our standard – excellence is the result. (1994)

Slogans of Ijubljanska (UK)

  • The bank in Slovenia. (2000)

Slogans of Granite Hills (US)

  • The difference is you! (2012)

Slogans of Sino

  • High end brokerage. (2004)

Slogans of Simply Loans Direct (UK)

  • Finance made simple. (2000)

Slogans of Simple (US)

  • Replace your bank. (2013)

Slogans of Silverstone Insurance Services (UK)

  • You qualify. You win. (2000)

Slogans of Silicon Valley Bank (US)

  • Nothing we’d rather be doing. (2004)

Slogans of Signpost Finance (UK)

  • The right direction. (2007)

Slogans of Siebert (US)

  • Serving investors for more than 37 years. (2005)

Slogans of Siam Commercial Bank (UK)

  • The first Thai bank. (1995)

Slogans of Shore Bank (US)

  • We get it. (2013)

Slogans of Shizuoka Bank (UK)

  • A tradition of excellence at home. (1992)

Slogans of Shenzhen Development Bank (UK)

  • Located in China – Thinking and doing with global vision. (2003)

Slogans of Shedlin

  • Specialists in growth markets. (2011)

Slogans of Sharepeople Limited (UK)

  • Eliminate the uncertainties. (2002)

Slogans of Sharelink (UK)

  • Helping investors help themselves. (1995)

Slogans of ShareBuilder.com (US)

  • The sane way to invest online. (2000)

Slogans of Shape Capital (CH)

  • Dedicated to private equity. (2009)

Slogans of Sentix

  • Feel the markets. (2005)

Slogans of Seneca Federal Savings and Loan Association (US)

  • A better way to do banking. (2007)

Slogans of Selftrade.co.uk (UK)

  • We make share dealing a doddle. (2000)

Slogans of Selftrade (UK)

  • For people who think for themselves. (2007)

Slogans of Selestia (UK)

  • Making investments manageable. (2002)

Slogans of Segetia (CH)

  • Succeed where others failed! (2012)

Slogans of Simply Millfield (UK)

  • See how much you can save now. (2003)

Slogans of Six Securities Services (CH)

  • Unlocking the potential. (2013)

Slogans of SWIFT

  • The global provider of secure financial messaging services. (2013)

Slogans of Skandia

  • Quality for life. (2005)

Slogans of Southern Arizona Community Bank (US)

  • Banking the way it should be. (2007)

Slogans of Southeast Bank (US)

  • It’s time to call Southeast. (1989)

Slogans of South Essex Insurance Brokers (UK)

  • A better way to insure. (2007)

Slogans of Sortmydebtsout.com (UK)

  • The smart solution to your debt problems. (2007)

Slogans of Sony Visa (US)

  • It’s your window to the things you want. (2004)

Slogans of Soliswiss (CH)

  • At home worldwide. (2012)

Slogans of Solbank (UK)

  • The bank you can talk to. (2001)

Slogans of Sofon Guided Selling

  • Sales simplified. (2011)

Slogans of Sodexo (AT)

  • Quality of daily life solutions. (2013)

Slogans of Society (US)

  • Where to grow. (1993)

Slogans of Societe Generale Merchant Bank (UK)

  • The French merchant bank in the City of London. (1984)

Slogans of Societe Generale Asset Management (UK)

  • Active investing. (2007)

Slogans of Social Security (UK)

  • Helping you to meet your needs. (1988)

Slogans of SobinBank (UK)

  • Every word is weighted by us. (2002)

Slogans of Smith Greenfield (UK)

  • Insurance… Simple and secure. (2008)

Slogans of Smile (UK)

  • The internet bank. (2007)

Slogans of Smartflow Finance (UK)

  • Freedom to grow. (2009)

Slogans of Skye Bank (US)

  • Expanding your world. (2013)

Slogans of Skrill

  • The future of moneybookers. (2011)

Slogans of Skipton Business Finance (UK)

  • Freedom for business growth. (2008)

Slogans of Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (UK)

  • When you’re doing business with Sweden, do as the Swedes do. (1980)

Slogans of Security Pacific Bank (US)

  • Smarter money. (2007)

Slogans of Security Pacific (UK)

  • Looking forward worldwide. (1981)

Slogans of Securities & Investment Institute (UK)

  • Professionalism. Integrity. Excellence. (2008)

Slogans of Secure Mortgages (UK)

  • Securing all your mortgage needs. (2006)

Slogans of Saxon (UK)

  • Take cover behind the shield. (2000)

Slogans of Saxo Bank (CH)

  • The specialist in trading and investment. (2010)

Slogans of Save & Prosper Masterfund (UK)

  • Britain’s newest investment idea. (1985)

Slogans of Savannah Bank of Nigeria (UK)

  • The personal service bank. (1985)

Slogans of Saudi Hollandi Bank (UK)

  • Practical solutions for a better future. (2001)

Slogans of Saudi British Bank (UK)

  • Local vision, international expertise. (2007)

Slogans of Saturna Capital (US)

  • Value for money since 1989. (2007)

Slogans of Sarasin Alpen (US)

  • The perfect formula for private banking. (2009)

Slogans of Sanwa (UK)

  • Sanwa bankers are working for you everywhere. (1993)

Slogans of Santander Santiago (UK)

  • Value from ideas. (2009)

Slogans of Santander (US)

  • A bank for your ideas. (2013)

Slogans of Sanemus

  • Investing in health. (2013)

Slogans of San Diego Trust Bank (US)

  • Performance you can trust. (2008)

Slogans of San Diego National Bank (US)

  • We know San Diego. (2007)

Slogans of Sampath Bank (UK)

  • We present the future. (2000)

Slogans of Salt (UK)

  • Making specialist lending simple. (2005)

Slogans of Sallfort Advisors (CH)

  • Your personal asset manager. (2012)

Slogans of Saitama Bank (UK)

  • The Japanese bank that helps you grow. (1990)

Slogans of Sainsbury’s Bank (UK)

  • Fresh banking. (2002)

Slogans of Saferpay

  • The easy way to pay! (2013)

Slogans of SZKB Schwyzer Kantonalbank (CH)

  • Private Banking, Schwyzer Art. (2014)

Slogans of Sberbank

  • By your side. (2014)

Slogans of Sberbank (AT)

  • By your side. (2014)

Slogans of Sberbank (CH)

  • By your side. (2014)

Slogans of Scottish Equitable Protect (UK)

  • Protecting your clients, supporting you. (2001)

Slogans of Secure Homes (UK)

  • Get it done in one. (2004)

Slogans of Sectram Partners (CH)

  • Independent financial group founded 1990. (2012)

Slogans of Sector SPDRS (US)

  • Invest in control. (2005)

Slogans of Screentrade (UK)

  • You’d be barking not to. (2004)

Slogans of Scottish Widows Investment Partnership (UK)

  • We can see investment potential where others can’t. (2007)

Slogans of Scottish Provident International (UK)

  • The deal is in the details. (2001)

Slogans of Scottish Mutual (UK)

  • Strength, quality, vision. (2001)

Slogans of Scottish Mortgage ISA (UK)

  • Your low cost choice for global investment. (2007)

Slogans of Scottish Legal Life (UK)

  • The friendlier friendly society. (2007)

Slogans of Scottish Equitable International (UK)

  • Now there’s a choice. (1995)

Slogans of Scarborough Building Society (UK)

  • Simply a better place for your money. (2003)

Slogans of Scottish American Investment (UK)

  • Investing wisely for people like you since 1873. (2001)

Slogans of Scots Mortgage (UK)

  • Super deals, super mortgages. (2004)

Slogans of Scotiabank (US)

  • Make the most of your investments. (2011)

Slogans of Scotia Capital (UK)

  • Products. Industry knowledge. Relationships. (2002)

Slogans of Scotfunds (UK)

  • All out for growth. (1969)

Slogans of Schufa

  • We build confidence. (2012)

Slogans of Schroders dc-Link (UK)

  • A simpler way to manage your scheme. (2001)

Slogans of Schnitzer West (US)

  • Outperform the expected. (2007)

Slogans of Schenk Finance (CH)

  • A different approach to asset management. (2012)

Slogans of Southern Bank Berhad (UK)

  • Service. Strength. Innovation. (2002)

Slogans of Southern Group (UK)

  • Property finance is our business. (2008)

Slogans of Sovereign (UK)

  • Health care since 1873 – Because Sovereign cares. (2006)

Slogans of Stroud & Swindon (UK)

  • Your building society. (2008)

Slogans of Susquehanna Bank (US)

  • A smarter way to money. (2005)

Slogans of Surrenda-link (UK)

  • We value your endowment. (2008)

Slogans of Surgery Cash (UK)

  • It pays to choose Surgery Cash. (2005)

Slogans of Superfund (US)

  • The future of investing. (2011)

Slogans of Superfund (UK)

  • The future of investing. (2009)

Slogans of Superfund (CH)

  • The future of investing. (2011)

Slogans of Superfund (AT)

  • The future of investing. (2011)

Slogans of Superfund

  • The future of investing. (2011)

Slogans of Sunrise Bank (US)

  • A brighter way of banking. (2008)

Slogans of SunWise Elite Plus (US)

  • Rethinking retirement planning. (2011)

Slogans of SunTrust (US)

  • Live solid. Bank solid. (2009)

Slogans of Sun Life of Canada (UK)

  • Our strength is your security. (1995)

Slogans of Sun Bank STI Classic Funds (US)

  • Structured for growth. Strengthened by experience. (1992)

Slogans of Sun Bank (US)

  • Peace of mind banking. (1994)

Slogans of Sun Bank (UK)

  • Common sense lending. (2003)

Slogans of Summit Bank (US)

  • Reach higher. (2000)

Slogans of Sumitomo Bank (UK)

  • Your source of banking wisdom. (1994)

Slogans of Suffolk County National Bank (US)

  • Experience Quality Service. (2007)

Slogans of Sucden (UK)

  • Adding value seizing opportunities. (2002)

Slogans of Subex (US)

  • Powering the ROC. (2011)

Slogans of StuCard (CH)

  • Be smart. Use StuCard. (2014)

Slogans of Suter & Partner (CH)

  • The fine art of private banking. (2012)

Slogans of Svenska & Company (UK)

  • A name you can quote with confidence. (1988)

Slogans of SwAM Swiss Asset Management (CH)

  • Expertise, planning, prudence and success. (2012)

Slogans of Swissquote

  • Take the lead. (2016)

Slogans of TD Bank (US)

  • America’s most convenient bank. (2008)

Slogans of TC Ziraat Bankasi (UK)

  • The oldest and the largest bank of Turkey. (1985)

Slogans of T.Rowe Price (US)

  • Invest with confidence. (2009)

Slogans of T-Venture

  • Life is for sharing. (2013)

Slogans of Systracom.de

  • Professional brokerage. (2000)

Slogans of Synergy Bank (US)

  • Banking redefined. (2007)

Slogans of Symetra Financial (US)

  • Reach for great things. (2008)

Slogans of Symbiotics (CH)

  • Reaching out through investments. (2013)

Slogans of Switch/Maestro (UK)

  • Your money at home and abroad. (2003)

Slogans of Swisspartners Advisors (CH)

  • Reliable, professional and dedicated. (2012)

Slogans of Swets (UK)

  • Swets simplifies. (2007)

Slogans of Swisscard AECS (CH)

  • Shift money to value. (2008)

Slogans of Swisscanto (CH)

  • Your strong partner for investment and pension services. (2010)

Slogans of Swiss Re

  • Your expert in capital and risk management. (2007)

Slogans of Swiss Life Asset Management (CH)

  • For a responsible asset management. (2012)

Slogans of Swiss Guard (CH)

  • The Swiss Guard solution. (2013)

Slogans of Swiss Fintech Innovations (CH)

  • The future of financial services. (2016)

Slogans of Swiss Bank (UK)

  • The key Swiss bank. (1982)

Slogans of Swiftcover.com (UK)

  • It pays to click click not cluck cluck. (2006)

Slogans of Swiftcover (UK)

  • Get a life – Get Swiftcovered. (2009)

Slogans of Structured Solutions Group Performanceseeker.co.uk (UK)

  • Look out for the Peacock. (2004)

Slogans of Strong (US)

  • Your investment edge: A patient, persistent value investor. (2000)

Slogans of Sovereign Bank (US)

  • America’s neighborhood bank. (2007)

Slogans of Strive

  • For companies’ best practice. (2008)

Slogans of Standard Chartered Visa Travellers Cheques (UK)

  • A great partnership for travellers to bank on. (1981)

Slogans of Standard Chartered (US)

  • Here for good. (2010)

Slogans of Standard Bank of South Africa (UK)

  • With us you can go so much further. (1998)

Slogans of Standard & Poors

  • Empowering investors and markets for 150 years. (2010)

Slogans of Staley Credit Union (US)

  • Your loan experts. (2013)

Slogans of Stakeholder Savings (UK)

  • It all adds up. (2007)

Slogans of Stafford Railway Building Society (UK)

  • Keeping you on track. (2007)

Slogans of Stadtsparkasse Munchen (UK)

  • Your success is our business. (1989)

Slogans of Stadtsparkasse Koln (UK)

  • To Cologne we’re more than just a bank. (1990)

Slogans of St. James’s Place Partnership (UK)

  • Financial advice you can trust. (2000)

Slogans of St Paul Travelers (US)

  • Insurance. In-synch. (2009)

Slogans of St James Place Partnership (UK)

  • Financial advice you can trust. (2005)

Slogans of Springboard (UK)

  • Investing in experience. (2000)

Slogans of Spirit Bank (US)

  • That’s the spirit. (2007)

Slogans of Spink (UK)

  • London’s oldest dealer. (1976)

Slogans of Spectra (US)

  • Innovation is everywhere. (2007)

Slogans of Speciality Finance Group (US)

  • We really understand. (2006)

Slogans of Sparkasse Holstein

  • Made in Holstein. (2010)

Slogans of Spark 7 (AT)

  • The best things in life are free. (2003)

Slogans of Soveriegn Health Care (UK)

  • Healthcare since 1873. (2007)

Slogans of Sovereign Health Cheques Direct (UK)

  • How you spend it is private. (2005)

Slogans of Standard Federal Bank (US)

  • True possibility. (2004)

Slogans of Standard Life

  • The way forward. (2011)

Slogans of Standard Life Freestyle (UK)

  • No two Freestyle mortgages. (2004)

Slogans of Sterling (UK)

  • Looking after tomorrow. (2007)

Slogans of Striker (US)

  • Trade smart, trade systems. (2012)

Slogans of Stride.co.uk (UK)

  • Excellence in insurance. (2007)

Slogans of Strategic Real Estate Advisors (UK)

  • Preserving capital for the next generation. (2001)

Slogans of Stowers Innovations (US)

  • Discover the good life. (2007)

Slogans of Stoneham Savings Bank (US)

  • Community strength banking. (2007)

Slogans of Stoneham Bank (US)

  • Unexpectedly more. (2007)

Slogans of Stockhouse (UK)

  • Empowering investors. (2007)

Slogans of Stock Conversion (UK)

  • A new generation in property leadership. (1985)

Slogans of Stock Beech & Co (UK)

  • Stockbrokers since 1844. (1985)

Slogans of State Farm Mutual Funds (US)

  • Invest with a good neighbor. (2001)

Slogans of Standard Life Healthcare (UK)

  • Expect more from life. (2001)

Slogans of State Farm Insurance (US)

  • State Farm is there for life. (2001)

Slogans of State Bank Group (UK)

  • With you – All the way. (2004)

Slogans of State (US)

  • Help just happens. (2009)

Slogans of Starbucks Card (UK)

  • Great coffee now has its own currency. (2006)

Slogans of Starbucks (US)

  • It’s time to surprise a friend with a Starbucks Card. (2004)

Slogans of Stanley Gibbons (UK)

  • Collecting and investment advice since 1856. (2008)

Slogans of Stanford Financial Group (US)

  • Hard work. Clear vision. Value for the client. (2007)

Slogans of Standard and Chartered (UK)

  • The marketing man’s bank. (1972)

Slogans of Standard Life SIPP (UK)

  • Active money for an active future. (2009)

Slogans of SYH Charterhouse (UK)

  • Feel more at home with us. (2008)

Slogans of SWBC (US)

  • We do that too. (2008)

Slogans of TFC Textron (UK)

  • The world’s leader in golf course finance. (2002)

