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Why you need to start using ad copy generators

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We give you a short overview about ad copy generators - what’s their purpose? What are the benefits? And how can you find the most effective ad copy generator for your company? Have a look at a few real examples to see how good AI really is in copywriting.

When it comes to marketing, it is prudent to have a firm understanding of ad copy as it gets consumers to respond – or even better – take action if carried out effectively. What your ad says is by far the most important consideration, as the words you use can either make or break your message. The objective here is to increase conversion rates and sales.

In a standard sales setting, you can effectively communicate with the customer, answer his objections directly and interact with each other. However, this is barely possible when selling your products online.

It is, therefore, all the more important to highlight your products’ features and benefits and communicate them to potential customers in a manner they can relate to. Ad copy is very powerful if used properly, that’s for sure. But writing ad copy can require a considerable amount of time – and time is money.

That’s when ad copy generators enter the battlefield.


What’s the purpose of ad copy generators?

Optimizing ad copy and tailoring it to your company and target group can turn out as a great headache if you have a writer’s block. Ad copy generators can save hours of your time as they streamline the process of creating ad copy.

Instead of spending plenty of time searching for keywords or split test different variations of an ad copy, ad copy generators can help you to create content that customers will respond favourably to, getting your message to stand out – automatically! Impressive, isn’t it?

No matter what medium you use, as aforementioned, the words you choose can make a huge difference. So, how to identify a good ad copy generator?


How to find the most effective ad copy generators for your purpose


Emotional appeal of generated copy

People have feelings. It is undeniable that emotions are highly effective when it comes to marketing. When looking at today’s consumers, they are more educated and have a more critical view on matters as they can research what they don’t know already. Further, consumers are flooded with advertisements on a daily basis – so, how can you ensure that your company catches their attention?

When using ad copy generators, make sure that you know your audience. What kind of content do they respond the most favourably to? Which emotions do you have to target to unleash the best response, both for the customers and your company? Researching your audience is the first step to find out which keywords to use when it comes to the ad copy generator. 

And the real magic happens, when an ad copy generator can even predict which emotions and associations will be triggered by the generated ad. 

By predicting the performance of an ad, you can perfectly tailor your copy to different consumer groups and increase interaction in different markets (e.g in different countries). – Get to know your audience even better!  



People don’t want to miss out on a good deal. Never. Your ad copy generator should therefore appeal to their sense of loss. If customers have the feeling that they’re about to miss out on an offer or an item they really want, they’re more likely to take action. They will be driven to buy your product faster.

But why? – Well, customers are naturally risk-averse and prefer to not miss out on a product they want. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there.

So, what I would like to tell you is that your ad copy generator should highlight a potential loss of not buying a product as it is an effective way to increase click rates. 


’’Only 2 left at this price on our website – limited-time deal!’’

’’This is your last chance to get our exclusive jewellery line!’’

’’Sale ends tonight, our top articles sell fast!’’


Appealing to ego 

Generating ad copies that appeal to the ego of your customers is an effective way to get them to click on your ad. Remind your customers how awesome they are and they will perceive your ad positively. 

Here it is – as mentioned before already – really important to know your target audience. What characteristics are they proud of? How can you make them feel special? Or to make them feel good about themselves? Feed them with feel-good messages, this will increase the perceived value of your product and attract more clicks on your ads.

Here are some examples: 

’’Outstanding collection for outstanding people.’’

’’A suit for the most elegant in their circle.’’

’’Clothes that inspire you to embrace your uniqueness in all aspects of life.’’


Product uniqueness

When feeding your ad copy generator with information, make sure that you pay attention to the keywords that describe your product’s uniqueness. 

What makes your product stand apart from your competitors? How do customers benefit if they decide for your products or services? Ad copy generators should point out your products’ special features and benefits and not generate generic ads.


Ad copy generators have countless benefits

    • You save time – no more frustration and waste of time due to writer’s block or investing in the wrong message. 
    • You save money – no need to hire an expert in copywriting for a lot of money or to invest in copywriter-trainings.
    • Suitable for your niche – ad copy generators can be used for every product and every industry. It adapts to your needs and can be applied flexibly. 
    • Gain new customers – increase your conversions and profits.
    • It’s easy – everyone can generate ad copy. Even new employees can set up impressive marketing campaigns if they use ad copy generators effectively. Sounds too good to be true, right? – I know. But trust me, it is that easy! 

Top 4 Ad Copy Generators to Use in 2021


1. neuroflash

Our ad copy software helps your company to generate both effective and fast ads and predict their performance at the same time – a one of a kind software as only we combine neuromarketing and ad copy.

With neuroflash you can create and deliver campaigns at a breakneck speed without compromising on quality, regardless of the type of ad copy you would like to create.


2. Google Text Ad Preview 

This tool is helpful if you would like to create visual mock-ups of your Google search ads. It shows you how your ad will look like in the search engine including descriptions, site links or headlines. 


3. Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule

The Headline Analyzer helps you to – as the name suggests – analyze your headlines. It’s completely free to use after you created an account and helps you to improve and renew your headlines, backed up by data. 


4. WordStream Smart Ads Creator

Smart Ads Creator is also a tool used to create automated ad copy. Here, the information is not collected with questions but from an existing URL. You only have to choose a target URL from which the Smart Ads Creator will take content and generate new ads. 


How good is AI really? Let us show you some real examples

Now that you have a better understanding of ad copy generators, let’s get down to some examples. 

The examples shown here have been created with our neuroflash app.

Step 1: Tell the AI what it should write about!

First, we name your project and choose the target country and audience.

In the next step, you can choose from various copy types: Would you like to create a Facebook ad, like in our example? Or do you prefer a Google ad description or slogan? Your choice! 

After choosing your copy type, tell us a bit more about your project and relevant keywords. That’s it. Now you can let the program do the work and create magic. 

Source: neuroflash App
Step 2: AI wrote within seconds automatically new original copy for you:

Let’s have a look at the results: 

With only one click our software created numerous ad copies to choose from. You can choose your favourite suggestions and refresh the program for even better results, tailored to your specific needs.

Step 3: Analyze and optimize your ad copies to get the best results for your target group

Our AI does not only give you countless suggestions for catchy ads, it even tells you how the ad copy is perceived by the target group.

In the right upper corner you can manage your settings for the goals you would like to achieve with the ad. What message and values should your content convey?

Here are a few more examples created by our software: 


Google ad description for Otto GmbH 

’’Shop online for luxurious fashion brands, tech gadgets, the latest home trends and much more. Start shopping now!’’

’’Interior design and home decoration at its best: choose from a wide range of furniture, fashionable accessories, trends, brands and other home essentials in our online shop!’’


Facebook ad for Zalando

’’❤️ Did you know: Zalando offers free returns on all orders – no matter which product or how much you order? 💡 Click here to find out more!’’

’’💻 We’ve got everything for your feet: Whether you want sneakers, sandals or heels – all you need is available on Zalando. 👉 https://…’’


Not bad, right? – If you would like to try it out by yourself and make your copywriting more efficient, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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