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Copywriting tips for better results

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Copywriting tips for better results | How to sell your texts even better | Convince your customers now.

When I started working online, I didn’t know what copywriting was. I thought it was just writing for the Internet. But I quickly learned that it was much more than that. Copywriting is an art and a science. It’s a skill of arranging words in a way that attracts attention and moves people to action. Here you will find some important copywriting tips to improve your writing even more:

The most important copywriting tips at a glance


Copywriting is a great way to get your website visitors to buy something from you or sign up for your newsletter. But how do you write copy successfully? Here are a few general copywriting tips:

  • Write for your target audience. Before you start writing, you should first consider who your target audience is. What questions do they have? What problems do they want solved? If you know what your readers are looking for, you can find the right words and phrases to appeal to them – and get them to click on your call-to-action.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Nobody has time for long-winded texts – so keep it short and to the point. Write in simple words and sentences and use paragraphs to make the text easier to read. Although it’s tempting to cram a lot of information into one text, you should focus on the most important points and leave everything else out.
  • Use bullets or teasers. People love lists – that’s why bullet points are a great way to make text more readable and grab readers’ attention. Teaser texts are also a good way to create interest and arouse the curiosity of readers. However, be careful not to give away too much information – otherwise there will be no reason to read on!
  • Use power words. Power words are words with emotional impact that help readers identify with the text and evoke a strong response. Use these words sparingly so they don’t seem worn. Some examples of power words are: “secret”, “fast”, “simple”, “now” and “discover”.
  • Test and optimize. Lastly, you should always test and optimize – because that’s the only way to find out what resonates with your target audience and what doesn’t. Test different versions of the text with different call-to-actions and see the click-through rate. Then optimize the text accordingly and test again – until you find the perfect combination!

Important Copywriting Tips 1: Focus on one topic and one statement

Many companies and even individuals who want to make money online have a very clear idea: they want to reach as many people as possible. Unfortunately, this is not the best strategy to succeed online. Because the more people you want to reach, the more general and superficial your message becomes – and that leads to the fact that in the end nobody feels properly addressed. It is better to focus on one topic and one statement. If you know what you want to say and who you want to say it to, it will be much easier for you to craft your content and also find the right words.

Important Copywriting Tips 2: Tell a Story

Whether you’re writing a blog article, an eBook, or a social media post, if you want your words to resonate with people, you should always try to tell a story. Stories are something that connects us all and touches us emotionally. So if you want to get a message across, people are much more likely to pick it up and notice it if it’s delivered in the form of a story. Of course, you don’t have to write a romance or a drama – everyday stories can be very effective, too. That’s why one of the most important copywriting tips is to try to give your readers something they can latch onto that will touch them emotionally.

Important Copywriting Tips 3: Be Passionate

If you do something you don’t really enjoy, you won’t do it well. So if you’re not a passionate writer, then maybe you shouldn’t offer yourself as a ghostwriter either. Or at least not for a project you don’t care about. Because if you don’t have passion for what you do, you won’t do it with the dedication you need – and customers will notice. So think carefully about whether you are really enthusiastic about the project or whether it might be better to give the job to someone else.

Important Copywriting Tips 4: Use large images, not text

If you want to stand out with your advertising, you should use large, eye-catching images. These images should catch people’s attention and make them want to view your ad. Another tip is not to use text in your image. The reason for this is that people usually won’t read the text, so it will only distract their attention from what you really want to convey.

Important Copywriting Tips 5: Use the Right Tools

Copywriting tools are a great way to improve your writing and make it look more professional. For example, using artificial intelligence can be a good copywriting tip that not many people come up with. Text generators like neuroflash, for example, can help you find suitable formulations for product descriptions. To do this, you just need to briefly describe the product and add some desired keywords. The AI then generates a suitable and SEO optimized product description:

neuroflash can also help you to optimize a complete site with all its texts for SEO. To do this, you can use AI to perform a so-called WDF*IDF analysis, which shows you which keywords you should use more often or less, so that your page ranks well in the search results.

Finally, there is a final and very interesting feature that can give you an advantage in copywriting. Images are an important part of copywriting because they draw the reader’s attention to the text and help them better understand the story. If you are writing an article about dogs, it may be helpful to use a picture of a puppy or a group of dogs. This encourages the reader to read on and provides visual cues to the content of the article. Finding creative and original images that have not already been used by other copywriters can be difficult. However, with an AI image generator you can completely regenerate visual aspects. All you have to do is describe the image you want in one sentence and voilà:

Try it out for yourself and use the free features of neuroflash to bring your online store to the front!

Frequently asked questions & answers

How to improve the flow of reading when writing texts?

By using simple, clear and precise words.

How can you prevent the text from becoming too general?

Through the use of specific and detailed examples.

How can you ensure that the text remains captivating?

By telling a story or addressing a current issue.


Copywriting is the art of writing with the goal of evoking a specific action in the reader. To be successful, you should make your text clear and understandable, present a strong point of view, and consider your audience. By following the aforementioned copywriting tips, you can boost your copywriting strategy and take your writing even further.

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