Slogans of Prosperity Bank (US)

  • Real bankers Not just a bank. (2007)

Slogans of Property Building Services (UK)

  • We build your wealth. (2003)

Slogans of Promise Finance (UK)

  • Signed. Sealed. Delivered. It’s yours. (2003)

Slogans of PromInvestBank (UK)

  • Reliability, professionalism, decency. (2005)

Slogans of Prolific (UK)

  • Concentrating on investment. (1995)

Slogans of Progressive Commercial (US)

  • #1 truck insurer in america. (2013)

Slogans of Progressive Bank (US)

  • Banking reinvented. (2007)

Slogans of Professional Financing (UK)

  • Professional financing for professionals. (2000)

Slogans of Professional Fee Protection (UK)

  • We’re here to help honestly. (2009)

Slogans of Produktionswirtschaft Dortmund

  • Hightech made in Dortmund. (2011)

Slogans of ProManage (US)

  • Experts investing for you. (2006)

Slogans of Pro Premium (US)

  • Achieving excellence in the premium finance industry. (2011)

Slogans of Pro Bono (UK)

  • We understand, we understand you. (2004)

Slogans of Privredna Banka Zagreb (UK)

  • We know the land. We know the people. And we know the business. (1997)

Slogans of Private Mortgage Banking Group (US)

  • How dreams are financed. (2004)

Slogans of Privatbanken (UK)

  • The front runner in Danish banking. (1982)

Slogans of Principal (UK)

  • We understand what you’re working for. (2002)

Slogans of Princeton Financial Systems (US)

  • Strength in numbers. (2011)

Slogans of Primo One (UK)

  • The No.1 multi-vehicle package. (2008)

Slogans of Primo (UK)

  • The multi vehicle insurance specialists. (2008)

Slogans of Primatrust (CH)

  • We create solutions which are yours only! (2012)

Slogans of Primary Travel Insurance (UK)

  • Your confidence comes through our experience. (2000)

Slogans of Prosperis (CH)

  • Sustainable wealth management. (2012)

Slogans of Protective (US)

  • Doing the right thing is smart business. (2007)

Slogans of SVV (CH)

  • Slow down. Take it easy. (2009)

Slogans of Protinus

  • Ready for decision. (2006)

Slogans of Quick & Reilly (US)

  • Where independent investors do better – Every day. (1995)

Slogans of Quick & Reilley (US)

  • A new breed od broker – Information not advice. (1993)

Slogans of Questgates (UK)

  • Adjusting as it should be. (2003)

Slogans of Queensborough National Bank & Trust Company (US)

  • We make it simple. (2007)

Slogans of Quadriga

  • The future of investing. (2004)

Slogans of Quadia (CH)

  • Maximizing financial, social, environmental and economic returns. (2012)

Slogans of QIB (UK)

  • Committed to leadership. (2008)

Slogans of Q-Investments (CH)

  • Security in an unsecure world. (2012)

Slogans of Pythagoras Partners (CH)

  • Create and preserve values. (2012)

Slogans of Purely Mortgages (UK)

  • Straight answers. (2006)

Slogans of Pulaski Bank (US)

  • Give us a chance to prove ourselves to you! (2004)

Slogans of Public Bank (UK)

  • Excellence is our commitment. (1996)

Slogans of Pruifa.co.uk (UK)

  • Building profitable business on-line. (2001)

Slogans of Prudential Securities (US)

  • Prudential Securities today. It starts with straight talk. (1994)

Slogans of Prudential Pension Fund Services (UK)

  • More of a reward – Less of a risk. (1987)

Slogans of Prudential Financial (US)

  • Growing and protecting your wealth. (2009)

Slogans of Prudential Bache Securities (US)

  • Rock solid. Market wise. (1987)

Slogans of Pru Health (UK)

  • It pays to be healthy. (2008)

Slogans of Provinsbanken (UK)

  • Your Danish banking connection. (1978)

Slogans of Provincial Building Society (UK)

  • Now it’s up to you. (1980)

Slogans of Provident (US)

  • Protecting everything you work for. (1999)

Slogans of Primary Capital (UK)

  • The first name in management buy-outs. (2006)

Slogans of PriBIL (UK)

  • Solutions for wealth. (2007)

Slogans of Prentiss Smith (US)

  • Twenty years of private portfolio management for the socially conscious investor. (2002)

Slogans of Prentiss Smith & Company (US)

  • Socially responsible portfolio management. (2007)

Slogans of Pioneer Investments

  • Get more out of the future. (2001)

Slogans of Pioneer (US)

  • Value investing since 1928. (1993)

Slogans of Pioneer (UK)

  • Leading the way in income protection. (2007)

Slogans of Piedmont Federal (US)

  • Your hometown teammates since 1903. (2004)

Slogans of Phoenix (UK)

  • A better way to mortgage advice. (2003)

Slogans of Pharmacy Partners (UK)

  • The power to prosper. (2007)

Slogans of Pharmacy Mutual Insurance (UK)

  • First for Pharmacies. (2005)

Slogans of Pharmaceutical & General (UK)

  • Caring for members since 1928. (2007)

Slogans of Phanar (CH)

  • Guides you to your financial goal. (2012)

Slogans of Pets Best (US)

  • Simply the best pet insurance. (2012)

Slogans of Peter Castelberg Vermögensverwaltung (CH)

  • We just take the time for our customers. (2012)

Slogans of Pet Protect (UK)

  • Physically healthy financially sound. (2007)

Slogans of Personal Touch Medical (UK)

  • Medical insurance made simple. (2001)

Slogans of Personal Debt Helpline (UK)

  • Help is at hand. (2007)

Slogans of Perpetual (UK)

  • Britain’s fast growing unit trust manager. (1985)

Slogans of Peritus (UK)

  • Watching over the top performers. (2012)

Slogans of People’s United Bank (US)

  • What know-how can do. (2013)

Slogans of People’s Bank (UK)

  • The pulse of the people. (1994)

Slogans of Pensionnews.com (UK)

  • Be selective, be informed. (2007)

Slogans of Pennsville National Bank (US)

  • Real banking made real simple. (2007)

Slogans of Pegasus (UK)

  • Assurance for life. (2001)

Slogans of Pittsburgh National Bank (UK)

  • We’re a bank that believes in performance. (1980)

Slogans of Platinum Insurance (UK)

  • Advice for life. (2004)

Slogans of Plenum (CH)

  • Global financial services. (2010)

Slogans of PowerShares (US)

  • Invest like never before. (2008)

Slogans of PremiumSearch for Women (UK)

  • Cutting costs, not cover for women. (2001)

Slogans of Premium Bonds (UK)

  • Savings with a thrill. (2006)

Slogans of Premiercare (UK)

  • Protection through precision. (1996)

Slogans of Premier Portfolio (UK)

  • Simply better personal finance. (1985)

Slogans of Premier Health Benefits (UK)

  • Health care for life. (2007)

Slogans of Premier Bank (US)

  • Expect the best. (2007)

Slogans of Preferred Mortgages (UK)

  • No problem. (2001)

Slogans of Preferred Care (US)

  • It’s time to live well. (2003)

Slogans of Powszechna Kasa Oszczednosci Bank Panstwowy (UK)

  • We are the bank of opportunities. We simply adjust them to your needs. (1997)

Slogans of Power Finance Co (UK)

  • Funding for a brighter tomorrow. (2002)

Slogans of Polaris

  • Live your dream. (2013)

Slogans of PostFinance (US)

  • Surpassing support. (2009)

Slogans of PostFinance (CH)

  • Surpassing support. (2010)

Slogans of Post Office Payout (UK)

  • It’s a good deal cheaper than a cheque. (2007)

Slogans of Post Office Credit Card (UK)

  • The right card, every time. (2007)

Slogans of Positive Solutions (UK)

  • Altogether individual. (2007)

Slogans of Portman Building Society (UK)

  • Mutuality – It’s in your interest. (2001)

Slogans of Portfolios of Distinction (UK)

  • Your property portfolio in safe hands. (2005)

Slogans of Portfolio Consulting

  • Independent thinking. Better results. (2010)

Slogans of Police Mutual Investments (UK)

  • Joining forces to secure your future. (2002)

Slogans of Quinn Direct (UK)

  • Professional partners for insurance. (2004)

Slogans of Quion (UK)

  • Mortgage revenues are higher with Quion. (2006)

Slogans of Quote.com (UK)

  • Bringing the world’s financial markets to you. (2007)

Slogans of Riverview Community Bank (US)

  • Reflecting our communities strengths. (2007)

Slogans of Russell (US)

  • Global leaders in multi-manager investing. (2007)

Slogans of Rushcard Visa (US)

  • Finally, access for everyone. (2004)

Slogans of Royal Mint (UK)

  • The official mint to the Crown. (2003)

Slogans of Royal London Riley (UK)

  • Enjoy the life of Riley. (2007)

Slogans of Royal Liver Assurance (UK)

  • Security and growth from a friendly society. (2000)

Slogans of Royal Life (UK)

  • With Royal Life behind you, your future’s secure. (1985)

Slogans of Royal Insurance CarShield 30 (UK)

  • If you value it, shield it. (1983)

Slogans of Royal Bank of Canada (UK)

  • Understanding life, understanding you. (2007)

Slogans of Royal & Sun Alliance Investments (UK)

  • First choice for income ISA’s. (2001)

Slogans of Roxboro Savings Bank (US)

  • Come closer to home. (2013)

Slogans of Route 2 Mobility (UK)

  • Financing independence. (2006)

Slogans of Rototype (UK)

  • Self service automation. (2010)

Slogans of Rothschild Intercontinental Bank (UK)

  • The fresh approach to multi-national finance. (1973)

Slogans of Ross Lloyd (UK)

  • Insurance services as individual as your business. (2008)

Slogans of Rosbank (UK)

  • Your financial guide. (2003)

Slogans of Rodman & Renshaw (US)

  • Serving emerging growth sectors for over 50 years. (2007)

Slogans of Rocket Mortgage (US)

  • Push button. Get mortgage. (2016)

Slogans of Robson Scott Associates (UK)

  • Be debt free. (2007)

Slogans of Robin Lloyd (UK)

  • The endowment people. (2007)

Slogans of Robertson Stephens Funds (US)

  • Bringing the fund manager to you. (1997)

Slogans of Robertson Stephens & Company (US)

  • A powerful partner. (1995)

Slogans of Rutherford Webb (UK)

  • Innovative, payroll solutions. (2007)

Slogans of Rydex Global Advisors (US)

  • Rydex C-Class Shares – Anything but average. (2001)

Slogans of S&T Bank (US)

  • The way free checking ought to be. (2004)

Slogans of SG Equipment Finance (CH)

  • We support. You succeed. (2010)

Slogans of STL (UK)

  • No stone left unturned. (2008)

Slogans of STA Graydon (UK)

  • Tomorrow’s credit management solutions. Today. (2002)

Slogans of SPM Invest & Consult (UK)

  • Unlocking your companies value. (2007)

Slogans of SLC Asset Management (UK)

  • A new vision for fund management. (2001)

Slogans of SIS Group (UK)

  • Ignition in settlement. (2003)

Slogans of SG Private Banking (UK)

  • Imagine solutions inspired by you. (2008)

Slogans of SG Hambros (UK)

  • Good call. (2004)

Slogans of SG Equipment Finance (US)

  • We support. You succeed. (2010)

Slogans of SG Equipment Finance (UK)

  • We support. You succeed. (2010)

Slogans of SG Equipment Finance (AT)

  • We support. You succeed. (2010)

Slogans of SAM (CH)

  • Sustainability investing. (2009)

Slogans of SG Cowen Technology Group (UK)

  • The power of focus. (2001)

Slogans of SFCS Swiss Financial & Consulting Services (CH)

  • Investing dynamically. (2012)

Slogans of SEB (UK)

  • Financially yours. (2006)

Slogans of SEB

  • More than a bank. (2001)

Slogans of SBLI (US)

  • The no nonsense life insurance comapny. (2009)

Slogans of SBJ Professional (UK)

  • Passionate about the professions. (2007)

Slogans of SBI European Bank Limited (UK)

  • The bank with European community business experience. (1993)

Slogans of SAM Group (CH)

  • Foresight in sustainability. Foresight in investments. (2012)

Slogans of SAM (US)

  • Sustainability – the essence of value. (2012)

Slogans of Robeco

  • The investment engineers. (2006)

Slogans of Riverside Community Bank (US)

  • Great things happen! (2014)

Slogans of R-G Crown Bank (US)

  • Life. We’re in it with you. (2007)

Slogans of Rising Star (CH)

  • Invest with the best. (2010)

Slogans of Raymond James (UK)

  • We are different. (2001)

Slogans of Rational Shelley (UK)

  • Life assurance the friendly way. (2001)

Slogans of Rathbones (UK)

  • Established 1742. (2009)

Slogans of Rand Merchant Bank (UK)

  • Traditional values. Innovative ideas. (2008)

Slogans of Ramsdens (UK)

  • To make the good times happen. (2005)

Slogans of Rainier Pacific Bank (US)

  • A difference you can bank on. (2007)

Slogans of Raiffeisen-Leasing (AT)

  • Success throughout Europe. (2010)

Slogans of Raiffeisen-Landesbank Tirol (AT)

  • Let’s bank. (1996)

Slogans of Radian (UK)

  • Changing the nature of risk. (2002)

Slogans of RSA

  • Keeping you moving. (2008)

Slogans of RREEF (UK)

  • Real results. (2006)

Slogans of RIB (UK)

  • The fresh approach to international mining finance. (1973)

Slogans of RGA Reinsurance Group of America (US)

  • The security of experience. The power of innovation. (2013)

Slogans of RBTT (UK)

  • Your way ahead. (2002)

Slogans of RBS The Royal Bank of Scotland The One Account (UK)

  • Make one day today with the One account. (2007)

Slogans of RBS Advanta (UK)

  • You can’t argue with RBS Advanta. (2002)

Slogans of RBR (UK)

  • For the things that matter most. (2001)

Slogans of RBC Wealth Management (UK)

  • There’s wealth in our approach. (2012)

Slogans of RBC Royal Bank (US)

  • Advice you can bank on. (2013)

Slogans of RBC Global Services (UK)

  • A passion for ideas. (2002)

Slogans of RA Carter (UK)

  • We won’t lead you astray. (2001)

Slogans of Reaal (UK)

  • Realistic insuring. (2005)

Slogans of Read (UK)

  • It’s your pension. (2008)

Slogans of Read IFA (UK)

  • It’s your money. (2007)

Slogans of Renault Insurance (UK)

  • Driven to bring you more. (2001)

Slogans of Riggs (UK)

  • The Washington bank with international expertise. (1981)

Slogans of Reyl (CH)

  • A new approach to banking. (2012)

Slogans of Retirement Plus (UK)

  • Unlock home equity fairly. (2007)

Slogans of Resources Bank (UK)

  • Help’s Australia’s development. (1984)

Slogans of Republic New York (UK)

  • America’s 47th largest bank, and growing. (1980)

Slogans of Republic National Life Insurance (US)

  • Give your face a change of pace. (1956)

Slogans of Republic National Bank of New York (UK)

  • Strength. Security. Service. (1999)

Slogans of Republic National Bank (US)

  • A wealth of integrity. (1995)

Slogans of Republic Bank Limited (UK)

  • We’re the one for you! (2007)

Slogans of Renasant Bank (US)

  • We’re more than a bank. (2007)

Slogans of Realinvests

  • Financing energy. (2009)

Slogans of Renaissance Easy Claim (UK)

  • What have you got to lose? (2009)

Slogans of Reliance Bank (UK)

  • Banking with people for people. (2008)

Slogans of Reisebank

  • The cash experts. (2009)

Slogans of Reid (UK)

  • Unlock your pension. (2003)

Slogans of Regal Partners (UK)

  • The key to unlocking your pension. (2003)

Slogans of Refuge Assurance (UK)

  • The Refuge brings assurance home to you. (1970)

Slogans of Redsafe.com

  • Give your money a home. (2002)

Slogans of Redmayne Bentley (UK)

  • Your friend on the stock exchange. (2007)

Slogans of Red To Black (UK)

  • That is clever. (2004)

Slogans of TEG Federal Credit Union (US)

  • Big decision. Simple choices. (2011)

Slogans of TIAA-CREF (UK)

  • Managing money for people with other things to think about. (2002)

