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Gender Shift – its meaning in marketing & branding

Gender Shift is the process of changing the gender of the main protagonist in order to attract customers that may not be interested in the original product or service. This tactic is often used in marketing.

What does Gender Shift mean & why is it important?

Gender Shift is a term that refers to people who identify with a different gender than the one they were assigned at birth. The process of Gender Shift can be physical or non-physical, but it is typically done through alterations in social presentation.

Gender is very important to marketing, and gender shift is ever more important as more and more people feel they are not fully represented. Gender shift makes marketing more inclusive of all genders, and allows for more people to see themselves in marketing. Furthermore, it becomes a way for everyone to experience the product and be able to share it with their friends.

How can brands communicate Gender Shift?

Brands should be careful not to come across as an advertisement for a specific gender because that can be problematic. Brands can communicate gender shift by using images and colors that appeal to both genders, as well as images of people of all different genders.

What are good examples of advertising, which promote Gender Shift?

One good example of advertising that promotes gender shift is the Dove commercial "Real Beauty Sketches." This commercial starts with five women sitting around a table. They are not wearing any makeup and they each sketch what they think the other person looks like. Each time one of the sketches is shown, all of the women laugh because it is not an accurate representation of what that woman actually looks like. The next part of the commercial follows two FBI-trained forensic artists who sketch what they think each woman in the room looks like without their makeup on and without any enhancements. The sketches show how each woman's face really looks and each time their reactions are shown, there is a lot less laughing and more nodding and agreeing with what is drawn. This commercial shows how beauty really is skin deep and that we often don't see people for who they really are because we're blinded by our preconceived notions about them based on their appearances.

Tips for a successful Gender Shift marketing campaign

Gender Shift marketing campaigns are designed to appeal to either men or women by highlighting the specific benefits of a product. The concept is not new, but it is being explored with more frequency as marketers try to address the needs of both genders. The most successful campaigns tend to use humor and creativity, as well as focus on the consumer's needs rather than their gender.

AI-generated content for your next Gender Shift marketing campaign

AI generated slogans & claims for your next Gender Shift marketing campaign

  1. Swap out your gender and find the one that fits you best
  2. Change your perspective and see the world in a different light
  3. Make sure you're comfortable by becoming more than just one gender
  4. Stop living in a single dimension and try something new
  5. Don't limit yourself to be anything less than what you can be
  6. Keep it simple, swap genders now!
  7. Change the way you feel about your sex with Gender Shift
  8. You deserve to be who you want, not what society wants from you
  9. Live life on your own terms, not society's terms
  10. 10. Discover who you are

Suitable influencers for your next Gender Shift campaign

The influencers that are highly associated with Gender Shift are Third Wave Feminism, sociology, LGBTQ+, and Gender Dysphoria.

AI generated campaign ideas for your next campaign about Gender Shift

  1. Distribute stickers with the phrase "Gender Neutral Pride" and offer to place them on public bathrooms.
  2. Send copies of Gender Shift to all radio stations and ask them to play it during their programming.
  3. Offer a gender-neutral clothing and accessory line at Target stores and make sure to promote it heavily on social media channels.
  4. Create a documentary about individuals who have experienced discrimination due to their gender identity and use the proceeds from the film to benefit non-profit organizations that help those people find jobs or provide other support services if they are homeless or unemployed.
  5. Organize a national march for transgendered rights that would start in New York City and end in Los Angeles, stopping in cities along the way for rallies, speeches, and other events to build awareness and support for the cause.
  6. Create a website where people can share their stories of discrimination against transgender people and pledge money toward funding projects to help those discriminated groups find employment or housing opportunities when they need them most.
  7. Take out ads in magazines like Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Elle, etc., that highlight how gender roles influence society's expectations of what we should wear (e.g., "Look like a girl!"). Include images of people who do not conform to these stereotypes (sometimes called "gender fluid").
  8. Develop an educational app with games, puzzles, quizzes, etc., for children ages 5-9 years old about how society needs to improve in order for everyone to be treated equally regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation (e.g., "How is it unfair that girls can't play boy's sports?").
  9. Distribute posters around college campuses that advertise Gender Shift as "The New York Times Bestseller" with quotes from American Library Association reviewers praising the book's treatment of LGBTQIA+ issues in an engaging manner with humor and relevance for young adults who want more than just a dry history lesson about this important topic (e.g., "An accessible introduction.").
  10. 10. Host a reading by an author who writes fiction books featuring transgender protagonists so kids will know they're not alone in their struggle .


Gender Shift in marketing is when brands employ this tactic to sell their products. For example, a feminine product may be advertised with a masculine-styled model or vice versa to indicate that the product is appropriate for both genders. This type of marketing has been used in all sorts of industries including clothing, department stores, cars, and even chocolate. It's important to note that gender neutral marketing doesn't always mean that the brand is being pro-gender equality or pro-transgender - just that they want to appeal to people across the gender spectrum.

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