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#6436 - World Association Wiki page template - All GraphicsEmotional Dimensionsof Finance + Insurancescholarshipindependentpropertyaccommodationestablishexchangediscounteducationtourismfinanceequitysponsorshipforinstitutionassistancepartnershipsuccessfulincentivepremierbenefitprofessionalbondcapitalownershipwealthmutualwellbeingprogramcooperativehospitalityreal estateinvestmentforestryinheritancecertify

How to craft compelling copy for your finance and insurance brand by using the following Power Words

Which associations combine the power of emotion?

The Venn Diagram shows which associations are both able to communicate different emotions at the same time.

In the middle of the diagram, you find words which are expressing all emotions strongly are: partnership, successful, incentive, premier, benefit.

Both Happy and Emotional associations are: professional, bond, capital, ownership, wealth.

Both Happy and Powerful associations are: mutual, wellbeing, program, cooperative, hospitality.

Both Emotional and Powerful associations are: real estate, investment, forestry, inheritance, certify.

Very Happy associations are: scholarship, independent, property, accommodation, establish.

Very Emotional associations are: exchange, discount, education, tourism, finance.

Very Powerful associations are: equity, sponsorship, for, institution, assistance.

Copywriting examples for finance and insurance products generated with AI

Blog Intro Examples

  • We live in uncertain times - the whole world is in a state of unrest. But one thing is certain: our insurance products protect you from all risks. We explain how you can take out your insurance online quickly and easily!
  • As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for ways to improve my company's profitability. That's why I have taken out a business insurance policy with ERGO. This blog gives an overview of the benefits of this kind of insurance!
  • With more than 125 years of experience behind us, we are one of the leading providers in our industry. We offer various insurance products for personal, commercial and specialty risks.
  • ERGO is one of the leading global service providers in the field of financial services and insurance solutions. We provide comprehensive coverage for people, companies and institutions around the world against a wide range of risks and liabilities.
  • All kinds of insurance can be taken out online at ERGO - no matter whether it concerns private or

Marketing Slogan examples

  • Rely on the strength of the world's leading insurance group.
  • Rely on our global network.
  • Rely on our financial strength.
  • Rely on our international expertise.
  • Rely on our high quality service.

Product Description examples

  • Are you looking for a reliable partner to insure your things? Take out your insurance online. We offer a wide range of insurance products that are tailored to your needs.

  • Generali is one of the world's largest insurance companies. Rely on more than 125 years of quality and financial strength for your insurance needs. We offer a wide range of products and services to meet your individual needs. The text in the product description should be "saleable" – that means to use convincing wording, highlight the advantages and benefits of the product, and convince readers to buy it. The style, tone and content are left to your discretion but try to avoid technical terms, jargon or brand-specific names as much as possible. The first paragraph should contain keywords that users might search for (if you have not decided on them already). It is also important for SEO purposes ("search engine optimization"). The first sentence should be a clear statement of what you want to say: what kind of text is this? What does the reader get out of reading this? In case this is the first sentence all over the website, it should be a summary so that every visitor knows what they will find on your page – even if they don't read any further. Here is an example from a fashion blog:

  • With a 125-year tradition, Allianz is one of the strongest and most reliable financial service providers in the world. We offer a wide range of highly competitive insurance products, financial services and services to over 83 million customers in more than 70 countries.

  • Allianz is one of the world's leading insurance groups. The Allianz Group has a comprehensive range of financial services that includes general insurance, life insurance, health insurance and real estate. With over 83 million customers in more than 70 countries, Allianz has a unique global presence.

Ad copy examples for finance and insurance products generated with AI

Search ad headline Examples

  • 16 tips for insurance online
  • The new insurance contract: 4 important tips
  • Online insurance: The safest way to shop

Facebook ad headline examples

  • 125 years of quality: experience you can rely on
  • Insurance in the Internet age - make your online insurance requests quickly and easily
  • The advantages of self-service for financial services: Secure and fast online
  • You only need a few minutes to get an insurance offer tailored to your individual needs.
  • Get a quick overview of our wide range of offers.
  • Repayment is flexible: Take out your insurance online now!
  • 125 years of quality experience you can rely on

Newsletter subject lines examples

  • Rely on more than 125 years of quality and financial strength for your insurance needs.
  • Go ahead, rely on us!
  • Rely on the worldwide leader in online insurance for your insurance needs.
  • Rely on the worldwide leader in online insurance for your insurance needs - now even easier and faster!
  • You can rely on us, even when you're shopping online - we've just made it easier for you!

Blog ideas for finance and insurance products, conveying trust feelings, generated with AI

  • They'll take care of your money
  • It's time to trust your money to someone who understands
  • Trust in the one who is on the same boat with you
  • Trust your gut! It will not lead you astray.
  • Trust is earned – and lost – easily
  • You should trust them with your money
  • Trust in value
  • Trust in the stable market
  • Trust in your chosen insurance provider
  • A trust that you can count on
  • Trust your instincts and you won't need to worry!
  • It's time to trust someone with your money
  • An investment you can trust
  • You'll be able to trust them with your money!
  • A trust that broadens your horizon
  • Who can I trust with my finances?

These pictures match the association of "finance and insurance". Refer to the original sites for referencing requirements.

What people search for around finance and insurance

Term Av. monthly search volume Av. CPC Competition
farmer insurance


$9.57 Medium (37.0%)
travel insurance



Medium (43.0%)
umr insurance 27K


Low (5.0%)

safety insurance 27K $10.22

Low (14.0%)

comprehensive insurance 27K


Low (22.0%)

assurant renters insurance 27K $9.98

Low (30.0%)

vsp insurance 22K


Medium (37.0%)
ppo insurance 22K $8.40 Medium (39.0%)
assurant insurance



Medium (42.0%)
insurance agency



Low (20.0%)

supplemental insurance



Low (26.0%)

ambetter insurance 27K


Medium (49.0%)
aflac insurance 22K


Medium (56.0%)
usaa insurance


$11.65 Medium (57.0%)
usaa auto insurance



High (68.0%)

aig life insurance



Medium (62.0%)
home insurance



High (71.0%)

insurance companies



High (72.0%)

commercial insurance 27K


Medium (63.0%)
affordable insurance



High (72.0%)

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