Slogans of Grant Thornton (US)

  • A passion for the business of accounting. (2006)

Slogans of Venturecapital.de

  • The entrepreneurs’ fund. (2013)

Slogans of Venmo (US)

  • Make and share payments. (2015)

Slogans of Vehicles In Practice (UK)

  • The professionals route for vehicles and finance. (2003)

Slogans of Vanguard Trust Managers (UK)

  • From the heart of the stock market. (1985)

Slogans of Vanguard Group (US)

  • The sign of a leader. (2001)

Slogans of Vancity (US)

  • Make good money. (2013)

Slogans of Van Kampen Merritt (US)

  • Investing with a sense of direction. (1993)

Slogans of Van Kampen Funds (US)

  • With more than four generations of money management experience so you can realize your true wealth. (2000)

Slogans of Van Der Moolen (UK)

  • We bring you Wall Street and the world. (2001)

Slogans of Value Line (US)

  • Enduring strength – Managing mutual funds since 1950. (2009)

Slogans of Valley Business Bank (US)

  • A passion for excellence. (2007)

Slogans of Valic IncomEdge (US)

  • Retirement income solutions For life. (2005)

Slogans of Valiant Community (CH)

  • You make it real! (2012)

Slogans of Valartis Bank (CH)

  • Discovering true values. (2012)

Slogans of VTB (US)

  • World without barriers. (2011)

Slogans of VT Wealth Management (CH)

  • Transparency creates trust. And trust leads to success. (2012)

Slogans of VNT Management

  • Focus on clean technologies. (2013)

Slogans of VID Public Bank (UK)

  • Your gateway to Vietnam. (1993)

Slogans of VHA (US)

  • Together we’re greater than. (2002)

Slogans of V.A.G. (UK)

  • We give credit, where credit’s due. (1980)

Slogans of Upromise (US)

  • Saving for college. It’s elementary. (2002)

Slogans of Unum Provident (US)

  • Smart service. Great ideas. (2007)

Slogans of Venturate

  • Invest with the best. (2015)

Slogans of Verica Trust & Capital Management (CH)

  • Focus. Trust. Performance. (2012)

Slogans of Twentieth Century Mutual Funds (US)

  • Investments that work. (1995)

Slogans of Verium (CH)

  • The family office with passion for entrepreneurship. (2012)

Slogans of Volkskas (UK)

  • South Africa’s full-service bank. (1968)

Slogans of Vojvodjanska Banka (UK)

  • The symbol of real values. (1998)

Slogans of Voigt & Collegen

  • Competence in finance. (2010)

Slogans of Vneshtorgbank (UK)

  • The energy of success. (2006)

Slogans of Vivid (UK)

  • To the point. (2000)

Slogans of VisionBank (US)

  • Build your tomorrow with Vision today. (2006)

Slogans of Visa Checkout (US)

  • The easy way to pay online. (2014)

Slogans of Visa Black Card (US)

  • The world awaits. (2009)

Slogans of Virt-X.com (UK)

  • For all the answers. (2001)

Slogans of Virt-X (UK)

  • The cross-border exchange. (2002)

Slogans of Virginpension.com (UK)

  • The new age pension from Virgin Direct. (2000)

Slogans of Virgin One Account (UK)

  • Uncommom sense. (2001)

Slogans of Virgin Credit Card (UK)

  • Plastic surgery you have to have. (2005)

Slogans of VillageBanking.org (US)

  • Give a little – Change a lot. (2007)

Slogans of Vienna Capital Partners (UK)

  • Local expertise. (2006)

Slogans of Victoria (UK)

  • Straight forward – Straight through – Sub-prime lending. (2007)

Slogans of ViTrade

  • Exclusive brokerage. (2010)

Slogans of Vetiva Nigeria (UK)

  • Passionately professionalism. (2008)

Slogans of Vertex Financial Services (UK)

  • Transforming the way you do business. (2007)

Slogans of Verso (UK)

  • Mortgages reflecting lifestyles. (2001)

Slogans of Vermont Federal Credit Union (US)

  • We’ve been here all along. (2013)

Slogans of Univest (UK)

  • Meet Univest, meet Brazil. (1972)

Slogans of Universal Life Plan (UK)

  • A better way of life. (1985)

Slogans of United States Mint (US)

  • Genuinely worthwhile. (2008)

Slogans of United Overseas Bank (UK)

  • United Banks. The bank behind the great adventure that is Singapore. (1984)

Slogans of USF&G (US)

  • The difference is understanding. (1994)

Slogans of US Healthcare (US)

  • The healthplan for living. (1995)

Slogans of US Bonds (US)

  • Take stock in America. Bonds are a safe way to save. (1973)

Slogans of UPS Capital (UK)

  • Your vision. Our strength. (2001)

Slogans of UPC Insurance (US)

  • Keep the promise. (2016)

Slogans of UMBC (UK)

  • We make it easy. (1989)

Slogans of UMB Banks (US)

  • America’s strongest banks. (1995)

Slogans of UMB (US)

  • Count on more. (2007)

Slogans of UK Provident (UK)

  • Success you can share. (1983)

Slogans of UIAG Unternehmens Invest (AT)

  • Solving problems. Creating value. (2009)

Slogans of UIA (UK)

  • Insurance with principles. (2007)

Slogans of UDT Finance (UK)

  • Helps industry to help itself. (1963)

Slogans of UBS Warburg (UK)

  • Success demands more. (2000)

Slogans of UBS Private Banking (US)

  • Expertise in managing your assets. (1995)

Slogans of UBS Cards (CH)

  • Your way to pay. (2004)

Slogans of UBS

  • You & us. (2004)

Slogans of UBP (CH)

  • Committed to you. (2011)

Slogans of UBM (UK)

  • Think again. (2001)

Slogans of UBA (UK)

  • Africa’s global bank. (2008)

Slogans of UATP (US)

  • Moving ahead. (2001)

Slogans of U.S. Department of Treasury $20 Bill (US)

  • The new color of money: Safer. Smarter. More secure. (2003)

Slogans of USLife (US)

  • Life is a family affair. (1983)

Slogans of UT Federal Credit Union (US)

  • Lifetime financial solutions. (2006)

Slogans of Ubs.com/aaa (UK)

  • Access. Analysis. Advice. (2002)

Slogans of Union Bank of Taiwan (UK)

  • Devotion. Professionalism. Excellence. (1998)

Slogans of United Insurance Brokers (UK)

  • Dependable corporate insurance in any language. (2002)

Slogans of United Gulf Bank (UK)

  • Share our success. (1984)

Slogans of United Financial Mortgage (US)

  • Leading America home. (2004)

Slogans of United Dominions Trust (UK)

  • It pays to deposit with UDT. (1979)

Slogans of United Community Bank (US)

  • Dedicated to your financial success. (2007)

Slogans of United Bank Limited (UK)

  • Where you come first. (2008)

Slogans of United Bank (US)

  • Your hometown advantage. (2007)

Slogans of Union Trust Bank (US)

  • Your Maine bank for success. (2007)

Slogans of Union National Bank (UK)

  • The bank that cares. (2008)

Slogans of Union Bank of Switzerland (US)

  • Here today. Here tomorrow. (1997)

Slogans of Ucardo

  • Your business card online. (2013)

Slogans of Union Bank of Finland (UK)

  • Finland’s leading international bank. (1981)

Slogans of Union Bank of California (US)

  • Invest in you. (2007)

Slogans of Unigestion (CH)

  • A passion to invest. A commitment to deliver. (2012)

Slogans of Unifi (UK)

  • Changing minds. Changing work. (2001)

Slogans of Unibanka (UK)

  • Let us be your guide to success. (1999)

Slogans of UniCredit Group (UK)

  • Let’s start. (2008)

Slogans of UniCredit Group

  • Let’s start. (2008)

Slogans of Unbiased.co.uk (UK)

  • Thinking ISAs? Think unbiased financial advice. (2000)

Slogans of Umblin (CH)

  • The new generation of comprehensive wealth management. (2012)

Slogans of Volkswagen Financial Services

  • The key to mobility. (2013)

Slogans of Voya (US)

  • Plan. Invest. Protect. (2016)

Slogans of Voyager (UK)

  • Standing out from the crowd. (2001)

Slogans of Willow Financial Bank (US)

  • See what willpower is worth. (2007)

Slogans of Xtend

  • The eCommercialist. (2000)

Slogans of XL Re (UK)

  • Expect more. (2002)

Slogans of XL Catlin (UK)

  • Make your world go. (2015)

Slogans of XL Capital

  • Fundamental strength – capital and people. (2006)

Slogans of Wright-Patt Credit Union (US)

  • See where it can take you. (2004)

Slogans of Worldspreads.com (UK)

  • Home of the 1 point spreads. (2008)

Slogans of World Savings (US)

  • How may we help you? (2004)

Slogans of Worker’s Credit Union (US)

  • Doing what’s right … for you. (2009)

Slogans of Woori Bank (UK)

  • Woori Bank is your best partner. (2004)

Slogans of Woolwich Mortgages (UK)

  • Brought to you by Barclays. (2006)

Slogans of Woolwich Guernsey Offshore Account (UK)

  • Be sure offshore – be sure online. (2001)

Slogans of Woolich Equitable Building Society (UK)

  • Where? With the Woolwich! (1985)

Slogans of Wonga (UK)

  • Straight talking money. (2011)

Slogans of WishSprite (UK)

  • With WishSprite you’re in safe hands! (2004)

Slogans of Wirecard Bank

  • More than banking. (2009)

Slogans of Winterthur International

  • The experts in total risk management. (2003)

Slogans of Winter

  • Total card services. (2000)

Slogans of Winslow Green Growth Fund (UK)

  • Green investing since 1983. (2007)

Slogans of Wing Lung Bank (UK)

  • Progress with prudence. Service with sincerity. (1994)

Slogans of Windsor Life (UK)

  • Here for you for over a century. (2007)

Slogans of Wilmington Trust (UK)

  • Recognizing worth. (2007)

Slogans of YFM Group (UK)

  • Nurturing growth. (2006)

Slogans of Yahoo! Personal Finance (UK)

  • You research. You compare. You choose. (2002)

Slogans of Yamaichi (UK)

  • Financial strength where you need it. (1989)

Slogans of Zurich

  • Because change happenz. (2005)

Slogans of bii (UK)

  • True local bank, world class standard. (2003)

Slogans of Zurichbank.com (UK)

  • A fairer way of banking. (2002)

Slogans of Zurich Municipal (UK)

  • Lean on us. (2002)

Slogans of Zurich Life (UK)

  • Think protection. Think Zurich Life. (2001)

Slogans of Zurich Group (UK)

  • Building relationships, solution by solution. (1997)

Slogans of Zurich Financial Services (AT)

  • Your aspiration. Our passion. (1998)

Slogans of Zurich Direct (US)

  • The way life should be. (2000)

Slogans of Zurich Connect (UK)

  • A little price, a lot of cover. (2009)

Slogans of Zurich (US)

  • 125 years of history, managing over $415 billion globally. (1999)

Slogans of Zopa (UK)

  • People are better than banks. (2005)

Slogans of Yapi Kredi (UK)

  • No limit to service. (2008)

Slogans of Zivnostenska Banka (UK)

  • A tradition of reliability. (1998)

Slogans of Zions Bank (US)

  • We haven’t forgotton who keeps us in business. (2007)

Slogans of Zenith

  • In your best interest. (2008)

Slogans of Zawya (US)

  • Information that moves your business. (2009)

Slogans of Zambia National Commercial Bank (UK)

  • Big – Strong – Reliable. (2007)

Slogans of YourHealth (UK)

  • Your health, your money – Your choice. (2005)

Slogans of York Credit Union Study Group (UK)

  • Credit Unions. The intelligent way to save and borrow. (2002)

Slogans of Ynome (CH)

  • Assemble your own private bank. (2016)

Slogans of Yapi Kredi Bank (UK)

  • The Turkish bank that speaks your language. (1982)

Slogans of Willow Grove Bank & First Financial Bank (US)

  • One great customer experience! (2005)

Slogans of Willis Re (UK)

  • Managing extremes. (2010)

Slogans of Vsebecna Uverova Banka (UK)

  • You can count on us. (1995)

Slogans of Willis Faber (UK)

  • International leaders in insurance. (1982)

Slogans of Wesleyan Assurance Society (UK)

  • Relax. Your money is in good hands. (2000)

Slogans of Wesleyan (UK)

  • Financial care since 1841. (2008)

Slogans of WesBanco (US)

  • By all accounts, better. (2007)

Slogans of Wells Fargo (UK)

  • Moving money worldwide. (1979)

Slogans of Wehner Glapiak Partners (CH)

  • Consistent. Clear. Sincere. (2012)

Slogans of Webstreetsecurities.com (US)

  • You’re a player now. (1998)

Slogans of Webster Totally Free (US)

  • We find a way. (2004)

Slogans of Wave (UK)

  • Let’s talk lending. (2007)

Slogans of Wausau Insurance (US)

  • What can we do to help you? (2002)

Slogans of Waterhouse Securities (US)

  • Where investors who expect value feel right at home. (1999)

Slogans of Washington Trust Bank (US)

  • Beyond money. (2007)

Slogans of Warrington Bank (US)

  • Built for service, by service. (2007)

Slogans of Warranties (UK)

  • Warranties made easy! (2009)

Slogans of Wardley (UK)

  • Finance for tomorrow’s Asia. (1979)

Slogans of Warburg Dillon Read (UK)

  • An investment bank of global intellignce. (1999)

Slogans of Walliser Kantonalbank

  • Win together. (2009)

Slogans of Wallis State Bank (US)

  • Where service begins. (2007)

Slogans of Wafabank Group (UK)

  • All along your projects. (2003)

Slogans of WPA (UK)

  • You will find the best of all worlds with WPA. (1976)

Slogans of WHA (UK)

  • Affordable family healthcare. (2004)

Slogans of W.P. Carey (UK)

  • Investing for the long run. (2007)

Slogans of West Alabama Bank (US)

  • It’s your bank. (2007)

Slogans of West Bend Mutual Insurance (US)

  • The worst brings out our best. That’s the silver lining. (2009)

Slogans of WestLB

  • Dedication you can count on. (2002)

Slogans of Westfield Health Insurance (UK)

  • Making a healthy difference. (2007)

Slogans of Willis (US)

  • The risk practice. (1999)

Slogans of Williams Deacons (UK)

  • The Northern bank with worldwide connections. (1967)

Slogans of Williams & Glyn’s Bank (UK)

  • Where people come first. (1982)

Slogans of William Russell (UK)

  • Peace of mind wherever you are. (2007)

Slogans of William & Glyn’s Bank (UK)

  • What you want a bank to be. (1970)

Slogans of Wilber National Bank (US)

  • Bank on our good name. (2007)

Slogans of Wienerborse.at (UK)

  • An opportunity too good to miss. (2006)

Slogans of Whittingdale (UK)

  • Gilt-edged experts. (1995)

Slogans of Westminster Bank (UK)

  • They’re ready to buy – We’re ready to help – Are you ready to go? (1968)

Slogans of Westfield (UK)

  • Hand in hand with the N.H.S. (1994)

Slogans of WestStar Bank (US)

  • Expect action. (2006)

Slogans of Westernacher

  • Innovating business & IT. (2010)

Slogans of Western Union Money Transfer (UK)

  • The world’s No.1 money transfer service. (2002)

Slogans of Western Trust and Savings (UK)

  • Welcome help with your money. (1982)

Slogans of Western Trust & Savings (UK)

  • The money centre people. (1976)

Slogans of Western Provident Assurance (UK)

  • Puts private medicine within your reach. (1984)

Slogans of Western Provident Association (UK)

  • Enjoy life. Insure health. (2008)

Slogans of Western Provident (UK)

  • Always there when you need us most. (1994)

Slogans of Western & Southern Financial Group (US)

  • We are the advantage. (2013)

Slogans of Westamerica Bank (US)

  • Your community banker. (2007)

Slogans of U.S. Bank (US)

  • All of US serving you. (2013)

Slogans of Turnstone

  • Become a legacy. (2012)

Slogans of TIM Turicum Investment Management (CH)

  • Financial planning also means to have goals. (2012)

Slogans of The Co-operative (UK)

  • When you need us, we’ll be there. (1997)

Slogans of The Chicago Board Options Exchange (UK)

  • Expanding the world’s investment options. (1995)

Slogans of The CTI Group (US)

  • America’s most experienced asset-based lender. (1995)

Slogans of The British Insurance Brokers Association (UK)

  • Your insurance broker puts you first – By law. (1982)

Slogans of The British Bank of the Middle East (UK)

  • Your local global bank. (1996)

Slogans of The Black & White Mortgage Company (UK)

  • The future’s bright it’s black & white! (2001)

Slogans of The Barclays Group (UK)

  • The Barclays Group has many ways to help you manage money better. (1970)

Slogans of The Banker Awards 2003 (UK)

  • The most prestigious event in the banking calendar. (2003)

Slogans of The Bank of Romney (US)

  • You’re someone special here. (2007)

Slogans of The Bank of Overseas Chinese (UK)

  • The Bank of Overseas Chinese, the bank of touching. (1997)

Slogans of The Bank of Holland (US)

  • Person to person. (2007)

Slogans of The Bank of Glen Burnie (US)

  • Your own local bank. (2007)

Slogans of The Bank of Elk River (US)

  • Family owned since 1885. (2007)

Slogans of The Bank of Edwardsville (US)

  • The people you know & trust. (2007)

Slogans of The Bank of Delmarva (US)

  • Your bank for life! (2007)

Slogans of The Bank of Bermuda (UK)

  • Exclusively offshore. (1994)

Slogans of The Bank and Trust (US)

  • A relationship you can bank on. (2007)

Slogans of The Baltic Exchange (UK)

  • Our word – Our bond. (2007)

Slogans of The American Stock Exchange (US)

  • Discover the possibilities. (2000)

Slogans of The Adirondack Trust Company (US)

  • We take banking to heart. (2007)

Slogans of The Actuarial Profession (UK)

  • Making financial sense of the future. (2008)

Slogans of The 128 Innovation Capital Group (US)

  • Where innovators and investors meet. (2008)

Slogans of The Child Trust Fund (UK)

  • What will yours grow into? (2007)

Slogans of The Commercial Bank of Korea (UK)

  • The front runner in Korea’s global race. (1995)

Slogans of Tunbridge Wells Equitable (UK)

  • Your friendly society. (2002)

Slogans of The Cyprus Development Bank Group (UK)

  • Person 2 person banking. (2007)

Slogans of The Helmsley Group (UK)

  • For investors with their feet firmly on the ground. (2003)

Slogans of The HSA Family Health Plan (UK)

  • So much for so little. (1985)

Slogans of The Guardian (US)

  • The intelligent choice since 1860. (1997)

Slogans of The Green Insurance Company (UK)

  • Insurance – Green and simple. (2008)

Slogans of The Gay Financial Network (US)

  • Now, there’s a more welcoming financial world. (2000)

Slogans of The GM Gold Card (US)

  • Don’t spend more, spend smarter. (1994)

Slogans of The GM Card (US)

  • Today’s financial vehicle. (1998)

Slogans of The GM Card (UK)

  • Have fun getting there. (2003)

Slogans of The Fort Jennings State Bank (US)

  • The bank of choice. (2007)

Slogans of The First National Bank of Jeffersonville (US)

  • The everybody bank. (2007)

Slogans of The First National Bank of Chicago (US)

  • You compete. We compete. (1974)

Slogans of The First National Bank of Chicago (UK)

  • Your personal foothold in Midwest America. (1966)

Slogans of The First National Bank of Boston (US)

  • For dollar-stretching ideas we’re the first people to talk to. The First. (1976)

Slogans of The Financial Services Authority (UK)

  • Regulating financial services and protecting your rights. (2003)

Slogans of The Exchange (UK)

  • On-line, on the case, on your side. (2000)

Slogans of The Equitable (US)

  • Strength in numbers. (1994)

Slogans of The English Land Partnership (UK)

  • Leaders in land. (2006)

Slogans of The Education Plan (US)

  • A 529 college savings plan that’s ahead of its class. (2003)

Slogans of The Delphis Bank Limited (UK)

  • The bank that always puts you first. (1998)

Slogans of The Debt Point (UK)

  • Simple debt management. (2007)

Slogans of The Debt People (UK)

  • The people who help. (2007)

Slogans of Thalmann & Verling

  • We care – you trust. (2010)

Slogans of Thai Military Bank (UK)

  • The bank for all people. (1996)

Slogans of Thai Farmers Bank (UK)

  • Dedicated to banking excellence. (1994)

Slogans of Texas Commerce Bank (UK)

  • Working for your success. (1982)

Slogans of Tanzania Investment Bank (US)

  • Your partner for growth. (2000)

Slogans of Talbot Insurance Agency (US)

  • Where customer service is our policy. (2007)

Slogans of Talbot Insurance (UK)

  • The personal touch. (2007)

Slogans of Talbot (UK)

  • A significant force in the Lloyd’s market place. (2002)

Slogans of Talaris (UK)

  • More for your money. (2010)

Slogans of Talanx Asset Management

  • Your assets. Our aspiration. (2013)

Slogans of Talanx

  • Insurance. Investments. (2010)

Slogans of Takugin (UK)

  • Just call us Takugin. (1979)

Slogans of Takefuji (UK)

  • Japan’s No.1 consumer finance company. (2002)

Slogans of Taiyo Kobe Bank (UK)

  • A name you can bank on. (1989)

Slogans of Taiwan Cooperative Bank (UK)

  • Everyone’s bank. (1998)

Slogans of Taipei Business Bank (UK)

  • We mean business. (1995)

Slogans of TVM

  • Catalyze your vision. (2001)

Slogans of TT Club (UK)

  • 40th anniversary 1968-2008. (2008)

Slogans of TSYS (UK)

  • The action behind the transaction. (2002)

Slogans of TSB Unit Trusts (UK)

  • Get your money growing. (1985)

Slogans of TSB Trustcard (UK)

  • The card you can trust. (1978)

Slogans of TSB Group (UK)

  • Banking and beyond. (1991)

Slogans of TPG

  • Creative capital. (2013)

Slogans of TML (UK)

  • Talk to TML today for a brighter tomorrow. (2003)

Slogans of TMF Mortgage Solutions (UK)

  • First for mortgages. (2002)

Slogans of Tanzania Postal Bank (US)

  • The bank for your convenience! (2000)

Slogans of Tanzanian Postal Bank (UK)

  • Truly Tanzanian. (2007)

Slogans of Tap 529 (US)

  • College savings Simplified. (2004)

Slogans of Telesens

  • Global billing solutions. (2000)

Slogans of Texaco Investor Services Plan (US)

  • A world of energy. (1997)

Slogans of Tesco Bank (UK)

  • Loans without the groans. (2002)

Slogans of Terra Firma

  • Transforming businesses. Delivering value. (2013)

Slogans of Tenet Group (UK)

  • Simple solutions for advisers. (2007)

Slogans of Templeton (US)

  • A common sense approach to long term goals. (1993)

Slogans of Temple Bar (UK)

  • Active investment working for you. (2008)

Slogans of Temirbank (UK)

  • Always nearby! (2006)

Slogans of Telhio (US)

  • Own it. (2013)

Slogans of Teletrader (AT)

  • A step ahead on the market. (2009)

Slogans of Telebikes Direct (UK)

  • The clear leader for motorcycle insurance. (2001)

Slogans of Tapman (UK)

  • Taking a calculated approach to a risky business. (1981)

Slogans of TeamBank

  • Simply one step ahead. (2007)

Slogans of Teachers Provident Society (UK)

  • Make more of life. (2002)

Slogans of Teachers Buiding Society (UK)

  • A real building society. (2000)

Slogans of Teachers (US)

  • Dedicated to education. (2007)

Slogans of Tax Credits – UK Government (UK)

  • Make sure you’re right on the money. (2006)

Slogans of Tat Lee Bank (UK)

  • We make customers our friends. (1993)

Slogans of Target Partners

  • Capital meets ideas. (2010)

Slogans of Target Life (UK)

  • The right advice today. The right return tomorrow. (1981)

Slogans of Target (UK)

  • All the experience. All the difference. (2006)

Slogans of The Industrial Bank of Japan (UK)

  • Japan’s leading bank in industrial finance since 1902. (1971)

Slogans of The Industrial Bank of Japan (US)

  • Japan’s oldest and largest long-term credit bank. Assets 24 billion. (1976)

Slogans of The Jammu & Kashmir Bank (UK)

  • Anywhere banking from Kashmir to Kerala. (2002)

Slogans of The Times (UK)

  • The more you think about it, the more you need The Times. (1972)

Slogans of Toyo Trust Bank (UK)

  • Ready with a capable response. (1980)

Slogans of Towers Perrin (UK)

  • We know risk. (2006)

Slogans of Towergate Chase Parkinson (UK)

  • One company – many solutions. (2002)

Slogans of Towergate Bakers (UK)

  • Insurance solutions for you. (2008)

Slogans of Tourer Select (UK)

  • Insurance for the open road. (2007)

Slogans of TotalBank (US)

  • Bank with total confidence. (2008)

Slogans of Tomorrow (UK)

  • The retirement specialist. (2007)

Slogans of Tobank (UK)

  • From Eurasia to five continents. (1985)

Slogans of TimesBank (UK)

  • The convenience bank. (1996)

Slogans of Tickets.com (UK)

  • Now you’ve got a choice. (2003)

Slogans of ThreeSixty (UK)

  • Fresh challenges – Contemporary solutions. (2007)

Slogans of Thornburg Mortgage (US)

  • Simply exceptional. (2008)

Slogans of Thomas Cook Money Exchange (UK)

  • Get more money for your money. (2009)

Slogans of Thomas Cook (UK)

  • The place to get your fun money. (2004)

Slogans of Thisismoney.com (UK)

  • Be your own financial adviser. (2009)

Slogans of This Is Money (UK)

  • Where money talks your language. (2001)

Slogans of Thestreet.co.uk (UK)

  • Catch the word on TS. (2000)

Slogans of Theinvestorcentre.com (UK)

  • Adding values. (2007)

Slogans of The Yorkshire Insurance Company (UK)

  • Fred says – Get the strength of insurance around you. (1962)

Slogans of The Woolwich (UK)

  • The one to be with. (1981)

Slogans of The Victoria Mutual (UK)

  • Changing to serve you better! (2003)

Slogans of Trade Indemnity Heller (UK)

  • For imaginative solutions beyond the balance sheet. (1995)

Slogans of TradeWeb (UK)

  • Where your business gets done. (2007)

Slogans of Tradindex.com (UK)

  • Financial spread betting made easy. (2003)

Slogans of Troika (UK)

  • Know Russia! (2007)

Slogans of Ts.com (UK)

  • Beautiful online solutions. (2002)

Slogans of Trüb (CH)

  • Absolute identity. (2010)

Slogans of Trustees For Methodist Church Purposes (UK)

  • Christian faith in word and action. (2003)

Slogans of Trust (UK)

  • Russian financial insight in a world of change. (2006)

Slogans of Truecredit.com (US)

  • Manage your credit. Manage your life. (2007)

Slogans of True Northern (US)

  • For a lifetime of investing. (2005)

Slogans of TruWest Credit Union (US)

  • Experience the TruDifference. (2013)

Slogans of Tru Medical (UK)

  • A truly better way back to health. (2003)

Slogans of Troy Asset Management (UK)

  • Stay the distance. (2009)

Slogans of TriFinance

  • Focus on financial functions. (2013)

Slogans of TradingLab (UK)

  • Master your investments. (2007)

Slogans of Trendfund

  • Trade it your way. (2013)

Slogans of Travellers Cheques (UK)

  • There’s no safer way to carry sterling abroad. (1982)

Slogans of Travelinsurancegenie.com (UK)

  • The friendly name of insurance. (2008)

Slogans of Travelers Financial

  • Travelers means freedom. (2008)

Slogans of Travelcare (UK)

  • Open, honest & impartial advice. (2001)

Slogans of Travel Protection Group (UK)

  • The UK’s largest travel protection group. (2000)

Slogans of Travel Assist (UK)

  • Travel insurance you can rely on. (2000)

Slogans of Transact (UK)

  • Take control. (2007)

Slogans of Tradium

  • The key element in your business. (2011)

Slogans of The Value Line Investment Survey (US)

  • Performance not just promises. (1995)

Slogans of The Synchronised School Fund (UK)

  • Simply better personal finance. (1985)

Slogans of The JetBlue Card from American Express (US)

  • Carry the love. (2006)

Slogans of The Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co (US)

  • A part of Japan which thinks in terms of the world. (1974)

Slogans of The Mortgage Warehouse (UK)

  • Start living. (2004)

Slogans of The Mortgage Shop (UK)

  • You talk. We listen. (2007)

Slogans of The Mortgage Practice (UK)

  • Nobody does it better. (2001)

Slogans of The Mortgage Group (UK)

  • It’s all about living! (2002)

Slogans of The Mortgage Corporation (UK)

  • Making mortgages happen. (1987)

Slogans of The Mortgage Centre (US)

  • We work for you, not the lenders. (2014)

Slogans of The Mortgage Business (UK)

  • More solutions for more clients. (2001)

Slogans of The Montgomery Funds (US)

  • Invest wisely. (1997)

Slogans of The Money Centre (UK)

  • Buy-to-let and commercial mortgages made easy. (2007)

Slogans of The Mechanics Bank (US)

  • A smarter way to bank since 1905. (2007)

Slogans of The MDU (UK)

  • Safeguarding your future. (2002)

Slogans of The Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan (UK)

  • In the long term, the best choice. (1980)

Slogans of The London Assurance (UK)

  • Very good people to deal with. (1950)

Slogans of The Loan Supermarket (UK)

  • Loans made simple. (2001)

Slogans of The Loan Clinic (UK)

  • It’s your future we’re interested in. (2003)

Slogans of The Loan Arrangers (UK)

  • We arrange loans Simple! (2003)

Slogans of The Life Offices Association (UK)

  • Life assurance – A safeguard of real prosperity. (1956)

Slogans of The Life Insurance Supermarket (UK)

  • Life insurance made simple. (2001)

Slogans of The Lending Center (US)

  • Mortgages. Borrowing made easy. (2007)

Slogans of The Laredo National Bank (US)

  • Serving two nations since 1892. (2007)

Slogans of The Ka Wah Bank (UK)

  • Now, more than ever. (1982)

Slogans of The Mortgage Works (UK)

  • Common sense lending. (2008)

Slogans of The NIH Loan Repayments Program (US)

  • Healthier futures through research. (2006)

Slogans of The National Association of Personal Advisors (US)

  • Truly comprehensive, strictly fee-only. (2006)

Slogans of The Personal Advisors of Ameriprise Financial (US)

  • The next generation of American Express financial advisors. (2005)

Slogans of The Student Watch Out Service (UK)

  • Dedicated to the insurance needs of students. (2001)

Slogans of The St. Paul (US)

  • Without question. (2001)

Slogans of The St. Paul (UK)

  • Better resources. Better service. Better value. (2001)

Slogans of The Share Weekly (UK)

  • Quality stock tips for growth investors. (2006)

Slogans of The Scottish Mutual Assurance Society (UK)

  • It’s a good policy. (1969)

Slogans of The Rudolf Wolff Group (UK)

  • Men for all markets and metals. (1969)

Slogans of The Royal Bank of Canada (US)

  • Look to us for an imaginative approach to banking. (1985)

Slogans of The Reserve (US)

  • A tradition of financial innovation. (2007)

Slogans of The Private Bank (US)

  • We solve for X. (2013)

Slogans of The Peoples Community Bank (US)

  • Simply good banking. (2007)

Slogans of The National Bank of Kuwait (UK)

  • Kuwait’s premier bank. Worldwide. (1982)

Slogans of The Pensions Trust (UK)

  • Our values count. (2006)

Slogans of The Pensions Service (UK)

  • Don’t miss out – You’ve nothing to lose. (2006)

Slogans of The Pension Consultancy (UK)

  • Think ahead. (2007)

Slogans of The Old Point National Bank (US)

  • Because you have better ways to spend your money. (2004)

Slogans of The Oath (US)

  • Our promise to Louisiana. (2002)

Slogans of The Northumberland National Bank (US)

  • The customer always comes first. Since 1903. (2007)

Slogans of The Nectar Credit Card From American Express (UK)

  • Nothing attracts rewards faster. (2006)

Slogans of The National Commercial Bank – Saudi Arabia (UK)

  • Together as one. (2007)

Slogans of The National Commercial Bank (UK)

  • Forerunner in Arab banking. (1983)

Slogans of Pearl Holdings (UK)

  • A trusting arm for bridging finance. (2003)

Slogans of Paytrust.com (US)

  • Pay your bills in nano seconds. (2000)

Slogans of Paysafecard

  • Pay cash. Pay safe. (2008)

Slogans of Jones & Babson Mutual Funds (US)

  • Because it’s your future and your money. (1997)

Slogans of John Hancock Financial Services (US)

  • Real life, real answers. (1987)

Slogans of Jennings Capital (US)

  • Your partner in growth. (2012)

Slogans of Jefferson Pilot Financial (US)

  • Helping you write the story of your life. (2000)

Slogans of Jefferies (UK)

  • Entrepreneurial spirit at heart. (2002)

Slogans of Janus Funds (US)

  • $17 billion in assets. (1995)

Slogans of Janus (US)

  • Get there. (2001)

Slogans of Janus (UK)

  • Go farther. (2008)

Slogans of Janus

  • Get there. (2000)

Slogans of Janson & Partners (CH)

  • Independent wealth management. (2012)

Slogans of James Hay (UK)

  • The number one UK SIPP provider. (2005)

Slogans of Jamaica National Overseas (UK)

  • We’ll help you find a way! (2007)

Slogans of Jamaica National Building Society (UK)

  • We’ll help you find a way. (2007)

Slogans of JYSKE (UK)

  • Your friend in Denmark. (1982)

Slogans of JDC Group

  • Best advice. Better technology. (2015)

Slogans of JCB (US)

  • Good times start here. (2007)

Slogans of J.P. Morgan Natural Resources Fund (UK)

  • A unique exposure to natural resources investments. (2006)

Slogans of J.P. Morgan Japan Fund (UK)

  • Wisdom through experience. (2006)

Slogans of J.P. Morgan Fleming (UK)

  • Performing for you every day. (2001)

Slogans of J.P. Morgan Chase (US)

  • Living. Giving. Leading. (2003)

Slogans of J.P. Morgan Cautious Total Return Fund (UK)

  • Guiding your investments to a steady return. (2006)

Slogans of J.P. Morgan Asset Management (UK)

  • Better insight. Better process. Better results. (2009)

Slogans of John Lewis Waitrose (UK)

  • Everything you expect from us in a credit card. (2004)

Slogans of Jonestown Bank (US)

  • Bank on a smile. (2007)

Slogans of Insure One (US)

  • You’ll like us for our prices, you’ll love us for our people. (2006)

Slogans of Jourdanton State Bank (US)

  • Growing to serve you better. (2007)

Slogans of Kaupthing Bank

  • Thinking beyond. (2008)

Slogans of Kassel (UK)

  • Innovators in finance. (2006)

Slogans of KasikornBank (UK)

  • Think ahead. Be one step ahead. (2003)

Slogans of Kansallis Osake Pannki (UK)

  • The international Finnish bank. (1981)

Slogans of Kamatz Insurance (UK)

  • A different kind of insurance company. (2007)

Slogans of Kaiser Partner

  • Responsibility in wealth. (2006)

Slogans of KSP. Rechtsanwälte

  • More than you expect. (2013)

Slogans of KPMG (UK)

  • Understanding @ KPMG. (2001)

Slogans of KGAL

  • Creating financial success. (1998)

Slogans of KFW (UK)

  • Ways and means. (1999)

Slogans of KFTCIC (UK)

  • A creative approach to finance. (1985)

Slogans of KBL (CH)

  • Swiss banking tradition with a truly international vocation. (2012)

Slogans of KB Komercni Banka (UK)

  • The art of stability. (1997)

Slogans of Jyske Bank (UK)

  • The house of high interest. (1984)

Slogans of Jupiter Private Clients (UK)

  • Performance. Prudence. Precision. (2006)

Slogans of Jump (UK)

  • The savings fund for children. (2007)

Slogans of Julius Bär (CH)

  • Your trusted partner in all private banking disciplines. (2013)

Slogans of Julius Bar (US)

  • The fine art of private banking. (2000)

Slogans of Journeys Travel Insurance (UK)

  • Established since 1991. (2008)

Slogans of JourneyWise (UK)

  • One less thing to worry about. (2006)

Slogans of Journey Wise (UK)

  • The choice for today’s traveller. (2005)

Slogans of J.P. Morgan (US)

  • Private banking at Morgan. (1990)

Slogans of J.P. Morgan (UK)

  • Better insight + Better process = Better results. (2007)

Slogans of Izettle (UK)

  • Big things start small. (2014)

Slogans of Ithmaar Bank (UK)

  • Adding value through innovation. (2008)

Slogans of Intune (UK)

  • Finance without the fuss. (2007)

Slogans of Intrust Bank (US)

  • I trust Intrust. (2013)

Slogans of Intrum (UK)

  • Credit management services – Expertly collected. (2005)

Slogans of Intrade.com (UK)

  • Inspired trading. (2001)

Slogans of Intex Payroll Bureau (UK)

  • The payroll people. (2007)

Slogans of IntesaBci (UK)

  • Intesa and Bci. Together to create a stronger and more innovative bank. (2001)

Slogans of Interpolis (UK)

  • Glass clear. (2007)

Slogans of International Personal Finance (UK)

  • The human face of finance. (2008)

Slogans of Intermarket Bank (AT)

  • Factoring at its best. (2010)

Slogans of Intermarket (CH)

  • Experts in hedge funds since 1997. (2012)

Slogans of Interesta (CH)

  • Independent asset management. (2012)

Slogans of Intercontinental Exchange (US)

  • Trade the world. (2006)

Slogans of Intercontinental Bank (UK)

  • Happy customers happy bank. (2008)

Slogans of Interactive Brokers (UK)

  • The professional’s gateway to the world’s markets. (2007)

Slogans of InterFirst Bank Dallas (UK)

  • The resources you need to get the results you want. (1982)

Slogans of InterCommodities (UK)

  • Helping Britain stay ahead. (1981)

Slogans of InterCard

  • Simply smart, InterCard. (2010)

Slogans of Inter-Europa Bank RT (UK)

  • Trust the tradition. (1994)

Slogans of Intellectual Property (UK)

  • Where the clever money is. (2007)

Slogans of Integra Global (UK)

  • Healthcare you deserve. (2007)

Slogans of Insured Savings and Loan Associations (US)

  • Where you save does make a difference! (1963)

Slogans of Invesco

  • All we do is invest. (2003)

Slogans of Invesco (UK)

  • The scientific approach to investment. (1994)

Slogans of Invesco Funds Group (US)

  • Just one of the smart choices you’ve made. (1993)

Slogans of Ionian Bank (UK)

  • Traditionally modern. (1988)

Slogans of Istithmar (UK)

  • It means investment. (2007)

Slogans of Israel Discount Bank (UK)

  • The people you can talk to. (1994)

Slogans of Isaversdirect (UK)

  • Take control of your future! (2001)

Slogans of Isasupermarket.com (UK)

  • Bigger value ISAs. No tricks. (2001)

Slogans of Isabella Bank and Trust (US)

  • Proud to serve as your community bank. (2007)

Slogans of Irish Permanent International (UK)

  • For a personal service. (2008)

Slogans of Ipswich Building Society (UK)

  • A great deal closer to home. (2007)

Slogans of Iowa State Savings Bank (US)

  • The home of hassle-free banking! (2007)

Slogans of Iowa Savings Bank (US)

  • Growing with you since 1902. (2007)

Slogans of Invision (CH)

  • We focus on value creation. (2010)

Slogans of Invesmart (US)

  • Invest smart. Retire right. (2007)

Slogans of Invethos (CH)

  • Tailor-mage wealth advice. (2012)

Slogans of Investtech.com

  • Eye on the market. (2004)

Slogans of Investorworld

  • Power your knowledge. (2000)

Slogans of Investorcare (UK)

  • Securing your future today. (2001)

Slogans of Investor Partners (UK)

  • Helping you to help yourself. (2004)

Slogans of Investor Intelligence (UK)

  • Make money make sense. (2000)

Slogans of Investor Connections (UK)

  • Challenging advice. (2005)

Slogans of Investitionsbank Berlin

  • Performing for Berlin. (2010)

Slogans of Investissement Qébec (US)

  • Growing just got easier. (2013)

Slogans of Kemper Financial (US)

  • A concern for your future. (1991)

Slogans of Kemper Insurance Companies (US)

  • Insurance for today’s world. Trust – History – Service. (2000)

Slogans of Kennedy Cabot (US)

  • Maximum value under one solid roof. (1997)

Slogans of Laiki Bank (UK)

  • By your side, all your life! (2006)

Slogans of Leeds Visa Card (UK)

  • Every time you spend, we give. (1988)

Slogans of Leeds United MasterCard (UK)

  • Show your support. (2004)

Slogans of Leeds City Credit Union (UK)

  • Local, safe, and ethical savings. (2006)

Slogans of Leeds Building Society (UK)

  • Mutual, independent and financially strong. (2009)

Slogans of Leeds & Holbeck Financial Services (UK)

  • It pays to plan ahead. (2001)

Slogans of Leadway Assurance (UK)

  • Efficient and reliable. (2003)

Slogans of Lead Equities (AT)

  • Leading the way in austrian private equity. (2005)

Slogans of Lazard (UK)

  • The world’s best fund managers – under one roof. (2001)

Slogans of Las Vegas (US)

  • It all adds up, Vegas means business. (2013)

Slogans of Lapis Asset Management (CH)

  • A disciplined way of managing your money. (2012)

Slogans of Langham Property Bond (UK)

  • The propert bond that really performs. (1972)

Slogans of Landsbanki (UK)

  • The national bank of Iceland. (2004)

Slogans of Landesbank Stuttgart (UK)

  • Where money is productive. (1979)

Slogans of LandG.com (UK)

  • ePension on line, no fuss. (2000)

Slogans of Land International (UK)

  • Investing in your future. (2007)

Slogans of Land Bank of the Philippines (UK)

  • Serving a country on the rise. (1997)

Slogans of Land Aspirations (UK)

  • Wealth in land. (2007)

Slogans of Lambeth Building Society (UK)

  • The Lambeth’s taking care of it. (2002)

Slogans of Lake Sunapee Bank (US)

  • The advantage of leadership. (2007)

Slogans of Lake City Bank (US)

  • It pays to see Lake City. (2004)

Slogans of Lake Area Bank (US)

  • Friends serving neighbors. (2007)

Slogans of Leek and Westbourne (UK)

  • A safe name to invest in. (1971)

Slogans of Legal & General LandG.com (UK)

  • ePension on line, no fuss. (2000)

Slogans of Legal and General Pension Schemes (UK)

  • Make life better. (1969)

Slogans of Lexington Insurance (US)

  • The power of financial strength. (2002)

Slogans of Lifepoliciesdirect.co.uk (UK)

  • One call to beat them all. (2006)

Slogans of Lifeline Mortgages (UK)

  • Your guiding light to impartial advice. (2005)

Slogans of LifeSearch (UK)

  • More advice. Lower price. (2006)

Slogans of Life Offices Association (UK)

  • You get a good deal from life assurance. (1961)

Slogans of Life Insurance Corporation of India (UK)

  • Entrust your money to a company you trust. (2003)

Slogans of Liechtenstein Life

  • Designed by your life. (2010)

Slogans of Liberty Mutual Group (US)

  • Facing the issues that face our customers. (1995)

Slogans of Liberty Mutual (UK)

  • It’s more than insurance. It’s insurance in action. (2005)

Slogans of Liberty Bank & Trust (US)

  • We belong together. (2007)

Slogans of Letsure (UK)

  • Real people. (2003)

Slogans of Legg Mason Money Managers (US)

  • Independently impresive. Together extraordinary. (2007)

Slogans of Leominster Credit Union (US)

  • Be somebody. (2007)

Slogans of Lendingtree (US)

  • When banks compete, you win. (2008)

Slogans of Lendia (US)

  • Live as you please. (2007)

Slogans of Lemantrust (CH)

  • Wealth preservation for selected families. (2012)

Slogans of Leicester Permanent (UK)

  • The progressive building society. (1973)

Slogans of Lehman Brothers (US)

  • A tradition of innovation. (2000)

Slogans of Lehman Brothers (UK)

  • Where vision gets built. (2007)

Slogans of LeggMason (UK)

  • The one to watch. (2001)

Slogans of Legg Mason Wood Walker (US)

  • An investment tradition since 1899. (1995)

Slogans of Laing & Cruickshank (UK)

  • More than just a stockbroker. (1985)

Slogans of Lafayette Bank & Trust (US)

  • Your partners in success. (2007)

Slogans of Kensington (UK)

  • For a fairer decision think Kensington. (2001)

Slogans of La Salle National Bank (US)

  • If it’s important to you, it’s important to us! (1956)

Slogans of Korea First Bank (UK)

  • First in banking first in satisfaction. (1991)

Slogans of Korea Exchange Bank (UK)

  • Korea’s leading bank. (1982)

Slogans of Korea Exchange (UK)

  • Growth success. (2007)

Slogans of Kommunal Kredit (UK)

  • The specialist bank. (2002)

Slogans of Komercni Banka (UK)

  • The bank for you! (1994)

Slogans of Komercijalna Banka a.d Skopje (UK)

  • The 24 hour bank. (2004)

Slogans of Kobrick Cendant Funds (US)

  • A sharp eye for winners. (1997)

Slogans of Knight Capital Group (US)

  • The science of trading. The standard of trust. (2007)

Slogans of Kleinwort Benson (UK)

  • The international merchant bank. (1984)

Slogans of KleinBank (US)

  • Making good things happen. (2007)

Slogans of Kingsway (UK)

  • An individual approach to mortgages. (2014)

Slogans of Kingdom Bank (UK)

  • Where savings build churches. (2008)

Slogans of Killick & Co (UK)

  • Unmistakably Killick & Co. (2008)

Slogans of Khan Bank (UK)

  • The bank for your business needs in Mongolia. (2006)

Slogans of Keyser Ullmann (UK)

  • The complete merchant bank. (1971)

Slogans of Keypoint Endowment Claims (UK)

  • Don’t miss your chance to claim. (2005)

Slogans of Keypoint (UK)

  • Right compensation, right advice, right choice. (2007)

Slogans of Keresk Edelmi Bank RT (UK)

  • Where money starts working. (1994)

Slogans of Kenya Commercial Bank (UK)

  • Making the difference. (2008)

Slogans of Kentucky Bank (US)

  • Call it home! (2007)

Slogans of Kensington Mortgage Company (UK)

  • Better call Kensington. (2001)

Slogans of Kozee Homes (UK)

  • Making your home Kozee!! (2002)

Slogans of Kraemer Schwab (CH)

  • Long term value investing. (2012)

Slogans of Kredietbank (UK)

  • Better off with the bankers of Flanders. (1994)

Slogans of LDF Professions (UK)

  • Finance in practice. (2006)

Slogans of La Caja de Canarias (UK)

  • The Canarian savings bank tailored to your needs. (2004)

Slogans of La Branche & Co (UK)

  • The definition of specialist. (2001)

Slogans of LSG (UK)

  • Your business, your insurance, your way. (2007)

Slogans of LPA

  • Making your points. (2007)

Slogans of LM Finanz (CH)

  • Your independent fund manager. (2012)

Slogans of LIFFE (UK)

  • The best option. (1985)

Slogans of LHI

  • Quality for your success. (2010)

Slogans of LHF Healthplan (UK)

  • Common sense healthplans from LHF. (2004)

Slogans of LGT Bank (UK)

  • The private bank of the House of Leichtenstein. (2005)

Slogans of LBBW Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

  • Banking – Made in Germany. (2008)

Slogans of Krugerrand (US)

  • Generation to generation. (1994)

Slogans of LB Kiel (UK)

  • German banking in the north. (2002)

Slogans of L-Bank (UK)

  • Rely on the L-Bank. (2001)

Slogans of König & Cie.

  • Return on ideas. (2004)

Slogans of Kyowa Saitama Bank (UK)

  • The new force in Japanese finance. (1992)

Slogans of KwikFit (UK)

  • Peace of mind for less than you think. (2008)

Slogans of Kwik-Fit Insurance (UK)

  • We’ll fix it! (2006)

Slogans of Kwik Fit (UK)

  • Insurance for big deal hunters. (2004)

Slogans of Kuwait Real Estate Bank (UK)

  • The helping hand you need. (1981)

Slogans of Kuwait Insurance Company (UK)

  • The oldest to serve and the largest to lead. (1999)

Slogans of Insure4Retirement (US)

  • Insurance for people who weren’t born yesterday. (2006)

Slogans of Insurance-Desk Services (UK)

  • We’ve got it covered. (2007)

Slogans of Paymotech

  • We make your money mobile. (2010)

Slogans of Helaba (UK)

  • Closer to business. (2001)

Slogans of Heidelberg Innovation

  • Bioscientists go business. (1998)

Slogans of HealthNow New York (US)

  • A plan ahead. (2007)

Slogans of HealthExtras (US)

  • Because you love your family. (2000)

Slogans of HealthChoice (UK)

  • Health insurance makes sense with HealthChoice. (2009)

Slogans of HealthCare International (UK)

  • Revolutionising international healthcare. (2007)

Slogans of Health-on-line (UK)

  • Private healthcare the easy way. (2007)

Slogans of Health Now (UK)

  • Immediate treatment. Immediate savings. (2002)

Slogans of Health Fund (UK)

  • Your health, your fund. (2009)

Slogans of Health America (US)

  • Now that’s managed care! (1993)

Slogans of Hays Allan (UK)

  • The financial advisors with the personal touch. (1985)

Slogans of Hawk

  • Hawk your business. (2007)

Slogans of Haug & Partner (CH)

  • Wealth means not only money: we care for much more. (2012)

Slogans of Hastings City Bank (US)

  • Here for you since 1866. (2007)

Slogans of Hastings (UK)

  • Do your thing. (2008)

Slogans of Hasenbichler

  • The alternative in alternative investment. (2009)

Slogans of Harpenden Building Society (UK)

  • Local reputation – National recognition. (2008)

Slogans of Harleysville (US)

  • Good people to know. (2014)

Slogans of Happy Hotstock

  • Performance-Revolution! (2012)

Slogans of HansaBank (UK)

  • We turn ideas into reality. (2004)

Slogans of Hanover Fire Insurance (US)

  • An emblem of security – A pledge of service. (1956)

Slogans of Hannover Rück

  • Somewhat different. (2010)

Slogans of Helaba

  • Local roots – global reach. (2011)

Slogans of Helbling Corporate Finance

  • Together we realize value. (2008)

Slogans of InsurE.com (UK)

  • Helping the insurance industry work smarter. (2002)

Slogans of Heller Financial (US)

  • Straight talk. Smart deals. (2000)

Slogans of Hoare Govett (UK)

  • The international stockbroker. (1985)

Slogans of Hlshares.com (UK)

  • The best deal online. (2000)

Slogans of Hillcrest (US)

  • Smart banking. (2008)

Slogans of Hill Samuel Asset Management (UK)

  • Forward thinking. (1999)

Slogans of Highlands Union Bank (US)

  • Faces you know People you trust. (2007)

Slogans of Highgate (CH)

  • Our mindset – your asset. (2012)

Slogans of High Street Home Loans (UK), Ltd (UK)

  • Opening doors. (2002)

Slogans of High Street Home Loans (UK)

  • For the way people live today. (2007)

Slogans of HiFX (UK)

  • Intelligent financial services. (2008)

Slogans of Herts Insurance Consultants (UK)

  • Protecting your passion. (2007)

Slogans of Heritage Bank of Commerce (US)

  • The fine art of banking. (2007)

Slogans of Heritage Bank (US)

  • The quality bank. (2007)

Slogans of Heritable Plan (UK)

  • A little help when you need it. (1985)

Slogans of Heritable Bank (UK)

  • Mayfair, London. 1877-2007 (2007)

Slogans of Herculis Partners (CH)

  • Ethics. Transparency. Performance. (2012)

Slogans of Henderson Investors (UK)

  • Thoughts that count. (2000)

Slogans of Henderson Global Investors (UK)

  • Traditional values – Modern thinking. (2007)

Slogans of Henderson (UK)

  • The investment managers. (1987)

Slogans of Henderson

  • Thoughts that count. (2004)

Slogans of Helvea (CH)

  • The swiss broker. (2011)

Slogans of Helpucover (UK)

  • Fills the gaps other insurance leaves behind. (2009)

Slogans of Hannover Life Re

  • Somewhat different. (2010)

Slogans of Hampton State Bank (US)

  • Dedicated to superior service. (2007)

Slogans of Hambros Bank (UK)

  • Our business is to help yours. (1969)

Slogans of Halo Financial (UK)

  • The guiding light in foreign exchange. (2009)

Slogans of Gulf Investment (UK)

  • Promoting growth in the Gulf. (1993)

Slogans of Guinness Flight Investec (UK)

  • Global asset management, (1999)

Slogans of Guinness Flight (UK)

  • Intelligent investment. (1997)

Slogans of Guilford Savings Bank (US)

  • Your community. Your values. Your bank. (2007)

Slogans of Guggenheim Investment Advisory (US)

  • An investment concept whose time has come. (2012)

Slogans of Guardian Direct (UK)

  • Better insurance for the worldly wise. (1995)

Slogans of Guardian (UK)

  • Arranging loans since 1971. (2002)

Slogans of Guaranteed HomeLoans (UK)

  • Guaranteed HomeLoans will save your bacon. (2003)

Slogans of Growth Value Opportunities (CH)

  • Bottom-up fundamental and top-down contrarian. (2009)

Slogans of Groupe Mutuel (CH)

  • Swiss power group. (2012)

Slogans of Groupama (UK)

  • Big enough to deliver, small enough to care. (2007)

Slogans of Groupama (CH)

  • Proximity, responsibility, solidarity. (2010)

Slogans of Grofund European Trust (UK)

  • A front line institution by any standard. (1985)

Slogans of Grindlays Bank (UK)

  • The British bank that’s at home, abroad. (1976)

Slogans of Grindlays (UK)

  • Bank on Grindlays around the world. (1980)

Slogans of Griffon Bank (UK)

  • Private banking with a personal touch. (2006)

Slogans of Greyhound Leasing & Finance (US)

  • Nobody can make leasing aircraft look more attractive. (1978)

Slogans of Greenwich Building Society (UK)

  • The society that shows more interest. (1985)

Slogans of Green Century Funds (UK)

  • Invest in a green future. (2007)

Slogans of Great American Insurance (US)

  • Since 1872, a trusted specialty insurance partner. (2010)

Slogans of Granville (UK)

  • Intelligent investing in growth companies (1999)

Slogans of Guy Carpenter (UK)

  • Risk and reinsurance specialists for a changing world. (2002)

Slogans of H&T Pawnbrokers (UK)

  • Helping you get your hands on cash. (2006)

Slogans of HBK Investments Advisory (CH)

  • Outperforming consistently is our mission. (2012)

Slogans of HSBC Insurance (US)

  • Insuring your emotions. (2009)

Slogans of Hallmark (UK)

  • 24 carat financial advice. (2003)

Slogans of Halifax Visa (UK)

  • Use it when money matters. (1988)

Slogans of Halifax General Insurance (UK)

  • There’s more to life in General. (2006)

Slogans of Halifax Cardcash (UK)

  • The smart way to bring your money to life. (1986)

Slogans of HVB Group (UK)

  • The bank of the regions. (2001)

Slogans of HVB (UK)

  • Which bank fits into your life? (2001)

Slogans of HSBC Trinkaus

  • The best of both worlds. (2010)

Slogans of HSBC Private Bank (UK)

  • We connect your wealth to the world. (2009)

Slogans of HSBC Plus (UK)

  • Welcome to club class banking. (2009)

Slogans of HSBC (US)

  • The world’s local bank. (2011)

Slogans of HBOS Advisory Sales (UK)

  • The art of good advice. (2007)

Slogans of HSBC

  • The world’s local bank. (2008)

Slogans of HM Revenue & Customs (UK)

  • Keeping VAT simple. (2005)

Slogans of HM Government – Mortgages (UK)

  • Real help for homeowners now. (2009)

Slogans of HFMA (UK)

  • The voice of healthcare finance. (2009)

Slogans of HFC Trust & Savings (UK)

  • We remember it’s your money, not ours. (1986)

Slogans of HFC Bank (UK)

  • We’re a stable player! (2001)

Slogans of HDI-Gerling (UK)

  • We think ahead. (2011)

Slogans of HDI-Gerling

  • We think ahead. (2010)

Slogans of HDFC Loans (UK)

  • With you, right through. (2009)

Slogans of Hodge Lifetime (UK)

  • Retirement solutions since 1965. (2009)

Slogans of Hoist

  • Offering more. (2010)

Slogans of Holden Meehan (UK)

  • Doing the right thing. (2003)

Slogans of IHI (UK)

  • Your health above all. (2002)

Slogans of Imagine Business (UK)

  • Imagination to reality. (2007)

Slogans of is Bank (UK)

  • is’ is pronounced as in Turkish means business. (1985)

Slogans of Igroup – igrp.co.uk (UK)

  • All your financial needs. (2000)

Slogans of Igindex.co.uk (UK)

  • Live prices! Interactive dealing! (2001)

Slogans of Ifaonline.co.uk (UK)

  • Independent. Comprehensive. Reliable. (2001)

Slogans of If P&C Insurance

  • Relax, we’ll help you. (2011)

Slogans of Icon (UK)

  • It’s the business. (2005)

Slogans of Icero.de

  • The price comparison site. (2007)

Slogans of Ibuyeco.co.uk (UK)

  • 100% carbon neutral car insurance. (2007)

Slogans of Ibuy Eco (UK)

  • 100% carbon neutral car insurance. (2007)

Slogans of ITT Hartford (US)

  • When you need us most, we’re at our best. (1991)

Slogans of ITS Henderson (UK)

  • Stay on top of your investments. (2007)

Slogans of ITG

  • Deco­ding signal from noise. (2012)

Slogans of ISP Group (CH)

  • Sucessful people deserve superior solutions. (2012)

Slogans of IPConcept (CH)

  • The fund factory. (2012)

Slogans of ING Group (UK)

  • Financially yours. (1998)

Slogans of ING Car Lease

  • Drives your business. (2004)

Slogans of ING Barings (UK)

  • In a word ING Barings. (2000)

Slogans of ING (US)

  • Fresh thinking in financial services. (2004)

Slogans of IMI (UK)

  • The bank for investment in Italy. (1997)

Slogans of IMACC (US)

  • Doing it right, right away! (2007)

Slogans of Imagine Finance (UK)

  • Just imagine a better life. (2005)

Slogans of Imperial Bank of Canada (UK)

  • The bank that service built. (1960)

Slogans of In Retirement Services (UK)

  • The equity release specialists. (2009)

Slogans of Industrial Development Bank of India (UK)

  • Developing India through innovative finance. (2001)

Slogans of Inspire

  • Investing in funded projects. (2009)

Slogans of Inscape (UK)

  • Wealth management for the privileged many. (2001)

Slogans of Innovest (AT)

  • We focus on your success. (2006)

Slogans of Innogy (UK)

  • Trading energy. Adding value. (2001)

Slogans of Inland Revenue Tax Credits (UK)

  • It’s money with your name on it. (2002)

Slogans of Infin-Payment

  • There’s no better way to pay. (2007)

Slogans of IndyMac Bank (US)

  • Raise your expectations. (2007)

Slogans of Industry Construction Bank (UK)

  • The most reliable Russian bank. (1997)

Slogans of Industrial Life Office (UK)

  • Don’t ring us, we’ll ring you. (1971)

Slogans of Indocam (UK)

  • Asset management you can rely on. (1999)

Slogans of InTech (US)

  • Mathematical investment strategies. (2006)

Slogans of Indiegogo (US)

  • Go fund yourself. (2013)

Slogans of Indianapolis Life (US)

  • Your partner for the long run. (1997)

Slogans of Indexchange (UK)

  • The natural force of the market. (2005)

Slogans of Independent Financial Advisers (UK)

  • The freedom to choose. (2005)

Slogans of Independent Financial Adviser (UK)

  • Join the saving revolution. (2003)

Slogans of Independent Finance Debtbuster (UK)

  • Get back on your feet. (2003)

Slogans of Independent Finance Corp (UK)

  • Fiercely independent for you. (2002)

Slogans of Independent Bank (US)

  • Soaring above the rest. (2007)

Slogans of Independence Federal Savings Bank (US)

  • Banking made easier. (2007)

Slogans of ILFC (US)

  • Business partner to the world’s airlines. (1989)

Slogans of IGroup (UK)

  • Be a part of it. (2001)

Slogans of Holiday Property Bond (UK)

  • The investment you can enjoy. (2001)

Slogans of IG Markets

  • No.1 global CFD provider. (2010)

Slogans of Humana (US)

  • Guidance when you need it most. (2007)

Slogans of Hudson City Savings Bank (US)

  • Bank on better values. (2007)

Slogans of Hua Xia Bank (UK)

  • Experience counts. (2004)

Slogans of Hua Nan Commercial Bank (UK)

  • Business in Taiwan goes smoother when you work through Hua Nan Bank. (1998)

Slogans of Household International (US)

  • Helping everyday people. Everyday. (2002)

Slogans of Hortica (US)

  • Insurance specialists for the horticulture industry. (2006)

Slogans of Hornbuckle Mitchell (UK)

  • Discover the wider view. (2009)

Slogans of Horizon (CH)

  • An attractive alternative. (2012)

Slogans of Horace Mann (US)

  • Educated financial solutions. (2007)

Slogans of Hongkong Bank (UK)

  • Serving Singapore. Worldwide. (1984)

Slogans of Homewise (UK)

  • Helping you finance your perfect retirement. (2007)

Slogans of Homeowners Friendly Society (UK)

  • The sooner you do the sooner you can get on with enjoying your life. (2003)

Slogans of HomeTown National Bank (US)

  • Your home town advantage. (2007)

Slogans of HomeStreet Bank (US)

  • There’s no place like HomeStreet Bank. (2013)

Slogans of Home State Bank (US)

  • Think big. Bank small. (2007)

Slogans of Home Savings and Loan Company (US)

  • Providing answers. One neighbor at a time. (2007)

Slogans of Home Savings Bank (US)

  • Numbers. People. (2007)

Slogans of Home National Bank (US)

  • Feel right, at home. (2007)

Slogans of Home & Country Mortgages (UK)

  • Why rent when you can buy? (2005)

Slogans of Home & Capital Trust (UK)

  • The freedom specialists. (2007)

Slogans of Home & Capital (UK)

  • Equity release specialists since 1978. (2009)

Slogans of Huntington Banks (US)

  • We’re always here. (1995)

Slogans of Huntington National Bank (US)

  • A bank invested in people. (2007)

Slogans of Hypercard! (AT)

  • Cheap is hype. (2003)

Slogans of ICBC (UK)

  • The bank that always stands by your side! (2007)

Slogans of IG Index (UK)

  • Get thinking. (2010)

Slogans of IG (UK)

  • Get thinking – Financial spread betting – Igindex.co.uk. (2009)

Slogans of IFPG (UK)

  • Truly independent financial advice. (2005)

Slogans of IFC (US)

  • Creating opportunity where it’s needed most. (2012)

Slogans of IDeal (UK)

  • A new era for invoice finance. (2006)

Slogans of ICON Wirtschaftstreuhand (AT)

  • We know. You can. (2014)

Slogans of ICO (UK)

  • The kingdom of Spain’s financial agency. (2004)

Slogans of ICICI Bank – Business banking (UK)

  • Your partner in growth. (2008)

Slogans of ICICI Bank (UK)

  • The Indian face of global banking. (2003)

Slogans of ICA International Capital Advisors (CH)

  • As people believe in us, we believe in people’s business. (2012)

Slogans of Hyperformance Insurance (UK)

  • Cutting costs to the quick. (2000)

Slogans of IBSolution

  • The innovative business people. (2011)

Slogans of IBM Credit (US)

  • See how simple financing can be. (1985)

Slogans of IBJ (UK)

  • Your resourceful bank. (1994)

Slogans of IBC Bank (US)

  • We do more. (2007)

Slogans of I.C.B.C. (UK)

  • A leading bank in Taiwan R.O.C. (2000)

Slogans of Hypovereinsbank

  • Let’s start. (2009)

Slogans of Hyposwiss (CH)

  • Expect the expected. (2010)

Slogans of Hypoport

  • The finance integrator. (2009)

Slogans of Hypo Real Estate

  • The architects of finance. (2006)

Slogans of Lifesearch.co.uk (UK)

  • We search. You save. (2000)

Slogans of Limmat Capital (CH)

  • Alternative investments. (2012)

Slogans of Lincoln Bank (US)

  • Live, play, prosper. (2007)

Slogans of New Century Financial (US)

  • A new shade of blue chip. (2007)

Slogans of Netinsurer (AT)

  • Smarter. Better. Faster. (2015)

Slogans of NetBank (US)

  • Connect with your money. (2007)

Slogans of Net.Bank (US)

  • So why aren’t you NetBanking. (1999)

Slogans of Nesta (UK)

  • Creative investor. (2006)

Slogans of Nerom (AT)

  • Smart in finance. (2013)

Slogans of Neptune (UK)

  • Make space for our performance. (2008)

Slogans of Nemo Personal Finance (UK)

  • Why complicate things? (2008)

Slogans of Neighborhood Community Bank (US)

  • Helping you build a wonderful life. (2007)

Slogans of Nedbank (UK)

  • If you’re serious about money. (1990)

Slogans of Navistar Financial (US)

  • Taking the curves out of financing. (2012)

Slogans of Navika (US)

  • Conventional wisdom. Forward thinking. (2010)

Slogans of Navigant Consulting (UK)

  • Outstanding in our field… and yours. (2008)

Slogans of Natixis

  • Top-class banking and financial solutions. (2009)

Slogans of Nationwide ISA (UK)

  • Make the most of your allowance. (2005)

Slogans of Nationwide Group Staff Union (UK)

  • Protecting your interests. (2003)

Slogans of Nationwide Bonus Builder (UK)

  • Lifting your savings higher. (1987)

Slogans of Nationwide Anglia (UK)

  • Helping you make the most of your money. (1990)

Slogans of Nations Bank (US)

  • The power to make a difference. (1992)

Slogans of Nationale Suisse (CH)

  • The art of insurance. (2011)

Slogans of National-Bank

  • The sign of good partnership. (2011)

Slogans of National Savings Premium Bond (UK)

  • So easy to send, so good to get. (1981)

Slogans of Neuberger & Berman Guardian Fund (US)

  • If we don’t invest in it, why should you. (1997)

Slogans of New England Life (US)

  • The company that founded mutual life insurance in America – 1835. (1952)

Slogans of Lincoln Investment Planning (US)

  • We help people retire well. (2007)

Slogans of New Mountain Capital (US)

  • Building great businesses. (2012)

Slogans of North Cascades National Bank (US)

  • North of the expected. (2007)

Slogans of Norstates Bank (US)

  • Think possible. (2013)

Slogans of Noriba (UK)

  • Creating opportunities. (2006)

Slogans of Nordia (UK)

  • A world leader in internet banking. (2000)

Slogans of Nordea (UK)

  • Making it possible. (2006)

Slogans of Nordea

  • Making it possible. (2006)

Slogans of Nordcapital (US)

  • Creating value together. (2010)

Slogans of Noerr

  • Excellence creating value. (2010)

Slogans of Noble Lowndes (UK)

  • Brokers to people who know. (1969)

Slogans of Nexnet

  • The way to pay. (2002)

Slogans of NexTrend (US)

  • Try it for a day. Use it forever. (2012)

Slogans of Newmont (UK)

  • Creating value with every ounce. (2005)

Slogans of Newedge (US)

  • The pulse of finance. (2011)

Slogans of Newedge (UK)

  • The pulse of finance. (2011)

Slogans of Newedge

  • The pulse of finance. (2009)

Slogans of NewLeaf Finance (UK)

  • A new leaf of life. (2003)

Slogans of NewAlliance Bank (US)

  • Capital ideas. Human values. (2007)

Slogans of New York Stock Exchange (UK)

  • The world puts its stock in us. (2006)

Slogans of New York State (US)

  • Big happens here. (2013)

Slogans of New York Fidelity Investments (US)

  • Turn here. (2009)

Slogans of New World (UK)

  • Turning the mortgage on its head. (2001)

Slogans of National Savings Income Bonds (UK)

  • Probably the most enjoyable investment you’ll ever make. (1987)

Slogans of National Savings Deposit Bonds (UK)

  • The present with a real future. (1986)

Slogans of National Savings & Investments (UK)

  • 100 per cent security for your money. (2008)

Slogans of National Provincial Bank (UK)

  • For friendly service. (1960)

Slogans of NRW Bank (UK)

  • Promoting ideas. (2007)

Slogans of NRW Bank

  • Promoting ideas. (2010)

Slogans of NRDC (UK)

  • Finance for innovation. (1980)

Slogans of NPI Pensions (UK)

  • Providing pensions since 1835. (1995)

Slogans of NPI (UK)

  • It pays to listen to experts. (1981)

Slogans of NIBC (UK)

  • The merchant bank of choice. (2007)

Slogans of NHFA (UK)

  • Managing the future today. (2005)

Slogans of NF Nordfinanz Bank

  • Grow with us. (2011)

Slogans of NEL (UK)

  • Funding the future. (2003)

Slogans of NCNB National Bank (US)

  • Three more examples of how we’re working to put more muscle in your money. (1986)

Slogans of NCM Direct (UK)

  • It pays to take cover. (2001)

Slogans of NCM (UK)

  • We understand the ins-and-outs of your ups-and-downs. (2001)

Slogans of NCB Bank (UK)

  • Your key to achievement. (1984)

Slogans of NCB (UK)

  • Your bank your future. (2002)

Slogans of NBP National Bank of Pakistan

  • The nation’s bank. (2009)

Slogans of NBN (UK)

  • The pioneer Nigerian bank. (1985)

Slogans of NBK (UK)

  • The premier Arab bank in the gulf. (1990)

Slogans of NASDAQ (UK)

  • Trade up. (2007)

Slogans of NASD (US)

  • Investor protection. Market integrity. (2007)

Slogans of NAPF (UK)

  • Securing the future of pensions. (2007)

Slogans of NAB Neue Aargauer Bank (CH)

  • We love Aaargau. (2018)

Slogans of NYSE (UK)

  • One market – Infinite possibilities. (2008)

Slogans of NYSE Euronext (UK)

  • Powering the exchanging world. (2009)

Slogans of NYSE New York Stock Exchange (US)

  • Unlocking the world’s potential. (2013)

Slogans of National Bank of Greece (UK)

  • Leading the Greek economy since 1841. (1977)

Slogans of National Mutual Life (UK)

  • The pensions specialist. (1995)

Slogans of National Life Insurance Company (US)

  • Solid as the granite hills of Vermont. (1950)

Slogans of National Insurance Corporation of Tanzania (UK)

  • Your best shield. (1999)

Slogans of National Financial (US)

  • Integrated brokerage solutions. (2007)

Slogans of National Credit Bank (UK)

  • Absolutely – credible Russian Bank. (1994)

Slogans of National Commercial Bank of Scotland (UK)

  • Think of the bank with the friendliest people. (1969)

Slogans of National City (US)

  • We make banking simple. (2007)

Slogans of National Bank of Yemen (UK)

  • Trust & experience. (2008)

Slogans of National Bank of Sharjah (UK)

  • The high performance bank. (1989)

Slogans of National Bank of Detroit (UK)

  • Detroit’s largest bank. (1965)

Slogans of Naked Mortgages (UK)

  • Quality advice. Nothing hidden. (2006)

Slogans of National Bank of Blacksburg (US)

  • Your future. Your bank. (2007)

Slogans of National Bank of Arizona (US)

  • Experience leaves its mark. (2007)

Slogans of National Bank (US)

  • Your bank for the future (2007)

Slogans of National Accident Helpline (UK)

  • Putting lives back together since 1993. (2009)

Slogans of NatWest Credit Cards (UK)

  • The benefits add up. (2000)

Slogans of NatWest Black (UK)

  • Eclipses all others. (2002)

Slogans of NatWest Advantage Gold (UK)

  • The current account that saves you money. (2002)

Slogans of Nasdaq International (UK)

  • The stock market for the next 100 years. (1992)

Slogans of Nannytax.co.uk (UK)

  • Payroll plus for parents & nannies. (2008)

Slogans of Northern & Employers Assurance (UK)

  • Protects you better with personal planning. (1965)

Slogans of Northern (US)

  • Trust Northern for a lifetime of investing. (2003)

Slogans of Northern Assurance Co (UK)

  • You’ll be on good terms with the Northern. (1964)

Slogans of Orn & Cie (CH)

  • Systematic approach – independence – responsibility. (2012)

Slogans of Pactual (US)

  • The leading choice for opportunities in Brazil. (1995)

Slogans of Pacificare (US)

  • Live secure. Be secure. (2006)

Slogans of Pacific Life (US)

  • The power to help you succeed. (2007)

Slogans of PURE (US)

  • Love your insurance. (2013)

Slogans of PRI Peter R. Iltgen (CH)

  • Competent – independent – relationship-oriented – confidential. (2012)

Slogans of PLK & Partners (CH)

  • Win with a combination of innovation and respect for our legacy. (2012)

Slogans of PIMCO (US)

  • The authority on bonds. (2007)

Slogans of PHS Medicaid (UK)

  • Caring for health since 1919. (2007)

Slogans of PFPOnline.com (UK)

  • Do what you do best, while we do the rest. (2001)

Slogans of PFP (US)

  • Making a difference since 1973. (2001)

Slogans of PFP (UK)

  • Insuring against tax investigations. (2007)

Slogans of PESP Pellet, Egger, Stulz & Partner (CH)

  • Competent – reliable – discreet. Since 1998. (2012)

Slogans of PAI Partners

  • An industrial approach to private equity. (2013)

Slogans of P. Zihlmann (CH)

  • Your independent Swiss asset manager. (2012)

Slogans of Oyster Funds

  • Come for performance. Stay for life. (2007)

Slogans of Oxigen (UK)

  • The green investment solution. (2009)

Slogans of Oxford Health Plans (US)

  • More than healthcare. Human care. (1995)

Slogans of Oxford Bank (US)

  • You are important to us. (2007)

Slogans of Oxford Bank & Trust (US)

  • Your most convenient bank. (2007)

Slogans of Overseas Union Bank (UK)

  • We care. (1984)

Slogans of Oswego Community Bank (US)

  • The bank with community spirit! (2007)

Slogans of PamukBank (UK)

  • Very international in Turkey. (1993)

Slogans of Pannell Kerr Forster (UK)

  • The approachable experts. (1985)

Slogans of Pantaenius

  • Pantaenius – come what may. (2012)

Slogans of Pax World (US)

  • Principles + performance. (2003)

Slogans of PaymentsNation (US)

  • Service, information, leadership. (2008)

Slogans of Paymentcare (UK)

  • Protecting people. (2007)

Slogans of Paylogic

  • The future of pay systems. (2006)

Slogans of Paylife Quick (AT)

  • Quick’s Dir. (2013)

Slogans of Paylife (AT)

  • Bringing life to your card. (2010)

Slogans of Payden & Rygel (US)

  • Knowing what to do. And being prepared to do it. (1996)

Slogans of Paycare (UK)

  • Here to help. (2009)

Slogans of Payango

  • We love banking. (2013)

Slogans of PayPal (US)

  • PayPal is new money. (2016)

Slogans of Patterson State Bank (US)

  • Quality banking since 1925. (2007)

Slogans of Paragon Mortgages (UK)

  • Buy to let for serious players. (2007)

Slogans of Patriot National Bank (US)

  • Join the banking revolution. (2007)

Slogans of PassportCard

  • Real-time travel insurance. (2015)

Slogans of Partnership Pacific (UK)

  • First in merchant banking. (1984)

Slogans of Partnership (UK)

  • Our expertise. Your advantage. (2008)

Slogans of Partech Ventures

  • Leading investor in high growth companies in Europe and the US. (2013)

Slogans of Park State Bank (US)

  • Forward first. (2007)

Slogans of Paramount Bank (US)

  • You’ve never seen a bank like this. (2007)

Slogans of Paramount Bank (UK)

  • Making a difference. (2001)

Slogans of Paragon Retail Finance (UK)

  • Finance for people. (2001)

Slogans of Orth and Krenzke (US)

  • Rest asured. Be insured. (1956)

Slogans of OrionAuto (US)

  • Insurance. Easy to start. Easy to stay. (1999)

Slogans of Northern Rock Building Society (UK)

  • People with your interest at heart. (1987)

Slogans of Oriental Credit (UK)

  • A developing world of business. (1982)

Slogans of Obbard (UK)

  • Inspired property investment. (2007)

Slogans of OTP Bank (UK)

  • Trusting each other. (2008)

Slogans of OSL Finance (UK)

  • With our support you can prosper! (2012)

Slogans of OCBC (UK)

  • Profile of excellence. (1982)

Slogans of Nürnberger Leasing

  • Take it leasy. (2013)

Slogans of Nutrimenta (CH)

  • Invest for the long run. (2012)

Slogans of Nursing Home Fees Agency (UK)

  • Independence. Dignity. Choice. (2002)

Slogans of Numiga

  • Join a better way. (2007)

Slogans of Nuffield Hospitals Crusader (UK)

  • Two great names. One great healthcare plan. (1988)

Slogans of Novosadska Banka (UK)

  • In pace with time and the world. (2002)

Slogans of Nova (UK)

  • The partner to rely on. (2001)

Slogans of Notz Stucki (CH)

  • Asset managers since 1964. (2012)

Slogans of Nottingham Building Society (UK)

  • Bringing your finances closer to home. (2007)

Slogans of Norwichunion.com (UK)

  • A wealth of ideas. (2001)

Slogans of Norwich Union With-Profits From Norwich Union (UK)

  • Backing what we believe in. (2006)

Slogans of Norwich Union Healthcare (UK)

  • We take the wait off your mind. (1992)

Slogans of Northwestern Mutual Financial Network (US)

  • The quiet company. (2007)

Slogans of Northwestern Mutual (US)

  • It’s time for a quiet conversation. (2004)

Slogans of Northwest Federal Savings Bank (US)

  • A great way to bank. (2007)

Slogans of Northewestern Mutual Financial Network (US)

  • Are you there yet? (2003)

Slogans of Northern Rock Together Remortgage (UK)

  • A Together Remortgage cuts you free. (2001)

Slogans of Occidental Life Insurance (US)

  • Founded with vision: Strengthened by vigilance. (1956)

Slogans of Ocean (UK)

  • A name you know and can trust. (2007)

Slogans of Ocean Capital (UK)

  • Invested in your enterprise. (2010)

Slogans of Omnia Capital (CH)

  • The art of creating value. (2012)

Slogans of Orfix

  • Protecting values. (2011)

Slogans of Orange Aktie

  • Share offer. (2001)

Slogans of Optionetics (UK)

  • Empowering investors. (2003)

Slogans of Optimum (CH)

  • Intelligent growth in real estate. (2012)

Slogans of Openwork (UK)

  • More of what you’re looking for. (2007)

Slogans of Open2Loan.com (UK)

  • The loan you need. (2005)

Slogans of One Main Financial (US)

  • Your needs. Your goals. Your dreams. (2011)

Slogans of One Bank (US)

  • Financially forward. (2007)

Slogans of One Account (UK)

  • The new name for Virgin One. (2003)

Slogans of Oman International Bank (UK)

  • A friend indeed. (2005)

Slogans of Oceanic Bank (UK)

  • Experience peace. (2008)

Slogans of Old Mutual Fund Managers (UK)

  • In better shape than ever. (2007)

Slogans of OkoBank (UK)

  • Striking the right note. (1984)

Slogans of Oklahoma State Bank (US)

  • Thoroughbred banking. (2007)

Slogans of Office of Fair Trading (UK)

  • In debt, help yourself out. (2003)

Slogans of Office Depot

  • Taking care of business. (2010)

Slogans of OeKB Oesterreichische Kontrollbank (AT)

  • The complete perspective. (2010)

Slogans of Odermatt Vermögensverwaltung (CH)

  • Essential banking! (2012)

Slogans of Octopus (UK)

  • Changing the way people invest. (2003)

Slogans of Oconee State Bank (US)

  • The bank of friendly service. (2007)

Slogans of N.M.C. (UK)

  • The simplest cure for cashflow headaches. (2003)

Slogans of N&P (UK)

  • No one’s busier on your behalf. (1994)

Slogans of Münchener Hypothekenbank

  • The crown of property finance. (2010)

Slogans of MMA Insurance (UK)

  • Making life easy. (2007)

Slogans of Marisco Funds (US)

  • Smart cookie. (2000)

Slogans of Marine Midland Bank (UK)

  • We’re becoming a big international bank by not acting like one. (1973)

Slogans of Marcuard Heritage (CH)

  • One of Switzerland’s leading independent wealth managers. (2012)

Slogans of Marcard, Stein & Co.

  • Die Family Office Bank. (2009)

Slogans of Marbles (UK)

  • Use your marbles. (2004)

Slogans of Marathon Mutual (UK)

  • Going the extra mile. (2005)

Slogans of Manulife Financial (US)

  • Smart company for your money. (1997)

Slogans of Manufacturers Hanover (UK)

  • The banking source. Worldwide. (1979)

Slogans of Manufacturers Bank (US)

  • The right fit. (2007)

Slogans of Manek investments (UK)

  • A winning performance. (2000)

Slogans of Mandatewire (UK)

  • Institutional business intelligence. (2005)

Slogans of Man Spread Trading (UK)

  • Dealing in excellence. (2006)

Slogans of Malvern Federal Savings Bank (US)

  • A rewarding banking experience. (2007)

Slogans of Mallins (UK)

  • Don’t fight debt alone let us help. (2004)

Slogans of Mainland Bank (US)

  • We’re all about you. (2007)

Slogans of Main Street Bank and Trust (US)

  • It’s about you! (2007)

Slogans of Magnet Bank (US)

  • We’re LOANers. (2007)

Slogans of Maestro (UK)

  • The new cash. (2007)

Slogans of Madagan’s (UK)

  • Time is of the essence. (2006)

Slogans of Macon Bank (US)

  • The people you turn to. The bank you trust. (2007)

Slogans of MPC Capital

  • Investments one step ahead. (2009)

Slogans of Markaz (UK)

  • Centered around your success. (2008)

Slogans of Markel (US)

  • Leaders in speciality insurance for 60 years. (1990)

Slogans of Market Axess (UK)

  • So many bonds, so little time. (2001)

Slogans of Maryland Bank International (UK)

  • We want you to glow. (1985)

Slogans of Mastercard World (UK)

  • World class benefits – World class rewards. (2007)

Slogans of Mastercard SecureCode (UK)

  • Smarter for you. Safer for your customers. (2003)

Slogans of Mastercard Corporate Payment Solutions (US)

  • Helping you find profits in new places. (2006)

Slogans of MasterPlan (UK)

  • Quality and simplicity in private healthcare. (1979)

Slogans of Master Charge (US)

  • Relax. You’ve got Master Charge. (1975)

Slogans of Massinvest (CH)

  • Next to you. (2012)

Slogans of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance (US)

  • Owned by its policyholders – operated for them. (1952)

Slogans of MassMutual (US)

  • We’ll help you get there. (2009)

Slogans of Mashreq Bank (UK)

  • The sun never sets for you. (2003)

Slogans of Martins Bank (UK)

  • Martins go to extremes to be helpful. (1968)

Slogans of Market Axess (US)

  • Where the action is. (2006)

Slogans of Marsico Funds (US)

  • Helping you appreciate life. (2008)

Slogans of Marsh & McLennan (US)

  • When it comes to insurance, come to the leader. (1976)

Slogans of Marks & Spencer More (UK)

  • The credit card that gives you a bit more. (2006)

Slogans of Marks & Spencer (UK)

  • For more of the things you love. (2003)

Slogans of Marketsmith (US)

  • Take control of your investment life. (2011)

Slogans of Marketeye.com (UK)

  • Your unfair advantage. (2001)

Slogans of Marketbet.com (UK)

  • Be a bull. Be a bear. Be a multi-millionaire. (2000)

Slogans of MarketChoice (UK)

  • There is a better way. (2001)

Slogans of Market Harborough (UK)

  • Traditional value in a changing world. (2002)

Slogans of MNPA (UK)

  • Notably different. (2008)

Slogans of MISR Exterior Bank (UK)

  • The quality and friendly bank. (1997)

Slogans of Mathon Finance (UK)

  • 1st choice for bridging finance. (2007)

Slogans of MIG Bank

  • The Swiss Forex bank. (2009)

Slogans of London Trust Company (UK)

  • Changing potential into profit. (1981)

Slogans of London Stock Exchange (UK)

  • Power to your thinking. (2001)

Slogans of London & European (UK)

  • Cover ground quickly. (2007)

Slogans of Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch (US)

  • A different perspective for a bigger picture. (2004)

Slogans of Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch (UK)

  • Wealth managers since 1796. (2006)

Slogans of Lombard Institutional Brokerage (US)

  • Investing information. (1997)

Slogans of Loanlink (UK)

  • A breath of fresh air for your finances. (2001)

Slogans of Loangiant (US)

  • Lean on the Giant. (2004)

Slogans of LoanScapes (US)

  • Your resource for home loans. (2007)

Slogans of Loan To Learn (US)

  • A simpler path to financing your education. (2005)

Slogans of Loan Line (UK)

  • Helping to cut the cost of credit. (2004)

Slogans of Lloyds and Scottish (UK)

  • Helping you have the things you need – When you need them. (1964)

Slogans of Lloyds TSB Private Banking (UK)

  • Built around you. (2006)

Slogans of Lloyds TSB Platinum Visa (UK)

  • Your life. Your card. (2003)

Slogans of Lloyds TSB Debit Card (UK)

  • Save the change. (2007)

Slogans of Lloyds TSB Commercial (UK)

  • It’s the right choice for your business. (2001)

Slogans of Lloyds Bank PEPs (UK)

  • A reputation for strength in an uncertain world. (1994)

Slogans of Lloyds Bank International (UK)

  • International banking at its best. (1979)

Slogans of Lloyd’s (UK)

  • The world’s specialist insurance market. (2013)

Slogans of Ljubljanska Banka DD (UK)

  • On the map of business since 1889. (1993)

Slogans of Lind-Waldock (US)

  • Your vision. Our expertise. (2007)

Slogans of Look4carcredit.com (UK)

  • Your key to a great credit deal! (2003)

Slogans of Los Angeles National Bank (US)

  • Serving our community since 1973. (2007)

Slogans of Los alamos National Bank (US)

  • Creating a better way. (2007)

Slogans of MATIF (UK)

  • Make the most of your future. (1994)

Slogans of MFB (US)

  • Smart solutions. Real results. (2007)

Slogans of MF Global (UK)

  • Taking Man Financial into the future. (2007)

Slogans of MDM Bank (UK)

  • Charter for success. (2001)

Slogans of MCP Munich Capital Partners

  • Finance is not uniform and neither our solutions. (2012)

Slogans of MCG (UK)

  • The vision to see opportunities. The capital to seize them. (2002)

Slogans of MCF Corporate Finance

  • We invest in relationships. (2013)

Slogans of MCE (UK)

  • Insurance made easy. (2008)

Slogans of MBNA (UK)

  • We’ve always been big on the little things. (2002)

Slogans of MBIA (US)

  • America’s leading bond insurer. (1993)

Slogans of M&T Bank (US)

  • Understanding what’s important. (2007)

Slogans of Lowell (UK)

  • Do it for your own Lowell-being. (2006)

Slogans of M&I Bank (US)

  • Banking the way it was meant to be. (2007)

Slogans of M&G Investments

  • It’s what we add that makes the difference. (2008)

Slogans of M&E (UK)

  • Securing your future. (2007)

Slogans of M & G (UK)

  • Profit from our experience. (2000)

Slogans of Lyxor ETFs

  • Designed for performance. (2016)

Slogans of Lyxor ETF Russia (UK)

  • 1 index. 1 trade. 1 provider. (2007)

Slogans of Lyndon Bank (US)

  • People helping people. (2007)

Slogans of Lucid Capital Network (UK)

  • Gateway to intelligent capital positioning. (1994)

Slogans of Lowes (UK)

  • Where personal finances are cared for personally. (2007)

Slogans of Mastercard Worldwide (UK)

  • The heart of commerce. (2008)

Slogans of Matrix Direct (US)

  • We know life. (2004)

Slogans of Mymortgagealert.com (UK)

  • Alerting you to a better mortgage choice. (2003)

Slogans of Mizuho (UK)

  • Channel to discovery. (2008)

Slogans of Morgan Stanley Credit Card (UK)

  • Why not get paid for the things you buy anyway. (2006)

Slogans of Morgan Stanley Card (UK)

  • With us it’s personal. (2002)

Slogans of Morgan Price (UK)

  • Global thinking, personal care. (2007)

Slogans of Morgan Guaranty (UK)

  • The corporate bank. (1969)

Slogans of Moorhouse Insurance (UK)

  • Insurance to smile for. (2007)

Slogans of Montecito Bank & Terust (US)

  • Banking that fits your business. (2007)

Slogans of Monte Dei Paschi Di Sienna (UK)

  • Bank since 1472. (2008)

Slogans of Montagu’s (UK)

  • The merchant bankers. (1972)

Slogans of Monmouthshire Building Society (UK)

  • Mortgage solutions that are right up your street. (2004)

Slogans of Moneymarket.com (UK)

  • The price comparison site. (2005)

Slogans of MoneyShow.com (US)

  • Invest smarter, trade wiser. (2009)

Slogans of MoneyGuru.co.uk (UK)

  • The net prophet. (2001)

Slogans of MoneyGram (US)

  • Bringing you closer. (2014)

Slogans of MoneyGram (UK)

  • The fast, safe and affordable way to send & receive money in just 10 minutes. (2004)

Slogans of MoneyFacts.co.uk (UK)

  • The money search engine. (2007)

Slogans of Money.net (US)

  • The financial community. (2000)

Slogans of Money Tailor (UK)

  • Finance that fits. (2007)

Slogans of Money Shop (UK)

  • It’s your cash when you need it. (2004)

Slogans of Money Partners (UK)

  • The source of specialist lending. (2007)

Slogans of Monarch Mortgage (UK)

  • No no no to up front fees. (2002)

Slogans of MobiJeunes (CH)

  • Shit happens. (2005)

Slogans of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (UK)

  • Devoted to you. (2004)

Slogans of Morgan Stanley Platinum Card (UK)

  • It pays to go with Morgan Stanley Platinum Card. (2006)

Slogans of Morningstar.com (US)

  • Your first second opinion. (1999)

Slogans of Mosaic (UK)

  • Real solutions. Real results. (2003)

Slogans of My.esignal.com (UK)

  • Empowering investors with real-time information. (2001)

Slogans of My Rich Uncle Education Finance (US)

  • Funding students – That’s all we do. (2005)

Slogans of Muume

  • Money goes mobile. (2014)

Slogans of Mutual of Omaha (US)

  • Begin today. (2007)

Slogans of Mutual Series Funds (US)

  • Because risk matters. (2000)

Slogans of Mutual Benefit Health & Accident (US)

  • Your health is your wealth – Insure it with Mutual of Omaha. (1953)

Slogans of Munich RE

  • Not if, but how. (2011)

Slogans of Multibanco Comermex (UK)

  • We back you! (1979)

Slogans of Motor Finance Direct (UK)

  • The key is MFD. (2002)

Slogans of Mortgages Plc (UK)

  • The all status lender. (2001)

Slogans of Mortgage Advisory Service (UK)

  • Leave it to us! (2005)

Slogans of Mortgagenation.co.uk (UK)

  • Making a difference to your finances. (2005)

Slogans of Mortgageit.com (US)

  • Make it yours. (2000)

Slogans of Mortgageforce (UK)

  • The power of choice. (2001)

Slogans of Mortgagebundles.com (UK)

  • Giving borrowers bulk buying power. (2006)

Slogans of Mortgage-Desk (UK)

  • For people moving on in life. (2007)

Slogans of Mortgage Wizards (UK)

  • Making sense of it all! (2002)

Slogans of Mortgage Talk (UK)

  • It’s a people thing. (2002)

Slogans of Mortgage Minefield (UK)

  • We’ll help you through. (2007)

Slogans of Mortgage Bankers Association (US)

  • Investing in communities. (2007)

Slogans of Mizuho Corporate Bank

  • Changing world. Unchanging values. (2009)

Slogans of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (UK)

  • Innovation through insight. (2006)

Slogans of Matrix Wealth Management (CH)

  • Independence, trust and transparency. (2012)

Slogans of Mitsui (UK)

  • Vote Mitsui. Shaping the future of underwriting. (2001)

Slogans of Merrill Lynch UK Special Situations Fund (UK)

  • Invest ahead of the herd. (2006)

Slogans of Merrill Lynch HSBC (UK)

  • Invest with intelligence. (2001)

Slogans of Merrill Lynch HSBC & British Airways. (UK)

  • The intelligent new connection. (2001)

Slogans of Meridien International Bank (UK)

  • Africa is our business. (1989)

Slogans of Mercury Provident (UK)

  • Social banking since 1974. (1993)

Slogans of Mercury Asset Management (UK)

  • Britain’s leading investment house. (1995)

Slogans of Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka (UK)

  • Giving money and ideas the golden touch. (1994)

Slogans of Mercantil (UK)

  • Venezeula’s global financial interface. (2001)

Slogans of Menatep Bank (UK)

  • The Russian bank. (1995)

Slogans of Mellon (US)

  • A wealth of solutions. (2001)

Slogans of Mellon (UK)

  • The difference is measurable. (2007)

Slogans of MeinTrade.com (CH)

  • Feel free to trade. (2013)

Slogans of Mehran Bank (UK)

  • The 21st century bank. (1992)

Slogans of Megacard (AT)

  • Do the right thing! (1997)

Slogans of Mees Pierson (UK)

  • Merchant bankers since 1720. (1994)

Slogans of Medical Protection Society (UK)

  • Your profession, protecting you. (2001)

Slogans of Mechanics Savings Bank (US)

  • Just like family! (2007)

Slogans of Me (UK)

  • Smarter mortgage services. (2009)

Slogans of McGraw-Hill (US)

  • Open markets. Open minds. (2007)

Slogans of McFarland State Bank (US)

  • Banking you can believe in – Since 1904. (2007)

Slogans of McDonald Wheeler (UK)

  • We talk sense about money! (1985)

Slogans of Merrill Lynch Unlimited Advantage (US)

  • A simple fee. A simpler life. (2001)

Slogans of MetLife (UK)

  • Guarantees for the if in life. (2007)

Slogans of MetLife (US)

  • Have you met life today? (2005)

Slogans of Midland Bank International (US)

  • Delivers. (1976)

Slogans of Mitsubishi (UK)

  • An international bank. (1972)

Slogans of Mitchell & Partners (UK)

  • Your key to better bike insurance. (2003)

Slogans of Mission Bank (US)

  • Your community bank. (2007)

Slogans of Mirelis (CH)

  • Your solid choice in investment. (2012)

Slogans of Mirabaud & Cie (CH)

  • Setting sail to new horizons. (2012)

Slogans of Mineral Bank (UK)

  • Trust the tradition. (1996)

Slogans of Millfield (UK)

  • Low cost life insurance in one simple call. (2004)

Slogans of Midshires Building Society (UK)

  • Think big in future. Think Midshires. (1985)

Slogans of Midland Emplyers Mutual Assurance (UK)

  • Insurance service at its best. (1960)

Slogans of Midland Bank Group (UK)

  • You’re not on your own with your financial problems. (1973)

Slogans of Metairie Bank & Trust Company (US)

  • The bank of personal service since 1947. (2007)

Slogans of Midland (UK)

  • The listening bank for students. (1985)

Slogans of Midfirst Bank (US)

  • More than you’d expect from a bank. (2007)

Slogans of MidLantic Bank (US)

  • The straight-talking bank. (1976)

Slogans of Mid-Wisconsin Bank (US)

  • Your partner when decisions matter. (2007)

Slogans of Mid-Med Bank (UK)

  • Your gateway to progress. (1979)

Slogans of Microloans (UK)

  • Whatever you want Microloans makes it possible. (2001)

Slogans of Metropolitan Life (US)

  • MetLife – Get Met. It pays! (1990)

Slogans of Metropolitan Insurance Company (US)

  • The light that never fails. (1961)

Slogans of Metro Bank (UK)

  • Love your bank at last. (2010)

Slogans of 1875 Finance (CH)

  • Figures speak louder than words. (2011)

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